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Found 38 results

  1. Art

    The Avatar Shop I create avatars for you. Please fill out the form and request one. The price is 5 random Unique Non Legends per avatar. Examples: Request Form: Main Character (Render): Border Yes/No: Color Scheme: Specific Details: Job Queue: Prophecy
  2. Art

    Hello to anyone who may actually be reading this crap. I have been feeling artistic again as of late- I get pretty bipolar about hobbies... Anyway, enough about me. I'm pretty boring. I was just going to say if anyone wants custom trainer sprites/cards, I'm up for sprinting a few. Give me a description, generation, and category (Overworld, trainer, trainer card, etc.). I really don't sprite pokemon- like, if you want a pokemon with your trainer/cosplay or something, sure... But I just really have never understood Pokefusion sprites... Anyway. Yep. Tell me if you would like a sprite. Or don't. I don't care. Have a great day.
  3. Over the many years of Pokémon Vortex has been up and running, the amount of maps made for it have been uncountable, however, most maps that do get made never actually make it into the game. The reasons for this could be a number of any such as the person who tiled it isn't happy with the finished design or it just doesn't seem to fit well with the other maps. This means over time we end up with hundreds of maps that just go to waste. I, myself, have made more maps than I can remember and ended up deleting them because I didn't like where it was going or storing them away for possible later use. The purpose of this topic is to share some of the previous version maps you may or may not remember as well as some of the maps that never quite made the cut or are still undecided. Version 1's Electric map: Version 1's four piece... extra grass map... thing: Version 1's three piece water map: I'll add more soon.
  4. Art

    New Fusion i made Hi i made few sprites hope you like them -Lava: -Xmas: -Techno: -Aura: -Crystal: -Enraged: -Golden: -Midnight: -Helios: -Rainbow: -Shadow: -Soul: -Uranium: -Cursed: -Snow: also some Fusions i made
  5. Hi Guys , And today Some exciting news for you and me and for me it is that i have learned making banners and for you it's exciting that i am gonna make them and also for .... (open all spoiler down below for last 4 words) Start opening up : So , down to business and im not gonna make those old time texts arts that i maked from a website , this time no jokes , real deal! : So enjoy and post below! NOTE : ALL OF MY WORK , Credit goes to @GodsWithin , because he just made an amazing topic in which i learnt this , so give him dem reps!
  6. Signature Making: Basic Terms Before you learn how to make signatures, it is important to understand some terms that will be frequently used. I will not explain how they are used in this topic, but just their general meaning and sorts. Furthermore, if you voted, "Yes" on the poll, I will tag you in this to let you know I have posted it. @porymon @hhh123 @Mr.Magnificent @baddream @himanshu24092002 @_StarFire_ @CaptainX @Scheryar Saqib @rishivojjala014-2 @Eins @Tomaz95 @togoodforyoe The terms we will look at today: GIMP Renders Backgrounds C4Ds and Fractals GIMP: Everyone knows what Photoshop or PS (Photoshop abbreviated) is. PS isn't free though. Some lovely folks decided to create GIMP for us. GIMP does everything Photoshop does and is free to download! You never pay anything for it! EVER! GIMP is what we are going to use to make our Signatures. I will provide a link below to download it off of. I will make a separate topic regarding downloading and installing GIMP! Link to download GIMP: GIMP Download This download is not illegal and is 100% safe to use. Click on "Download GIMP Directly" and wait for it to install. Renders: We always use renders in signatures, not regular images. Renders are images with a transparent background. You may be thinking...if an image has a white background isn't that a render too? No, it is not. Well how can you tell a render from a regular image? Let's say you google, "Riolu." Click the first image you see. If it has a checkered white and grey background, it is a render. Renders ALWAYS have a checkered white and grey background. This checkered background means that the image will ACTUALLY have a transparent background when used in your Signature. Here are some examples of a render (image with a checkered background and which will be transparent when used) and a regular image (with a white or colored background). Regular Image (It does not have a transparent background and has a white one) Render (It shows that it has a checkered background but when you use it it will have a transparent background) Background: The "Background" of a Signature is its first layer. You can create your own background using tools in GIMP but normally people google, "backgrounds" or "red backgrounds" (depending on what color they need) and save it and use it in their Signature. Example: In this signature below, I started with a purple background. And this is the background I used for it which I found from Google Images: You may not see a lot of your background left at the end of the signature but it's what you start with and build off of. C4Ds and Fractals: These are what make you Signature look cool and have cool effects. All you have to do is google "C4Ds" or "Fractals" along with the color you want them in a save them to your computer. Then you can open them up on GIMP and use them in your Signatures. These are a huge part of Signatures as it adds a new dimension to your work and allows it to have nice looking effects. Below is an example of a Signature, with and without C4Ds and Fractals. I will explain how to use these in my first tutorial. Signature with C4Ds and Fractals: SAME Signature WITHOUT C4Ds and Fractals: As you can see, it just doesn't have the same effects as the Signature with the C4Ds and Fractals! They make a huge difference. Now you have a list of key terms and definitions that you should understand before we start making signatures. As I post the first tutorial, you will understand where each of these things is used and how they are used. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.
  7. Art

