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  1. Mystic Rayquaza -> Arceus (Electric) ?
  2. My Shadow rayquaza for your shiny Vaporeon?
  3. I have: Shinies Cresselia, Suicune and Uxie Im interested in: Shadow Deoxys speed and Mystic Deoxys defence
  4. Im interested in Shadow Mew and Shadow Ralts. I can give any Dark or Metallic starters or legendaries you like from my pokemons
  5. Hello again! My shiny Vulpix for your Shiny Happiny?
  6. My Metallic Mesprit for your Shiny Mesprit?
  7. Your Shadow Giratina for my Metallic Ho-oh, Shadow Mesprit, Dark Tepig and Normal Fennekin?
  8. Hey! My shiny Gible for your shiny Tropius?
  9. I have Landorus lv.70, Rayquaza lv.65, Arceus normal lv.61 I am interested in shiny Entei and Shadow Deoxys. Some kind of trade? IGN Henkkaliini
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