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  1. I am currently not accepting u niques but if u hv legs then we could deal
  2. OK thx anyway
  3. Well who is OT
  4. Watched @RealMadge BTW when are ur other ones ending
  5. General

    Done ign waybig thx
  6. Waybig
  7. No cosmos yet hoping 2 win! Ign waybig
  8. Thx offer on basculin
  9. I want it
  10. Liked subbed ign waybig
  11. Loked and subscribed thx waybig
  12. until

    Didn't everyone say stop collectng deoxys
  13. Universal

    I got metallic santapies want em?
  14. I have em
  15. Really?how what r the rules?