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  1. Sneezeball

    Uniques My dex

    I am only looking to buy them.
  2. Hi message me on vortex, I have dark tapu koko I believe you needed

  3. Sneezeball

    Uniques My dex

    I already got the kyogre, sorry. I made bids on regice and clamperl. I made a bid on all of them.
  4. Sneezeball

    Uniques My dex

  5. Sneezeball

    Uniques My dex

    Yea I still need them. You dont need to evolve Snorunt. Tell me which pokemon would you want or if you want to sell them put them on pokebay.
  6. Sneezeball

    Uniques My dex

    I am up to buying them all. Put them on pokebay
  7. Sneezeball

    Uniques My dex

  8. Sneezeball

    Ultra Beast Bonanza


    I'm fluffy
  9. Sneezeball

    Resolved Rockruff and Burmy Evolution Bug

    Check how they evolve first.
  10. Sneezeball

    Answered V4 Night Mode

  12. Sneezeball

    Answered Wimpod?

    You see the thing is, I've been given the rare pokemon spawn list even before v4 started and all info on that page is based on that. I've seen some people said some things are wrong or partially wrong, but I'd have to wait until I get updated list from Patrick about rare spawns and stuff.
  13. Sneezeball

    Final thread for a new leader of clan (I swear)

    The answer is, you can not edit the poll after making it.