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  1. Pratham Shetty


    47 ign ps45 thnks
  2. Pratham Shetty

    Feedback deoxys event

    hey guys seriously dont you ll think a re run of deoxys event is necessary and the mission must be easy because man of them could not or were unable to get deoxys form sand even the volcanion event should be a re run
  3. Pratham Shetty

    Archive hey guya there a change is required

    hey guys hello dont you feel bored when there is no event also because of these many user are oflline during the normal days and only present during the event the people who were active a lot are playing very less so... @Patrick i would request you to give a big update to this game by starting online battles and max limit for one player to battle in a day should be 10 batlles which would then give him some rewardit would increase user by 23% so please OR i suggest u to put daily mission in this game seriously the game will be liked by almost everyone, in the start of v3 it was almost the superb game ever and also the parciality of volcanion the biggest problem is that when the event of volcanion was started many of them were absent or didnt register the account and the other big problem was the deoxys event the evnt was so diificult that event many people were playing tehe event for aprroximattely 14 hours its might have affected the phsycial health,mind,behaviour im not saying u that stop the event but make it like it is playableand its difficulty is in medium level
  4. Pratham Shetty

    Giveaway Nebby Family Giveaway!

    ign ps45
  5. How many task do we have to do in all how many are there and wjat we have do at last

    1. Patrick


      You'll find out if you reach the end.

    2. Pratham Shetty

      Pratham Shetty

      K in all  how much

    3. Pratham Shetty

      Pratham Shetty

      hey pat please  ake the event if not the whole event but please atlest  mission5 its too difficult

  6. Pratham Shetty

    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    Ign hasty i didnt got it bcause im not an fast typer
  7. Pratham Shetty

    General Shiny Fairy Arceus Giveaway

    ign skiller - x
  8. Pratham Shetty

    Giveaway Mystic Magearna GiveAway

    ign ps45
  9. Pratham Shetty


    Mouse pok
  10. Pratham Shetty

    Deoxys Scavenger Hunt


    It's a deo xys event only not voalcanion
  11. Pratham Shetty

    Giveaway Iceflake's Giveaway

    Ign ps45 Reason is play this game becaus as u all know pokemon do not exist really so I think how ash nd his team enjoy pokemon so I too want to experience pokemon world so Iplay this game the another reasonable thing of this game is its the best online game No~45
  12. Pratham Shetty

    Uniques Kittykats Ho-Ho-Holiday Shop

    I have 5 diff type of landoure k way will u give
  13. Pratham Shetty

    Giveaway Snowman's Giveaway

    ign ps45 and my no is 45
  14. Pratham Shetty

    This is a event glitch

    Since past 3 days I got x2 in the spin still is didn't got caterpie Christmas promo code
  15. Pratham Shetty

    Answered Please big event glitch

    My spin showed x3 caterpie chris since last4days I'm not able to receive the prize this happened two times since past 2 days please solve the issue Patrick and I want my 2 caterpie Chris promo codes