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  1. I have found out about a training account under the name censored for the sake of keeping this secret. If you are a moderator and need this information, please PM me. It has a whole team of level 100 glitchmons, specifically, 0. These Pokemon do not have attacks. Is this supposed to be here?
  2. StarPonyta20


    I like the reserve idea. Just some way for the players to control everything would be nice.
  3. StarPonyta20


    This sounds like something that probably will not happen, but I would like it if it did.
  4. Time to see who all I can upset.

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    2. Haxor69


      I kinda haven'r, What is it? O_O

    3. StarPonyta20


      There's an R there now.

  5. I'd just like to point out that it's common courtesy to follow your followers. Just sayin'. So please, go through your follower list, and follow every single person you see.

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    2. Talfiro


      got it :) 

    3. EeveeMaster5


      but what if i dont want to follow the followers?

    4. StarPonyta20


      I suppose you have a point.

  6. My IGN is StarPonyta20, and I sincerely appreciate your giveaway. I would never give this much away, and you are very generous.
  7. Just the normal one. I don't like all the bells and whistles coming from the other ones; I just like normal stuff. Except Normal types. Yuck.
  8. I caught a Heatran, way back when I didn't even know it was a legendary. Man, good times, good times.
  9. For the most part, I'm retired. I can't even remember what I caught last.
  10. I went to get my breakfast today, and I walked past my hamster, Pattykake's, cage. She wasn't moving. No heartbeat, no breathing, no warmth. Goodbye, my sweet li'l Pattykake. Goodbye.

  11. May the force be with 'chu, young Jedi. (Sith, I can't say the same of you...)
  12. Thanks, @manavsharma9231! This is the first I've ever won.
  13. The uniques have a 1% chance of appearing, to my knowledge.
  14. I love Shaymin (Sky), but Arceus annoys the hard, gross-tasting fudge outta me.
  15. My IGN is StarPonyta20. Thanks for the giveaway! #Almost2Late
  16. StarPonyta20


    I greatly dislike this idea. I use nothing but Great Balls.
  17. My IGN is StarPonyta20, and my fave PokeGirl would have to be Dawn. The reason, is different than yours, probably... The first ever Pokemon I ever saw (except a Pichu in a commercial) was Piplup, though the one I saw was but a small statue. The statue was acting like a paperweight to a note... a note for Dawn. I really only caught the last bit of the episode, so the next morning I got up earlier, determined to discover this new show. I eventually became a big fan, and being a fan led me to look up Pokemon games online, which led me here. So really, I owe it to Dawn and Piplup that I'm at this site, meeting so many different, for the most part wonderful, and all-around amazing people. I owe it to Dawn and Piplup I am learning how to code (through the wiki). It is through Dawn and Piplup that I learned the Magic of Vortex. (And, before you ask, no, that capital "M" isn't a typo.)
  18. Wait, I thought it was 2 days!?!?!?
  19. It's okay; I'm not on my deathbed, so I can wait. Thanks, and I look forward to any future giveaways.
  20. Well, the current event is Zygarde fusion, and it will be here tomorrow, so it's the next event as well. #IAmAwesome Oh, and my IGN is StarPonyta20.
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