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  1. @Patrick I want to know how many pokemons are caught so far in vortex by all user.
  2. How to Check How many Pokemons are caught?
  3. amank

    Let's Trade!

    Can you offer any other events because I have many digmas.
  4. Let's Trade : Rates : Pokes For Trade:
  5. But patrick also confirmed it as said by mr magnificent and neither their pokes are resetted.
  6. As your wish but i wanna tell that xhorrorx is not banned due to botting but due to it had glitched pokes. @seth1129400ask @porymonif his IGN is banned or not Cuz we trained most of his pokes so if we were botting it should have been banned. Btw @hhh123offered ray on oshawatt.
  7. The Gym is still on and we are training your pokemons.
  8. @Maxie-MagmaYour Job is Done. Please Put and Uft. I will Offer 10 Pokes On each.
  9. Accepted and thanks for giving us a chance to service You.
  10. Welcome. BTw @GodsWithin Your Shiny Eevee is trained to 3 hearts You can offer your payment on Xhorrorx.
  11. Yeah Sure. Today only. Offer it on Xhorrorx.
  12. 1. 2. 3.Anujbarnwal Fav friut - Mango 4. 5. I have tried. 6. 10
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