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  1. ign: Talfiro "its my first giveaway I'm entering in" like yea sure its not like I can't just go to your account and see your posting history - _ -
  2. Will POSSIBLY be opening my banner shop back up soon!! Apologies to all the people on my wait list, I got swamped with work from school and lost the motivation to do it for a while, but I might be able to open it back up in the upcoming month or so, but again, it depends on my schoolwork. Stay tuned!!



  3. Wake me up when v4 comes out :zZz:

    1. eurstin
    2. glaceon001


      wake me up, wake me up when v4 comes out

      can't wake up, wake me up when v4 comes out

      come v4, and save me from the waiiit

    3. iamyourfather12


       v4 has come and passed

      the pokefans could never last

      wake me up when v4 comes out


      be prepared to sleep for a while

  4. can u make me a background pic also? please i need it because i love ur shop , ur so cool , plz make me a banner too , all arceus forms in my banner on left side and rayquaza shiny mega on right side and my name = hhh123 in the middle.  

  5. Talfiro


    To learn how to get $100k+ Vortex Cash & Level 100 in Under 3 minutes Click Here sketch
  6. 1. you didn't bother to fix the formating from whatever website you copy-pasted these answers from 2. on the second one you didn't need all that other stuff, just the part that says there are 42 disciplines lol
  7. stop by my thread to check it out!
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