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  1. Hey guys I get asked about tips for completing sidequests from time to time so thought I'd share some advice for completing them as quickly as possible. Here are a few tips, but the first is by far the most important. Use Level 100 Dark (not the type) Pokemon with STAB moves >= 128 power Calculation: Moves like this will always do over 400 damage on a neutral target, meaning you can OHKO anything that doesn't resist the attack. Click the link below for a list of all moves that fall into this. Note: OHKO moves are excluded as they have 30% accuracy. You can see that Ghost/Bug/Poison/Ground Pokémon are intrinsically worse due to not having STAB attacks that can OHKO. The following Pokémon learn two different-typed moves from above as STAB (Best moves listed). I would recommend using these to make up the bulk of your team, as the extra coverage will help smash through the opponents. Value is placed on accuracy vs power. These are also roughly sorted by their type coverage (e.g. Reshiram & Turtonator hit more Normal/Super Effective and less No Effect than Chesnaught). So... how do you choose your team using this? I use this coverage calculator for a rough guide on effectiveness. Using this, we can see that Fire/Dragon has brilliant neutral coverage, while Fighting/Flying has great super effective coverage. Therefore a fire/dragon and a fighting/flying type should be invaluable. As Shell Trap > Blue Flare, I would say that Hawlucha/Turtonator are essential. On the other side of things, Normal type attacks are less valuable as they hit nothing for SE damage, while being resisted by 2 and immune from another. Type variance is key: you don't want to be walled by anything, while maximising super effectiveness (for shinies/metallics) The following is just theorycrafting a team, may or may not be useful. Use a dark-dark type with Fling as your first Pokemon, not much resists it and so you will be able to tear through most of the sidequests without even having to think. As dark types are resisted by Fairy/Fighting/Dark; something that can deal with those after is generally useful and will enable you to keep clicking if your first faints. I personally use Greninja-Turtonator as my first two. But Shiftr-Turtonator should work just as well for a budget option. Coverage on your Pokémon is great but not essential See what each Pokémon/your team needs help with and work around that. Consider the level 120/150s within the sidequests: a lot will be Flying/Psychic/Dragon types so Ice/Dark coverage would go a long way to help beating those. However, if you have the >128BP moves, you can save money by not buying coverage moves as you won't need them particularly often. Also, here are the magnetic field quest numbers for anyone needing them: Hope this helps people doing sidequests. It's a horrible grind and the rewards aren't worth it unless you get beast balls/fossils, but it still needs doing unfortunately! Feel free to message me for any clarifications or if I've made a mistake!
  2. I'm also after them both but I'll keep you in mind
  3. Perfect! I’ll hopefully have these found by the end of the weekend
  4. Once again - it's one I don't have, so would have to find two before passing to you.
  5. See in my post below a list of what I need If they aren't possible then I will do it for the money outlined in the post.
  6. Still need most of these myself lol but I'll see what I can do for you
  7. Yoo - not sure if this idea will be popular or not but thought I'd give it a go. I spend a lot of time on the maps, so, I'm offering to look for stuff for you too! I will be offering at the following rates: Non-unique regulars: 50k each Unique regulars: 100k each Non-unique legendaries/rares/starters: 200k each Unique legendaries: 500k each Unique rares/starters: 1m each Non-unique UBs: 1.5m each (to cover cost of beast ball + profit) Unique UBs: 3m each Exceptions: Notes: Payment will only be requested upon catching, I can either put the Pokemon up for sale and you can pay there, or, I can put something else up and then trade the pokemon. I cannot guarantee that I will be able to find unique legendaries/rares/starters/UBs so it may be a long time before I am able to find one for you, if at all. Regular UBs are probable that I'll find, but may take quite a long time, such is RNG. If you request something which I also am looking for, I would be finding it for myself first, then another one for you. I have > 5.5k uniques so there are no regulars and very few legendaries which I still need. So hopefully it won't be a problem Prices can be negotiable and I will accept trades as part of the deal; see my other post in this section to see what I am looking for I will nickname your pokemon to whatever you want, free of charge as part of the deal I'm not looking to sell anything I currently have unless it is up for trade. Please message me here or in game (ign: chris) if you are interested Requested:
  8. I can do both for the Unown (1)
  9. No thank you. There is a list on my post of things I need.
  10. I do need unique forms. I’d be happy to trade 1v1 with any non-shiny/non-ultra-beast on my list
  11. I have a list of things I need on my post. If you have one feel free to offer it
  12. What Vivillon forme do you have? I have a Shiny Unown (1). The only stuff I need are listed in my post
  13. Hey! The has gone I'm afraid, but I would be happy to trade your Metallic 1 for my Shiny Vivillon (Sun). THe Vivillon is already up for trade Sun is my type btw. Cheers for the heads up about the Kartana - I have all 6 though!
  14. It's just 'chris', they're up for trade
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