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  1. Cant reply rn so I gotta wait :(


    So what do u want for whichever u have

  2. do you have a Shiny Kyuremor Shiny Regigigas

  3. Prizes for sidequests are perfectly fine, fossils for their respective region and few other exclusive item that belong in their region, thats why johto doesnt have anything special and thats why regions from spin off games do not have them either. Also whats the point of putting pokemon you mentioned in sidequests? They have their own method of obtaining (store/lottery/seasonals).
  4. 145 unique pokemon, 146 in total
  5. Good job, I really like this. I always used normal pokemon with ohko move plus fighting and dark moves for pokemon I couldnt hit.
  6. @Patrick brooooooo i got banned, dunno why, unban me pls

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    2. rotoms5


      Thanks. I got doubt. Sry I removed discord from my phone. That's y I msged u here as u will update here quickly

    3. Sneezeball


      Thanks for what? No one here helped you

    4. anikhalover


      actually why are you harsh to everyone 

  7. Sneezeball

    Genesect Genesis v2


  8. 3188 + poison damage is more than yours 3200. You failed with cheating so you are just stupid.
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