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    Don't ask me to choose
  3. LOL. It seems no one took the @FantasyPie seriously I am working. But I'm still studying to pass a contest.
  4. Today is a sad and happy day for me. Sad in vortex forum and game and happy in life
    Today I got something that I was looking for 3 years and with that I will have to leave the Pokémon vortex after 8 long years playing the game.
    I will have to work and continue studying at the same time so I will not have time to play the game, I do not know when I can play it again so I can not be sure if I will come back. Soon I will give my account to someone and give up the game.
    Thanks from heart to @Patrick and all of the vortex for the support. I will continue in the forum and chats, I will probably read / write English better than before (I know it's horrible), because I will do a good course.
    Thanks for the 8 years of happiness that Pokémon Vortex gave me and I'm glad I could have played this wonderful game. I could split another account or mine with someone, but I do not think I'll have a good experience this time.
    I will give my account to @Mikeroller, so when you see this message, please contact me and I will deliver it to you. PS: You've been more loyal to me in the past than other people. :T_T:

    PS: Repeat, I will not leave the chat and the forum, I will continue doing tutorials in the forum in Portuguese and participating in the discussions in the forum. I'm just leaving the game for not having the time.

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    2. seth1129400


      wow lol , good bye bro :D 

    3. Nutella Navigator

      Nutella Navigator

      Welp, buh-bye. 

    4. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      @marllonflaxDxD, In short it was nice knowing you. It feels really sad to know that you're leaving. And I know that the reason you are leaving is same as mine (When I left crater). You helped me twice, So thanks for that.

      Good luck in whatever field you may be (whether in study or some other stuff), and enjoy Life! :)

      Come Back as soon as possible. ;)

  5. Giveaway

    ING: Z-Alchemist I don't have any cosmog
  6. That moment when someone can capture a level 5 F Dratini and you're almost dead looking for one

  7. Mission #5

    Capture a Mystic Dratini - Level 5 - Female.

    This is a torture :T_T:

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    2. yogeshfederer


      What is mission 4

    3. marllonflaxDxD


      @yogeshfederer  Sidequest johto. You may have completed it before the event

    4. yogeshfederer
  8. Universal

    Trading for ,for , for Unique Arceus ,and for Uniques Legends. and lvl 100 for other Shiny Pokémon lvl 100. Message me
  9. Giveaway

  10. Discussion

    PS: Add and I lost I played for 30 years. Lately I almost did not get a legendary in that period(20-30min). Yesterday I got a and I lost a playing in 20min so it was a good game
  11. Giveaway

    ING: Z-Alchemist Favorite Pokémon: I do not know you, so I can't comment. lol
  12. Universal

    Trading for ,for , for Unique Arceus ,and for Uniques Legends. and lvl 100 for other Shiny Pokémon lvl 100. Message me
  13. Discussion

    I went to see your message and I almost pressed the button 8. I would lose another legend LOL Now I'm less sad about losing . I found a