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  1. Universal

    what can i get for
  2. Giveaway

    ign=yogeshfederer thnx for the giveaway
  3. Giveaway

    ing=yogeshfederer Thnx for the giveaway @Kaylum
  4. Events

    only 7 mill (see the rates) @Dx-Generation
  5. Game

  6. Giveaway

    !claim yogeshfederer offer on anything up for trade
  7. Events

    @BLASTOISE ROCKS THE HEAT we are not interested in those from the list
  8. Events

    @BLASTOISE ROCKS THE HEAT for other unquie events and whats ur ign
  9. and we also do training if u want anything we can train it 

    1. KYNO


      no man i dont have anything for training at the moment..........

      by the way what are your rates ?


    2. yogeshfederer


      i will message u later the rates

  10. choose from this ing also if u want anything (ing- Ss-Destiny-s)

    and we don't want the legends which we have and what is ur ing

    s- -S

    1. KYNO


      my ign is ken000

  11. Events

    unquie rotomween or unquie kyurem form
  12. Events

    yes we are trading @KYNO which do u want
  13. Events

    @rishivojjala014-2 for 2 unquie non legends that i don't have
  14. Events

    @sreesree what can u offer