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  1. Ok so this will never happen but yeah imma say it anyways...you should do somethjng about all the locked away pokemon in accounts of people that don't play anymore...its unfair especially when there us a set amount if how many of each pokemon there is in vortex For example you go in to trades searching for a shiny charmander and THEYRE ALL OWNED BY INACTIVE ACCOUNTS, its infuriating !
  2. As a lot of you know it takes FOREVER to get happiness evolutions. this why I had the idea of a Happiness transfer. Say you have a and its has happiness on it you could buy a thing from the pokemart for 50k pds to transfer one heart from your to a poke that uses happiness to evolve. This could save a lot of time and make it easier to get things like into
  3. Im sure im not the only one thinking this but the current valentines day event is AWFUL. This game is so dull sometimes with the only content being spamming sidequests, i only come to play for events. It would be nice to catch some limited times pokemons but we have to buy them on the auctions???? what a bummber i sat there bidding only to be robbed last second of auction. I finally got a love sweet and then tried for a shiny furur heart dog pokeman which was EXPENSIVE 55MIL( IHAD THE MONEY) i go to bid and get robbed last second again. Now i realize i have to wait an hour. screw this im loggi
  4. It would be great to have a command for clans in vortexbot in discord. for example, !attack <attack name> gives the attack's power, rate , accuracy and type, we can have !clan <clan name> which gives the clan's member count, ranking, points, exp and any other relevant details
  5. This will probably break the game, but its a cool idea nevertheless First three pokemon in ur party Battle as normal, blah blah blahh Here comes the twist- you can only choose the move of ONE of your pokemon, while the others have a randomised choice. If its an online battle, you can choose which pokemon to fight with this is going to be interesting
  6. so i think you add goals for pokemon and money if you finish the goals and you could create your own pokemon but just spitballing some ideas
  7. Regarding male/female sprites, I get that it's a lot of work and most pokémon are similar in both genders, but can you make an exception for the ones that are considerably different? We already have Meowstic, but it would be nifty to have male and female Pyroar, Frillish and Jellicent. Thanks
  8. The purpose of this Idea/Feedback is to come up with an ease of life solution to Lowering Map Pokemon's Health The current system we have is to have Pokemon with weak attacks and low level Pokemon attack map Pokemon in order to lower their health for an easy capture in a Pokeball. The problem with this is that lvl 100 pokemon can do a minimum of 25dmg (from what I have found) and low level Pokemon die much to quickly, are difficult to understand their damage threshold, and in the case you kill the pokemon now the level is increased and has a different damage role. * I p
  9. i had another idea we could add to vortex bot on discord maybe what if we typed !info umbreon and the bot would say something like !poke umbreon and the bot sent a message or a personal dm saying > Umbreon, the Moonlight Pokémon, and an evolved form of Eevee. The rings of Umbreon's body glow faintly when exposed to the moon's aura, and it gains a mysterious power. idk what if we add this? and what if we could add a command like !footprint umbreon and they show us the footprint of umbreon Thanks
  10. Please introduce a feature where we can easily classify our pokemons who are nicknamed, i found it would be interesting if people got more time you know they can progress the game a bit faster. ALSO KINDLY, increase rare spawn rates dude! PEACE, cool game brother.
  11. And so I shared an idea with Pat before, we can soon expect "OT" and "Non-OT" filters when viewing all pokemon. To top it off with another fancy idea, I think there should be a distinguishing mark when viewing the pokedex without clicking on that specific pokemon (because it's takes so much time) that tells us if we're the OT of that pokemon or not. Suggestions coming into mind since v5's release that catching specific pokemon in the maps are a lot way easier now than before. Thanks!
  12. Apologies if this has been suggested before. I think that it would be an excellent idea to have the ability favourite specific Pokémon, simply put a "tick/heart" box on Pokémon to add to a new category called favourites. We don't have any way of filtering Pokémon that we might be looking for, especially when the ability to have thousands in general makes it difficult to sort/filter through. Addition though: more category options within the Pokémon search feature, Legendary's/Ultra beast/Starters/Mega's... these should already be in the game but im sure there are more sp
  13. I have a 144Hz monitor so the game runs at 144 fps for me. I don't need it to run at that level because usually I'm doing something else on the side as I play the game. Introducing different levels of FPS caps (eg. 30, 60, 120, Max) can help ease unnecessary strain on our system's resources. CPU usage when map searching during the current Christmas event (high settings): CPU usage when map searching during the current Christmas event (high settings) with the refresh rate of my monitor changed to 30Hz through the Settings app: Uhhh yes plz an
  14. hello guys i had an idea we could add what if we had a command like !location eevee and the bot will say the location of it?
