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Found 843 results

  1. megawatt

    Answered Copyrights

    Pokemon-Vortex gives us permission to make the videos and monetize them on youtube channel ?
  2. how can I delete one of my post?
  3. HelpMeBeTheBest

    Answered item Question

    will pokemon be able to hold random items in the future?
  4. Jacky_Frost

    Answered Account retrival

    Can anyone tell how to find old account, I cannot remember my username
  5. zorofan43

    Answered Rotom form name wrong

    So during the quiz on the discord channel, one of the Rotom forms came up as one of the questions. I put in Rotom Mow, but I got it wrong as it was Rotom Cut, which I found strange. I double checked serebii, and it is Mow and not Cut, but when I checked the Pokedex here on PV it has it as Cut. Is this possibly an error in development that has never been fixed and would it be possible to change it to the correct name? As all the other Rotom forms have their correct names.
  6. killer1224

    Answered mega stone

    can some one please tell me all the Pokemon in the game that can mega with mega stone like Rayquaza
  7. Amaira

    Answered Best way to train?

    What's the best and fastest way to level up your pokemon? To gain High Exp and levels?
  8. does anyone know where to catch starly on here or have a Pikachu and Lucario
  9. is the a crystal onix in game?
  10. zorofan43

    Answered PV Mobile timeline?

    Hey, is there any updates of PV Mobile? Like how far in development is it or is there any idea when it will be released? I'm really looking forward to using the mobile exclusive map again.
  11. SpiderCarnage92

    Answered Best way to make some pokedollar

    Hello All, Although i've been playing the game on and of ffor a while, i am still struggling to make some serious pokedollar!! Any advice for a trainer to make some $$$ so i can buy the megastones and items i need? (eg beast balls)
  12. what time do you have have to evolve rockruff so that you get lycanroc (dusk)
  13. HelpMeBeTheBest

    Answered how do i get Mewtwo (Evolution)

    how do i get Mewtwo (Evolution)? as i am to young for Discord
  14. CheezyGirl

    Answered beast balls and ultra beasts

    Can an ultra beast break out of a beast ball or will it always capture it?
  15. jsantana

    Answered chill drives

    How chills drivers are used in a genesect ?
  16. orhankiris

    Answered Banned ı am So ssory Realy!!

    ı am turkısh player . ı played than pokemon v1. ı used bot and banned but ı understand wrong:( ı m so ragret. very important to me. the only game in my life.. pls.open my account orhankiris

    Answered What is a Premium Account?

    I really need an answer
  18. portugasblaze

    Answered masterball failed

    i used a masterball on a necrozma and it failed.
  19. LunaticFringe777

    Answered Rare pokemon

    Why it has become so rare to find certain pokemons that were more common before, for example: charmander, squirtle, bulbasaur, turtwig, etc
  20. khyeborg

    Answered double experience

    Hi, is it just me or are there double exp today???
  21. pollencomvet

    Answered Seasonel leaderboard

    hey i have a question about the seasonel leaderboard i have in this season got 15k-18k points but im not in the top 100 in seasonel leaderboard so if its not the points it goes for what is it then?
  22. dark_falcon

    Answered EXP BOOST

    How does exp boost works? For how much time does it doubles experience in a day?
  23. VEER1234

    Answered Mystery box prizes

    As of November 1st 2019, the Pokémon pool of Mystery Boxes will no longer be exclusively one Pokémon. Instead, every past event Pokémon will be included and as events are rolled out and end, that Pokémon will join the Mystery Box Pokémon I have a question that will unrealeased mystery box Pokemon like Arceus fighting, arceus rock be received by using mystery box Or only the Pokemon released for the mystery box till 1st November 2019 be received
  24. waybig

    Answered Yellow Box on profile

    : Hey guys, There are some profiles who added a yellow box around their text. EX : Current world no.1 csaipraneeth How do you do that?
  25. killer123456789_12

    Answered game question

    I have will this game ever be on play store or app store.