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  1. Umm let me think about the offer for a while Nah man not looking for leggies for events Have no specific price in mind and as for your offer I shall talk it over with my partners and reply to you
  2. No thnx m8 @MichaelAnthonyWoodsonJr. choose an event or fossil pokemon carefully and fairly
  3. Ign london456 and thnx for the giveaway haxor
  4. @Mr.Magnificent deal with this offer I don't know what to reply so u decide
  5. It's for swap for any other unique cosplay. Mainly rockstars
  6. Nice trade thread u guys madever magnificent and amank
  7. Already have shadow electric. Will trade mystic electric for a dark one Already have it. Need dark electric mystic one @Uncle_Psychic sorry for double posting. Please correct it
  8. My for ur ? If yes then offer up. It is uft in london456. If ur interested in anything else I have uft do tell me
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