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  1. Bug Map 25???

    Idk if its an error or a bug or my browser's just fcked up (I'm using chrome) but here's the catch: When you enter map 25 from map 24, the bottom thingy with the "chat" and other stuff, that whole part there wouldn't load/won't appear after the page loaded. It's not really a major bug/error or something but for the cleanliness' sake of the game, it should be fixed. Thanks!
  2. Giveaway Normal Legends giveaway

    Result: https://imgur.com/a/nnpxp Winner: @KYNO (SuperKool) You won a (Lvl: 100; Exp: 95,792) Please offer anything on it! Thanks for joining! Please comment if you want to join again. Comments before this are invalid anymore.
  3. Just comment your ign. It'll serve as your entry ticket. After each draw, comment again if still want to enter. There won't be a definite time for the draw so it might take weeks or months. Method of drawing the winner: via random name picker (link) Legend given/ign: ~ /SuperKool
  4. ign: Haruu Cosmogs so far: 0 Thanks!
  5. IGN : Haruu fave sportman: Messi I'd love to train
  6. Archive Super Secret Giveaway

    IGN: Haruu