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  1. yogeshfederer

    Giveaway Floette (Eternal) Giveaway!!!

    Ign yogesh_federer Time stone ...... Do nothing..... Doctor Strange
  2. yogeshfederer

    Giveaway Pokémon giveaway

    Best: shiny volcanion Worst: Roggenrola Ign: yogesh_federer
  3. yogeshfederer

    Giveaway Volcanion Promo Code Giveaway

    Ign yogesh_federer Once I helped an blind man cross the street Thanks for the giveaway
  4. yogeshfederer

    Experience Training/trading

    Can u train exp for me and what u want for exp training btw?
  5. yogeshfederer

    Experience Exp and Level Up Training.

    Do u take up exp jobs too?
  6. yogeshfederer

    Experience Training your Pokémon!

    Bro how much exp for 50 mill pd
  7. yogeshfederer

    Giveaway Giveaway

    Ign yogesh_Federer Thanks for the giveaway 
  8. yogeshfederer

    Experience Demon Biggest Xp shop

    How much for meta dark, dark dark, dark missingno., normal complete?
  9. yogeshfederer


    Bro even I can help u if u are starting over again I have lots of spare stuffs which I can give pm me ingame Ign yogesh_federer
  10. yogeshfederer

    Giveaway final giveaway

    Wish you luck with your life. ign: yogesh_federer
  11. yogeshfederer

    Error clan invites

    Hi! I need some help, i have recieved some requests for joining my clan but when i click accept its just loading and nor he is able to accept my invite so the member is not able to join my clan so plz check and resolve the problem .
  12. hi I asked u for training how much for shadow, 2x dark rotomween,5x arceus dark,2 x arceus ice 

    but instead I want u to do for how much for shadow, 2x dark rotomween,3x arceus dark,2 x arceus ice how much for this? and also will u add the 4 mill extra exp?

    and how long will it take?

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    2. Johnscz12


      what is ur ign

    3. yogeshfederer


      yeah sure my ign is yogesh_federer

      ur ign?


    4. Johnscz12
  13. how much for a rotomween set and dark missingno.
  14. yogeshfederer

    Universal Mech-E-mon ( Training Hut )

    how much for shadow, 2x dark rotomween,5x arceus dark,2 x arceus ice
  15. yogeshfederer

    pokebay sold price wrong

    Pokémon Vortex takes a non-negotiable 10% cut of all final sales on PokéBay.