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  1. 2nd Kutta Giveaway - Attack Form

    Giveaway over.
  2. Uniques My dex

    accepted, thanks
  3. 2nd Kutta Giveaway - Attack Form

    Comment your username for a chance at winning Attack form. You will need to be a member of a clan.
  4. Uniques My dex

  5. Art Things I made in 2007 (or maybe 2012)

    Its not hard to change your computer time.
  6. Art Things I made in 2007 (or maybe 2012)

    Funny thing is, Snivy didn't exist in 2007.
  7. share pictures of ur kutta

  8. share pictures of ur kutta

  9. Idea Offering money for Pokemons

    I would never trade Pokemon for money. Money is currently kind of useless.
  10. Both Daily log in reward

    How will it be easier? So you are saying that stupid botters would prevent you from enjoying the game?
  11. I was looking into purchasable attacks some time ago and there are hundreds of bugs there. Luckily, everything is fixed in v4.
  12. List of every Pokemon obtainable on every map.

    (Yes I know that page doesn't look good, but its just a placeholder and isn't the main reason for this post)

  13. Music Rate the Song Above

    @BLASTOISE ROCKS THE HEAT I rate that song 1/10 @GodsWithin Since the guy didn't rate the song, I rate that song 9/10 Ok lets continue posting Indian songs.
  14. Idea Discord: International Text Channels

    How about a mod deletes this thread and it will not be Vortex's fault for what is on that channel?
  15. Both Deleting Banned Accounts