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Found 20 results

  1. Hey guys, I am of the view that cost of certain pokemon, avatar, item or promo code should be kept to the least possible figure. Since 10% of the selling price is deducted, hence the least price should be £10 only. Most of the regular pokemons, avatars and items are very difficult to be sold at their current basic cost. Please share your views. Thank you.
  2. i recently joined pokemon vortex and ive been wondering whats the best way to make money. I've heard that the best way is to battle the training accounts, but I've also heard that u can use pokebay to make alot of money so whats the best way. If it is the training accounts is there a way to maximise the amount of money you get from it, because ive done it where sometimes i'll get 30,000 but other times i got 75,000
  3. It would be nice to have some visual distinction between normal, legendary and maybe ultra beasts because right now on the map in your own pokedex or the pokedex in the pokedex menu on the left you can not distinguish any of them. It could be something minor to inform the player that the pokemon is a legendary or ultra beast.
  4. An idea that I think would be useful to the game is being able to choose what colour background you'd like to use while playing the game. Alot of the time I train during the night so a dark background would come in handy.
  5. strayaZilas

    Both Seasonal Porygon forms

    I was just thinking it'd be cool to be able to see what seasonal month the shield/hammer/sword porygons were obtained on their profile. Sort of like the "first edition" badge that event pokes have.
  6. There should be live battle zone in the game which should include live battle between two online playervs in real time
  7. mayank rohilla

    Both auction cancelation

    i started an auction this morning but i found a mistake in the starting price i set, basically im selling something ten times lesser than the value i wanted to sell it at. it would be nice to change that ,i dont want to sell it, if someone who can fix this is reading this please fix this , my guzzlord is at 350,000 right now my ign: maki
  8. TheBlackHorned

    Both Higher Levels?

    Anyone else like the idea to increase the max Pokemon level? Perhaps be able to buy an item, that when bought allows you to go passed level 100 once you have beat all gyms. Let say you pay 500K once all gyms/battle frontier/special battles/ are beat for an item that allows one Pokemon to go up 10+ levels after, which means you can now level selected Pokemon up to 110. Of course you can buy the item for all Pokemon if you have the money, and continue to increase the levels, buying the items over, and over again, and selecting the Pokemon you wish to increase it's level more. And maybe different level increment items 500K 10+ 1M 25+ 5M 50+ Also the HP, and stats should be increased each time. So if you're willing to put the time in gathering the money, beating all selected, and leveling you should continuously be able to increase the Pokemon's level.
  9. Here are a couple suggestions I had that might make the game a little more convenient. 1. Add in a step tracker that counts the steps you have taken on your account. 2. Premium Status - Super Status - Legendary Status : Increases Legendary encounter rates by 20% - 30% - 40% (or similar) depending on which status you have. Can be obtained through Mystery Box , Sidequests (rare) , Special Events , Or bought directly from Store. These are my personal opinions/thoughts and if you disagree with any of my suggestions, I completely understand. Leave your thoughts below and if you'd like to see this incorporated into the game, please give this topic a like. Have a great day!
  10. In the View All Pokemons member tab,this one: Pokémon / Nickname Level Experience Azelf 76 38,188 Chikorita 10 5,000 Please don't show the nicknames because sometimes is not too easy to distinguish and u have to click on them also to know if its unique or not
  11. AkoNeePlays

    Both DAY & NIGHT

    Day and night is an issue that effects alot of people, and many cant get to one or the other due to real life time times and having a life. MY IDEA IF ITS DAY TIME IN VORTEX YOU CAN PAY LIKE 100,000 POKE MONEY TO GO TO NIGHT TIME ONLY FOR YOU FOR LIKE 1 HOUR LIKE SAFARI ZONE IN THE POKEMON GAMES THIS IS A GREAT IDEA AND EVERYONE WILL LOVE IT ~Ako
  12. Super_GodVegeta

    Both Avatar count

    Can something be done like making the avatar list in the item section into pages or something so that we can get a proper count of avatars??? Also stuff like ordering them by count may help....
  13. HolyMagikarp

    Both Sorting Of Pokemon

    Hi there, I don't ever really post but something I recently thought would be nice was the addition of a "Most recently obtained/caught" sorting when you're viewing your Pokémon. Just an idea, not sure if it's been suggested before. Thanks!
  14. Sakura Mitsonomi

    Both Custom Names for clan roles

    Would be nice to designate roles like "Member" as something in theme with the clan name (Ex: Profile displays "Little Bunny" in Forest Friends). Hopefully there can be some kind of filter for it, though...
  15. kaman

