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  1. Shiny Furfrou (Kabuki)

    1. Vulnerable
    2. fodnbilal


      its gonna come in April i think.

      best is Shiny Furfrou (La Reine)though:x:x

  2. beccpich

    Battle of Eternity


    Can't Wait!!
  3. beccpich

    Giveaway Giveaway

    IGN: Beccuhhh Giv me speed, kthnxbye.
  4. LF cosplays, or Arceus (Electric)Dark Arceus (Electric)Mystic Arceus (Electric)
    Trading: dps, pokemoney, or Volcanion

  5. I agree, because I'm training for a friend right now and not all people bot exp. There are many people who train legitly too like you said. I would be sad to see my hard work get reset.
  6. What if I wanna train on an alt account to do like SQ or something and then I trade my SQ team back to my main, what would happen then? I'd lose some exp on that?
  7. beccpich

    I Am Your Father

    Hopefully I get shiny :PP Shiny looks awesome.
  8. beccpich

    Giveaway ThisNameSux's Giveaway :D

    (Not entering, Don't count me won't let me delete my comment)
  9. beccpich

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    @sreesree by cosplays i dont mean pikamas or jedis.
  10. beccpich

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Trading and . I'm looking for some cosplays (any except shiny cosplays, shadow belle, shadow libre, and dark belle). Also looking for metallic, shiny, and shadow rotodex
  11. Happy birthday froakie :) Hope you have a great one!

    1. EeveeMaster5


      happy bday froaks hope you have a wonderful day!!! ^_^


  12. beccpich

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Trading Any offers?
  13. beccpich

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Trading donation poke mostly looking for cosplays. Pls pm if you wanna trade.