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Found 64 results

  1. Is there already made a location guide, like we had in v4? I saw in the Wiki most Pokémon already had their location, but for example the gen 6 Pokémon still had the v4 Maps as location. Plus I don't see any complete list like we used to. No rush if it's in development, just asking if so. Same about the map itself. I saw locations like Craggy Stairway and Unown Cave, but no idea where those are. NB, is it possible to get the "rebattle opponent"-button back at gym battles? It's kinda annoying if you have to go back to the main page all the time if you are grinding. Thank you!
  2. if this wasnt already planned/done, we should celebrate PV creation date cuz i believe its october(there are like a million accounts registered on the 24th lol)
  3. there should be an easier and quicker way to earn money in the game. It is just too hard to find lv6 immunity pkmn on map and then battle 6 lvl 100 pkmns.... I gives good money but it takes hell lot of a time especially in case of Normal type pkmn. my suggestion is that there should be a poke trader. It should be a bot feature on the game where players can exchange their desired item/pkmn witth money directly with the pokemon vortex team and not the players. It would be really convinient for small players. Example : Suppose I want to sell my Tapu Lele bcoz i need money to buy some other pkmn from the pokebay auctions. Now the only way to earn money is training accounts but it takes like 5-15 min to earn 100k pokedollars and until then most of the time either the auction ends or something makes a bid so now you have to earn more money but you dont have the resources. I guess getting a trader bot would be really great. I hope you like the idea.
  4. Hi! I think that Pokemon vortex should add a feature that allows players to to have double battles! I think that this would be fun and would help bring more people together.
  5. insert the new pokemon into the old map! For me the map is slow and restarting automatically, i know i will not be missed but i will come back when the map improves or the new pokemons are on the old map, while ii will be on the planet pokemon, there the map works.
  6. Hello Dev team, Kudos to Ur job on the maps. I am short of words for the effort u have put in. Quite a good addition and commendable work i found out one issue tho- unavailablity to navigate the maps easily. I mean find where u are and navigate. i would suggest a live map (like a map icon on the top right of the screen or something) and we can see where we are standing and the whole area as a whole so we can decide our route and navigate. Also a luxury addition can be setting a area as "destination" and it acts like a navigator , very similar to Google maps etc. A red line Which shows the shortest possible direction towards your destination can solve a lot of problems also if we could probably change the Pokédex location entries and make it understable to all it would help the new ppl joining in thanks for the update once again I have been with vortex from v4- v5 ,hope it continues more
  7. Where is changelog v5????
  8. Please make a Staraptor (mega) its the true bird poke (besides pidgeot) that deserves its mega evolution normal shiny this are just examples so hopefully there comes a staraptor mega vortex original
  9. Hello Pokémon Vortex! Can you provide for a customize number of items to be bought from the inventory? Because, if I want 9 pokeballs, I need to forcefully buy 10 of them and waste 1,500 pokedollars for an extra one (while buying ultra balls). Same customizing option for the pokebay star auction would make my day.
  10. it would be cool if we had ranks in game like having ranks in forums
  11. Welcome to a hub for my ideas, and I hope to see positive feedback on them: 1. Abilities The competitive edge of pokemon not only relies on stats and moves, but abilities help determine them too. Some strong pokemon are given meh abilities to balance them out and i think we should give these pokemon the abilities they have the most recently of gens. 2. Stats Like I mean, each move has BP in this game but the damage is always set for us, and so we should gather the stats they have and take them into account for things like Alakazam 3. Natures Not that important but its a competitive importance, they just either do nothing or raise a stat in exchange for lowering another stat 4. Status moves in the wild This is kinda flawed game because of not being able to use status moves on wild 'mons because sleep and paralysis increase Pokemon's catch rate and can help wear down a hard opponet to face. 5. Game Story This would be great but i wouldnt care that much if you dont but its a thought. 6. Certain moves gaining their original effects Just an idea to make moves like Crush Grip do their actual stuff Cuz Crush Grip is one of those moves that vary in BP based on opponnet HP And please help me spell opponet correctly LOL
  12. Hi guys and welcome to an idea my mind just thought of. I think we should make a map called Titan Island for a duration of time and you can catch Volcanion (Can be Shiny, Mystic, Dark, etc)on that map.. But you can get 1 event ticket automatically for only the duration of time and go to Event Center and unlock the area. There should be a temple at the end of the map where you must venture to the end and see Volcanion in the overworld! And then the battle begins when u click step forward. Event Details: How long: 2 weeks How to access the map: Event Center(automatic ticket) Can the Volcanion be Shiny?: Yes What level is it?: 115 Can you encounter other Pokemon?: No, just the temple Volcanion Signature Move?: Yes, it will have Steam Eruption How many may participate?: As long as you do it in time, everybody can. Other: MASTER BALLS WILL FAIL!!! Any other ball will have half catch rate There are trapdoors in the temple and if you step on them you are transported back to the beginning This is to make it challenging If you have thoughts on the idea or i didnt provide enough details, drop a comment down below and thanks for the feedback all! Thanks Darshil_Irex for thoughts!
