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  1. Give me geodude, sandshrew, hippopotas, flying type pokemons LVL 6. 

    And i will make u rich xd


    1. foodviro2.0


      I have some how many do you want?

  2. U can PM me to talk with how much u want and we well see what we can do. Depends about what r we talkin
  3. LF, ALL EVENTS, BUYABLE POKEMONS(10$), ULTRA BEASTS ETC.. Picture to attract attention. Offering only poke$!!!!
  4. Ofc, offer on any low pokemon at: Srki123
  5. Pm me what u want. Other sableyes, unique leggs, gen7 uniques..
  6. Okay, I will tell u when I finish. I have about 30 hearts to do for Loki and 3 for eespoor, so I will try to finish them as soonest as I can!
  7. You can offer on any low lvl pokemon on Srki123, just tell me 1 thing, eevee's on lvl 3 or lvl 4 of happiness? @Prayag_Raj_Rai
  8. Offer Shadow Type on any low pokemon uft on Srki123, I will try to finish it as soonest as I can but it will take some days, i have 36 hearts to do for Loki. @eespoor
  9. There is some low lvl pokemons on my trades, you can offer on any. Just say me exactly which 3 eevee's to happiness lvl 4? @Loki
  10. U can mix offer also, pm if u have some troubles with figuring out the right price. @Loki
  11. 3m exp,12 unique gen7 starters, 35 unique starters, 60 unique non-legg, 20 unique legg. @Loki
  12. Sure, offer on any low lvl pokemon. Ign: Srki123 @Neor
  13. I came back here after 6 months so I don't know real rates but I will try to be fair. 1. part of this topic This is part where I'm gonna train your pokemons which are able to evolve with high stadium of happines(3 and 4 hearts of happines) 1. I'm not looking for normal leggends or anything with prefix 'normal' but there is some excuces like: and all events 2. This isn't exp shop so your pokemon won't have 500k exp after job. 3. I am not one of players who don't want to change rates. 4. Prices aren't fixed. It isn't same if you offer me shadow Cindaquill or Shiny Charmander. -I more like shiny's than shadow's -I more like Charmander than Cindaquill 5. This process is really quick. 6. I can record whole process with my phone. 7. I don't have exactly prices for events. Okay, enough talking, let's go on rates: Past jobs: Current jobs: Future jobs: 2. part of this topic This is part where I'm gonna catch pokemons with non-legendary rairity. For this, I think it isn't possible to give some rates like I already did in the 1. part of this topic. Just write in comment which pokemon u want to be catched by my side for you, and your offer. I will write agree or disagree(in this case we can make a agreement). I belive that I will be soon available to catch even ultra best! Stay tuned, here will be many more updates. Your Srki Past jobs: Current jobs: Future jobs:
  14. LF unique sableyes! 1 unique sableye=5 unique gen 7 pokes/3 normal leg/1 unique leg(of my choice)

    1. Auke1993


      I don't have any duplicates right now, but I'll spend some time searching for them.

    2. Srki123


      I got all 6..Now i need sablenite

    3. Auke1993


      Unfortunately I can't help you with that.

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