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  1. Giveaway

    (Not entering, Don't count me won't let me delete my comment)
  2. @sreesree by cosplays i dont mean pikamas or jedis.
  3. Trading and . I'm looking for some cosplays (any except shiny cosplays, shadow belle, shadow libre, and dark belle). Also looking for metallic, shiny, and shadow rotodex
  4. Happy birthday froakie :) Hope you have a great one!

    1. EeveeMaster5


      happy bday froaks hope you have a wonderful day!!! ^_^


  5. Trading Any offers?
  6. Trading donation poke mostly looking for cosplays. Pls pm if you wanna trade.
  7. Thanks so much for the giveaway Patrick!

  8. Ign is RNGbeccpich @porymon
  9. Trading and need cosplays i don't have (mystic libre, shadow pop star, dark Belle, dark libre, normal PhD, normal Belle, normal libre)
  10. Trading for some unique cosplays I need. Any of these I need:
  11. IGN: RNGbeccpich Song: Love more by Chris Brown
  12. Trading mystic togepi (halloween) for metallic togepi (halloween)

    1. SoupsMcNova


      Or you can just give it to me for free? 

    2. beccpich
  13. Trading for