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  1. Did I seriously win 2 days in a row for wondering whether maps could have music? Thanks guys:)

  2. Imagine if the maps had some chill music that made map hunting more fun! That would be amazing!!! @Patrick Do you think its a good idea?
  3. wow now the mascot of vortex is my avatar in game lol:^_^:

    1. Darshil_Irex


      srly its deoxys right

    2. waybig


      Not my forum avatar. My avatar in game is Deoxys

  4. Eh its almost perfect. Your idea is really cool
  5. I started Pokemon emerald again today. Felt Good

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    2. waybig


      Great! Though imo I prefer the X and Y games on 3DS. The original 2D games esp the ones on GBA are masterpieces imo 

    3. inteleon


      Do you have 3ds? What your friend code?

    4. inteleon


      I have X Y and ORAS and all poke 3ds games cause my 3DS is jailbreak

  6. Forget Dratinis, the Shiny Dialga which I lost in the data crash of 2016/2017 is back! welcome home Shiny Dialga

  7. Wait...how do you have legendaries in the 1st place without badges???
  8. wait dratini like the event ones or the regular dratini
  9. Dratini Trifecta complete. 10:02 AM GST. Map events are bae

  10. mega evos are now a bigger flex than legends and certain events :S

  11. ok I'm sorry for the spam but I Just THANKED PATRICK below for the event..pop back on to the maps and D R A T I N I L I C

    Use this post as a thank you Patrick area

  12. Also side note Thanks @Patrickfor launching my favourite trio of events.

  13. I love how the dragon map looks like that Mt. Chimney in Emerald where we fight Maxie/Archie.

  14. Yo @Patrick how long is the dragon map going to last (please let it be permanent)

    1. Patrick


      Yes it’s permanent.

    2. porymon


      yay. .                             .

  15. Get. On. Vortex. Now

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