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  1. Hey Foalkies! So, I am Back! It was a rough and busy year (with all the work and stuff) and I never thought I'd come back! Yet,here I am! I saw the messages today...So....Anyways, Haters don't even see into this post. And I'd like to say a special Hi to the friends who messaged me and tried to contact me. (i.e. @seth1129400, @Nutella Navigator and some others). So., I did some giveaways on Facebook, and Now, Who's ready for 3 donations (giveaway). In the end, Welcome me back! 

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    2. v3567


      "It was a rough and busy year" - Being banned a lot does take its toll on you.

      "So., I did some giveaways on Facebook"  - LOL It isn't a giveaway if you're giving away stuff that's going to be deleted/reset.


      Anyway, welcome back! Rather strange to see you here right after your account was banned though..

  2. Leavin the game! Handed over a ign to my brother and 1 to a friend and will soon give my main ign to my brother! Bye guys!

    Going out for work!

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    2. Mr.Magnificent


      So thats why you snatched my mobile

    3. himanshu24092002


      so what about your experience order

    4. Haxor69


      Ugh atlast 

  3. -----------------------------------------------------Closed-----------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Sorry but I declined.Not doing this anymore.
  5. We'd Like and Offer it up on Xhorrorx
  6. I can offer 5 unique waters,2×Primals and a set of vivi pokeball!
  7. Hi guys! Well I wanted to ask that how to add Bold , Italic and Underlined Characters In The Comment Section Of Your Profile? I see iZeus online so I'd mention him. @iZeus do answer if you know.
  8. Now I'd be online so want to get any other pokemon trained?
  9. We had trained it the same day,but forgot to put it UFT and then I was unavailable
  10. Then,this means if 10 more people offer more than mine so you'll do those 10 jobs first!!!,?
  11. What!!?? Never expected that.I waited for like 1 Week !
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