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  1. My Hunting Shop is still running. Those who had placed their orders, please remind me. And others can place their orders now.


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. demonstriker
    3. eurstin


      So why are you still hunting?

    4. demonstriker


      @eurstin Pm me. I actually dont get what you are saying. I am hunting and didn't you read my previous status update? Pm me.

  2. Universal

    @seth1129400 give nutella 1 mys vader. He need to complete his vader set.
  3. Giveaway

    Thanks I will miss u.
  4. Giveaway

    Hmm thnx I will appreciate ur patience.
  5. Giveaway

    Wait till all will get accept.
  6. Giveaway

    All stuff offered acc is now empty.
  7. Giveaway

    Unique non leggies put some crappy poke in trade
  8. Since u r close to blackbeardt


    So I'm sending u some 100 lvl pokes which r now left. 

    It will increase ur points.


    Plz beat black xD

    1. demonstriker


      35 lvl 100 pokes offered with some xp pokes too. 

    2. VITOL


      tyvm human but i feel like he's working in other account and whenever i came near to him he will say lol good try and gain 1m points trading something to himself xD 

      but i'll try at least for u :( 

    3. demonstriker


      Remember word impossible says itself I'm possible xD

  9. Giveaway

    I just deleted all my messages it was too hard. Now last thing is left some ppl need my forum and vortex acc. Now thinking what to do.
  10. Giveaway

    Thnx Mark pm me first so these all going to his account. Sorry bro! Thnx , I was offering xmas pokes
  11. Giveaway

    Carlos not taking unique non legends so person who pm me first will get it. Time for 1st prize winner. Time to click randomize button. The winner is Wait .... me lol He is @seth1129400 cant believe it. WOW u just won big. I'm offering @Uncle_Psychic plz do ur job. Byeee!
  12. Giveaway

  13. Giveaway

    Wait I'm offering than 1st prize winner will be announced
  14. Giveaway

    Hmm I'm sure, 17
  15. Giveaway

    Hunting goals and dp goal completed. Remaining prizes 6th prize @Carlos Oliveira hat u 5th prize @surana57 wow never thought u will won. 4th @Tyrexx good news u won 3rd @carrliam761 enjoy 2nd @Lunchbox luckiest vortex staff 1st remains hang on tight it will be announced after 30 min