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Found 879 results

  1. Hi guys! just saw this on someone's profile in-game; [VORTEX-BOT-AUTHORISE-32DDE3ED] What does this mean? is this just a troll? or is he authorized to use third party application? Thanks~!
  2. hey there, looking to come back and play but i don't remember my username but i do have the emails. alawi4000@gmail.com bl4cksliver@gmail.com if you can help me. i will gladly appreciated
  3. Does anyone know how long it takes for a gift card to be delivered to a recipient?
  4. Can we see in the future a toggle button that turns off finding legendaries? I know the reset gyms feature is their for that. BUT to regain finding legendaries after that is a pain staking process.
  5. Buenas noches, ¿hay algún costo o forma de eliminar la prohibición de mi cuenta? Perdón por la audacia de mi pregunta pero cometí un error tonto, tengo la cuenta bloqueada e intento hacer lo que pueda para recuperarla.
  6. Adithya1234

    Answered clan

    i was on a break from game so i appointed satanist as the clan leader for legendary exectors (tle) today he was banned for reasons unknown i would like to know the procedure to transfer leadership to a co leader hoping my question is answered thanks! and regards
  7. My younger brother forgot the password to his Vortex account (1uciifer) and the email he thinks he used for it no longer exists. I checked all my email accounts for the password reset email but nothing showed up (I also checked the junk folder). I was wondering if there's any way at all for him to reset his password?? Or is the account lost forever? Thank you!
  8. I've seen folk on trade threads talking about level 5 or 6 immunes, what are those? Sorry if this has been asked before, I looked and couldn't see an answer.
  9. Just wanted to verify that Eevee (Christmas) will be catchable till December 29th. The Dashboard overlay is gone and I havent seen any in the feed or on my own time in the last 2 hours.
  10. Amarok

    Answered discord

    i cant login on discord anymore, i dont know why but it says that the invite link doesnt exist anymore or im not allowed to be there anymore, i have no clue why i would not be allowed anymore, cause i didnt have broken any rules, yesterday i was still in discord and now it doesnt find my email anymore... please help.
  11. I Am searching for eevee (christmas) since yesterday morning, but didn't find a single one. but some other people find it easily, how's that possible, this is unfair, please help me.......
  12. Yo guys! Can someone please tell me which maps we can obtain eevee Christmas? I want the map number. I dont understand if it is on ice maps or cave maps or both.
  13. I would be grateful if anyone would tell me where to find Pikachu.
  14. example: getting Articuno in the snow biome? or a Zapdos in elektrik maps? please help!
  15. do we need special battles to catch legends???
  16. I am trying to evolve my Nosepass and Magneton on the Sidequests but I don't know which region in the sidequests I have to go to evolve them. I thought Hoenn because they both show up in gym battles there but then I found out that Magneton is a Kanto pokemon. Any advice?
  17. are they only in pokey bay or is there a way in game to get them?
  18. i did all the gym battle froint tier's but it still says i cant unless u now have to beat the evil teams
  19. Hey so I’m playing Pokémon Black (not black 2) and I’m trying to breed the perfect Dratini (meaning 31ivs in all 6 stats) Now I’ve taken my male and female Dratini to the iv judge in the battlesubway and he says the following for my male: ”This Pokémon has Outstanding potential overall, incidentally I would say the best potential lies in its attack stat, defense stat, Sp. Attack & Speed. It can’t be better in that regard.” (So I’m under the impression that indicates perfect stats in Attack, Defense, Sp Attack and speed). Then he says this when judging my female Dratini: “This Pokémon has relatively superior potential overall. I would say the best potential lies in its Hp, attack, special defense, speed. It can’t be better in that regard.“ (So I assume it indicates perfect stats in Hp, attack, sp defense and speed). So obviously not guaranteeing anything in way of hatching the perfect Pokémon in every shot but given a chance... The thing I don’t get is how some of these eggs I’m hatching don’t even have two perfect IV’s when both parents have perfect attack and speed... Sometimes the egg doesn’t even have one perfect stat! And I don’t understand what I’m missing because I thought a Pokémon bred has 3 random IV’s from one parent and 3 random IV’s from another? if anyone is knowledgeable about breeding and has information on what I’m missing here please instruct me. It would be greatly appreciated!!!
  20. When, if ever, will this become a feature?
  21. Okay, here's another question: What is the best way to get money earlygame?
  22. How much is a Shiny Volcanion Promo Code worth in exp or pokedollars
  23. So, I've been wondering. Firstly, are the starters postgame, meaning you have to beat EVERY gym to catch an extra? Also, how do you get Vortex Balls and what do they do? By the way, I might be giving out a free starter to 1 lucky person who follows me first! Stay tuned for more...
  24. Will previous events, ex. Kyurem Black or Previous Deoxys Plates, ever come back in the future as events? Or will they stay obtainable only by Mystery Box's? Is it worth hording the pokemon for these events...
  25. how rare is a shiny spiky ear pichu? I don't know why but i feel like a dumb question to be honest
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