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Found 48 results

  1. Art *FREE* Sign Requests

    Hello guys, I am creating this topic in order to create signatures for those who do not have a forum signature. This topic will serve to request signatures for the forum. Remembering that the requests will be made according to the order and following my availability of schedules. Name for Typography (name on sign): Desired image link: Desired background link: Comments:
  2. Art Panini Palace

    Have some art or whatever, I'm gonna probably be posting here often, I'm fairly lazy though so this place is probably gonna look like a dump for a while, oh well. If you want anything drawn you gotta pay up with either Bulbasaurs or Abras, I don't do freebies.
  3. Hello, everyone is a pleasure to participate in the forum, I have made some new friends here and participated more in the fanart session. I would like to export my speed art drawings of pokemon, this time I improved the strokes and I tried a lot more to improve. I hope you like it. I do not intend not to divulge on youtube, I just want to expose my fanart. I'm not a professional, just a pokemon fan.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm a Pokémon and a designer. I'm here to make friends on the forum and present my Pokémon drawings. Please rate me so I can improve. I put my drawings in speed art video format because I can not upload images to the forum. I hope you like it.
  5. Hey There Guys, Halloween is coming this 31st October 2017 i.e. Tuesday I know we are all excited about it and especially about the "Halloween Giveaway" Like once it was previous What you think which Pokemon would be chosen for this time's Halloween? You can type the name and explain why according to you that must be the Halloween Special Pokemon The best way to answer is posting an image made by you! This was you can even show your Art Thank You All !!!! (I know it's a bit or very early but this is just for fun and Yes, I am not saying that if Patrick likes your Art he will choose it as this time's Halloween Pokemon or he can wish)
  6. Art God's Signature Wall

    I use GIMP to make my tags. All credits to U who taught me everything I know. Class lad he is. I make these for fun and practice. If you request one, I may make one for you depending on my mood. Mainly just gonna update with stuff I made that I think looks good. Here is the request form (not all will be accepted but give it a shot) Render (Link one or name of the character) : Text: Subtext: CnC always accepted. Let me know your thoughts on em, eh?
  7. Art Biscuitman's Sprite Thread

    Biscuitman's Sprite Thread Hey guys, welcome to my spriting thread. I used to be very active on Pokemon forums between 2007 and 2010 when spriting was very popular, but it doesn't seem to be such a big thing anymore. Nonetheless I thought I'd share some of my sprites, and I am taking requests! Scratch Sprites These are created entirely from scratch. Pixel-Overs These are made by tracing over a TCG image or other art, then colouring and shading like a sprite. This means they take on the pose of the Pokemon in the original image. Further examples of my work can be found on my DeviantArt page. Requesting I am currently only taking requests for pixel-overs as I get back into spriting, but will be offering scratch sprites in due course. If people are interested I may also offer recolours and fusions too. Let me know if you would be keen for these, and I can mock up some examples. When requesting, please let me know the Pokemon you would like a pixel-over of. Furthermore, if you have a specific image of a Pokemon, for example TCG art, an anime still or even your own drawing, I would be happy to create a pixel-over of that. If you are providing a TCG or anime image for me to use, please ensure that the whole of the Pokemon is visible within the image. If you don't specify an image I will simply choose one that I think looks good. As of August 14th I will only be accepting one request per person. Once I have completed your sprite, you may request another right away. Waiting List Shinx Pixel-Over for Mark Thompson Deoxys (Defense) Pixel-Over for Event_Lords123 Mega Charizard X Pixel-Over for Dhananjay Shitkar Shiny Mega Rayquaza Pixel-Over for hhh123 Arceus (Fire) Pixel-Over for TheLonelySavage Umbreon Pixel-Over for GodsWithin Wartortle Pixel-Over for Uncle_Psychic Completed Requests Munchlax Pixel-Over for GodsWithin Blastoise Pixel-Over for Uncle_Psychic Thank you for your time, and feel free to leave a request! Please note: If you would like to share any of my art or use it elsewhere on the internet, I have no problem with that, but please be sure to give credit. Art theft is against the forum rules, and if I find you using my art without credit I will also no longer take requests from you.
  8. Art How Do You Art?

