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Found 45 results

  1. Bigtexas

    Bug Auction pokemon

    So it said i won the auction and i looked to see if i could put in the pokemon i got into my team and when i try the pokemon doesnt show, but when i look at all of my pokemon they show up :(
  2. Doesn't work (typical empty() issue) i have to put a parentheses after the 0 which makes me move my right hand from the mouse to the keyboard
  3. I am really not sure if this is a bug or its already reported.. The Arceus (Ice) promos which are out on Mystery Boxes this month when redeemed it still shows edition 1 but they are supposed to be edition 2.. All the other events like Arceus (water) & (Electric) have edition 2.. This pic is taken from view all pokemon (Hypersnailgaming)
  4. Map 14 You (or at least I) can't go south from this position. Already checked, but there is no block on the other side which would block me for going. Just a little bug, that's all. <3
  5. http://imgur.com/gallery/flfEzbY Essentially this, I don't know whether having the auction end at 7:16 AM server-time makes a difference. I also noticed the money had been deducted from my account.
  6. We can't move to the very top of those maps (Map 11, 12, 14 & 15) It brings us to the map above it
  7. late

    Bug catching pokes

    when i am catching any pokes an annoying problem sometime occurs recently when i catch pokemon with ultra ball and click use it says u used a potion and regained 20 hit points i checked it thorughly before using the use option i thought it was a one time problem and ignored it then this same process happened sometimes when i use ultra ball it says u used a super potion and regained 100 hit points it said u used super potion because i didnt have regular potion at that time . The same process continued and i am suffering from this little annoying problem. I hope you could fix this
  8. i whas looking on map 15 and whas walking around and came acros a metalic arceus and threw a master ball at it so i could be shure i would catch it and coucht it and then clicked on the return to map buton. this what about 12 hours ago and now i am looking for it and dont have it and i lost my master ball i used on it. ign: w4kkie
  9. This has happened a few times where even though Iron Head (on Aegislah (Blade) specifically) has done neutral damage on pokemon it should be super effective against. I haven't tested to see if it's acting like a different type yet. Just now I attacked with my using Iron Head and it did neutral damage. As far as I can tell Florges is pure Fairy and Iron Head is listed as Steel so it should do super effective damage.
  10. I'm using safari (Version 12.1 (14607. on osx https://imgur.com/a/DEU7U74 link which goes to picture of the bug
  11. Just a quick little bug report (I don't know if this has been posted already though). Most of the boxes are not to be walked on; they are for decoration I suppose. There are a few boxes though where you can walk on. Maybe someone can fix/change this to be consistent. Again, nothing big or extreme. (: <3
  12. UderzenieCzlowiek

    Bug Game has changed my nickname.

    Hello. I have a problem with my nickname. A long time ago game has changed it from "UderzenieCzłowiek" to "UderzenieCzÅ‚owiek". Since then I have to copy my nickname to log in, but enough is enough! Is there any option to change it? Cheers ^^
  13. User Cherriehall, currently ranked 6th on the UK leaderboard has an average exp of ~988,000, meaning this has propelled her to the top of the board despite relatively few battles/uniques. She has a total of 46mil exp, therefore, would have had to have around 50 total Pokemon ni order to have that average exp. She has over 2000 uniques, so this obviously is not possible. Is this a calculation bug or did she win a contest or something?
  14. whenever I go to the view team tab in the your pokemon team section of the game, the bottom row of pokemon are gone and moved to the side off screen, I can still move the first one off screen, which is barley sticking out and if I try to drag it back, it goes back to it's positon I took it from. please fix this, it is making certain task, like evolution, very difficult. EDIT: it is only on my desktop, I use chrome, and The bug doesn't happen on my phone
  15. The display page for when I view my saved pokemon is showing only the first three pokemons but not the other three on the same page unless I drag the fourth one on to the other page to fit it.
  16. I got into a wild battle hoping to get some egg drops during this event, but. It makes me lose every time. When I get into every wild battle the pokemon sprites turn into question mark icons and I automatically lose, it then takes around 4,000 pokedollars away and adds a loss to my account. I'm not on any other browsers, but I am running adblock. Have any suggestions on how to resolve this issue? This has happened about 6 times, i'm afraid to gain more losses.
  17. Edit: It appears it's mostly a visual bug that doesn't have an actual affect on the seasonal points, so no worries. Resolved. Supposedly, Link: https://forums.pokemon-vortex.com/topic/8740-seasonal-top-trainers/ So I caught a lv 7 shiny Litwick today. I had shiny litwick from the past but it was my first in the season so it counted as unique and I got seasonal points. However, I never had shiny Lampent/Chandelure. Anyways, I trained the shiny Litwick and evolved into shiny Lampent. It didn't count as unique for the seasonal and I didn't get any seasonal points. From my understanding, even if I had shiny Lampent from before, it should have counted as unique since it was my first shiny Lampent for this season. I repeated the bug for Litwick's 3rd evo. Here I'm showing both the ID of the pokemon (so you can verify that I caught it this season) and my box (so you see that I don't own a shiny Chandelure). As you can see after the evo, I got no seasonal points. https://gfycat.com/agedteemingfieldmouse Edit: ID of the poke is #0022599120, you can also see it in the gif above.
  18. Hello! I am unable to put Pokemon up for trade using the List a Pokemon under Trade Pokemon. A message 'Sorry, but the Pokémon you have selected to put up for trade doesn't exist, or doesn't belong to you.' appears when I tried to put one. I was able to add via View All Pokemon though. EDIT: I noticed it only happens on my side account misty_lax2. I tried it on my main account misty_lax and it is okay. Could anyone look into it?
  19. JJBsnake

    Bug missing pokemon

    i am missing all of my 100 level pokemon, including dialga, shiny darkrai and a mystic registeel
  20. ShinyChamp123

    Bug Pokedex Problem

    I got something 7-8 zoroarks from auctions when i looked in the pokedex(above the members sidetab) I saw that i only have 5 zoroarks with me...I also remember that i got a shiny nd Shadow one it doesnt show the shiny one in the pokedex I hope Pat or Flame would throw some light here and would probably help me. Thanks
  21. Whenever I enter a battle both my pokemon and the opponents pokemon show up as question marks, all four of my pokemons moves are blank and when I select one of the moves and press attack an error message shows up saying "You have either gone back in your browser, gone back to a previous battle in your history, or clicked the submit button multiple times. To continue to your point in your current battle, please press Continue.". When I press continue it proceeds saying that I have lost or already completed the battle. EDIT: Ok so now when I enter a battle it does show both pokemon and moves, but the error message still comes up and it still says that I lost or already completed the battle. No idea what is going on.
  22. so i was battling one of the sidequest. its my last pokemon vs the level 150 dialga. i am 100% sure i clicked the correct move and when i clicked next, it immediately show a lost instead of a battle result. now i got a lost on my page. can someone help?
  23. Seems to be a little delay so I think is better to get the winner via bid amount instead last bid inserted. Or u can delete Fabyo's account for hax. Just kidding.
  24. antboy81531

    Bug my pokemon

    All the pokemon that were in the bag and on trade have disappeared from my account i dont know why
  25. I recently purchased vortex balls from the auctions and put them up for sale, they are not showing in my sold or unsold account and are not visible in my inventory either.. please help.