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  1. Exams are done....I'M BACK !!!xDxD 

    1. 990295233HEREWATSUP




      I have my exams from 1st of march.

  2. Ign CaptainX Answers 1. Arceus 2. Entei Raikou and Suicune 3. Xerneas Yveltal and Zygarde 4. Darkrai 5. 04 Thanks pal
  3. Damn been inactive for a long while college getting hectic by the day :(:( 

    Recently wrote an article on Nibiru conspiracy and the lecturer liked it so much he wanted me to explain it to a crowd of 3 classes in the auditorium xDxD 

    What do you guys consider about it ? (I'm taking a majorit opinion :) )

    Cheers enjoy thy day xD:) 

    1. Mrbobadyba


      Nibiru cataclysm?

    2. Mrbobadyba


      Well, the idea that a planet-sized object will collide with or closely pass by Earth in the near future is not supported by any scientific evidence and has been rejected by astronomers and planetary scientists as pseudoscience and an Internet hoax.
      I believe the same.

  4. Finally the first quarterly tests done 

    Have scored full marks in Computer and English xD:D 

  5. Will be inactive for a few days due to first quarterly examinations :( 

    But will be back after tis done :):DxD 

  6. IGN- CaptainX English Song- Baba O Riley by The Who,Serenity by Godsmack and In the Wake of Poseidon English show- 2 and 1/2 men (I watched with my cousin when he came and i didn't understand it ) , The Big Bang Theory , Pokemon ( ) and Koffee with Karan (my neighbour watches it ) Good luck pal hope you succeed in all of your future endeavors and do listen to good songs Thanks for the giveaway
  7. Damn college getting into the brains 

    Huge piles of Physics, English essays, Chemistry formulae......:( 


    1. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      "English Essays" - Lol..That's a piece of cake. I'll help you out in that.

  8. We are sorry for the slow speed but due to commitments from outside the Vortex world tis hard to train but we are doing your job currently and we shall finish it as fast as we can
  9. Pal we are working on too many things + we have less holidays and holidays are piled with too many home-works,assignments and point-less surprise tests We shall return the pokemon to you once tis over We ain't thugs
  10. Finally my results were out yesterday and I have passed with an A1 pass grade ( 9.6 CGPA ) achieving A grades in English ( xD ) Social Sciences  Sanskrit Science and B grade in MAthematics :) 

    As for pre university course , I have decided to take up computers ( PCMC ) :) 

    Thank you all ! 

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    2. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      @CaptainX Congratulations mate. Really happy for you.

      Computers is a Great Choice.

      I know how interested you are in this.

      I hope you become more active here. :D

    3. ViralV


      10th class kids :=P:

    4. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      @ViralV Not only a Kid. He's a Bookworm.

  11. IGN CaptainX Happy birthday friend have a great day and life ahead
  12. IGN - CaptainX thanks for the giveaway and farewell
  13. That ain't nothing pal I wonder-traded a to get a
  14. Proud to have donated $10 (Rs 678.68) yet again for a Dark Meloetta (Aria):):) 

    This has been my 12th donation :):D 

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    2. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      @eurstin I'd donate for myself. So, I'll go for something elegant. Also, many other things to think about like "What if Meloetta comes back as a donation again and loses its rarity?" "What if people buys lots of Meloettas and the rarity of other donation increases?" My first time, so.... :P

    3. eurstin


      @Mark Thompson Yeah. Just pick what you want. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Mewtwo Armors are the most common, so anything other from those should be a decent investment.

    4. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      @eurstin I like the Shadow Hoopa (Unbound) much. Also, I believe Giratina (Origin) will become rare.

      But, I wouldn't go for Origins. So, I guess, I'll go for Meloetta or Unbound.

      I can get 3 Dp as per my conditions.


  15. IGN - CaptainX Thanks for the awesome giveaway
  16. redeem CaptainX my fav because i love fire types and dogs and this one's too awesome
  17. Most powerful water type 2nd CaptainX
  18. Rotten holidays now :T_T:

    Drunken brawls in the plantations ( not me ) and yet again my system attacked with virus :T_T:

  19. Damn suffering a lot in the village :( 

    Less speed internet,Mangoes ripening,and to top the cake I had food poisoning :(:( 

    1. Haxor69


      food poisoning happens when you eat a lot. .-.

    2. iZeus


      Why don't you just leave your village and move to a City?

    3. CaptainX


      Haxor69 lol but i can wager i eat as little as you do xD 

      iZeus someone must look after the village and i took that responsibility. My parents are busy and grandma's not well. Anyways when i grow up and have a successful factory or something, i would have had training to take care of bad workers xD 

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