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  1. Bug

    It probably got released.
  2. Uniques

  3. Uniques

  4. Offer event Pokemon on ign SneezeUniques to find out what Pokemon it is.
  5. I will just leave this here, forgot to do it before.

    flameykins-Today at 01:44

    ok here's the top 10 countries with most banned accounts....

    1. India

    2. Peru

    3. USA

    4. Turkey

    5. Philippines

    6. UK

    7. Brazil

    8. Pakistan

    9. Portugal

    10. Netherlands

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    2. Sneezeball


      You do realize most indians use vpns right?

    3. GodsWithin


      Their VPN so bad, it changes their location to india

    4. Sneezeball


      I can see that.

  6. Other

    Before you actually waste your time doing this, you should know every pokemon in same tier has the same rarity.
  7. Mobile

    sounds like a pretty accurate name to me
  8. Mobile

    You should rename clan to Pheonix and the Indians
  9. Answered

    You need to complete hoenn sidequests again.
  10. nothing
  11. Writing

    didnt read but cool
  12. Answered

    Not all Pokemon caught by banned person are botted/glitched, but most of them are so dont trade for them. They might get deleted in future.
  13. Other

    I answered YES too every question, which starter is for me pls help.
  14. until

    no event starts on 9th, well should start
  15. Discussion

    Hey Mr.Magnificent or should I say EagerRhino? Anyways welcome back bro.