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  1. When attempting to catch a pokemon, the selected pokeball will sometimes not be used, but will default to the first available item. This especially happens when the mouse is dragged during the click, highlighting part of the box. In the image below, clicking "use item" will actually use the first available object (potion) instead of the selected pokeball- even though the pokeball appears to be selected. https://imgur.com/a/rRJFn
  2. Ahh, not really interested in donations. I could offer but it would be much less than you'd like. Ok, Ill give it a look You offer, not me. Only really interested in the arceus, though
  3. You offer. I'd rather buy one at a time than a full set, though
  4. Back for a couple days, bump
  5. Hmm... I'd be interested, but that seems like too many shinies, even for an event. Maybe for a smaller amount? Yes for the Santapie, what are you wanting? Accepted all, thanks!
  6. I need: Shiny: Sewaddle, Shellder, Skorupi, Sunkern, Tangela, Wurmple Dark: Slugma, Stunky Metallic: Scyther Mystic: Scyther, Sewaddle, Slakoth, Sunkern, Voltorb Shadow: Spheal, Venipede
  7. I'm looking to swap for other uniques right now, since I have a ton of legends. Do you have any to trade? What IGN are you trading uniques on? I'll trade all of those for things I need, doesnt necessarily have to be shinies. And yeah, and other viv type works fine
  8. About to trade for a santa, sorry. If that doesn't work out then I'll still be interested. I could offer a couple cosplays for the santapie Not looking for giratinas, sorry pika is much more valuable
  9. CrimsonTide, do you want to offer of me to offer?
  10. Shadow Pop Star + Shiny Libre for santapie?
  11. Sorry, not looking for Zygs I think Ill pass for now, sorry Nty, only really interested in the santapie and maybe the rotom nty
  12. Accepted most of them, enjoy! Sorry, not looking for Pika Christmas. Looking for events for those, sorry Nty Not really looking for the vivs/christmas/jedis, sorry.
  13. I'll accept anything I think is fair. For the ones on TheDenzel, any other dark unique (except crappy ones like Unowns) will do. The ones on BestUniques I'd trade for other Dark starters./rares I consider Gastly to be worth a bunch more than the other ones you listed
  14. IGNs: What I have to trade: Events Fossils/Vivs Good legends Others What I want:
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