  15. add ultra sun, ultra moon attacks (including move tutor) and new swsh attacks for each poke. I would love to have a shiftry with heat wave, pangoro with outrage, focus punch and fling and sodowoodo with head smash, but they still don't learn those attacks. They could include US and UM move tutors in some type of existing or future game engine (daily missions, quest, etc.) Edit.12/11/2020 Ps: The current attacks in the pokemon vortex are out of date still in pokemon XY-ORAS.
  16. Would you want these are tobe added or not?? from few I tried to make dratini & his evo. In shadow or halloween. Dratini (Halloween) or Dratini (Shadow) Dratini (Shadow) avatar Dragonair (Halloween) or Dragonair (Shadow) Dragonite (Halloween) Or Dragonite (Shadow)
  17. so today i caught a lvl 7 zubat to train and when i tried to put it into my team i noticed i had a million zubats so i had to scroll down a lot so what if we could search up their id so we can add them in to our team? thanks
  18. As a pokedex collector, I find clicking on the button "more stats" under View/Edit Your Profile tab, you will be able to see a variant breakdown in ratio by percentage, an OT breakdown, level ranges, type breakdown and even a gender breakdown! Now how cool would that be!? Now, as a pokedex collector, the next best thing I'd wanna see is a pokeball breakdown within the "more stats" page whether which pokeball was used to catch a certain pokemon. But then again, this is still a suggestion. Thanks for having the time to read this suggestion of mine. Man it's so good to be
  19. Difficulty levels can be introduced in vortex, the option to change the difficulty levels can be unlocked once a player has completed all the sidequests at least once. There can be 3 difficulty levels, easy medium hard. In hard level, pokemons in sidequests have a higher level, for example 120 , they also do attacks after calculating the opponents type, resistances. The reward for completing hard sidequests can be something valuable
  20. We have the option to block users from receiving their messages, but it would also be a good option if possible to also block a user from offering a trade on the pokemon we have listed because sometimes the same user offers the same trade over and over again even though their offer always gets declined and them also being on my block list because they then also send me messages swearing at me because I declined their trade. I think it would be a cool option to also have the option to block people from offering a trade on our pokemon.
  21. Account Sharing should get the player banned and should be detected through their ip. This is because its not fair for people who put their time into the game and the people who pay like $100 to get to Number 1 in a season. To ensure fair gameplay account sharing should be added to the TOS. This will trully make the game better.
  22. Sup guys, - I think pv add any feature in live map to move one city / town to other by using migratory moves like teleport , fly ,(already surf)etc... With help of some of poke like abra (teleport) , pidgeot (fly) , kyogre (surf) etc..... -And hoping a feature like Pokemon navigator (pokenav) is to be added. Pokenav : The PokéNav displays a map ,along with the current location of its own.(map guide) , ribbon & gym batch show in pokenav (instead of profile), current team details ,etc....
  23. I bought the account Joelma0 from Viraj_Shah and its FILTHY RICH in avatars even after putting like 20 on auction and some i want to transfer to my main PokemonZayden but theres no easy way to do that so i thought of an idea called Avatar Transferring! In the item inventory tab, there should be a button where u can transfer avatars to another account or person. It should have the option to type the account name and then choose avatara and click send and the avatar transfers please please get this in Also id like feedback
  24. hey guys!,i have an idea what if the top pokemon in game had a badge next to it? example-my dark corviknight is top in game so wht if it had a badge next to its name so people would know if their pokemon is top or not if they dont use discord i would understand if you downvote
  25. dont get me wrong i love this game but i think i know some ways to make it better. way #1, make it so people who trade dont have to put up offers they should make it so you can choose what pokemon you want for the pokemon your giving.way #2, make it so you dont need to find the galar gyms i know why they did that to make it so you have to explore the map but some gyms are hard to find. thats the ways i think would make the game better.
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