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  1. BigHairyBully

    Remember the name!

  2. :o:o:oWhat happened to the other theme on the forums? The blue one? (Yes, there WAS a blue one!)

    1. porymon


      Yep there was one

  3. Maybe I'm getting my hopes up, but maybe, just maybe, the countdown is for the much awaited banhammer that is LONG overdue? :o


    Think about it: "THE END IS COMING" - The end for the soon-to-be  banhammered users, perhaps?

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    2. sas


      what will happen to already banned accounts? 

      will they remain banned or will they be wiped? 

    3. VITOL


      the countdown is because Pat will increase the profile bio by 280 chars

    4. v3567


      what will happen to already banned accounts? 

      will they remain banned or will they be wiped? 


      They will obviously remain banned lol. But I think these accounts will no longer be searchable or battleable :'(

  4. v3567


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    2. v3567


      You mean these? A lot of them are banned :/



      Some of these may not be yours, but I'm sure all your "sas" accounts will be banned soon enough :P


      PS: Change your forums background picture. 1sas1 is rekt now.

    3. eurstin


      Get ready for 2sas, 3sas, 4sas, etc.

    4. sas


      still there's plenty left


  5. Looks like discord isn't the only place where comments are deleted...:ph34r:

  6. @eurstin discord banned again? I was. Rip random#8181

    1. eurstin


      I got the verification page, but I reloaded the page, changed my vpn, and it seemed to work again. 

      100 0101#4222 lives on

    2. v3567


      Yea, I got an email from discord (about v3567#9143) after ages. They said they're not going to remove the phone verification. :|

      I've had 3 accounts discord-banned so far...

  7. *feels good*


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    2. Tyheamma


      Bro, I heard you were a stupid idiot.

    3. v3567


      @Tyheamma - I'm not even going to quote you on this because the "admin" will hit me up with a warning. :/

      I have reported you for this! Warn yourself now!

    4. HunterHemsley
  8. Hi! Miss me on discord?

    You could have me back if you give me a phone number/service that helps me receive a text from discord!

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    2. eurstin


      Any reply from Discord support?

    3. v3567


      Nope. Not a word.

      #DownWithDiscord #BringBackIRC

    4. eurstin



  9. Congrats on your 500th ban on #rip, Patrick. Here's to many many many many many many many many many many many many many many more!!!


    The IGN was Kathalingho.You win a chance to make a new account and play legit (or not)! :o


    India is a whole Turkey ahead of Peru now. :o

        142 :flag_in:
        104 :flag_pe:
         79 :flag_gb:
         56 :flag_us:
         45 :flag_pk:
         38 :flag_tr:

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    2. eurstin


      That's what she said

    3. unknown_citizen



      That's what she said.

      Who is she??? o.O

    4. eurstin


      We really need a facepalm emote here. 

      Read up.

  10. Welp, see ya in a week.



  11. RIP my discord account. :'(


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    2. Patrick


      Karl is the man.

    3. v3567


      Streaming "Deez nuts" for 3 months seems to have triggered them and their "built-in security measures". :/


  12. Hi! How have you been, @HunterHemsley?

    1. HunterHemsley


      O hi I am bored with v3 nowadays looking for the release of v4 just come online once in a month ...

  13. Hey everyone,


    I have decided to quit the game, the forums and the chat. It's been a great journey and I've enjoyed every minute of it. :)

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    2. v3567


      Pfft, what a quitter.

      Jokes on ALL of you. I'm not quitting until v4 is out and I've played it. That means I'm never quitting. *shots fired*

    3. eurstin


      How to get 7 rep points with one post: Say you're leaving forums ;) 

  14. Here's a thought:

    How about a Pokemon Gender Reassignment Center?


    Change the gender of your pokemon for $5,000,000.

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    2. eurstin


      @SquirrelKing CabanaBoy League of Leggings and Grand Theft Auto the Fifth aren't games lmao 

      Here's the link for those of you who think I'm stupid or something...


  15. @TheHunterVip (and all other banned users),

    Enjoy reading this. :)

  16. Join the discord chat for a giveaway! Hurry! :)



  17. There *might* be a giveaway on the discord chat at this time.


    Be sure to join :)


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    2. leander4


      I Cant Join It Says You instant invite in invalid or has expired

    3. v3567


      @porymon: At "this this time" --> links to https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20161228T1800



      @eurstin: Glad you picked up on that, the most important word.


      @leander4: That's the link to the vortex chat, so if you can't get there it's probably because you've been banned. Besides, aren't you too busy sending people scam messages in-game? I wouldn't want a silly thing like a giveaway distract you. ;)


    4. Abbas
  18. Here's a PSA for all you (salty) banned users:



  19. v3567

    I know this contest is over, but I do have a great pickup line..


    "Hello, is your name pokemon vortex? I'm Cloudflare and I'd love for you to go down (on me) so I could do some rack maintenance on you. " (your servers)


    Everyone who won this contest was REALLY lucky I wasn't around, cause that's a winning line :P

    1. MichaelAnthonyWoodsonJr.


      Thanks cause I was number 1 for thatShadow%20Giratina%20(Origin).gif/I still got it. Also, your pickup line is funny. :P 

    2. Abbas
  20. RIP Pa3ick, the GOAT botter. :'(

      689,782,031 experience
      415,000,000 $
        7,520,298 points
          220,043 wins
            7,588 wins per day
            4,721 Arceus + unique legends
            1,625 sidequest prizes
              316 wins per hour
              212 Lati*sites
              180 Arceus (Electric)s
               75 Blue/Red Orbs
               29 days
               #1 Top trainer
               #1 Richest
               #1 Pokemon
               #1 Wins
               #1 Total experience
    2,147,483,647 PMs asking "bro how u get so much exp??????" or "plsssssss sis gimme electric bro!!"

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    2. v3567


      @123Aman-2, no those aren't random numbers. They're pretty close to the real statistics.


      @DeMerican, everyone and their pet chihuahua already know that I bot.. lmao

    3. DeMerican


      People actually Own chihuahua, I thought that was just a thing in movies @v3567 

    4. Abbas
  21. No, you were NOT hacked, none of you were. You got scammed. Scammed I tell you, SCAMMED! Nothing wrong with having duplicate pokemon, there's no rule against it. "Stop it immediately"? No, that's your responsibility. You should keep your account safe. Not Patrick, not Rob, not sportsandmusic69, not Tyheamma. JUST YOU. Oh, and great job, posting the "hacker's" IGN here. If he reads this post, he can just move your pokemon elsewhere. What will you do then, huh? Oh, and please read this so you're not SCAMMED (Yes, scammed. NOT HACKED. SCAMMED) again. Good luck with your new account
  22. Actually, I wasn't banned during this banhammer. I've actually never been happier watching other people get banned
  23. Hey.. I had an awfully similar idea too. I even thought of a name for it - "Group Messaging!" Oh wait. That's already there. Wow. The ideas just keep flowing, huh? If only there was something like this: http://chat.pokemon-vortex.com I know this won't ever lead to world peace, or help us solve global warming, but it's SOMETHING, isn't it?
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