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  1. robbing a bank is fast and its good money, if you do not get caught
  2. I mean is it not? Instead of doing x to get a reward, you are suggesting to do 15 different things that involve other people giving out their stuff (not to say that this is hard to balance/easy to scam) by doing tasks that would be hard to track.
  3. Sounds like unnecessary, more complicated take on Daily / Weekly / Monthly Missions
  4. post screenshots before that guy deletes the messages
  5. Wow someone said bad word to me on internet. Better report that guy
  6. Read the trading rules. Also threatening someone with a ban is super cringe
  7. Why the hell did you even to agree to bid on a pokeball? Its like you wanted to get scammed. Why not just bid on their pokemon?
  8. Well from what I see, you wanted to take advantage of a new person that does not know a lot about the game by making them train experience for you (you can clearly see he does not know what exp training is or how exp training works). Is it bad that he traded your pokemon? Yes. Is it on you that you basically gave away a semi valuable pokemon away? Yes.
  9. You gave him the pokemon why would he train experience for you lol
  10. So just spam enter when doing battles?
  11. 1. Its not broken 2. Soon 3. Soon
  12. Playing with bots is cringe, should be real players straight away
  13. This doesnt really make sense with how you cant have less than 6 pokemon in team, but if that were to change this wouldnt be so bad. Instead of all level 100s I would say its better to have them at levels the gym leaders have them. Its always nice to have more challenges/achievements.
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