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Found 586 results

  1. Answered How get admin badge ?

    Titlle^^ So far from global messanger get this : Skyfighter507 1:02pmHi! harshal1234 1:12pmAt v3 it was there admin fighting Skyfighter507 1:18pmHi! spiderman0464 1:18pmHi! but i need to get badge to catch legendary Welcome to the Pokemon Vortex General Chat MEMEBOI97 1:19pmDO U NOW DE WAE Skyfighter507 1:19pmNo memes please. spiderman0464 1:19pmthere is no wae sibigraphy 1:19pmok MEMEBOI97 1:19pmok XD Skyfighter507 1:19pmxD Skyfighter507 1:20pmBoooo!!! how get admin pokemon fight badge ? spiderman0464 1:20pmSTEAMED HAMS Skyfighter507 1:20pm MEMEBOI97 1:20pm Skyfighter507 1:20pmDon't know sorry. Skyfighter507 1:20pmLol Skyfighter507 1:20pmThat Message adove you're message MEMEBOI97 1:21pmi dont know ever sry Skyfighter507 1:22pmLol i know , obviously , you need to fight admins but there i can find them in V4 ?
  2. Answered Caught Pokemon not showing up?

    Every time I catch a Pokemon, it does not show up in "My Pokemon". I have lost a Shadow Absol this way, and want it back. I have logged out and reentered, but am still not seeing the Pokemon. Only my starter shows up. What happened?
  3. Answered Attack category

    In the purchasable attacks there are a column Category that shows two different kind of images. I guess are physical and non-physical, but what work has to do that in v4? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Answered Answer me this!!

    How can evolve my cubone to marowak alolan??
  5. When my pokemon evolves or levels up it does not change attacks no off my pokemon does that?
  6. Answered So am i in the wrong here?

    I put up a DP pokemon and like 8 Rotom dp's for a metalic heart that just went up for auction on valentines day. The guy accepted and now hes changed his mind begging for it back? he accepted in the end, is it my fault and should i ? in the end i offered him over 30mil worth of pokemon for it. I never even spoke to him, it was a direct offer via trade

    every thing we need to know about a pokemon, the pokedex is there. from its experience to its gender ratio and happiness too, but does anyone knows what the "edition's" are about. and why everyone of them (almost) has written 1st edition on them.
  8. Answered Forgot username

    So I have my email for the account I used to play on but I forgot my username. Is there anyway I can get the username for the account I used to play on?
  9. Answered magnetic fields

    will the magnetic field be listed in the side quest when we get to one or will we just have to keep guessing? Some say it is the number of battles and others say it when you get to a mountain in the side quest. I for one would like a clear answer to this. it would be nice if a list was posted so ever one could see it.
  10. I recently found that Salandit can only evolve if is female (in the pokedex doesn't say anything of that ) my question is if there is another case like this for the new pokes
  11. Answered Hey

    I was wondering if its ok if me and my brother play from the same account at the same time.I have a cpu with 2 monitors and on one i play sidequests and one one he is searching for pokemons,is it ok?
  12. Answered Admins

    Where are admins located in v4
  13. Answered how to

    how do you start a Auction
  14. Answered Where is the discord chat?

    This appears when i click the discord link at the top. Please help me I am new at discord
  15. Answered sidequest's prizes

    every one is curious and so am i, now that sidequests been updated and completed upto 100%, what prizes do we get now?
  16. hi, i told my brother about the site and he joined we found out only one of us can do the daily login a day (i get that for cheating reasons) is there a way for us both to get it? or should we just take turns to claim it
  17. Answered Avatars ???

    Hi guyz & Admins... Are there Avatars from the 7 Gen (such as Rowlet Avatar or Alolan Golem Avatar) available ?... cuz I didn't see any of them If there aren't available now... Are they will be available someday ??

    Hi, i wanted to know that , besides , are there other pokemon's that require magnetic field to evolve?
  19. Answered Clans "skill branch"

    What is the use of "skill branch" in clans? Eg:Fire,water etc
  21. Answered Exp

    How can I get good amounts of exp like for example which trainers should I use I have some because I have a exp shop and if anyone want to pm ig IGN-PokeMasterBarry
  22. Answered Training rock type pokes?

    Hey can anyone tell me how to level up quickly rock type pokemons
  23. Answered Forums

    How can I create a forum
  24. Answered pokemon images on forums

    I see how to post normal images like this but how do i insert something like a Dark Hoopa (Unbound)?
  25. Answered about the ice stone

    It is unbelevilable that a sandshrew alolan wants a ice stone to evolve but there is no ice stone in item inventory