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  1. Maybe we could have an event that celebrates food because as everyone knows Munchlax and Snorlax are both Patrick’s favourite Pokémon. So we could add all food based Pokémon like Alcremie, Applin etc.
  2. Well this is just idea and I really don't know that will mods even think about having some changes to move dex of some Pokémon's. These all are just a suggestions and if mods like they can add these moves to Pokémon's learn dex. Rayquaza (Mega) V-Create Diancie (Mega) Earthquake Magearna Earthquake and Focus Punch Dialga Steel Beam Mewtwo (Mega Y) Focus Punch Volcanion Earthquake Palkia Water Sprout Cobalion Steel Beam and Gyro Ball Landorus/Tor
  3. I have seen, that while training non-immune Pokémon, especially psychic, the opposition Pokémon do high amounts of damage, all except "typegrass". I wanted to suggest that these Pokemons' attacks be reduced to those with lower damage or with those with bad attack accuracy. It will not take more than a million Pokédollars per account. I hope this is taken into consideration, so more people can train their Pokémon with ease.
  4. I really think that should have more HP as it is OP in the anime. Please add this is as an update because it’s just “weird” as it is stronger in the anime and not here. Please don’t mistake this as an offence to you guys.
  5. We should add gmax fruits or berries. Each player should get only 1 of it. Only one pokemon per player can be gmaxed. This would make gmax pokemon very rare and It would be very fair too. I know you will take this suggestion in regards. from Omtheknight
  6. I'm not exactly sure what should be done to improve the Pokemon happiness increase system. But when you read about it in the forums it says that after each Battle of the Pokemon in question will receive 1 - 2 happiness points after each battle and it takes 73 happiness points to increase one heart and to have a maximum of four hearts that you need to evolve your Pokemon you would have to have 255 happiness points each earned one or two at a time after each battle you have with that Pokemon. With that being the case when they do events greninja ash, it's pointless to anyone who doesn't already
  7. I personally am extremely hyped for the upcoming event. However, I was thinking about trying to get some money off it, until I went to Stillwater Quarry and saw the dozens of people there. I know it won't be too hard to get maxed out friendship, and I doubt that it'll be worth too much. I also wonder about the uniques, although shiny Ash-Greninja will most likely be worth a decent amount, due to it being a shiny. Thoughts on the new event being a rarity or being a common Pokémon?
  8. HI !This is a suggestion on exclusive auctions .It is that i am not able to win any Exclusive auctions because of the auction ending time. Even if I bid there is always a chance for someone to outbid me .when the auction ends it will about the time to sleep in my country,and people in other countries could also could be facing this issue. So please help!
  9. Hi, I see that most alola and galar poke avatars were omitted from the avatar catalog. Any chance they'll be added in the future? That way we can be awarded alola and galar poke avatars through log ins, mystery boxes, and alola/galar sidequests. Please consider
  10. hola amigos its me DARK_AURORA i have a queston im very scared of getting banned forever so can anyone just tell me what are the rules of NOT being banned forever
  11. First of all this is the best Pokemon game I have ever played and I like it very much and thought that we should start a new event of arceus fire,bug and ground in this way we can enjoy it even more.Please work on it, Thank you
  12. Hi, I have an idea to do a one time change username because I can guarantee that most of the people here in PV wants to change their username and not start over just because of a username they don’t like anymore.
  13. Personally, i think its kinda hard to get VC by winning seasonals, because some people who are busy and have no time would never be able to get them, so i think it would be good if you guys added another way to get it, also you should have the ability to sell/give VC to other players
  14. [WARNING: WALL OF TEXT AHEAD] Since having rejoined this game, I’ve been enjoying my time quite a bit. I used to play back in the Pokémon Crater days and find the Vortex experience to be more enjoyable – Crater wasn't bad, of course. That said, I still have a few ideas I’d like to share that could perhaps add to what is currently on offer. A quick sidenote before I get into the actual ideas: While I have checked the thread that compiles a load of ideas proposed by other players, I haven’t plowed through all the old of forum posts - 21 pages of them at the time o
  15. much appreciated it wouldnt be bot controlled
  16. My idea would be an Ash-Greninja, Maybe like when you have Greninja at 4 happiness and 1 mil EXP then you could evolve it. ——————
  17. I think theres no problem right now with the game but one thing I would like to see in the future is possibly something that could make legendaries, pseudolegendaries, etc more unique. Right now in the game the only thing Legendaries have are is how hard it is to catch them and also signature moves. I suggest like we could give them a one or two star based on their rarity and also possibly increase stats? We could also add quests unique to each legendary or give them special abilities( like in the real game) These are just ideas btw
  18. personally, i think its very boring to go to same routes all the time, and i have been thinking about this, maybe you could add a place that people can unlock after doing some sort of quest or goals, where you can find better stuff there, maybe you know, more rares and legends and UB's. And to top it of, it should be quite big so that people could explore it. (im not sure if this idea has ever been submitted, so please tell me if it is)
  19. i have been playing for 1 year and yet no gmax or the others pls add the pokes
  20. why is there no sound in this game in explore mode it makes it kinda dull
  21. Please bring back the old maps, it was way better back then.
  22. In the pokemon series, legendary pokemon are much stronger and has more health but in here, like the only thing that makes a difference in a pokemons strength are levels, and then all health and power increases and also if you evolve your pokemon, its supposed to have more power and health, but in here, its still the same even if you evolve and the power of a move is same with legends and commons (ex: solarbeam does 300 damage with bulbasaur but it ALSO does 300 damage using celebi if both level 100) So maybe you can make the power of a legendary pokemon and normal pokemon different
  23. Patrick, if you're reading this I know that you will NEVER decrease the 10 second battle thing, that's fine. However, any human with any competence whatsoever can beat an opponent with 2 Pokémon in under 10 seconds. This is mostly an issue with sidequests. I don't think it would be completely unreasonable to decrease that limit for 2 Pokémon opponents during sidequests.
  24. This post is to enlighten the fact that every time im training every other battle i run into this problem and i know that the 10 sec restriction was made to stop cheaters or so i heard but i don’t cheat and still run into this problem unknowingly all the time and its kinda gotten kinda annoying so i just wanted to pass on the suggestion that maybe make the restriction 7 or 8 seconds so at least humans don’t run into the problem while trying to train experience fairly. @Patrick https://imgur.com/gallery/ShXk6wz
  25. Hello all, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to add notifciations whenever you receive bids or won an auction. Also possibly if you won something from the loterry. (I haven't ever won something from it so correct me if there's already a thing to notify the winners, other than the last week winners list) I don't know if this will be experienced as spam by some players (if you have loads of auctions pending), so maybe add an option to turn certain notifciations on or off? Feedback would be appreciated! Thanks
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