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  1. As a pokedex collector, I find clicking on the button "more stats" under View/Edit Your Profile tab, you will be able to see a variant breakdown in ratio by percentage, an OT breakdown, level ranges, type breakdown and even a gender breakdown! Now how cool would that be!? Now, as a pokedex collector, the next best thing I'd wanna see is a pokeball breakdown within the "more stats" page whether which pokeball was used to catch a certain pokemon. But then again, this is still a suggestion. Thanks for having the time to read this suggestion of mine. Man it's so good to be
  2. Difficulty levels can be introduced in vortex, the option to change the difficulty levels can be unlocked once a player has completed all the sidequests at least once. There can be 3 difficulty levels, easy medium hard. In hard level, pokemons in sidequests have a higher level, for example 120 , they also do attacks after calculating the opponents type, resistances. The reward for completing hard sidequests can be something valuable
  3. We have the option to block users from receiving their messages, but it would also be a good option if possible to also block a user from offering a trade on the pokemon we have listed because sometimes the same user offers the same trade over and over again even though their offer always gets declined and them also being on my block list because they then also send me messages swearing at me because I declined their trade. I think it would be a cool option to also have the option to block people from offering a trade on our pokemon.
  4. Account Sharing should get the player banned and should be detected through their ip. This is because its not fair for people who put their time into the game and the people who pay like $100 to get to Number 1 in a season. To ensure fair gameplay account sharing should be added to the TOS. This will trully make the game better.
  5. Sup guys, - I think pv add any feature in live map to move one city / town to other by using migratory moves like teleport , fly ,(already surf)etc... With help of some of poke like abra (teleport) , pidgeot (fly) , kyogre (surf) etc..... -And hoping a feature like Pokemon navigator (pokenav) is to be added. Pokenav : The PokéNav displays a map ,along with the current location of its own.(map guide) , ribbon & gym batch show in pokenav (instead of profile), current team details ,etc....
  6. I bought the account Joelma0 from Viraj_Shah and its FILTHY RICH in avatars even after putting like 20 on auction and some i want to transfer to my main PokemonZayden but theres no easy way to do that so i thought of an idea called Avatar Transferring! In the item inventory tab, there should be a button where u can transfer avatars to another account or person. It should have the option to type the account name and then choose avatara and click send and the avatar transfers please please get this in Also id like feedback
  7. hey guys!,i have an idea what if the top pokemon in game had a badge next to it? example-my dark corviknight is top in game so wht if it had a badge next to its name so people would know if their pokemon is top or not if they dont use discord i would understand if you downvote
  8. dont get me wrong i love this game but i think i know some ways to make it better. way #1, make it so people who trade dont have to put up offers they should make it so you can choose what pokemon you want for the pokemon your giving.way #2, make it so you dont need to find the galar gyms i know why they did that to make it so you have to explore the map but some gyms are hard to find. thats the ways i think would make the game better.
  9. hey u guys should should make a new holiday event mystery box where u have a chance to get the other unobtainable Pokémon very rarely. Imagine all the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to support vortex!
  10. I don't believe that removing Porygon Hammer, Sword and Shield as seasonal prizes is a good idea, and having spoken to several others about this, I know many people agree. Completing the Pokedex is an integral part of the Pokemon games and it will be virtually impossible to complete the Pokedex by removing these from circulation. They are some of the rarest Pokemon in the game with numbers of each unique provided at the bottom of this post. They are already very difficult to obtain. Almost all of them are in the hands of collectors who will not sell at any cost (or inactive account
  11. So lately I challenged my brother to battle me in pokemon vortex. He said ok and went and battled my team. Usually my team would be OP but the CPU makes it looks weak. For example my eternatus has dynamax cannon and it does like 313 damage but the CPU chose to use a move that is weak to the pokemon it was facing. I'm ok with this but sometimes it is just kinda annoying when people battle my team and thinks it is weak due to the CPU. I think it would be a good idea to add live pokemon battles. Like we could still keep the CPU one but we could have tournaments and play against actually smart op
  12. Hello, I don't know if this deserves its own thread but I'll go ahead. It would be great if you can add a title attribute or so to the avatars so it tells us what avatar this is when we hover over it. Avatars appear everywhere in the game from the members list, auction bidders list, user profiles, etc. I'd love to be able to just hover my cursor over these thumbnails wherever they appear and have it identify the avatar for me. Thanks!
