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Found 624 results

  1. Officialdarku

    Answered Unfortunate Ban Hammer.

    My account --> OfficialDarku (Is old and Legit) Up until about 30 minutes ago i found you could stop yourself walking past good Pokemon! But... With that idea comes the hammer. Just thought I'd point out I was using a 3rd party to stop me walking past Pokemon BUT, I did NOT use it to catch things for me, battle for me, find legendary or specific Pokemon by name. I DID use it to stop myself walking past Variant Pokemon which I didn't know was bannable Honestly tried my best not to step on the guidelines of cheating, I just didn't want to keep walking past the damn things :L Guessing there is no way to be unbanned? I imagine you have footage of my last ten minutes? You can clearly see I'm doing everything myself, catching and fighting etc (bar walking past good pokemon, it was like a stopper.) If not, that is unfortunate, I've spent alot of hours and well... years on this account. I literally play/played it between Queue times when I stream! VOD (if interested) -> https://www.twitch.tv/videos/306940197 Was doing a 24/hr stream for Charity on Paladins and played Vortex between Q's (Completely legit btw in between Q's, you can tell i really care for the game) I don't fancy restarting everything, I've spent years on that account and accumulated loads of Poke's. If you'd let me have it back with the acception of never using a stopper again, Thank you! Honestly wanted to make some video's on Vortex, get it more known etc. If not... I honestly don't have time to re-do everything so that would be me done :L Apologies for using a stopper, have a nice Day/Night, Hope to hear back from you either way!
  2. abramkhan

    Answered Mr. Patrick. Please help me!

    Hello, sir, pokemon vortex administrator, I am an old user. I would like to recover an old account of 2015 your ID or IGN is: haloreis, but I do not remember the email. I would like to know the email to play again because I do not remember my password. @Patrick
  3. Tritre

    Answered Moderator in Discord

    Hello, I have recently joined the discord (and I love it). But, my question is, how can we become the moderators there. I can't see any sort of Q&A there.
  4. xPoke

    Answered Discord Security

    Why is the security for the discord so high? I physically cannot talk in the server because of the fact that I don't have cell signal where I live I don't have a cell phone because of the reason stated above It is sad because I was really excited to be a part of the discord community. I mean I know y'all gotta worry about spammers being such a big community and all but still.
  5. Tritre

    Answered Thread closed

    Hello, who is having the authority of closing the topics and how does one get that power. I am asking cause two of my questions have been closed without any answer.
  6. Hello, what is the benefit if we enter any of the leaderboard for popular contributors here in the forums?
  7. Tritre

    Answered Tritre

    Hello. I am unable to use the insert pokemon or the pokemon icon option either when answering anyone or when creating new content or in my profile. And, I use a computer so it can't be the mobile. Whenever i type anything in the insert pokemon input box, i get the result as or another pokemon's name which i want as to insert the image of. Please help.
  8. Tritre

    Answered Active clans

    Hello, how does our clan appear in the recently active clan's list? How does it get active?
  9. Hello. Do any of the types of Pokemons like mystic, shadow etc have some benefits? Like the other games i used to play, Metallic did get damaged much, mystic were meant for scaring etc. I want to know especially about the shadow types.
  10. Codestar77

    Answered Accidentally Reset Gyms

    I accidentally reset all my gyms and now cannot find legendaries anymore! How can I undo this?
  11. marco2140

    Answered I got banned

    I have not played for a long time and today they banned me, I do not know why. There is some way to unbanned or know how long the ban is?
  12. Ansatsuhime

    Answered How do I end a contest/giveaway

    I have absolutely no idea how to end it once I choose winners Or maybe I just forgot Anyways, I'd appreciate if someone told me how
  13. Guys please HELP!!! How do I remove a pokemon from my team. Please Help
  14. BlessedPlayer

    Answered PokeBay Auction Rip Off?

    Hey, I just won a pokemon in an auction, however I'm not able to make it part of my actual pokemon team? Anybody know why or how?
  15. BlessedPlayer

    Answered No Happiness?

    I currently own an IgglyPuff, and wish to evolve it into a jigglypuff. I caught it when it was at level 14 and had many battles with it. It is currently at lvl 100, however not a single happiness heart has appeared. Majority of my battles were player battles, so I'm not sure if that's the reason or what? Someone please help?
  16. helderaxxx

    Answered Seasonal top trainners

    Hello There, I need a brief explanation. I start playing 12 august 2018. And i already made in my account 37,249 points, but i'm not in top trainners .. Are the points in top trainners diferent than this ? Since i start playing in this month shouldn't i be in the top? Or i'll be able to reach the top only in the next month?
  17. ShinyChamp123

    Answered Vortex Store

    Are Indians allowed to purchase mystery boxes nd other things from the store?
  18. So I've seen that fully evolved pokemon are rare, but I found a shiny fully evolved pokemon. (Shiny Weavile Lvl 43). It would be cool to see how rare this thing is. Please tell me if you have the "smartz"
  19. How can I get Vortex ball or Beast ball ? Sidequests ? Store ? Pokebay ? ?????? I lost a Dark Pheromosa because I hadn't anyone https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Ultra_Beast#List_of_Ultra_Beasts
  20. Tritre

    Answered Profile bio designing

    Hi guys. I have a question regarding the designs we can have in our profile. Please tell me. The ones I know are : 1) quote 2) bold That’s all I know. So please tell me all we can have. Thank you.
  21. ravneet

    Answered Password

    Hi vortex users i am ign- ravneet I want to change my password but like v3 i am not able to change it in v4.. Plz help me..
  22. Hello guys, I have a doubt regarding the community reputation. How do I earn it? I have answered almost 10 questions daily since the last week but my community reputation is still 1. How do I move forward? And, does the community reputation decide the popular contributors of the week?
  23. doctorclump

    Answered When is PV daytime?

    Whenever I login, it is always nighttime. I have only seen the maps on daytime once.
  24. lucasmrr

    Answered How to increase happines?

    My happines will increase for each pokemon individually in battle, or for each battle?
  25. I don't know what email I linked to Pokemon Vortex, because I signed up like a year ago. It could be my regular email, or a random one. But if you can answer my question, please tell me.