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  1. No they don't. Damage is purely based off of move power, in addition to the variation of pokemon. Dark Pokemon have an attack bonus. Metallic Pokemon have a defence bonus. Shiny Pokemon have an HP bonus. I believe moves' power is also increased by STAB (same type attack bonus) also. Hope that helps.
  2. As a general rule to anyone replying to this. Don't offer me stuff I already have
  3. Sorry - I don't need it. Have a look at my profile and see if you have anything I don't have
  4. Sure! Shadow Sandshrew Shadow Duskull Shiny/Mystic/Metallic Gastly Mystic Gothita Shadow Honedge Shiny/Dark/Shadow Meditite Shiny Mime Jr. Shiny Pumpkaboo (Average) Shiny/Mystic Pumpkaboo (Super) Shiny/Metallic/Shadow Ralts Metallic Sableye Dark Spoink Metallic/Shadow Woobat Dark Yamask Mystic Cherubi Dark (Female) Combee Mystic Croagunk Shiny Deerling (Summer) Mystic Flabebe (Orange) Metallic Flabebe (Red) Shiny Happiny Shadow Karrablast Dark Minccino Shadow Morelull Metallic Petilil Mystic Pinsir Mystic/Metallic Scatterbug Metallic Sewaddle Shiny Sunkern Metallic Togepi Mystic Tyrogue Metallic/Shadow Weedle Mystic/Metallic/Shadow Wurmple Mystic Zigzagoon Shadow Electrike Dark/Shadow Grimer Mystic/Metallic Gulpin Shadow Koffing Mystic/Metallic Mareep Shiny/Mystic/Metallic/Shadow Shinx Dark Tynamo Shiny/Shadow Carvanha Shiny/Metallic Chinchou Metallic Goldeen Shiny/Dark/Metallic/Shadow Goldeen Mystic Poliwag Shiny/Metallic/Shadow Psyduck Mystic Qwilfish Dark Remoraid Dark/Metallic/Shadow Sandygast Mystic/Metallic Surskit Dark/Shadow Clamperl Metallic Wooper (Female) Shadow Salandit Mystic/Shadow Vulpix Shiny/Dark/Mystic/Metallic Rockruff Loads to look for! Let me know if you find them and we can work out a deal
  5. All of mine are up for trade. Feel free to offer
  6. Metallic Incineroar Metallic Mewtwo Mystic Kartana Mystic Litten Mystic Tepig Mystic Rayquaza Mystic Rowlet Shadow Riolu Shadow Treecko Shiny Dragonite Shiny Snivy Shiny Zapdos
  7. Sorry - wouldn't be worth the trade.
  8. Sorry, won't be trading for any of those as I already have them. Thanks though!
  9. Only thing of yours I need is the Shadow Charizard Y. Would you trade it for one of the shiny legendaries?
  10. Cheers for the offer - don't need any Yveltals though
  11. Er Dark Dratini, Metallic Articuno, Metallic Jangmo-o, Shadow Arceus, Fossils
  12. Thanks for the offer mate. While I do need Porygon Sword, it's nowhere near valuable enough for a unique UB. Outside of like your shiny Naganadel, don't think you have anything I need...
  13. Here's a list of everything I'm offering Normal Dark Metallic Mystic Shadow Shiny Check on my profile on Vortex to see if I have whatever you're offering. I have most regular pokemon, need a far amount of uniques though. Mostly looking for starters but some legendaries still required. Most fossils, vivillons unobtainables etc I still need. Just offer and I'll let you know!
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