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Found 744 results

  1. Was just wondering if anyone has taken the time to make some new and updated training accounts, the leveling process is a bit slow at the moment, used to play in ver 2, and back in crater and those really helped a lot
  2. Captainboom

    Answered Suicune's sprite is bugged?

    Suicune's normal sprite is bugged and doesn't show up for me? anyone else having this? is there a fix?
  3. Hyper-Deep

    Answered How to Increase clan points?

    How to increase clan points?
  4. The clan name is bangkok69, which is really inappropriate.
  5. iWasted10bucks

    Answered Banned

    I got banned and I'm not sure why. I have had the account for ages and have enjoyed building on it over the years. I have known Pokemon Vortex for years, thanks to my older brother. I was excited to see all the different versions since V2. I had no idea there was a ban feature. I don't know how long it will last for. Is it permanent and can I have an explanation? Can the ban be uplifted?
  6. jonnybuckley

    Answered Legendary

    Is there anyway to slow down the movement when searching for pokemon, ive just clicked off shaymin, shadow mew, and xerneas (active) in the space of five minutes?
  7. llucc4ss

    Answered Database Connection Failed

    I can't access the game website for play it. when i tried it cames: Database Connection Failed
  8. EXswordman9999

    Answered I think I'm locked out of my account

    I changed my password for my account and when I try to relog with the new password it doesn't work.
  9. I defeated everything i need to be able to find legendary pokemon, but in my profile I recieve the same warning: " You are NOT able to find legendary Pokémon currently. Complete all Gyms, Elite Fours, Battle Frontiers and the Battle Maison to find legendary Pokémon on the maps. " Someone can help me?
  10. I've encountered multiple Necrozma on the ghost/psychic map and cannot catch them because I don't have beast balls. I shouldn't need beast balls because Necrozma isn't an Ultra Beast, he is just a legendary. I even wasted a masterball on one. I have provided a link to the Pokémon Wiki page that says Necrozma is a legendary and not an Ultra Beast. Can this get updated please? https://pokemon.fandom.com/wiki/Necrozma
  11. KingPin999

    Answered Next Update

    When is the next update going to take place because this game is starting to become stale.
  12. That1Dragonarian

    Answered Need some money, money, money

    Moi guys, Is there a way to get money in a flash or do i just have to use the training accounts? ~The Dragon Master, Dragonarian.
  13. thebluelitten

    Answered How to see your team?

    How do you see your team (besides when you catch a new Pokemon or something)
  14. fodnbilal

    Answered This Guy Might be Botting

    HyperSnailGaming's Profile Stats 937 wins and 0 losses130 of 6,228 unique Pokémon7,795,623 total experience59,966 average experience53,343.0 points Ranked 7,984th in the world Ranked 24th in Belgium3 of 1,871 sidequests completed28,763,625 in the bank Never placed in a season Social Member account Registered on February 17, 2019 Last logged in February 26, 2019 Currently viewing HyperSnailGaming's profileMember of XARCADIAX [ARC] Followed by 2 players Following 0 players
  15. VEER1234

    Answered Nickname

    Is there any way I can remove the nick name of my Pokemon
  16. Ive been searching on the ice map for many hours now and havent seen a single unown 0. Ive even caught 2 ultra beasts and like 17 legendaries in the process. Are they rarer than ultra beasts?
  17. Tritre

    Answered Unown event

    Hello guys. Which are the unowns of this event of obtainable and on which map to find them?
  18. VEER1234

    Answered Unown event

    As mentioned in the above link the event should have been started But I cannot find any type of change Can anyone help me
  19. ravneet

    Answered Trade

    Please help me Should i trade my normal rotom halloween for a rotom cut and heat.. Thx in advance
  20. VEER1234

    Answered Followers

    Is there any way by which I can check my followers in pokemon vortex
  21. VEER1234

    Answered Unfollow

    Is there any way to unfollow anyone followed earlier in vortex
  22. Hansoo_bg

    Answered IM SO CONFUSED

    I'm playing HeartGold and I'm early on fighting Bellsprout. I'm using a Pokemon with Bug Bite. It's only doing NORMAL DAMAGE NOT SUPPER EFFECTIVE . WHY? ITS BUG TYPE ON A GRASS TYPE IM SO TRIPPED OUT.
  23. Medic1129

    Answered Money

    How is money distributed throughout gym battles. Like, is there a specific way to maximize the money intake per battle, or is it just randomized?
  24. maazintheboss

    Answered Accident training

    I had to exp train a pokemon for my friend after training i Kept it for tarde.but some other guy offered and i accidently accepted his.now he is not giving the poke back even after i said i will give his pokemon he offered back.his ign -sujankv. plz help
  25. jetrayrox5

    Answered Help

    How do I know if I'm eligible to find legendary pokemon on the map? I joined again after a gap of 2 years yesterday,beat the Alola gyms, but haven't found a single legendary pokemon.