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  1. Uniques

    Then Np for u Need
  2. Uniques

    for u , I need and its in trade
  3. Universal

    No bro.
  4. Uniques

    Bidoof is rarer thats why I'm leaving rest 2 to u. ( Fair deal )
  5. Uniques

    K, and rest 2 of ur choice. Its in uft.
  6. Universal

  7. Universal

  8. Uniques

    Bro u still want caterpies??? Hunter has been returned. Taking jobs. @seth1129400 for u.
  9. Time to hunt mys pichu    mission 1

  10. I'm back,

    1  month has been pased

  11. @demonstriker , seth and i wish u a very good bye , have fun in ur life and be sure to come back , we will miss u

  12. I'm leaving vortex after 1 week .  

    Bye .....


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    2. MichaelAnthonyWoodsonJr.


      Aww well, there are people who can take things and come back and there are people who can't. You will be dearly missed and you wont be forgotten. Remember people it is his decision. :) Thanks for being nice, generous, kind, and awesome to me. Oh god, I might cry as well. I'm getting sad right now and teary eyed. Also, thanks for being my friend and I'll miss you. Much love.

    3. hhh123


      u just took the words right out of my mouth , so much love 

    4. HunterHemsley
  13. Giveaway

    demonstriker Best giveaway ever.
  14. Uniques

    I'm interested!
  15. Universal

    Trading 4.3 M4 M LF Dp or other rarer events