    How Do You Art? So, while there aren't copious amounts of artistic members on the Vortex forums, I would like to recognize those that are. If you are an artist, whether digital, traditional or both, reply below with some information so we can get to know you. Try to follow the template, please. Some terms to be familiar with - Digital Art- This refers to art done on the computer using an art program such as GIMP, Photoshop or PixlEditor. Examples of these are signatures, avatars, userbars, sprites and any other digital drawing. Traditional Art - This refers to art that is drawn on paper using pencils or other materials. Style (Digital/Traditional/Both): Both, digital and traditional, although I prefer digital more. How long have you been doing this? About a year now for digital and around 10 years for traditional. How did you learn? Our very own Uncle taught me proper digital art while I taught myself traditional drawings. How frequently do you create art? Once a week roughly, I normally upload stuff to my DeviantArt. When was the last time you made a piece? I made two signatures this past week which I will share sometime.
  9. I made all these on 2007 with my Paint <3 Hope you enjoy them
  10. Art The Avatar Shop

    The Avatar Shop I create avatars for you. Please fill out the form and request one. The price is 5 random Unique Non Legends per avatar. Examples: Request Form: Main Character (Render): Border Yes/No: Color Scheme: Specific Details: Job Queue: Prophecy
  11. Art New Pokemons (Fan creations)

    I don't know if there already is a topic about this but i personally like to make some new variations of some pokemons or just a whole new pokemon. If anybody is doing the same he/she can drop it in this topic. If there is already a topic about this i really want to know. So if there is, mention me or comment it here below. Thanks!
  12. Hi Guys , And today Some exciting news for you and me and for me it is that i have learned making banners and for you it's exciting that i am gonna make them and also for .... (open all spoiler down below for last 4 words) Start opening up : So , down to business and im not gonna make those old time texts arts that i maked from a website , this time no jokes , real deal! : So enjoy and post below! NOTE : ALL OF MY WORK , Credit goes to @GodsWithin , because he just made an amazing topic in which i learnt this , so give him dem reps!
  13. Signature Making: Basic Terms Before you learn how to make signatures, it is important to understand some terms that will be frequently used. I will not explain how they are used in this topic, but just their general meaning and sorts. Furthermore, if you voted, "Yes" on the poll, I will tag you in this to let you know I have posted it. @porymon @hhh123 @Mr.Magnificent @baddream @himanshu24092002 @_StarFire_ @CaptainX @Scheryar Saqib @rishivojjala014-2 @Eins @Tomaz95 @togoodforyoe The terms we will look at today: GIMP Renders Backgrounds C4Ds and Fractals GIMP: Everyone knows what Photoshop or PS (Photoshop abbreviated) is. PS isn't free though. Some lovely folks decided to create GIMP for us. GIMP does everything Photoshop does and is free to download! You never pay anything for it! EVER! GIMP is what we are going to use to make our Signatures. I will provide a link below to download it off of. I will make a separate topic regarding downloading and installing GIMP! Link to download GIMP: GIMP Download This download is not illegal and is 100% safe to use. Click on "Download GIMP Directly" and wait for it to install. Renders: We always use renders in signatures, not regular images. Renders are images with a transparent background. You may be thinking...if an image has a white background isn't that a render too? No, it is not. Well how can you tell a render from a regular image? Let's say you google, "Riolu." Click the first image you see. If it has a checkered white and grey background, it is a render. Renders ALWAYS have a checkered white and grey background. This checkered background means that the image will ACTUALLY have a transparent background when used in your Signature. Here are some examples of a render (image with a checkered background and which will be transparent when used) and a regular image (with a white or colored background). Regular Image (It does not have a transparent background and has a white one) Render (It shows that it has a checkered background but when you use it it will have a transparent background) Background: The "Background" of a Signature is its first layer. You can create your own background using tools in GIMP but normally people google, "backgrounds" or "red backgrounds" (depending on what color they need) and save it and use it in their Signature. Example: In this signature below, I started with a purple background. And this is the background I used for it which I found from Google Images: You may not see a lot of your background left at the end of the signature but it's what you start with and build off of. C4Ds and Fractals: These are what make you Signature look cool and have cool effects. All you have to do is google "C4Ds" or "Fractals" along with the color you want them in a save them to your computer. Then you can open them up on GIMP and use them in your Signatures. These are a huge part of Signatures as it adds a new dimension to your work and allows it to have nice looking effects. Below is an example of a Signature, with and without C4Ds and Fractals. I will explain how to use these in my first tutorial. Signature with C4Ds and Fractals: SAME Signature WITHOUT C4Ds and Fractals: As you can see, it just doesn't have the same effects as the Signature with the C4Ds and Fractals! They make a huge difference. Now you have a list of key terms and definitions that you should understand before we start making signatures. As I post the first tutorial, you will understand where each of these things is used and how they are used. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.
  14. Before hosting a Signature of the Month competition, I figured it would be better to help new members who are interested in art learn how to make them. Basically some artists from the community, including me, would teach you how to create signatures, also known as tags, that are pretty cool pieces of art! It would all be made on a free art program called GIMP and surprisingly, though it looks hard, it only takes some basics about layering pictures to create one! A signature is a banner with a background and some cool effects along with a render (the main part of your signature) all meshed together into a final product! Please vote and drop any questions below. Here are some examples of Signatures by community members that you can learn to make yourself: (Uncle_Psychic) (Some by me)
  15. Art Banner(s)-Fever!

