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Found 252 results

  1. Pokémon Vortex involves a lot of clicking- but for some, that clicking gets tiresome after a while. Why not press number keys to select which Pokémon to send in to battle, or which move to use? And for the few mobile players out there who happen to own Bluetooth keyboards that connect to mobile devices, the 300ms tap delay that @VITOL had mentioned a while back wouldn't be a problem anymore, besides making it easier for them to play. Kind of a pointless idea, but it only seems that way at first glance.
  2. I was thinking about what I miss, any changes I want or any ideas about how to make the game a bit more interesting. One things that keeps coming to my mind is . These sprites were so cool looking, and even if they return with different statuses, I think a lot of other players agree it would be really fun to have them back. One idea I have as well is that they could be rarer than any other form... Maybe like 10x or 100x the rarity of shiny/dark/metallic/mystic/shadow? This would add a new element into vortex and I know people would love it too Feel free to provide feedback/support. Edit: I guess comments are disabled on this poll for some reason, its too bad since its better to hear feedback... One person (Other) did recommend a newer form (Crystal/Prism) instead of returning Ancient.
  3. We all want to complete our set of starters. So instead of choosing a certain starter(e.g charmander) and getting a normal every time there can be a free spin to win and in it will be the different types of same starter. People can choose charmander and do spin to win to get 1 of its type.Majority of type if 2 same then that will be given
  4. As you can see, I'm a music guy. My avatar is Ukulele Pichu, and I've been pushing a Meloetta event. I'd like for there to be a Ukulele Pichu in the game... Why not do an event where there's a group of event trainers from Ranger: Guardian Signs- the evil team: the Pokemon Pinchers! Those who beat the Pokemon Pinchers in the event timeframe get a Pichu (Ukulele). I know this wouldn't happen, but it would be cool if Ukulele Pichu evolved into Pikachu (Rock Star). This part is just for laughs, though... What are your thoughts, people of Vortex?
  5. Vivillon is a demonic Pokemon- it's Pokedex number is 666. Why not acknowledge this with a Halloween Vivillon event this Halloween? Halloween Vivillon should look demonic, with red eyes and horns, and red or orange wings. After all, if other Pokemon have Halloween forms, why not this one, too?
  6. Did you know that the Pokemon Vortex forums will become a big part of the game in the version 4 release? If that got you interested, it may also excite you to know we're accepting forum moderation applications! As a forum moderator you will have a chance to get involved with Patrick, Chris, and the current forum moderating team in their goal to keep the forums a clean and fun environment where players can interact with each other while playing the game! Send your applications to applications@pokemonmountain.com and explain why you want to be a moderator and how active you regularly are on Pokemon Vortex. Additional details in the application are optional. We hope to see your application soon! - The Pokemon Vortex Team
  7. A lot of Pokemon are recycled in trading. You get that new legendary, take a look at it's happiness and other stats, and you find the OT isn't the person you traded with. Wouldn't it be cool if every trainer that ever owned that Pokemon was recorded on that Pokemon? There could be an OT, but also a separate list of trainers that have owned that Pokemon at one point. Also good for if a Pokémon gets stolen and you're not the OT.
  8. Idea 1: An item in shop that guarantee's the next wild pokemon you find is a legend but make it expensive like missingo was. Prerequisit: all gyms champions and frontiers beaten Idea 2: Give False Swipe it's effect it has in the games Idea 3: A map where the pokemon you run into is completely random Idea 4: An Clan Event: Clan Tournament: each clan leader picks 3 players to join in but they must meet certain requirements Idea 5: Event Mega Flygon: people were pretty bummed when they found out there was no mega for him in ORAS, you can even make a art contest to get good pics. Idea 6: Underwater Map Idea 7: Ashes Greninja I'm sorry if any of these have already been said.
  9. This will enhance a lot our vortex experience in mobiles, since that for searching on maps as for battling the tap delay takes much importance https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2013/12/300ms-tap-delay-gone-away
  10. I think that we could have a forever feature style Discord, that could get for example pikachu belle doing missions like in this event, for example catching metallic scatterbug lvl 5 male after the mission is accepted; only one mission could be running at once.
  11. i had an idea for a new type for now lets call it Legendary, My idea is that we add Legendary pokemon to the game that can go beyond level 100 maybe up to level 120 but make the prerequisite and the odds of finding them the same odds as finding Legend pokemon.
  12. Who's That Pokemon (Guide)* *Download of 'Discord' required In order to participate in the Cosmog, Cosmoem, Solgaleo & Lunala Event/Game, log in to Pokemon Vortex, then, click the banner on your Dashboard. Clicking the banner will redirect you to a code, download 'Discord' on your Mobile device, then enter the code. In order to get to the quiz, you must search on the Pokemon Vortex Discord Chat Room for #quiz. Once you get here, type !nextquiz, this enables the Pokemon Vortex Bot to tell you when the next quiz is. When the quiz starts, quickly type the Pokemon you think the picture is featuring, The first person the get it will receive a point, first to 10 will win a Cosmog Promo Code. Keep playing for more chances to win codes, the more you play the faster you will get! -Log in -Click on the Banner on your Dashboard -Enter the code into the discord app -Type !next quiz for the time till the next quiz -enter the answer as quickly as possible to earn 1 point -first to 10 wins Promo code -> ->-> (Daytime) OR (Night time)
  13. Admins please--- Can you put all the generation 7 Pokemons in vortex
  14. I would like to see a place in clans where we can add a background and make our clans unique I own ace of spades [aos] and i would like to make the back ground 4 aces. i would also like to have alert in messaging or on the screen telling us if we get a botted pokemon so we dont get banned for having it i would like to see a few more colors for pokemon vortex v4 other then red blue and black if thats ok i would like to see a place on your profile that tells u how many pokedex you have completed yes i have it in text on my profile but i would like to see it maybe under the money spot i think someone mentioned this but i would like a way to change the pokeball your pokemon was caught in i could see paying 1000$ every time u do it and maybe see some new ribbons where u get a ribbon for making the tt list or top clan or have a pokemon on the top pokemon list please review these and let me know what u think i wouldnt mind a meter for happiness on my pokemon so i know how far i have to go
  15. porymon

