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Found 1,146 results

  1. how do i know if a have an alolan ribbon and do i need it to catch a type-null
  2. Hi I forgot my password and have no emails attached to the game. I've been playing this game since 2016 and want to return. My ign is Beelzebub1 and last logged in date was July 14, 2019. Please help!!
  3. According to this https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Sidequests, you can win 2-3x sweet? but I only won 1 ribbon sweet the first time I finished the Galar sidequest.
  4. Im bidding on a Floette Eternal code, if i redeemed it, would it be my OT(PokemonZayden)?
  5. I wanted to know anything to do since I am getting really bored Should I train pokemon? Or should I do sidequests? Or should I search for pokemon Pls tell me what to do I cant make up my mind
  6. Yesterday I was playing and training some pokemons when I was automatically logged out, as it was late at night I decided to go to sleep. Today when I try to enter the game, I get the message below: Your account has been banned by Pokémon Vortex. Could someone explain to me why I was banned? User: nehka
  7. hi i am new to PV but i know about Pokemon i took grookey as starter Pokemon isn't that the rambollin has gigantamax form but its not showing in the dex or gigantamax is not yet introduced guys??
  8. hi i just want to know how to get the tart apple
  9. Hello, Does anyone know the locations on the sidequests to evolve spewpa to different forms of vivilion ? Thanks in advance
  10. jeffV

    Answered Zamazenta

    where can i find a Zamazentain pokemon vortex
  11. Is there a Pokémon list for the live map because I'm looking for murkcrow/murkrow cant spell
  12. so I'm a returning player with a new account like 2 days ago how do I access the legacy maps - James
  13. Hey! I had a question about necrozma ultra? What pokemon do you need for it to evolve into the ultra necrozma? And also if I have 3 necrozmas and 3 cosmogs am I able to get all three? Ultra, dusk, and mane? Thanks.
  14. jeffV

    Answered meowth

    where can i find a meowthnot from the alolan region sorry to ask so many questions about where to find pokemon
  15. How do I get some items to evolve my Galarian pokemons? (yes all the pokemons i am going to list are all in the galarian form it's just that i'm too lazy to type out 'galarian' again and again) yamask -----------------------> runerigus (dusty bowl [galar sidequests] ) slowpoke -----------------------> slowbro (galarica cuff [???] ) darumaka -----------------------> darmanitan (ice stone [alola sidequests] ) so far, i think i have listed all the galarian pokemons that require and object to evolve, and please help me with the '???' in the list above. thanks!
  16. jeffV

    Answered type null

    where can you find a type null on the live maps now
  17. I don't know what this means but because of it i lost today's quiz (Yesterday it was working fine) "Your message could not be delivered because you don't share a server with the recipient or you disabled direct messages on your shared server, recipient is only accepting direct messages from friends, or you were blocked by the recipient." Please tell me what to do?
  18. how do i change my in game name?
  19. jeffV

    Answered events

    how can you know when they are going on
  20. Can any one tell how can I evolve my cosmoem into lunala
  21. The app says that I do not have the permission to send messages
  22. I'd love to shiny hunt dratini/dragonair but i don't know their locations (same with the special dratinis)! Does anyone know their locations??
  23. hey i had a question are rotoms premium pokemon and if they are how much is their priz
  24. I want to ask about where you can find torchic and at what time of day? Edit: I cant use legacy maps
  25. giinerou

    Answered ??

    Sorry,I have a questions,will there be an options on the new map to disable people?
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