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  1. Pokémon Pokémon 801 : Things You Might Not Know!

    I do not know if you know, but the Brazilian competition team OU at Smogon uses the Primeape slogam eating banana (as irony against prejudice). PS: I can not post photos ;-;
  2. The new layout of the forum is beautiful *-* :D

  3. None of those. My favorite character is Edward elric.
  4. Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    I do not play vortex anymore because of lack of time, I only participate in the forum now. If you want, you can raffle the prize to another player
  5. Deoxys Scavenger Hunt


    I agree with you in parts. I also don't have time to play vortex currently. But if the game was more objective and had less luck. I could play 1h- 1.5h on weekdays (in addition to Saturday) and 3h on Sundays. There are over 3605 pokémon in the vortex (not counting variations of shapes (like Arceus forms, Rotom, etc)). How likely are you to find 1 mystic pokémon, lvl 5 and female among the more than 3605 different shapes in the game? It's almost like playing the lottery. Today, only those who study or are children (adolescents between 15 and 17 years old or between children between the ages of 10 and 14) can play. Of the most loyal players (over 21 years), since crater, only those who have a steady job and a good amount of time, manage to play. I would like a space for lovers of collector's games (as Crater was in the past and currently the vortex does that style) who are already adults. It is difficult to play without much time. But the idea of the event was very good, very much. PS: Maybe even this way I can not play with the time I have available
  6. Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    LOL just when I stopped playing vortex I won a lot
  7. General What's Your STRONGEST Pokémon

  8. Discussion What is you favourite pokemon?

    Don't ask me to choose
  9. LOL. It seems no one took the @FantasyPie seriously I am working. But I'm still studying to pass a contest.
  10. Today is a sad and happy day for me. Sad in vortex forum and game and happy in life
    Today I got something that I was looking for 3 years and with that I will have to leave the Pokémon vortex after 8 long years playing the game.
    I will have to work and continue studying at the same time so I will not have time to play the game, I do not know when I can play it again so I can not be sure if I will come back. Soon I will give my account to someone and give up the game.
    Thanks from heart to @Patrick and all of the vortex for the support. I will continue in the forum and chats, I will probably read / write English better than before (I know it's horrible), because I will do a good course.
    Thanks for the 8 years of happiness that Pokémon Vortex gave me and I'm glad I could have played this wonderful game. I could split another account or mine with someone, but I do not think I'll have a good experience this time.
    I will give my account to @Mikeroller, so when you see this message, please contact me and I will deliver it to you. PS: You've been more loyal to me in the past than other people. :T_T:

    PS: Repeat, I will not leave the chat and the forum, I will continue doing tutorials in the forum in Portuguese and participating in the discussions in the forum. I'm just leaving the game for not having the time.

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    2. seth1129400


      wow lol , good bye bro :D 

    3. Nutella Navigator
    4. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      @marllonflaxDxD, In short it was nice knowing you. It feels really sad to know that you're leaving. And I know that the reason you are leaving is same as mine (When I left crater). You helped me twice, So thanks for that.

      Good luck in whatever field you may be (whether in study or some other stuff), and enjoy Life! :)

      Come Back as soon as possible. ;)

  11. Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    ING: Z-Alchemist I don't have any cosmog
  12. That moment when someone can capture a level 5 F Dratini and you're almost dead looking for one

  13. Mission #5

    Capture a Mystic Dratini - Level 5 - Female.

    This is a torture :T_T:

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    2. yogeshfederer


      What is mission 4

    3. marllonflaxDxD


      @yogeshfederer  Sidequest johto. You may have completed it before the event

    4. yogeshfederer