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  1. waybig

    Legendaries Tunings' legendaries trade thread

    Yo @tunings i want ur shiny fini
  2. K so my Trade Thread is up. 

    Go check it out.

  3. waybig

    Universal Waybig's Trading Hall

    (i dont hv these there for deco) WELCOME TO WAYBIG'S TRADING HALL LEGENDS EVENTS My ign is waybig. Go check on there for uniques if u want. Happy Trading!
  4. waybig

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    hey guys whats a Zubat hallo worth
  5. waybig

    Events Trading For Exp and Events

    umm ok this may be a stupid offer as i dont know how much its worth but for
  6. waybig

    Universal Trading for good offers

    How much is the worth Also what about
  7. waybig

    Universal The 'Nuke Shop: Legends and Shinies for Trade!

    Interested in that ...I hv a lot of unique legys so how about for a first offer
  8. waybig

    Unanswered Live battle

    Live battle is extremely hard to implement on web based games like vortex. It really wouldn't make sense to have live battles in a game where there are no stats,IV training etc. As eurstin said...go to showdown it's amazing over there
  9. waybig

    Uniques misty_lax Trades v3

    Oh damn there in ultra balls.But just curious what does the ball hv to do with the poke? And one more thing is a master ball fine? Also what about groudon? I heard ur looking 4 specific legys such as rayquaza for groudon.....i hv a shadow ray
  10. waybig

    Uniques misty_lax Trades v3

    Interested in both the latios u have got and the metallic kyogre and shadow groudon. dark registeel,mystic zygarde,dark yveltal are my current offers. EDIT: Also hv a shadow darkrai but only giving it 4 shadow groudon.
  11. waybig

    Giveaway November giveaway

    ign waybig fav pokemon primal kyogre https://me.me/i/i-know-you-are-and-you-cant-ride-your-bike-2607042 bday 11/7/04
  12. waybig

    Giveaway Pokémon giveaway

    ign waybig best(not by power but by nostalgia): Samurott(1 mil exp) worst:i dont believe any pokemon is bad but umm wooper if u want best by power then mystic santapie
  13. ign waybig i helped a new guy navigate in my city thx 4 the giveaway
  14. waybig

    Giveaway Giveaway! (Ended)

    ign waybig this is a vague one isnt it....interesting