    I don't know if there already is a topic about this but i personally like to make some new variations of some pokemons or just a whole new pokemon. If anybody is doing the same he/she can drop it in this topic. If there is already a topic about this i really want to know. So if there is, mention me or comment it here below. Thanks!
  8. Art

    I decided to do some Art for you people.You can Request using the Application Sheet.I will be making only Banners for now.I do charge and would always be looking for Critism or Suggestions.I would love to do better, and so, I would require your ideas. All the Banners will be delivered to you in PM's. The reason being that sometimes people don't want others to copy things from their banners. I would only be making Banners for some charges for now. Request Form: Making A Banner For: Next In Queue:
  9. Art

    I remember that very old time in v1.8 of Pokemon Vortex when Patrick declared the contest of creating a self-made fansign of Pokemon Vortex, and the winner will get get 5 Unobtainables of their choice. Funny, it's been 3 years now since I made these fansigns, and while I was looking for something, my brother's work and mine still prevail, untouched. Well, yeah, they aren't that good anymore. But for the enjoyment of everyone, I decided to post it here on the forums instead. So, @Patrick What do you think of our works? Haha ^_^ Btw, the IGN was required within the artwork haha :D And these signs are no longer available in v3 lel ^_^ #1: This is my brother's work, which I forced him to do back then because he was the better artist than I am. He's too good in drawing, But I'm for the lettering, which we managed to learn from our grandpa when we were still children. #2: Happy Easter! Pokemon Vortex! Again, THIS MY WORK BECAUSE I'M WELL GOOD ENOUGH IN LETTERING THAN MY BRO HAHA Background is the Manaphy Egg, which ofcourse you do remember because you made it an event in v2. Gotta defeat the trainer with the Manaphy Egg as his last Pokemon at Level 150. Kinda easy to do for me. Haha! :P #3: Another one of my brother's work which I again forced him to do. (What can I say, he has talent in the making) So, Happy Easter again. Lol. :P #4: Last one, is my work. Well, no one remembers Dean anymore (I guess), But I sure do will remember him as one of the greatest staffs there were in Pokemon Vortex. Patrick, Rob, Dean, Chris. Pokemon Vortex Admins. Booyah! Hope you enjoyed the view of this pic. :) P.S. So far, the main work that I did is missing (I think I got it to the trash because milk spilled on it irdk haha) that should've won but didn't because Patrick pulled out the contest. Which was sad for my part. Huhu. :/ Anyways, to those who viewed this thread, please leave a comment if you'd like. And @Hex A. Decimal I hope you can see this now. I finally found them and kept my promise, once I find them, I'll take a pic of em' and post it right away.
  10. Before hosting a Signature of the Month competition, I figured it would be better to help new members who are interested in art learn how to make them. Basically some artists from the community, including me, would teach you how to create signatures, also known as tags, that are pretty cool pieces of art! It would all be made on a free art program called GIMP and surprisingly, though it looks hard, it only takes some basics about layering pictures to create one! A signature is a banner with a background and some cool effects along with a render (the main part of your signature) all meshed together into a final product! Please vote and drop any questions below. Here are some examples of Signatures by community members that you can learn to make yourself: (Uncle_Psychic) (Some by me)
  11. Art

    meh ,not again Gallery: signatures: sprites: (also can be included as a misc.example) posted in this order:crystal,cursed,golden,inferno,moss,poison,rainbow,shadow,snowy,custom(can be literally anything like my current avatar) form for requesting sigs: render:(no pokemon) text: form for requesting sprites: type:(recolor or fusion)(inferno,snow,golden,christmas,neon,moss etc were the types) glow:yes or no I'll decorate this thread later if I feel less lazy >no art theft
  12. Art