    Archive Event idea

    I have no objection against the event pokes which Patrick has created.(They are supa cool) However when an event is first released in the forums i suggest that the event data be given in hints day by day like the super secret event.This will create more hype and more participation. For example the v2 exchange was first told about in the forums and then in game.So people who knew about the event started doing their SQs.This became a disadvantage to people who dont use forums. Please comment below.
  16. Hi Vortexers! Well I wanted to give a Idea. Well the people who have tried @Fábio Bruno's Dark Version of Pokémon Vortex, surely liked it. I did too. It makes it easy to do battles.Also it was a great help while doing sidequests. Because of this version and its facilities, we don't have to move down all the way to click on "battle". Therefore, I think it would be great for mobile users also. I mean, the Dark Version Fabio made was only for Pc and Laptops etc. Hence, why not implement this Dark Version instead of the Existing Version (I mean the white one). It should be made permanent. | | | V
  17. plz put ash greninja thx and also ask connorjossevel as well
  18. How about a triple money event on three days of christmas? (24, 25, 26) It would be great. cause everyone is running out of money and it takes lot of time to make some good money. So i was thinking if @Patrick can add triple money three-days to enjoy the event more. Because everyone would like something special on christmas days
  19. For the gambling thingy, I think you guys (directed at @Patrick and whoever else it may concern) should give a prize if you get pikachu, diglett, and a kyogre in a row. Also, the money given for getting three Blastoises, Charizards, or Venusaurs should be a lot more than 500 pd considering that the chances of getting a match is the same as getting a pikachu or diglett match. Thanks in advance for reading this oh yeah, and merry Christmas
  20. Hello community, I just get an idea when I started to delete my ancient messages. I think we should be able to chose multiple messages with selection box or something and delete them with one click. Because obviously the current one by one deleting system is able to get quite exhausting. Now I don't know that should this feature come to the v3 but if we think that v4 doesn't even have a hypothetical releasing date. It would be kinda good.
  21. idea only. i would like to say. if the pokemon is not from you as a Original Trainer. just change it to your Original Trainer. that's all
  22. Different Language Channels in Discord For those of you who stay on the official Pokemon Vortex Discord Chat , I hope you're enjoying your experience there. However, there have been several members of Pokemon Vortex that cannot talk on the chat room because it is an English only chat room. Due to this problem, I would suggest that the administration team of Vortex re-create a separate languages channel like they did in IRC. There is a separate section here in the forums for non-English speakers, why not the chat room? Thanks for reading, and happy holidays!
  23. To add to the already existing multitude of special trainers under the events section,I feel certain celebrated trainers are missing out on a well deserved appearance in this game My List comprises the following : Red(the first playable protagonist in a pokemon game and known to have captured every single kanto pokemon to complete his dex and travelled to other regions as well-only known protagonist to do this.The Anime nub Ash is based off him,although there is a gulf in class between the two) Steven(the original Hoenn champion,insanely strong and well known for his metagross and other strong pokemon) Alder(the original Unova champion before Iris) Bianca(Hilbert/Hilda's friend in pokemon B/W,assistant to the professor in B2/W2) Colress (from B2/W2-dat scientist) Wally(from Hoenn,iz strong) will update with their pokemon teams,before that I'd like suggestions for the addition/removal of some trainers,thanks
  24. Can we have egg hatching like every 20,000 steps you get a pokemon something like that just think of something that you have to do thats very time consuming and worth it. Plus a daily goal system would be amazing like if you finished it you get to add 1000 exp to any pokemon on your team and last but not least CLAN WARS please JUST ADD CLAN WARS cuz after awhile thegame gets stale until next version so a clan war system would be amazing and it should also include tournaments in it and live online batling it should have rewards too like you get a free if you get first in the world please take consideration
  25. Hi, I am new to Pokemon Vortex, but as a beginning programmer I find it amazing! My idea is that each user has a personal gym. They can choose six of their own pokemon at the gym for other trainers to battle for experience. Maybe they could even battle their own pokemon.
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