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  1. No thank you. There is a list on my post of things I need.
  2. I do need unique forms. I’d be happy to trade 1v1 with any non-shiny/non-ultra-beast on my list
  3. I have a list of things I need on my post. If you have one feel free to offer it
  4. What Vivillon forme do you have? I have a Shiny Unown (1). The only stuff I need are listed in my post
  5. Hey! The has gone I'm afraid, but I would be happy to trade your Metallic 1 for my Shiny Vivillon (Sun). THe Vivillon is already up for trade Sun is my type btw. Cheers for the heads up about the Kartana - I have all 6 though!
  6. It's just 'chris', they're up for trade
  7. Sorry, I forgot to say Shieldon I already have! The other two sound good though They're all already up for trade.
  8. Got a whole list of what I need on the post Probably be looking for a couple of unique rares/legendaries for an UB
  9. Cool, offer whenever! What do you want for the fossils? I'll do the Treecko 1:1 with the Snivy/Lapras. Glaceon has been traded, sorry!
  10. Yeah I'd be happy to trade those 1:1 with whatever you want
  11. Only the Dratini I'm afraid! Feel free to offer it for either the Snivy or Fennekin in my trades! Ign: chris
  12. I don't really trade exp so idk. I'd definitely want a few mil at least tho for it to be worth it for me
  13. Feel free to offer for a non-shiny legendary or rare on my trades!
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