    YO people howz it going? Well i just learned some new art i wanna share with you guys! its for free too , you know? Examples : AS FOR THE EXAMPLE ABOVE , I CAN MAKE ANY TYPE OF TEXT YOU WANT TEXT TYPES: SPECIFICATION FORM : Good luck and its free of cost!
  13. Art

    So yeah... Thought i'd try my hand at skinning some vortex inspired designs on some trucks to release in to Euro Truck Simulator 2... Don't worry i'm sure i'll get better as i try some more over time
  14. Art

    So I go to Butler Tech School of the Arts and I'm a HUGE pokemon fan, (I love this site and I just joined yesterday). But anyway, I was wondering if those of you who appreciate art would take a moment to check out my art page. Add it or give me feed back, any and all would be appreciated. There's also Pokemon art
  15. Art

    hi am new and make an shop so i can make some new friends xDD. I have no examples and nothing to display. Just plz fill form out and I'll see if i can do it, if not i will reply to let u know ur request was 2 hard/2 lame ALSO I CAN MAKE YOU AVATARS BUT THESE DO NOT REQUIRE A FORM, JUST ASK FOR WHAT U WANT Form: Example of a completed fusion form: Example of a completed Banner form: Example of a completed Recolour/Reform form: On a more serious note, I am likely to be reasonably incative from 20th of feb onwards. If a request I've accepted is taking over a few days, feel free to message me.
  16. I'm just going to remove this thread now. I'm closing this. You can PM me if you want to see my art on Deviantart.
  17. Art

    Sprite Center Here, I'll post all the sprites I've made for Vortex. I hope you like them. Feedback and ideas are highly welcomed Made Sprites: Future Works: Gen 7 Pokémon Alola Pokémon
  18. Art

    I decided to start making art. Request using the application sheet if you want Text, Text with Pokemon or a Banner/Signature. I may charge sometime but not for now. I would love constructive criticism! Just lemme know how to do better <3 I make Banners/Cover Art/Signatures/Text with/without Pokemon/Logos and all sorts of things. Request Forms: Queue: Completed: Examples: Check out my full profile here:
  19. Art

    Taking inspiration from Blastoision (check his drawings out), I decided to do the 30 days challenge. A Pokemon challenge where you draw the given Pokemon for 30 consecutive days. <------This is the challenge. People can upload their drawings onto here if they want to and cba to make another topic.
  20. Hello everyone, I made a new Pokémon Artwork about Articuno, it reminds me a lot of the League of Legends Anivia in which I had also done A drawing, with the different than the Articuno is much easier to draw. Simpler strokes. Hope you like it was done recently without sketch and using as main chalk material. Feel free to criticize, compliment, state your opinion or show your fan art The Legendary Pokémon Artwork
  21. Art

    Hello, these are a few drawings I did and to not confuse you all I will put them into two sections. Manga: So these were the drawings I did of Green (Manga), Red (Manga) and Blue (Manga) (Sorry about the blurriness ) 30 Day Pokemon Drawing Challenge Day 1: These two drawings are for the 30 Day Pokemon Drawing Challenge, and this is only day 1. Hopefully you liked them, and if you did then like this and I'll be coming out with more drawings over time!
  22. Hey Guys & Girls! I'm back offering FREE Cover Photo Designs for a Limited Time before i start charging legendarys. So if you want one doing, comment what you are looking for and what name to add. I will post a few examples below of some past ones i have made. More Examples Below! Rules: These are 100% FREE and no payment is needed, although this is just for a few days before i will charge legendarys. I do accept any donations or tips If you have a specific Picture/Photo you want adding please check the resolution to ensure it will fit without loosing to much focus if it needs to be cropped/adjusted. The cover template resolution is [1200px x 300px] (I always appreciate people who say thanks or leave a +1 rep but this isn't mandatory) For those that want to tip, I will keep a couple of Normal Scatterbugs on my trades (IGN JustParky) I will try to get them done as soon as i'm available but please be Patient! Thanks again.
  23. Video Description: Dug up an old recording of me testing out one of my few ideas on Rob's(Co-Owner of Pokemon Vortex) design for the game. I used to be a forum moderator for Pokemon Vortex and can't tell you enough how great the community is.- ENJOY the video! Peace! -TBQ/ReV
  24. Hi this is my second fan art video about Pokémon, is a little hard for me do rigth the sketch but i am trying to improve my design please give your note i hope you like, fell free to post your own fan art here for discuss if you want, thanks Pikachu Dreams Fan Art video
  25. Art

    Hello, here are the links to my portfolio as requested. These are just things I've done in my spare time as things come up. Comment on YT vid for reference: