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Found 14 results

  1. Greetings, Whenever I try to access the clan forum page, it says that the page was not found. Is it a bug, or is it undergoing some process?
  2. when i click explore soon my fps does not rise and my fps stays at 6.00 not increasing nor decreasing help
  3. Hello, I'm a new player and when I try to access the Live map, it doesn't work. https://imgur.com/WiRQiO6 In the pokemart, I can only use the poke ball section: https://imgur.com/b49WKnb And I can't change my trainer: https://imgur.com/rTv2bDX I am using the Opera Browser with Windows 10 Home, I already tried with Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge and in all of them is the same. Already updated the java and the flash player.
  4. This is Captaincam1, Today I tried to log into my Pokemon Vortex account but it said my password was incorrect?! Is there any possible way you can check and see if it was updated or changed of if you can see the "new password? I worked really hard to become better so it would be miserable if all the work was for nothing. If you need any possible proof I can provide you with some of my friends or proof that im Captaincam1 Thank you. @Patrick @flamescape
  5. if i battle or catch a pokemon and don't press return to the map, for example i go to change my team, when i go back to the map and choose to battle a new pokemon, appears me the information that i catched the appeared before pokemon. today i ost a shyni duskull level 7, please correct that bug
  6. When you evolve clamperl, it uses deep sea tooth no matter you choose gorebysss or huntail. I tried evolving with just the scale and didnt work, then i tried with the tooth and it evolved into huntail.
  7. Hi, I'm not sure if this is a bug or if it's intended. I'm trying to evolve a mystic pikachu into a mystic raichu while in the Galar region of the sidequest (1960). However. the only option I have is to evolve it into a mystic raichu (alolan). I thought since I'm in Galar (not Alola), evolving mystic pikachu should give me a mystic raichu (normal form), not mystic raichu (alolan form)?
  8. So I blocked my friend because they wouldn't stop chatting and i unblocked them. Then I couldn't chat with them, so then we unfriended each other then friended each other to see if it would work. It didn't work. It still said I blocked them and we tried doing something else each month(we tried to find other ways for about 3 months) and nothing worked. So can someone please help me?
  9. Hello, I was just browsing my profile stats when i saw this bug It is in Profile >> Pokedex Breakdown >> More stats >> Under Spending vs Selling (Overall) Section You can see the below links:- https://gyazo.com/78deae9df48e79ae94d35c0f84b10e6c https://gyazo.com/e838c896f382d74da072c62ef4346852 When i hover on it it should generally show My Spendings/Sellings but it isnt showing Please Look to this Admins.. Thanks you :)
  10. I've been training my Shiny Porygon (Sword) on one of the immunity training accounts - TypeNormal. Obviously shinies that have not taken damage should have 500hp. The majority of the time this is the case, however sometimes it only has 450hp. I've been battling the same account repeatedly and this seems to happen sporadically. Once I reach the next battle it will go back to 500hp for several battles before the occasional 450hp battle again. This is the case on both the screen below, and whilst in the battle screen. https://gyazo.com/17137c78521dd0eaf3ae78d48bf5d748
  11. I just wanted to report that live maps blank out when switching tabs, but it happens every time, so it is okay. But, after blanking out, the pokemon spawn stays there, but when I encountered shadow kubfu after weeks of hunting, it did not remain the same when I clicked 'battle' and switched tabs. The map blanked out and it was gone, but this does not happen for other rare/common spawns. So please fix it.
  12. I was training my Cleffa with TR_DragonSlayer his Hydreigon attacked my Cleffa with Dragon Breath it said it had no effect but it paralyzed Cleffa.
  13. Many times in sidequests the opponent pokemon use body slam and force palm which may paralyze our pokemon. But those moves have no effect on ghost types but when such moves are used against my Mystic Darkrown it says that it did not have any effect but my pokemon got paralysed. How is this possible since those moves have no effect on my dark/ghost type pokemon then how can it paralyze my pokemon. This is similar to the dragon breath bug on fairy type pokemon. Please fix it. Thank you very much.
  14. I've noticed that sometimes in a battle a move that is clicked is not performed. For e.g. say my last selected move for a particular pokemon was move 2. If I click move 3 and then click attack, move 2 is performed instead of move 3. I've also noticed this happen when I click the box holding the name of the move instead of the text of the move. Is anyone else facing something similar ? ***EDIT: This also happens with battle items.***
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