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Found 644 results

  1. Mangi

    Answered how does bidding work

    If you bid and it ends are you supposed to receive back the money you bid?
  2. xopox9000

    Answered my golbat wont evolve

    my golbat wont evolve to crobat his happiness is stuck in 1 heart and is lvl 92 someonee can help me?
  3. nishrock

    Answered Seasons

    I just wanted to ask what these seasonal rankings are? How can you get a seasonal ranking? Please reply NIshrock
  4. diego28xxx

    Answered Recover my accounts

    Hello Administrator, I want to recover my 2 accounts please. You banned my 2 accounts without knowing the exact reason. I have not used some kind of botting, that my cousin did with an account that gave him a long time ago. I'm already more than a month without being able to play I dont want my time spend on pokemon vortex to get wasted as. Please solve this problem, I am in the top 80 of my country and I do not want to lose everything. These are years that I have played and I have invested my time. Answer my comments as soon as possible, please. ID: diego28xx and diego28xxx
  5. It IS allowed to claim the ticket to access the event. However, the question me and others have is the following: Is it allowed to fight Az in multiple accounts for the rewards? Or would that be considered cheating? If it is allowed, what would be the "acceptable limit" of fights?
  6. 19mcoffman

    Answered I have a big issue.

    I let a friend use my account to find the new pokemon and he used some type of hack and got me banned. Is there anyway I can reverse the ban? Can I talk to an admin or the owner in a dm?
  7. Deltascourge

    Answered Account banned?

    What's up my dudes, just trying to play the game here, only to discover my account has been banned. Did something go wrong? I certainly don't remember breaking any rules Edit: All I can think of is possibly fighting against training accounts for money, as that felt kinda cheesy, but those were posted by Patrick himself so I figured they'd alright. Was that the reason?
  8. who to bid in pokebay in pokemon vortex i don.t know where to bid in pokemon bay
  9. 19mcoffman

    Answered Level 5 Pokemon..

    I have a level 5 Shiny Grimer. I got it through a Pokebay auction I'm pretty sure. Are level 5 Pokemon even possible? Is this a bug? Please let me know!
  10. Hi there, Tried to nickname my "Shiny Cryogonal" to just "Cryogonal" but it got declined. The guidelines are a little unclear so just curious for the reason - thought it was a pretty harmless nickname but I'm assuming its got something to do with maybe fraud like naming a normal pokemon a shiny one? "Nickname Rules You cannot use offensive/profane words Nicknames must be alphanumeric Nicknames must be between 3 and 31 characters long"
  11. SoaringRedstone

    Answered MLPF relations?

    Is this at all related to MLPF? A lot of things there are similar to how they are here.
  12. humberto101

    Answered Please, help me!!

    Hello, I've returning after almost 6 months, but I can't remember my password. I've tried many passwords I use to use for different things, but none of them is correct. I want to recover my account by changing the password, but I also don't know which email is it linked to, since I created the account some years ago. Is there a way I can get the email it is linked to, so I can go there and change my password? The account I want to recover is humberto101.
  13. gskr_2008

    Answered Account suspended from game??

    hello there. i saw my account was banned when i tried to log into the game. i invested lot of time into it. can i know what happened. only thing i missed was i played day before in college computer and forgot to clear cookies and left. waiting for a favourable reply from you. thanks Account name: gskr_2008
  14. abramkhan

    Answered Mr. Patrick. Please help me!

    Hello, sir, pokemon vortex administrator, I am an old user. I would like to recover an old account of 2015 your ID or IGN is: haloreis, but I do not remember the email. I would like to know the email to play again because I do not remember my password. @Patrick
  15. mazking

    Answered trading

    hi i am trading with 1 person that person is giving 40 million experience but the experience made on his pokemons is of another trainer so i have check the name of that trainer who maid experience but account of some trainers are not showing if the trainers are banned then why he is having the experience till now so the experience on his pokemons made by the trainers which got banned is good to take or not or after accepting experience from him i will get that experience or not thanks in advance
  16. GAMERBOY1234

    Answered catching pokemon

    does anyone have a idea to catch pokemon much quicker thank walking around and changing if you can help me i will be very happy please help.
  17. neg

    Answered Account recovery

    Hello, I've returning after almost 1 year, but I can't remember my password. I've tried many passwords I use to use for different things, but none of them is correct. I want to recover my account by changing the password, but I also don't know which email is it linked to, since I created the account some years ago. Is there a way I can get the email it is linked to, so I can go there and change my password? The account I want to recover is edgerankv2
  18. luckysrt123

    Answered Got Banned

    I got banned dont know the exact reason. If you think that any cheating is happened from my side then ignore same and activate my account. I dont want my time spend on pokemon vortex to get wasted as already my two accounts were dissappread from you while your site conversion from v 2.0 to v 3.0. That time i complaint regarding same but ignored by administrators. You dont even have courage to reply on my feedbacks that time. Then I made this account and now I dont want to loose my account again.
  19. Draconic_Dragon12

    Answered Location guide access is denied

    Thanks i got answered now i need to find out how to get it to say "answered "
  20. brolynick

    Answered Missing badges

    Hi, I've been going through all of the gyms and battle frontiers/maisons so that I can catch Legendaries but after finishing everything it's still locked. Is it possible for anyone here to find out if I've missed any of them? My IG name is brolynick. Many thanks
  21. nebucadnezar

    Answered Event

    How can i find pokemon vortex discord quiz for get cosmog?
  22. Officialdarku

    Answered Unfortunate Ban Hammer.

    My account --> OfficialDarku (Is old and Legit) Up until about 30 minutes ago i found you could stop yourself walking past good Pokemon! But... With that idea comes the hammer. Just thought I'd point out I was using a 3rd party to stop me walking past Pokemon BUT, I did NOT use it to catch things for me, battle for me, find legendary or specific Pokemon by name. I DID use it to stop myself walking past Variant Pokemon which I didn't know was bannable Honestly tried my best not to step on the guidelines of cheating, I just didn't want to keep walking past the damn things :L Guessing there is no way to be unbanned? I imagine you have footage of my last ten minutes? You can clearly see I'm doing everything myself, catching and fighting etc (bar walking past good pokemon, it was like a stopper.) If not, that is unfortunate, I've spent alot of hours and well... years on this account. I literally play/played it between Queue times when I stream! VOD (if interested) -> https://www.twitch.tv/videos/306940197 Was doing a 24/hr stream for Charity on Paladins and played Vortex between Q's (Completely legit btw in between Q's, you can tell i really care for the game) I don't fancy restarting everything, I've spent years on that account and accumulated loads of Poke's. If you'd let me have it back with the acception of never using a stopper again, Thank you! Honestly wanted to make some video's on Vortex, get it more known etc. If not... I honestly don't have time to re-do everything so that would be me done :L Apologies for using a stopper, have a nice Day/Night, Hope to hear back from you either way!
  23. Tritre

    Answered Moderator in Discord

    Hello, I have recently joined the discord (and I love it). But, my question is, how can we become the moderators there. I can't see any sort of Q&A there.
  24. xPoke

    Answered Discord Security

    Why is the security for the discord so high? I physically cannot talk in the server because of the fact that I don't have cell signal where I live I don't have a cell phone because of the reason stated above It is sad because I was really excited to be a part of the discord community. I mean I know y'all gotta worry about spammers being such a big community and all but still.
  25. Tritre

    Answered Thread closed

    Hello, who is having the authority of closing the topics and how does one get that power. I am asking cause two of my questions have been closed without any answer.