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  1. hi so I have a mega shiny snorlax and and metallic snorlax, is there any way to remove the mega evolution stone from my shiny snorlax and apply it to my metallic snorlax?.
  2. When I caught my first legendary Shaymin, It took me from 100-200 common encounters. Also, the more pokemon you catch, the higher the chance of encountering one?
  3. Why IN THE WORLD... Am i banned from Discord?? I have had a few strikes for swearing, allthough i did NOT swear at ANYONE. All i ever did was saying (**** YES) As in happiness, or stuff like that. The ban reason is that i said ( OMG this sht is RIGGED.. 140 Mboxes and only 1 top ) How is that ban reason? False ban much? Staff abuse much? What is going on. I donated over 1000 USD to this game. Unban asap???
  4. can you help me i already completed all the gyms except galar but i cant find the ribbon please help
  5. does beast ball catch ultra beasts catch with 100% accuracy?
  6. what happens when i fuse both buyed from auctions and not me not the original trainer so when i fuse solgaleo and necrozma both which i am not original trainer and when i fuse them do i become original trainer/?
  7. hello my sibbling made me leave my clan because i let him play the game and the current leader wont know i want to goin again because he hasent played since i made his account for him i was wondering if you could put me in the clan again it is starclan
  8. No seriously, I can’t find it.. I can find route ten, and the granite gate, BuT wHeRe Is RoUtE 11. Every time I leave granite gate, I find route 5 or smthn pls.. send help.
  9. what is your best team to smash the sidequests I would love to know please and thank you and God bless
  10. Hi my old account was MegaGiga and i forgot the email Hopefully a mod can tell me
  11. So im a new player and i beat all the gyms in johoto now they told me i will find legendary pokemons in that region but how do i know which region they are in (The gyms).
  12. hi i have some questions about seasonal top trainer 1.what do we need to do to get in that list? 2. what is the fastest way to get in the list? 3 and lastly can we get zapdos articuno and moltres galarian if we are in top 100? #desperateforgalarianbirds THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  13. I was wondering how I would we see Happiness after a pokemon is at its final stage? Is it even possible?
  14. Is it posible to my greninja to convert into ash greninja? And if yes how?
  15. So Pokémon vortex v6 be like something similar to Pokémon Amie? Quests? Name changes? Kalos sprites? More avatars?
  16. So i see the cave i belive is the fungal cavern on the side of red-rust,but i do not know how to get to it!Please help!I am looking for and please help!!
  17. i really wanted to know can i catch ultra beasts when i am in galar sidequests?
  18. NakaH

    Answered App

    Hey guys, so, on v4 there was a app in dev, but now on v5 there isnt, it was cancelled?? Or it was already released?
  19. I am in route 1 looking for a Type-null and a arceus and it is day time and i have been looking for Type-null for 2 hours and i cant find it, so i battled a Pokemon and it said its origin was Kanto and Type-null is found in Alola but it also says it can be found in route one. if any of that makes sense please tell me if it matters what part of route one i am in.
  20. Which Pokémons can be encountered in Nightshade's crypt Nowadays?
  21. I was wondering how you get a Fioette (eternal), I recently got one from a friend for free and i have no idea what its worth or how it is obtained.
  22. Please tell me from which route to get t everbloom aka milos gym i am soo tired i got at least 30 shiny pokemon and 20 rare high level pokemon please help oh arceus please help!!or else i will get very unhappy pls help!
  23. While searching thru the Scorched Sanctum I found a Rolycoly with a green plus next to the PokéBall that shows I already caught one. What does this plus mean? Was it one with Pokérus or something?
  24. Can i still encounter in the nightshade chapel or no?
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