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  1. i mega evolved four snorlaxes but only got one avatar, will i get the others later or is there some other way that i get them, thx
  2. so i think i know that you get a snorlax (mega) avatar when you mega evolve a snorlax, but i mega evolved four and only got one avatar also if you mega evolve a shiny snorlax do you get a shiny snorlax (mega) avatar? thx, flyingfinn
  3. jeffV

    Answered anciant

    how can i get ancient pokemon
  4. Hello! Recently started playing the game again, it was possible to buy master balls in the previous version of pokemon vortex in the pokemart (If I remember correctly) and I noticed that they are no longer available there. I already found out that they're available trough pokebay now, is it however possible to get them any other way? maybe trough sidequests and if so, how regularly do you encounter them? Thank you!
  5. is it just me or have the servers crashed or something because i can't log in properly and if i try it takes like ages, can somebody please tell what is happening or if it is just me, many thx, flyingfinn
  6. how do you close topics? i need an answer, and also, after that can you reopen
  7. Why is my medal for unlocking the Kanto legendary pokemon still grayed out? I have collected all 8 badges, beat the the elite four, and the champion already. The Kanto badges and medal is equal to the Indigo set in here, right? I have also beaten all of the other regions and received the badges and medal for them (excluding Galar). The other ones all processed fine, just not the Kanto one. Am I missing something?
  8. I hve unlocked all the regions but I don't know how to encounter a legendary,please give me tips....
  9. Hello, I have a question, is it allowed for us to make new accounts??
  10. Forgot my username and password to my old account. I believe the email would have been nguyen_97@outlook.com. Please help if you can, thanks!
  11. Hardieboi

    Answered Why?

    why do people create alternate accounts ? I don't see any kind of profit in having one , even though I created my 2 alt. Accounts Awesomeboi10 and Lonely_man
  12. Hello! I am sorry if you consider this spamming, I just have a lot of questions. 1. Why are the Rotom forms premium pokes? I always thought that premiums are the pokemon you can buy in the Vortex store. 2. Let's say that someone just got (for free) a billion exp poke. Would he be in the "Seasonal best" or the "Global best" trainers? 3. Is there another way to find an estimate value of pokes without Discord? 4. Who is Blue? (By my thoughts, he is a player on Pokemon Vortex. However, I cannot find his acc anywhere, and his forums are not active for a long
  13. Hello! Today, I was realising my lvl 7 poke. I saw something about adoptions. How do adoptions work? How do I adopt a poke? Is an Adoption Center in the game yet? Thanks!
  14. I need help.... Im trying to evolve my into but when i try to it only shows lycanroc (midday) even at midnight ! Please can someone help me
  15. Hello everyone who is reading this. I play this game a lot and really like it and wanted to know if there is some way possible for me to be a mod. But I don't know what requirements or stuff I have to do to become one. Can one of you guys help? Thank you - Foodviro
  16. Hello,..I want to ask about the values of Zygarde (complete) Is it worth a UB? Thank You
  17. I got a charmander from the auction and i don't see it in my pokemon team. I looked at view all pokemon and i saw it but i dont know how to get him in my team like wtf.
  18. Also tell me how to unlock a event ticket
  19. jeffV

    Answered pokemon

    how can i get a pink Pokemon is it deiring orange islands sidequest
  20. how to add custom rank like @jesterv786 he has gaara of the desert
  21. I have defeated all gym leaders of 4 regions (Indigo, Orange, Johto, Hoenn) now but I don't know where these regions are on the map and so, I do not know where to look for legendary pokemons. Can someone help me?
  22. when is clan depository coming to the clans cause its been there for awhile now and it seems cool to add in the game
  23. Do you like cars or dogs
  24. jeffV

    Answered furfou

    how can i get a furfou heart
  25. what is the most common ultra beast and what is the rarest one
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