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  1. bitcoin


    lol, how about 200 mil exp for me in exchange of 500 shiny legends?
  2. why you ban my account???? I just spent 2 hours caught 2 rotom (pokedex) and then you banned my account? what the fuck is that?

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    2. glaceon001


      so anyways, what were you doing to get banned?

    3. MichaelAnthonyWoodsonJr.


      Please, watch your mouth. We have little kids on here.-_-:>=C::-_-::o_o:And there is always a good reason why Patrick ban people. He just don't do it for no reason.

  3. bitcoin


    MYSTIC PIKACHU JEDI for my dark groudon primal? DARK ARCEUS WATER for my shiny + metallic primals + some shiny legends?
  4. bitcoin

    My Pokemon Store

    12.8M for your mystic PhD?
  5. this is because most people don't bother to evolve. All derived types are much less than their original forms, does not mean they are rare at all.
  6. rarest?? it has 1589 in vortex, lol
  7. (This is for my friend, he can not register at forum, never receive confirmation emails...) Many unique legends trading at SuperMokka, want 3-5 level-100s that he does not have, rate 3-5 level-100s each unique legend, check supermokka for details, offer directly. Some examples are
  8. don't need these what do you want for it?
  9. trading for good events or donations
  10. as I said you make offer and I will consider all reasonable offers
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