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  1. Pisyowboy1


    My ign: Sampaguita_Massacre is banned. i don't know what is the reason? im not using botted. only training battled or any else i do not destruct the rules here but im banned.
  2. My ign : Sampaguita_Massacre My #: 1382
  3. Hello. sportandmusic69. merry christmas and and happy new year. can i ask something. Patrick delete the events pokemon that cannot use code in pokemon vortex Vs4.

    1. eurstin


      You have two days after the event ends to redeem your codes, After that, they will be voided, so to answer your question, if you have any codes when v4 comes out, they will not work. (unless it comes out in the event time frame)

  4. My ign : Sampaguita_Massacre A Blessed Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  5. 1. 2. ign: sampaguita_massacre 3. i wasted 3,985,725 pokedollars.
  6. for your and if you want. if interested just pm me here ok.
  7. !claim Offered at my pokemon in trade. ign: Sampaguita_Massacre thank you
  8. Ign: Sampaguita_Massacre Thank you for the giveaway. Advance Merry Christmas and a Blessed Happy New Year.
  9. idea only. i would like to say. if the pokemon is not from you as a Original Trainer. just change it to your Original Trainer. that's all
  10. Ign: Sampaguita_Massacre Pokemon UFT: flabebe (orange) and lapras Favorite POkemon :
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