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  1. Answered

    You need to complete hoenn sidequests again.
  2. Answered

  3. Fanfiction

    didnt read but cool
  4. Answered

    Not all Pokemon caught by banned person are botted/glitched, but most of them are so dont trade for them. They might get deleted in future.
  5. Other

    I answered YES too every question, which starter is for me pls help.
  6. until

    no event starts on 9th, well should start
  7. Hey Mr.Magnificent or should I say EagerRhino? Anyways welcome back bro.
  8. Trading Shadow Lunala for Volcanion set

    1. v3567


      Lmao. Can't wait to see people asking for houses, left nuts, 7th unborn kids and donation pokemon sets for it.

    2. eurstin


      I can offer my 8th unborn kid if ya want :/ 

    3. Abbas


      do you accept kidneys ?


  9. Answered

    Thats considered trading i guess. While I find exp shops, whatever, kinda stupid, some people find it usefull.
  10. Contest

    SneezeUniques Nebby Deoxys Ghost/Psychic Maps at night
  11. I will just change their names to "One" and "Two", no one will notice i got rid of one because I will still have two left.
  12. I am also in primary school just like you, but sad thing is, my wife left me and I am stuck with 2 kids now
  13. until

    Page King