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  1. EXswordman9999

    Answered I think I'm locked out of my account

    I changed my password for my account and when I try to relog with the new password it doesn't work.
  2. EXswordman9999

    Idea Necrozma Event

    I'm pretty sure he is talking about an fusion event and not an event where you can find .
  3. EXswordman9999

    Giveaway Giveaway for 2 tapu lele (closed)

    IGN- EXswordman9999 Number 10 Favorite pokemon- Rayquaza
  4. EXswordman9999

    Giveaway Shiny Blastoise (Mega) Giveaway (Closed)

    IGN- EXswordman9999 Favorite Event Pokemon- Black Kyurem Best Achievement- Beating Fire Emblem Echoes on hard and easy both on casual.
  5. I'm giving the winner the full set of Genesect. Condition 1. IGN 2. Favorite Unova Pokemon 3. Tell me why you want it Will pick the winner on September 8th