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  2. @sportsandmusic69 @Uncle_Psychic

    I'm seeing my thread close.

    I never told any mod to close this thread. Plz open it.



    1. iZeus


      Life is unfair man. So unfair. 

  3. Giveaway

    !claim demonstriker
  4. Dark Bronzongis in trade.

     its free!

    Sorry for kept u waiting, 


    I'm tired of trainning,  40 days only 800k done!

  5. Events

    New stuff has been added!
  6. Events

    I dont want fossil and xmas pokes.
  7. Universal

    It has 10 M xp so, no
  8. Universal

    Bro Missingno. Is rarer than normal complete
  9. Events

    Missingno. For it??
  10. Universal

    I need Check my trade if u need something , Ign demonstriker
  11. Events

    Which type of events interests u?? Then we will negotiate. No bro
  12. Events

    Check now. I will do shiny for shiny
  13. Events

    Good offer
  14. Events

    Trading: x2 LF: Cosplays Any unique DP And Unique volcas
  15. Universal

    Trading x2 LF good offer and feel free to pm me.