  13. Hi all, When i was younger there was pokémon crater. Here you could also breed pokémon, wich i liked quite much. Now i started playing pokémon vortex and was a bit disapointed that i could not breed pokémon. Would it be an option to update the game to let trainers breed pokémon. I would like it since you can have eggs and baby pokémon
  14. Maybe a idea to have ideal in the store options to pay? I cant buy stuff of the store unfortunally
  15. I really wanted mega pokemons to be able to deform. Like for example, you have a mega pokemon but it doesn't have you as ot. However, you have another not mega from of the pokemon, and it has you as ot. In the anime, mega evolutions only occur during battles, of course I don't really want that, but after the battle they deform. So could the mega pokemons mega evolve (no need to be in-battle) and deform whenever you want to do so?
  16. I really miss the reset gyms thing i seriously want it back so pls add it back
  17. It would be so nice if we were able to get Pink pokemon just like in sidequests, not all but at least those ones we have there. And Crystal Onix that we also have in sidequest, I love it. It could be some event or being like a legendary to find. It could be rock/ice or ground/ice and maybe we could have a Crystal Steelix/Mega being steel/ice or ground/ice. Crystal Onix and Pink pokemon we also have in anime, so it would be really cool we able to get it
  18. Improving the avatar size and border on the profile page: Currently, the size of the avatar on your profile seems way too small to be viewed properly, it's almost as if it's being hidden rather than shown off. I propose to increase the size and change it to a more circular shape such as this: I think a change like this will really spark peoples motivation to hunt for avatars that look the best instead of just using the first one they can find. Option to search for avatars in your inventory: This ones pretty self explanatory and might already by planned to be added soon but if not, then an option to search for a specific avatar you're looking for in your inventory will be very helpful. As of now, you have to scroll through your whole list trying to find the one you want and it takes way too long, especially if it takes a while for it to load in the first place. thats pretty much all i had to say, thank you and leave any questions/improvements that you may have in the comments :^)
  19. Please provide for an option to change E-mail, it was aid that it would be implemented in the future update.
  20. Imagine if the maps had some chill music that made map hunting more fun! That would be amazing!!! @Patrick Do you think its a good idea?
  21. I was thinking about watching PokemonXYZ and I saw in an episode about Audino so I thought I would suggest an idea about Audino(Doctor) It can be used to honour the doctors who are fighting the virus who risked their lives even if it meant to trying to save the world Chansey (Doctor) can also do
  22. it would be great if a leader of clan is inactive for a period of time then his leader ship must be transferred to an active co-leader
  23. So the megamart thing is basically a pokemart but only for all mega stones no potions or anything because in the mega stones section in the pokemart i saw only XY and ORAS starters mega stones and so this would allow players to get them easier but they can all be priced at about 20k pokedollars so its not too cheap. If yall think the price should be higher, leave feedback. So this way things like kanghaskhanite will be accesseble way easier but not too easy as i think it should require all the same requirements for wild legendary pokemon and legendary mega stones will be 30k due to being worth more as the legendary itself is rare and it would make players work for it more. But i will also say this mart will not include Arbokite or Snorlaxite as they are special mega stones and cannot be obtained in the mainline games. So in conclusion, the megamart's purpose is to gain access to all mainline mega stones easier and not sidequest-specific. But that may leave you hanging "What will replace these?" right? Well, I think there should be a 5% chance to get a non-legendary level 100 pokemon like rotom-wash picked at random but its at least rare rarity so you dont get magikarp every 5 seconds and like i said its only a 5% chance so its occasional unless your lucky number 7 or something. And that is my summary of my suggestion MegaMart so leave feedback cuz i thought this over while putting this together thanks ~
  24. I think all Pokemon that are no longer available (other than through Pokebay/trade) such as Star Wars/Xmas/Halloween Pokemon and Mewtwo Evolution should be brought back at various points. At the moment, many of these Pokemon either belong to users who don't intend to sell/trade them, or inactive users who have not played in several years. I was thinking Mewtwo Evolution could be brought back in quizzes every September (just as it was the quiz reward last September) Past Star Wars/Xmas/Halloween Pokemon could be brought back around their respective dates each year. Perhaps you could receive a random past Pokemon alongside the new Pokemon when you log in each year. For example, logging in on 31/10/2020 will get you a random variant of the new Halloween Pokemon, and a random variant of Zubat/Golbat/Rotom/Pikachu/Scyther/Togepi Halloween. Another option could be for a week around each respective date, past Pokemon could be included in mystery boxes. For example, the six Pokemon listed above could appear in MBs from 24/10-31/10 each year. A third option could be to create an event allowing you to find past Pokemon around their respective date each year. I feel this idea will keep a good balance between maintaining rarity, and making these Pokemon accessible to newer players and others who are after them.
  25. There could be a special bonus which would contain a larger amount of pokedollars, a rare Avatar/Pokemon, or a special promo code with more goodies than normal(e.g., 2 or more evolutionary stones instead of 1) for a day after logging in continuously for 10/15 days.
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