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  1. Hi, I am talking about the daily bonus that you get in the form of pokeballs and potions :). I am able to receive Poekdollars without redeeming anything. So I am still confused. I think you misunderstood my question. Because I have never received any promo code from daily login bonus. Or is it possible something not right from my end? Thanks, Nayan
  2. HI, Over the past month, I have logged in where it shows that I have received pokeballs or potions. But when I check my inventory I cannot find those balls . Can you please check into this ? Thanks, Nayan
  3. nayankeni9

    Lost metallic reshiram

    Hi I recently did a wonder trade option for my metallic reshiram and since then I can't find it anywhere in my pokemons . Can you please let me know what happened?