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  1. An Error from the game : 

    Lycanroc (Midnight) is Rock/Dark and not pure Rock type . Do check the error and correct asap ! 

  2. First UB : Buzzwole :P 

  3. A Note : 

    Necrozma isn't an Ultra Beast . It's been put under ultra beasts in the game so I hope you do correct it .

    1. Auke1993


      The reason it's been put there is because it acts like an Ultra Beast.

      It appears in the same quest in the main game (Sun/Moon) as the Ultra Beasts, so that part works.
      The unfortunate thing is that this makes Necrozma only catchable in a Beast Ball, which then doesn't work.

      Personally, I'm fine with how it is. I like that Necrozma has the same appearance rate as Ultra Beasts do.

    2. Harsh Vardhan

      Harsh Vardhan

      I do like Necrozma having the same rarity . I thought it was an error which occured in the game .

  4. PokemonUSM leaks : Neroara is the new mythical BST 600 Pure Electric . Necrozma has a light form called Ultra Necrozma which is Psychic/ Dragon . UB Adhesive Evolves into a bug looking like Pokemon called Nagenedal which is Poison/Bug . Ghetsis manipulates Giovanni for his own use . Want more ?

    1. Harsh Vardhan

      Harsh Vardhan

      Edit : Neganedal is a poison/dragon .

  5. Console Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

    1) " This game will contain pokemon which are never seen before in anyother games " by Masuda ( I seriously dont get it , he might have intimated the new forms aswell as totally new pokemons ) . 2) " The story will be completely parallel unlike the other titles " such as BW2 which had a story line which happened after BW .
  6. Mobile Pokemon Vortex Clash Royale Clan

    I'll be the player with the highest trophies but im fine with my current clan #CLYCUUJ . Profile - Dark Raven !
  7. Mobile Pokemon Vortex Clash Royale Clan

    Lol , If you are not interested just walk away ! Noboday asked for your suggestions aswell .
  8. Can we see an Updated layout for Pv ? xD 

  9. Who has completed the Mission 5 !? Show hands xD 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Harsh Vardhan
    3. Harsh Vardhan
    4. Haisum Arif Sheikh

      Haisum Arif Sheikh

      DONE DONE DONE. Mission 5th done. 

      sorry guys I'm a bit excited. I hope you guys do it too :)

  10. Got a Lvl 5 Charmander within 2-3 mins but it turns out to be a male one lol !

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Harsh Vardhan
    3. eurstin


      and $10,000,000 to make it genderfluid

    4. Chris_


      I know that feeling. Same thing happened to me :(

  11. If you're playing this event , on which Mission are you in ? :v

    1. Uncle_Psychic


      what makes you think I am? =p 

    2. Harsh Vardhan
    3. eurstin


      @Uncle_Psychic your meme thread would suggest that :/ 

  12. In which Mission are you guys in ? And which deoxys will be your first choice ? xD

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    2. Harsh Vardhan
    3. marllonflaxDxD


      I believe I'll find her. :><:

      We will have the rarest event in the game as we complete all the missions. Deoxys (Defense)*-*

    4. eurstin



      Whatever form is the rarest :)

  13. Deoxys Scavenger Hunt


    Might be one of my favourite events ! Boards tomorrow just can't afford to play Anyways thanks for the event ^-^ .
  14. Deoxys Scavenger Hunt


    Few more hours * lol