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  1. Heya! For those of you who do not know, I have a new vortex account: Red_Reborn. I haven't posted in the forums in a while and I am more than happy to be back. I am willing to trade anything that is not in my team for EXP, PDS, and other Pokemon. Message me here, or through discord. Discord: Wizard#2222 Vortex Username: Red_Reborn
  2. Hey there, You dont know me, but I used to play Pokemon Vortex with your friend @StarPonyta20 , The last time I texted StarPonyta was 4 years back, and for some reason , I just thought of checking out Pokemon Vortex today lol, I did send StarPonyta a text through Vortex but considering the last time he/she was online was 2016, I doubt they would reply, I saw your text with StarPonyta and since the last time you were online was 13 hours ago, I thought I'd text you, So if you are still in Contact with StarPonyta, is there anyway i could contact them? Or if thats too personal you could also ask starponyta to check the Pokemon Vortex chats lol. Anyways thank you for your time, looking forward for your response :)

    1. Red_Conspiracy


      Sorry, don't know them personally. Sorry I couldn't help ya out.

  3. Back and better than ever!

  4. IGN: Red_Reborn Favorite Pokemon: Shiny Charizard Favorite Food: Pasta Hey Yall RED CONSPIRACY IS BACK!
  5. Hey man! I will be willing to trade the shiny and shadow Pika Jedis for exp. I'm sorry but I don't have necrozs.
  6. Hey man! I'm back at playing vortex in a year. Great to see that V4 is out. Check out my pokemon in Red_Thunder. Willing to trade any rare pokemon for exp pokemon. Thanks!
  7. Patrick. I'm red_thunder. As you know I have been playing for a while. But for some reason when I try to get on, it says incorrect password. We can talk more in MSG. But please reply to me as fast as possible. As always, muchlax rocks!

    1. Sneezeball


      Last login is today, so you did log into the account, or at least someone did.

    2. Red_Conspiracy


      I got in! Yay!!! I used the forgot my password thing. Thanks!

    3. eurstin
  8. I currently do nof know the rates for these pokemon so why don't you look at my account red_thunder and see what you want.
  9. I currently do nof know the rates for these pokemon so why don't you look at my account red_thunder and see what you want.
  10. Anyone have a Togepi Haloween handy? Or the new chatroom event? IGN: Red_Thunder
  11. The new event sounds fun. I will be participating and also message me on trade offers. I'm currently looking for the chatroom legendary pokemon. I am flexible, and  please offer in the message.


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