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  1. Well. I don't need to introduce you to fidget spinner. I have a metallic blue one which spins for 2 mins.
  2. Game

    Eew I'd take the normal food. Would you rather, if there were only those two pokemon, pick Dialga or Palkia??
  3. I've faced problems with this before, I lost and a mystic kyogre primal as well!
  4. Looking for legit Primals in bulk.

    Offering 2 mystic santapies!

  5. Universal

    Accepted and no since I already have a lot of digmas
  6. Universal

    Hm....OK! Also,shadow white and metallic black for mystic santapie??
  7. I'm back and so is my trade thread!


  8. Universal

    Good! I ll put it UFT Just post ur offer in here! or if u like in game my username waybig Actually was going to update Dat wishlist 4 events but was a Lil busy for past few days Give an event offer,that OK? ? Dark Yveltal 4 thundurus is fine!!
  9. Universal

    My Wishlist- My POKES THANK U EVERONE!!! For GodsWithin,Maxie-Magma and Sportsandmusic69 URGENT OFFER: Looking 4 legit primals in bulk offering two of these bad boys! Other events too! EDIT: im not making any offers OK? post ur offer here Also I may not be able to respond so quick to all requests so bear with me!
  10. Universal

    then?Or ??
  11. Universal

  12. Universal

    I have shiny.I need shiny legs
  13. Giveaway

    !claim Waybig!!
  14. Universal

    my auction Min bid unique cosplay
  15. I got Santapies both normal and unique