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  1. Universal

    Hey, instead of the 1 unique pokeball, could you please offer another water?
  2. Universal

    Hey What your best offer for ? Looking for Unique(waters,rotom halloweens,vaders,electrics)
  3. Universal

    Thanks sooooo much!
  4. Universal

    How many donations is a normal deoxys speed worth? Trainer isn't banned.
  5. Universal

    Yeah, How many unique water can you offer for a ?
  6. Giveaway

    Zakir123 I know this might be a hard time for you, considering that you have many friends in the game. But even so, reality must also be focused on, I hope you have a bright future!!
  7. Universal

    Trading Looking for excellent offers, Msg me here.
  8. Events

    Hey Shadow Water + Mystic rotom Halloween + Bastiadon+shadow Xmas+ unique pikachu Christmas for your dark pokedex
  9. Universal

    Trading Metallic Deoxys Defence, Message me for more
  10. Universal

    Metallic pokedex+Metallic salgaleo for a donation. Msg me for more info:)
  11. Contest

    40,000,000 Zakir123
  12. Sure, ill take mystic christmas
  13. zakir123 Song- Waving Flag-Kenan
  14. Universal

    Meaning shiny,shadow,dark which are more common than it:) not talking about metallics