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  1. Haruu

    Necrozma Nexus


    i hope this doesnt include catching necrozma :)
  2. until

    Came back 2015 but an unfortunate event came into the game wiping out my whole progress so I kinda lost my interest for the game. But sooner then I came back again from a clean start. Nostalgia from pokemoncrater made me and will make me come back again and again into playing this game. Cheers to the 10 years!
  3. Is there a new Deoxys event? I've seen plently of people claiming Deoxys forms today.
  4. To reduce data consumption since I only use limited internet (mobile data).
  5. Maybe an option to turn this feature on/off? Thanks!
  6. 1. Meloetta 2. Dazzling Gleam, Focus Punch, Psychic and Shadow Ball 3. Caterpie 4. Yes, it was Togekiss 5. Probably a bunch of Dual-type pokemons. ign: Haruu
  7. I will dislike it for the sake of those people who worked hard to earn those exp's. But to be honest, I really don't care about the experience of my pokemons, or the pokemons that I traded out (that has a decent to not-so-high amount of exp) as I don't really work for exp's and all so whatever is implemented, it is just okay for me. And yeah, just play the game as it is because games in general are made for us to enjoy and have fun.
  8. Result: https://imgur.com/mq7rUdD Winner: @nonie22 (nonie22) You won a !! Please offer anything on it! Thanks for joining! Please comment if you want to join again. Comments above this post are invalid anymore.
  9. Idk if its an error or a bug or my browser's just fcked up (I'm using chrome) but here's the catch: When you enter map 25 from map 24, the bottom thingy with the "chat" and other stuff, that whole part there wouldn't load/won't appear after the page loaded. It's not really a major bug/error or something but for the cleanliness' sake of the game, it should be fixed. Thanks!
  10. Result: https://imgur.com/a/nnpxp Winner: @KYNO (SuperKool) You won a (Lvl: 100; Exp: 95,792) Please offer anything on it! Thanks for joining! Please comment if you want to join again. Comments before this are invalid anymore.
  11. Just comment your ign. It'll serve as your entry ticket. After each draw, comment again if still want to enter. There won't be a definite time for the draw so it might take weeks or months. Method of drawing the winner: via random name picker (link) Legend given/ign: ~ /SuperKool
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