    I decided to do some Art for you people.You can Request using the Application Sheet.I will be making only Banners for now.I do charge and would always be looking for Critism or Suggestions.I would love to do better, and so, I would require your ideas. All the Banners will be delivered to you in PM's. The reason being that sometimes people don't want others to copy things from their banners. I would only be making Banners for some charges for now. Request Form: Making A Banner For: Next In Queue:
  16. Art hhh123's TEXT SHOP

    YO people howz it going? Well i just learned some new art i wanna share with you guys! its for free too , you know? Examples : AS FOR THE EXAMPLE ABOVE , I CAN MAKE ANY TYPE OF TEXT YOU WANT TEXT TYPES: SPECIFICATION FORM : Good luck and its free of cost!
  17. Art am make shop

    hi am new and make an shop so i can make some new friends xDD. I have no examples and nothing to display. Just plz fill form out and I'll see if i can do it, if not i will reply to let u know ur request was 2 hard/2 lame ALSO I CAN MAKE YOU AVATARS BUT THESE DO NOT REQUIRE A FORM, JUST ASK FOR WHAT U WANT Form: Example of a completed fusion form: Example of a completed Banner form: Example of a completed Recolour/Reform form: On a more serious note, I am likely to be reasonably incative from 20th of feb onwards. If a request I've accepted is taking over a few days, feel free to message me.
  18. I'm just going to remove this thread now. I'm closing this. You can PM me if you want to see my art on Deviantart.
  19. Art God's Exclusive Art Shop

    I decided to start making art. Request using the application sheet if you want Text, Text with Pokemon or a Banner/Signature. I may charge sometime but not for now. I would love constructive criticism! Just lemme know how to do better <3 I make Banners/Cover Art/Signatures/Text with/without Pokemon/Logos and all sorts of things. Request Forms: Queue: Completed: Examples: Check out my full profile here:
  20. Hello everyone, I made a new Pokémon Artwork about Articuno, it reminds me a lot of the League of Legends Anivia in which I had also done A drawing, with the different than the Articuno is much easier to draw. Simpler strokes. Hope you like it was done recently without sketch and using as main chalk material. Feel free to criticize, compliment, state your opinion or show your fan art The Legendary Pokémon Artwork
  21. Art My Drawings

    Taking inspiration from Blastoision (check his drawings out), I decided to do the 30 days challenge. A Pokemon challenge where you draw the given Pokemon for 30 consecutive days. <------This is the challenge. People can upload their drawings onto here if they want to and cba to make another topic.
  22. Art Pokemon Truck Skinning

    So yeah... Thought i'd try my hand at skinning some vortex inspired designs on some trucks to release in to Euro Truck Simulator 2... Don't worry i'm sure i'll get better as i try some more over time
  23. Hi this is my second fan art video about Pokémon, is a little hard for me do rigth the sketch but i am trying to improve my design please give your note i hope you like, fell free to post your own fan art here for discuss if you want, thanks Pikachu Dreams Fan Art video
  24. Art For Pokemon Vortex

    Hello, here are the links to my portfolio as requested. These are just things I've done in my spare time as things come up. Comment on YT vid for reference: