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Found 438 results

  1. Considering there are less than 200 regular Missingno in the game, how rare can it be considered and what fair, acceptable offer will you make for one? For a set?
  2. Answered What does OT mean?

    I tried searching it in the search bar nothing came up...So I’m just asking what does it mean exactly?
  3. Answered Eevee Happiness

    Hello My has got 1379,024 experience, but it's happiness is still 2 hearts.Should i have to win more game with it to get the 3rd heart or is there any problem in this ? Please Help, My IGN - MrColon
  4. Answered Legendary Pokemon

    Guys I've Collected all the badges, won Battle Frontier and Battle Mansion and also Completed all the Events. It still says - You have not yet collected enough badges to encounter legendary Pokemon on the maps. Please Help. My IGN - MrColon
  5. Answered Clans

    Hello Everyone, I am new here and i am looking for a good clan. Thank you
  6. Answered v4

    Patrick i want to ask that same thing going to happen with v3 all the pokemon we catch in v3 are going to restart and we have to restart with new ign for v4?
  7. Answered about events

    how can i take a part in events, and how can i get ticket foe event .....?
  8. I didn't know where to post this but I am kind of upset. I just finished all the gyms and battle frontiers to catch legendary pokemon and the first I run into was a shiny genesect (my favorite). I caught it and immediately went to switch it into my team and it was not there. Is this a bug? I know for certain that it said "this pokemon was caught." Is there anything I can do...? Would posting a photo of my encounter with it help because I did take one to show my friend due to excitement... Is it because I didnt press "continue..." after it said it was caught because if so... that's pretty horrible.
  9. Answered dratini

    are the dratini forms totally lost as an idea or may they come back someday?
  10. I'm considering evolving my Rayquaza but I wanted to know if Mega Rayquaza automatically gets V-Create or not? The pokedex doesn't show it but almost every Rayquaza mega on trade has a v-create. Any thoughts?
  11. Answered Ditto?

    Ok I have never ever used a Ditto, then his moves just says transform. Is that really what it's suppose to do change into another pokemon? Because, I thought my account was being glitched atm...
  12. Answered Which pokes goes against pokes best?

    Like fire on water vice versa...Or is there just a certain type that is good against all? Just because sidequests are becoming challenging...
  13. I want to know the value of my shadow that is why i asked all of you to answer me the offers on it. Thx for answering
  14. Answered How do you get arceus unknown

    How can you get Arceus unknown??????
  15. Answered You guys like no botting better?

    I'm just curious because, botting made everything easier to me in v2. No one would get banned from trading etc. Someone trains a pokemon and trades it for like unique/leggies and not have that compare to the exp the person that give the exp away gets banned here...Something about a 3rd party source..? I'm not sure what that exactly means? I'm just confused to why this even is a thing about getting banned...I like the game but I'm not how much longer my fingers can click...11mil took me quite a while.....And if that's the case "The top pokemon" how do you guys know that they aren't botting? I mean who even has the time and day to click all the way up to 205,749,000mil. That's outrageous... Then the person that has second place FinalBossDany has 126,586,671mil and he/she created it's account May 11th, of 2017. And it's now September 25, of 2017 and that is four months. There is no way...In my opinion. But I don't don't know where I was going with this other then why did the Admins make botting not allowed..?
  16. Answered Is having a partner allowed?

    Just curious if all a sudden a account boosted crazy if it would get banned...? Say the two or three or however many trains on different accounts but stashes everything on one would it get banned for that happening..? I'm just asking because, when the game came out I was in the top 100 trainers. But I played to darn much and bored my self and gave my account away...Now I want to play again...But don't want to restart fully....
  17. Answered Shadow pokemon

    When were they added to the game and when will they be immune to status effects?
  18. Answered Question......

    So I use to have a account before I gave it away...But I'm restarting and curious why aren't ANY pokemon coming up on the map..? It'll tell me when no pokemon appear etc...But then I think once I'm on a pokemon it's just blank.......Any one know why..? Tried logging out logging back in etc. Nothing is working...
  19. Answered Some Help

    First of all, i'm a brazilian player, so sorry about the inglish mistakes, so i had a account in pokemon vortex, and i never tried to change my password and last week when i tried to log, appeared that my password had been changed, but was not me, and i tried to recover it by email but the message is never sent, can someone help me?
  20. Answered HOOPA (2)

    actually I think @sportsandmusic69 you didn't understood what I am trying to say about,even Ik we can get through donations but my question is how can we get just will it be added in donations or in v4 or something else?
  21. Answered Hoopa

    HEY there, I had a doubt that we can have hoopa (unbound) in donations but we don't have Hoopa is it added in v4 or something else?
  22. Answered Top Pokemon List

    Hi guys, Can top pokemons with banned trainers be removed from the top pokemon list? Seems quite unfair to other legit players, dont you think? (because legit players will need more exp to get into the top trainer pokemon list)
  23. Answered Hearts

    How many battles to get 3 hearts? how do you know how many battles the pokemon did?
  24. Answered EXP RATES

    Hi ! I would like to ask how much is the rates ( in terms of exp ) for Shiny, Mystic, Dark, Shadow and Normal Legends? Thank you!