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  1. I have mewtwo could I trade for Keldeo or jirachi
  2. What's your pkm vortex account name

    1. Auke1993


      I'm Auke1993 on Pokémon Vortex.
      For my Vortex series on Youtube, I use the account ShadowGhoul.

    2. EDDY


      Auke hoq do i post pics form my computer

    3. EDDY


      sorry i meant how

  3. The next version could have a battle background new maps Charizard

    1. R3LOADED1


      ...What does that even mean? 

  4. I think if we have this this pic is from V2 i have been saving it just in case it also had these two shiny and mewtwo there was also deyoxys and every type of Arceus every thing was just for 1,000,000 you can only buy legends
  5. Well we could have a battle back round depending on your terrain Also live battles
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