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  1. yogeshfederer

    Giveaway Clan Legendary Hunterz Giveaway

    ign yogesh_federer thanks for the giveaway and goodluck and hope to see u soon get to top 5
  2. yogeshfederer

    Giveaway [Ended[

    IGN Yogesh_federer Pizza New York
  3. yogeshfederer

    Experience Pokemon Exp and Happiness Shop

    how much for a dark cosmog?
  4. yogeshfederer

    Experience Demon Biggest Xp shop (busy mode)

    if u can do 8 mill let me know or else no need ( I am not in need of exp that much atm)
  5. yogeshfederer

    Experience Demon Biggest Xp shop (busy mode)

    nope traded them only got mystic rotomween left
  6. yogeshfederer

    Experience Demon Biggest Xp shop (busy mode)

    if u can do 8 mill for mystic rotomween let me know
  7. yogeshfederer

    Experience Demon Biggest Xp shop (busy mode)

    can u do 8 mill for mystic rotomween?
  8. yogeshfederer

    Contest Mystery Shiny Legendary Pokemon Giveaway

    ign- yogesh_federer relpy no: 9 Thnx for the giveaway
  9. yogeshfederer

    Giveaway The CiTiZeN's Giveaway #3 (Deoxys Form)

    Eurstin sexylady,queen of budews and poor elitist...Pls be my girlfriend. highest exp: bisharp 1.3 mill ign: yogesh_federer Thanks for the giveaway
  10. yogeshfederer

    Giveaway Normal legendary giveaway

    ign yogesh_federer
  11. yogeshfederer

    Giveaway For The Beginners (Mega Giveaway)

    IGN- yogesh_federer ATTACK- brave bird
  12. Pity you got banned : (

    1. Sneezeball


      he got banned, AGAIN? LMFAOOO

    2. Kousheyo2004


      He gave me a pokemon to train. What will happen to it ?. @!sXeJ take your dhelmise it is up for trade for a long time

  13. yogeshfederer

    Giveaway giveway

    @Arsiii enter your ign also
  14. yogeshfederer

    Experience Training Shop---Paws

    let me know if u can train exp for piakchu xmas set
  15. yogeshfederer

    Contest Mystery Pokemon giveaway

    IGN yogesh-federer 3