  13. The 3rd evolutions of all the water starters can learn hydro cannon, samurott is the only 3rd evolution water starter that can not learn hydro cannon. #justiceforsamurott please add hydro cannon in samurott's learnset Edit: guys I am not kidding, as all starters can learn hydro cannon, a bug may have caused samurott to not learn that move.
  14. Hey Vortex! I just came up with my best idea ever for the game! If you've watched Pokemon Journeys you'll know about the World Coronation Series with the different rankings on the triangle and Leon is first place but I think that we should have this in the game! Like if you want to increase your rank you click a button that allows you to battle someone in your ranking this would be like a competition!
  15. my favourite pokemon is greninja so i wanted a gignatamx for it say me if you like it this is my other idea and also mega greninja thanks i found these images on google btw
  16. -Necrozma for 1.5k coins to make it more accessible ahead of the event. Necro prices are ridiculous now. Last time I looked the most expensive UB (non-Necro) was 10mil and the cheapest unique Necro was 12mil, going up to 40mil+ for shinies (haven't looked for a while now so these prices may be very outdated but I think prices may have gone up further since then) -10 Meltan candies for 500 coins, or 25 for 1.5k. Of course exact numbers are up for debate but it's going to take several months just for a single unique Melmetal. That of course means not being able to buy other items whi
  17. hi i recently just started playing again after a 6 year break. I really want a shot at completing my pokedex but feel like some of the event pokemon you can't get from mystery boxes are impossible to obtain. example no one is willing to sell me a scyther halloween. can we add all past event pokemon to mystery boxes(would drop serious cash)? or at least when yearly event happens make them available again... what are your guys thoughts?
  18. Hey Vortex! I realized a new pokemon idea today! In Sun and Moon the series there is an episode where Ash´s Rowlet goes into Melmetals belly button. Haha I thought this looked cool and is funny because I love both of these pokemon. So I think that this should be added to the Pokedex. Please give me your honest feedback thanks! I cannot upload the picture so search up in Google ¨Rowlet in melmetals belly button¨ and you will see the image.
  19. I think that there should be varied money prizes for the sidequests as some have 50-60 battles and others have 200-250 battles. We work so hard for completing the region which has 200 battles but we get the same prize as the region which has 50 battles. Either there should be varied monetary prizes or equal amounts of battle. I would prefer varied monetary prizes
  20. Hello, everyone From few weeks @Patrick , @flamescape and whole team works on V5 maps , wiki , sidequests and many more first of all thanks to vortex team. Here are some ideas in short and simply. • Vortex bank : I think pv have a bank called i.e. vortex bank in which we can transfer pds from I person to other. With some % of tax i.e. 10-15%. (It may helps to those people who drop pokeball in auction for personal / private selling)or giving pds loan with interest with terms and conditions. •Email address change : I suggest to add an option to change e
  21. Maybe adding a !delete <ign> or !remove <ign> command, in case people wanna remove certain ign on the !me list
  22. i want to draw your attention admins. Darkrai is great poke but it feels incomplete without its special attack the 'dark void'. So its a humble request that you guys add its special attack.
  23. Hi vortex! I realized something today that could be cool on vortex? In Pokemon XY Kalos quest there is an episode called lights! Camera! Pika. In this episode Ashs pikachu is dressed in a white Cape and mask? And is the hero of the production in the show. So I think vortex should add this pokemon. Below is a picture of Ashs pikachu in the episode. https://images.app.goo.gl/DtQXb3rjqJXdhydbA
  24. Hey Vortex, I think that there needs to be a Raboot, Cinderace, Twakey, Rillaboom, Drizzle, Inteleon avatar. I would totally pay to have any of these avatars. Please add them!
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