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  1. sorry traded it for 15 uniques earlier
  2. yea ill put them in my trades when i get a minute but i have to update the list of what i want
  3. no give me tympole just 1 and switch out another fo something else the kyogre is in my trades
  4. i have the whole Unown Shiny Dex thanks tho
  5. no thank you im not trading these shinies for thing i already have i need things i dont have
  6. change the camerupt for something else and give me the ones you mentioned and you got a deal. Ill put it for trade
  7. ok ill take the dodrio ill put magby for trade
  8. im not sure how many scatterbugs i have left but ill give you extra spewpa if anything just waiting on the game to be back online. and are you the same VITOL on the game? if you are i wanted to know what you wanted for shiny fancy
  9. yeah i never heard of that before i cannot do 10 shinies
  10. ok np and ill give you 5 for cresselia when the game is back up
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