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Found 699 results

  1. Life1421

    Answered Where Is Ash-Greninja?

    So, using my smart detective skills, i looked at the kalos pokedex on the wiki and found out that there was a Ash Greninja in the pokedex. However in the in-game pokedex it does not show. In addition, I can not evolve my Greninja into Ash Greninja. I think it will be an event but i'm not sure.
  2. Tritre

    Answered Messages

    Hello guys, why are we allowed to send only one message in a minute here, in forums? Does this damage this game in any way?
  3. Captainboom

    Answered How to even out experience?

    Ive seen pokemon with exact amounts of exp. How do I achieve this?
  4. I just started and picked picked pichu...but in the maps i couldnt find charmander, squirtle or even bulbasour, idk how this works, some1 explain me plz or tell me how this works...i though bit was like other games like pokemons crater or similars

    Answered Why was I banned

    Don’t know why I was banned. I did log in from another computer for about 3 seconds as soon as my character started walking on its own I immediately logged out. I think the bot took 3 steps and caught 0 Pokemon. I had invested so much in that account. This is unfair... took so much time building that acc.
  6. tigerpoop

    Answered Banned?

    So I can see I’m not the only one who had this happen, but I was banned and I don’t know why. I was just moving my arrows trying to find some Pokémon and it seemed like the internet died. I got logged out and tried to log back in, receiving the message that my account was banned. Can someone see why? When it happened I did glitch and go through a wall, making my character disappear, but I doubt that would cause my account to be banned
  7. I have already finished all the battles and collected all badges but I have not found any legendary pokemon yet. I couldn't find any reasons why this is happen. Please help me

    Answered pokemon

    can i find a tirtouga or its evolved form in regular wild battles?
  9. abserdeniola

    Answered What to do with POKEDOLLARS

    Please help me i dunno what to do with pokedollars..
  10. regijohn78

    Answered time

    just wondering what time daytime pokemon can be caught and same with night cheers
  11. Tritre

    Answered Status update

    Hello. How do we post a status update in our profile in forums?I don't see any option in here. Please post the screenshots too (if possible).
  12. regijohn78

    Answered Pokemon location

    Im guessing there is a list somewhere but noob me cant find it is there anywhere i can find a list of what pokemon are located where cheers
  13. diego28xxx

    Answered I was banned

    I can not access my account and and this appears to me "Your account has been banned by Pokémon Vortex." I do not use any type of hack, my account is totally legal, please solve it soon.
  14. Being called scammer by 12y/o after I sniped the auction twice. Ideally I just block/ignore and move on but I don't like false acquisitions and I don't want ppl to think I scam them. What do u suggest I do? Can't even reason with the kid bc I got blocked
  15. Sara_V2

    Answered Remove exp

    Hello... I would like to know if there is a possibility that a staff can remove exp from a pokemon ??? If so. They can remove 10K of exp from this pokemon: ID: #0020267755 I would like to have an exact number of exp but go up to 2M will take me a long time Thanks
  16. Darshil_Irex

    Answered ranks

    how do u get ranks in forums? plz help im new to forums
  17. So today i was planning to buy a bluetooth keyboard for my android phone so i can move easier through the map pressing "wasd" when hunting because i've got huge hands and those touch arrows keys give me a hard time. but i was in doubt if its illegal or not? and if it would work? So i just wanna ask if someone tried this already?
  18. I'm feeling quite nostalgic and I would like to visit v3 as a fun trip down memory lane. Of course I don't want to replay it, I just wanna see what I (and maybe others) did back then, like an archive of sorts.
  19. Is there a way to trade Money for Pokemon thats not putting them for auction? Like for example: Somebody will give a Garchomp for $30k Is that possible?
  20. sas

    Answered Fast Bid

    "You are bidding too fast, please wait a while between bids." Not able to bid sometimes. I am getting this error. How to fix it?
  21. I got no clue how people made there own trade forums. Do you have to reach a certain point or?
  22. Shiny-davidje

    Answered Clan

    I make a clan but I don’t know how I can see that players ask me to join my clan
  23. usuallyze

    Answered Evolve Cubone

    Hey guys, can any1 please tell me how i can evolve my shiny cubone into shiny marowak (alolan)? i click in Evolve button but only appears Marowak not the Alolan form, who can help me please?
  24. Life1421

    Answered What Can You Get From Eggs?

    Sometimes you might get rare pokes but which ones?
  25. mayank rohilla

    Answered egg event

    so now the eggs will be available from wild battles?