    Both Daily log in reward

    So It's just an idea. You log in and have chance of winning something common(cash ,some random s/m/metal/shadow/dark pokemons) or something rare(legendary pokemons) or super rare(fossils ,1-10m cash ,untradables) (for example).
  16. There are quite a few things in the vortex which annoy us quite frequently. Here's a list of a few: 1) On Battle any members page: Immediately after entering the page, the cursor won't be present in the text box. You have to click on it first then start typing. [Would be better if we could directly type without clicking first] Pressing enter won't take you to the battle page. Instead you have to click Battle!. [Pressing enter is easier] Since it is quite small page... I recommend that it should be displayed as a modal box rather. (A modal box is like a popup) 2) Clicking back during making the offer: You will be taken to an empty search page. And you have to select all the pokemon all over. 3) Pagination at the end of the page: You have to scroll to the end of the page to find those 1..2..3... If they were on top, it would have been better. 4) Search engine(s): First of all: You have to provide the exact username to find the user. [Need not be exact right?] When you search for trades... half of them are from banned accounts. If banned accounts aren't gonna return, why keep them? 5) Notifications: They need not cover the top of the page. They can be shown at a corner (like in Facebook). They are not real time. [They only show when the page is refreshed] 6) Non Responsive: Well, the website doesn't look that great on mobiles. 7) Trades: You can offer only 20 pokemon per a pokemon. You can't offer a bunch of poks for a bunch of poks. Instead you have to offer them individually. 8) Pokedex: We all would like something like a legend-dex, event-dex, donation-dex, search filters etc. It takes quite a lot of time to load the entire dex. 9) Changing your team: You will have to change pages to change your team or to move pokemon. They could be on one page. 10) Battling in gyms: You will have to navigate to the gym selection page every time you win. Like the sidequests, this task could have been easier. 11) The "RETURN TO MAP" & "VIEW LARGER MAP SELECT" button: Most of you might not have noticed but there ARE these buttons in the map selection menu. [No one uses them so why keep them?] 12) Web Caching: I consider this to be serious. When you refresh or navigate to pages, the entire layout reloads. This is a waste of data. Also this increases the load on the server, doesn't it? There is a API for caching for chrome. There is inbuilt caching function for many frameworks like Laravel and Angular 2. NOTE: My point is to make this thread contain all the areas where the game can be improved. As a WebDev I know how difficult some tasks are. These can be looked after in v4 and subsequent versions. Please notify me if you too have something that bothers you and think that it can be improved. ADD: 13) Putting pokemon up for trade: TEverytime we put up a pokemon for trade, we are directed to another page. It would be more convenient if the pokemon jus disappeared from the list and we stay on the same page itself.
  17. SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

    Both Deleting Banned Accounts

    Don't you hate it when you're trying to search for a pokemon in the trades and the owner is banned half the time? I know I am.The title is pretty self-explanatory- instead of banning people, they'll just get their accounts deleted a week after they get banned. This may also make the game run faster (but I'm just guessing).
  18. SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

    Both Vortex Police

    Some of you can relate to this: You get hacked (or scammed, whatever). You lose a really difficult-to-get event Pokemon (Dark Zygarde Complete) or a Pokémon that was a special gift from an IRL friend who means a lot to you (Solgaleo, from RigbyTheHeroKing) and the admins won't help because "If I help you, I'd have to help hundreds of others too who got scammed." Not if there's Vortex Police to do it! There should be a few people (quite a few, actually) in the game who are willing to solve these problems. So long as they can provide the ID's of the Pokémon that have been stolen, then the Vortex Police can check to make sure that Pokémon actually belonged to them (which goes along with this idea https://forums.pokemon-vortex.com/topic/7439-history-of-trainers-on-pokemon/ And then the problem can be solved.
  19. Pratham Shetty

    Both hey guya there a change is required

    hey guys hello dont you feel bored when there is no event also because of these many user are oflline during the normal days and only present during the event the people who were active a lot are playing very less so... @Patrick i would request you to give a big update to this game by starting online battles and max limit for one player to battle in a day should be 10 batlles which would then give him some rewardit would increase user by 23% so please OR i suggest u to put daily mission in this game seriously the game will be liked by almost everyone, in the start of v3 it was almost the superb game ever and also the parciality of volcanion the biggest problem is that when the event of volcanion was started many of them were absent or didnt register the account and the other big problem was the deoxys event the evnt was so diificult that event many people were playing tehe event for aprroximattely 14 hours its might have affected the phsycial health,mind,behaviour im not saying u that stop the event but make it like it is playableand its difficulty is in medium level
  20. rishivojjala014-2

    Both new ideas

    let me get staright to the point ;- 1. after playing lot of side quests , we get lot of potions , awakenings, etc . most of these r useless( especially potions that restore 20 hp!!)) , so can we sell these in the item inventory for atleast half the price . this would also be helpful is we buy something accidently. 2.it's getting difficult to evolve cosmoem to lunala , i need to stay upto 12 in night cause , it involves into lunala only in the night , couldnt we just change the time of day in the sideboard to night and evolve the cosmoem to lunala.