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  1. Papers end,

    Helping mission start!

  2. Uniques

    Add 1 more unique legend
  3. Uniques

    Bro Prize is too low. My rates for shiny rayq r high cuz it is super rare.
  4. Uniques

  5. Who told about the same task again and again lol
  6. Uniques

    Its in uft Ign demonstriker
  7. I think Only 2 ppl might complete such missions in time, I think u forget about the deoxys event it was pretty hard. So things will never going to run out from the hands. So Prize ditribution is the case if lots of ppl will able to complete these mission, Then I think top 3 trainers who done more missions then everyone will recieve the prize. For this ranking bar is needed. Events 60% based on hunting, hmm its looking little weird, but if pat use this method for only normal types and for old events then I think this weekly thing is perfect. Thnx for ur reply.
  8. Looking for Xp :P

    (I'm the bravest, lol  xD )

  9. @Patrick Just got this rare idea in my marvelous brain, IDEA: Hey Pat U should do a weekly pokemon hunting event/competition every week ( sat and sunday r the best day cuz lots of ppl will be free in these 2 days) and just bring the events pokes like etc U know everyone will do the missions for these events pokes and this weekly event/ compettion will attract the lots of new ppl and made the game more popular . Remember hard missions r better than waiting for years for the release of these events. I hope u like my idea,.
  10. Uniques

    r u ok with these 6???
  11. Uniques

    @carrliam761 this beautiful thing done. Took me around 2 months lol. Job n.o. 96 done! 4 more to go!
  12. Other

    @R3LOADED1 bro tag not working for me
  13. Hi, @Patrick , Lot of rare events such as and cosplays, r in the account which r now banned and only few left, So U should make the the separate portion in the pokedex for these pokemons, Example: ( out of 400, 300 r in banned account, remaininng 100 left) It will make the vortex clean and more attractive, I hope u like my idea .
  14. No No