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Found 17 results

  1. I have defeated all leaders trainers of all the gyms in the world, but I can´t play the Glalar Gym
  2. Today After a battle My Shiny Toucannon, nicknamed Purple Beak, did not show its nickname for some reason. Does this always happen? Why did it not show the nickname?
  3. Dear admin, I'm not sure if you were made aware of this, but the "More Stats" Page under "Your Profile" has been down for several days - https://www.pokemon-vortex.com/your-stats/ (at least for me) Here's a screenshot of what I see - https://imgur.com/ynlalV3
  4. Sometimes in battle when I refresh the page when my pokemon faint after an attack and using an attack that deals damage it will repeat the attack sometimes adding critical hits when doing so but it can be handy when this bug occurs and the opponent's pokemon faints just because of the bug. It has happened twice to me I think
  5. There is a bug in the Kanto sidequest. I got old amber from the quest, but it didn't appear in my account history. on another account, the fossil helix gained with the quest appeared in the inventory (I even put it on pokebay for sale). I would like the gms could look if there are any bugs just with old amber. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the help in advance.
  6. lately, when i battle, there would be instances where, when i click on the Attack button, instead of the just the game's loading screen, the whole page loads as if i went to another page or refreshed. while loading, i also saw on the lower right that the page loading is www(.)sigma.pokemon-vortex(.)com. not sure if it meant anything, but i thought i'd add it anyways
  7. The clan battles page at https://www.pokemon-vortex.com/your-clan/ it lists a random opponent + the clan they're from. It looks like the link is supposed to supply a CID value but the CID is always blank, so the link only leads to the clan home page. I like to do clan battles every now and then and I must've fallen for this broken link half a dozen times by now. You have to open the user's profile and click the clan from there if you want to take a look
  8. I see that slowbro (galarian) and slowking (galarian) are supposed to be poison + psychic type. However, their cards (in "View All Your Pokemon") only show the poison typing (purple), but not the psychic typing (pink-ish). I'm attaching 2 screenshots for reference: https://imgur.com/a/cfU6ziz https://imgur.com/a/KY05eYR
  9. Hello There. I have noticed this for a while, but only just decided to raise the point. When i am on the 'your pokemon' page, which i am on a lot as I am training up all of my pokes, sometimes the anchors don't respond when clicked and I have to refresh the page for it to work. I don't know if this is an issue on my end or if other people are encountering this, but anyway have a great day Split Leader Of Nameless Legion
  10. Hello, I just recently started playing Pokemon Vortex again and I wasn't having this issue yesterday however when I'm walking in tall grass or a cave I'm not able to walk past the pokemon I don't need. It pops up which pokemon it is then I get dragged into battle without even clicking on it. It's very annoying. I thought I would report it and see if anyone else is having this issue or to see if you guys could fix it.
  11. Hey, I posted this in #general on the discord, but here is it pasted: BREAKING NEWS: I just caught a glitched gligar, a level 7 male, one of it's default attacks (poison sting) usually does 2 damage at that level + poison damage if they're poisoned, but the poison damage isn't written in the battle box (The chat box that says things like Your pokemon fainted), when immune training it, it did 25 or 27 damage! + posion damage, leading to around 70 total, whereas others did ore like 50 total, after finishing the training he was put to level 99, when level 7s usually go to lvl 92. I caught anoher level 7 male and it did 2 damage, I tested it recently and it did 37 damage, whereas other level 100 males did 25. However realising this I rushed to give it a nickname "The chosen one" but to my suprise now his damage magic doesn't work anymore, if anyone can explain what is happening, maybe a developer? make sure to @evildrcrocs me. Thanks. (By 25 or 27, I mean IDK which it was, but I know it was one of them. I can't remember perfectly.) I'm really interested in glitches, and I would love to own a glitched pokemon (As long as it's not hacked in). Thanks for helping.
  12. Please fix the glitch it shows day during night https://paste.pics/D9DJH
  13. Before I could run PV just fine, but now one explore tab of it takes up 60% of my CPU!!! Surely this isn't normal, is it an update or has my CPU broken? Earlier after I was running PV, I could hear my fan going mad and my computer was REALLY hot. Thanks, Crocs.
  14. Good morning, The bug is, The confirmation of my pokemon that I have caught does not appear, it is the pokeball icon that appears on the side of the pokemon. This helped me see what pokemon I had repeated. I await your prompt response, thank you.
  15. I just wanted to report that live maps blank out when switching tabs, but it happens every time, so it is okay. But, after blanking out, the pokemon spawn stays there, but when I encountered shadow kubfu after weeks of hunting, it did not remain the same when I clicked 'battle' and switched tabs. The map blanked out and it was gone, but this does not happen for other rare/common spawns. So please fix it.
  16. Many times in sidequests the opponent pokemon use body slam and force palm which may paralyze our pokemon. But those moves have no effect on ghost types but when such moves are used against my Mystic Darkrown it says that it did not have any effect but my pokemon got paralysed. How is this possible since those moves have no effect on my dark/ghost type pokemon then how can it paralyze my pokemon. This is similar to the dragon breath bug on fairy type pokemon. Please fix it. Thank you very much.
  17. I've noticed that sometimes in a battle a move that is clicked is not performed. For e.g. say my last selected move for a particular pokemon was move 2. If I click move 3 and then click attack, move 2 is performed instead of move 3. I've also noticed this happen when I click the box holding the name of the move instead of the text of the move. Is anyone else facing something similar ? ***EDIT: This also happens with battle items.***
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