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Found 504 results

  1. Answered Boxes

    How can i get mystry boxes
  2. so basically why do we get taxed and where does the money taxed go to???
  3. Answered Contas

    É possivel ter mais de uma conta ou é proibido e da ban?
  4. Answered Rotom

    How can we get rotom forms like cut wash frost?
  5. Answered Bid Cancel

    Is there a way I can cancel a bid I made on an auction? I looked around and couldn't find a way to do it.
  6. Answered seasonal rankings

    Hello, I wonder how unique pokemon count in seasonal leaderboards is calculated. Do I have to catch new pokemons in that month or putting up for trade/trading/releasing and then receiving that pokemon back counts? What happens if I own every common pokemon? Thanks
  7. Answered sidequest prizes

    the old sidequest prizes are now not available so what are the new prizes for sidequests this topic hasnt been edited on the wiki the old regions are as they are the number of battles to complete kanto region are 102 or something like that and the prizes are three fossils but now after v4 i completed the first region after170 battles and the prize i got was a dratini avatar and some pokedollars so what are the new sidequest prizes and no of battles to complete the regions?
  8. Answered beast balls

    can i get beast balls by completing sidequests?
  9. Can anyone tell me how can I Evolve my Magneton? And then how to get the other megastone e.g.Alakazite
  10. Answered Joining clans?

    Hello, I'm not really sure if this belongs here but I can't seem to find any information about it. I was wondering if there is a thread (or if not, an appropriate section on this forum) where we could talk about/recruit for clans. Like, for example, someone had a clan but wanted to find members for it (that sort of thread). Please also answer if there is no such place on the forums. Thanks you!
  11. Hello, I´d like to ask, if there is some bug or something with some of the basic fire pokemons like Charmander, Cyndaquil, etc... since I can´t encounter them on the fire map... I don´t know about other types as grass (bulbasaur...) or water ( squirtle... ) But I´m farming for more than 3 days on the fire map and not even one, except one mystic cyndaquil right after the maintenance. My question is wheter I´m just so very unlucky that I can´t encounter them, or is it on purpose, or I have bugged account and I´d very appreciate if you could look at it :-) Ingame nickname is Sleeve. Thank you very much.
  12. Answered Webhooks

    Am I allowed to use webhooks from pokemon vortex on discord to put like vortex bot on my unofficial pokemon vortex discord
  13. Answered Edition of pokes

    I wanted to ask what r editions of pokemon eg : 1st and 2nd , and is there a 3rd edition. Does it mean that pokes with 1st edition r better than pokes of 2nd edition ? And is necrozma legendary poke or ultra beast ( cause in sun and moon its a legendary type poke and not UB so i was wondering if it can be caught without beast ball )
  14. Answered balls

    how to get the beast ball or the vortex ball except from pokebay
  15. Answered how to find alolan forms?

    Hey poke fans I am unable to find any alolan forms as well as any starter on maps......plz help
  16. Okay so the pokebay auction feature is relatively knew and personally it's one of my favourite added features of the game so far. However, I've recently been noticing that a lot of my bids have been disappearing way before the deadline of the auction is reached. For example, I could bid for a Suicune at 5pm on a Monday and keeping a note of it's deadline which is 5pm on a Tuesday. I come back the next day at 3pm and when I check my list of bids it's gone! Obviously I wasn't expecting to still be the winning bid 21 hours later but surely the auction can't just disappear because I haven't been active every minute of the day. I've made sure that this isn't just a personal mistake I've made mixing up the times, this has happened multiple times as at first I was sceptical but when I made a note of 10 different auctions I made with their deadline time noted down as well, 8/10 of them disappeared before the posted deadline. Anyone else experiencing this?
  17. Answered Crabrawler Evolution

    can anyone let me know the battle number of sidequest to evolve my Crabrawler?
  18. Answered VIVILLION TYPES

    How many types of Vivillion do we have in the game these days?
  19. Answered Ice Stones

    Hey ya'll! Anybody know where to get Ice Stones?
  20. Answered Pontos

    Como posso conseguir pontos? para o clã e para meu perfil...
  21. Answered Happiness Rating

    For some reason I cant see the happiness on my Pokemon. It just shows a '?' instead. Any tips on how to fix this?
  22. Answered About beast ball

    Hey guys i need to know how the beast ball works like does it work like a master ball works on legendary? Do i have to lower the HP of an ultra beast or should i just use it as i see an ultra beast? and my request to the creators kindly make some other ways to obtain beast balls its way too tiring to get that much money and then bid
  23. Answered Mimikyu

    I wornder the encounter rate of mimikyu. I found a lot of Oricorio (Sensu), 3 leggys and 1 Ub, but no mimikyu. Is he really on map? or is he rarer than leggy?
  24. Answered Alolan Marowak

    I tried to evolve my Cubone into Alolan Marowak but when I try it to evolve it I only get the regular Marowak. How can I evolve it into the Alolan form?
  25. Answered Changing Email ID

    Guys help me in changing my email address