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Found 10 results

  1. The button "Remove" doesn't react to my click in Firefox. In Chrome, it does In firefox, it doesnt With the same account and poke
  2. Bug "Back To Gyms"

    Hello, so when i finish battling someone from the "Battle Facilities", at the end it shows "Back to Gyms", which i'm assuming is a mistake??? Screenshot: (after battling someone from the "Battle Facilities") thanks for your time
  3. Bug Pokemon Team

    I'm changing for example, a Raichu for a Beautifly to my team, but instead of the pokemon I selected, it puts the first pokemon on the list (Absol) someone's having this issue?
  4. Bug Pokemon Team

    When I go to the page to view my pokemon team, the last three pokemon are off the page to the right and I can't slide over to view them. Is anyone else having this problem?
  5. Moves like DragonBreath paralyze fairies. Thunder Wave also has "no effect" in stead of paralyzing anything. Level: Medium
  6. Bug Wrong move execution

    It seems like a bug while I was doing sidequests. I selected a particular attack but upon continuation another move was executed. Suppose I chose Brave Bird, the move button was highlighted, but when I continued the battle it was shown that Flare Blitz was executed instead and dealt damage was that of Flare Blitz and on next turn Flare Blitz got highlighted. This happened quite a few times and with almost all of my team's pokemons at least once. Is a pretty annoying phenomenon while fighting something as strong as level 150 legendary. Please check it and thank you for v4 and looking into this matter.
  7. Trainer Pokemon electric types can paralyze ground type, doesn't seem like wild Pokemon can do it though.
  8. Bug Pokeball missing

    Pokeball is missing from maps. Kindly Fix it.
  9. I have nearly 200 Hyper Potions but when I battle another trainer, it only shows 5. And if I use those 5 even restarting a battle it won't reload my potions. I have to buy something from the Pokemart to get my potions to show correctly.
  10. Bug Hyper potion

    I don't know why, but suddenly I had 255 Hyper potion, I denfinitly didn't buy. I saw them first after I meet all the requierments for finding ledgendaries on the map. Not that I'm upset, but I believe it's not suposed to be that way. Edit: The 255 Hyper Poitons do not show while in battle while they are still listed in my item inventory.