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Found 34 results

  1. I was battling Aaron about to send my last pokemon out against his second Drapion. I clicked the continue button and then it informed me I had lost. My Chandelure never saw battle and now I have a loss on my record. I am confused about how this happened and wonder what if any explanation you could give.
  2. Bug Map 25???

    Idk if its an error or a bug or my browser's just fcked up (I'm using chrome) but here's the catch: When you enter map 25 from map 24, the bottom thingy with the "chat" and other stuff, that whole part there wouldn't load/won't appear after the page loaded. It's not really a major bug/error or something but for the cleanliness' sake of the game, it should be fixed. Thanks!
  3. I´m 99,12% sure that the 31th day of the months doesn't have the marked day with in the calendar even if u got the reward (empty january and december 31s).
  4. I had just encountered a Shiny Nihilego in Map 10 and the Zeta server crashed right when I was about to capture it! I understand this is probably unrecoverable, but man, it really sucks. My one Vortex ball would've finally been able to shine. When the server finally came back up (I saved the page) it had changed my encounter from Shiny Nihilego to a Mienfoo. So depressing that I had such good luck and horrible luck at the same time. D:
  5. 1. Ive noticed that some pokemons doesnt have right colour of type when you check your all pokemons Here is an example: Might be that this is not a bug but some pokemons has wrong code colour. (looks like Fight type is wrong) Its nothing super important but still... 2. Some pokemons doesnt have pokeball icon when you find it in wild. As we all know they usually do have it when you already have it and you find it once again. I noticed it on two pokemons- Latias and Latios. I know 100% and i did check after aswell that I already have them but when i found another one of each in wild, neither of them had this icon. Hope it helps to improve the P.V. Best Regards, Reinako ^.^
  6. Bug "show users on map" option

    Hey, um, i have been having a problem with this option under the options and i have enabled the option but it is still not showing any online players on the maps.. Also, when the bar is red its saying its enabled..? must be some sort of a bug or error?
  7. Bug Listing pokemon

    When trying to list a pokemon through the trading station immediately after listing a pokemon through view your pokemon, I get: "Sorry, but the Pokemon you have selected to put up for trade doesn't exist, or doesn't belong to you." Same case for after listing a pokemon through wildbattle and offering a pokemon. Trading station has the updated list of pokemon.
  8. Bug pokemon sumiu

    eu tinha dois shiny keldeon ai eu fui no trade e ofereci em um shiny zekrom, quando fui ve no outro dia, cliquei no pokemons oferecidos e ele não tava la, cliquei no pokemons all pra ve se tinha trocado nenhum dos dois estava la, ai fiquei com um so, o que eu posso fazer ? o pokemon sumiu ....
  9. Bug pokedex

    when i checked pokedex it showed that I have shadow floette (yellow), but I dont have it
  10. Bug Rockruff bug

    It's 7:10 AM and I can't evolve my rockruff into Lycanroc (midday). Only midnight option is avaliable ok, text and picture showed a midnight but when you evolve midday lycanroc appears
  11. I'm unable to change my Magearna (Original)'s attacks.. Since the list does not appear. Pretty sure this is a bug... Please look to it..
  12. Bug Pokemon Images

    When i am looking for pokemon in the wild, i can not see the pokemon picture, i only see the level
  13. I know I logged in the last 2 days but it's not showing a prize for either day; I think it may be glitched. I had a good streak going so I would like to get it fixed if possible. Thanks!
  14. Bug Move Spelt Wrong

    The fighting move Dynamic Punch is spelt as one word - 'Dynamicpunch' Unlike all the other punches ._. 'Focus Punch' 'Comet Punch' etc. Please look to it.
  15. Recently, my friend (Xxxppp01) quit vortex and he gave his account to us. He had a rotom halloween that he knew was botted. So we traded and we didn't recieve the pokemon. Is it because it is botted? I had a botted exp, someone asked for it although i insisted not to, so i gave them (not scam). They still recieved it.
  16. Encountered a Ho-oh and tried to enter a battle to catch it but I got directed to a page about an hour old where I had just caught a thundurus, ended up losing the Ho-oh Had this same problem a day or two ago when I was trying to catch a shiny ferroseed but ended up in a page saying I had just caught a tornadus
  17. After catching a poke, the link to "View All Pokémon" is wrong, it goes to wildbattle/your-pokemon
  18. View Your Pokemon goes to wildbattle/your-pokemon/, which gives a 404
  19. When my pokemon attacks just as the opponent uses a sleep-inducing move, the opponent seems to instantly faint with no "___ has fainted." dialogue. I'm not sure if anyone else has gotten this glitch, or if it's just something with the pokemon/moves I use, but I've gotten it a few times. If it helps, my Metallic Darkrown is usually attacking when this glitch occurs.
  20. Bug Win counted as loss

    Please erase the loss from my record.
  21. This appears when u enable the option to see the other users on maps. And vice-versa. Thanks for ur attention. Your Account Settings & Options Other users on the maps has been disabled.
  22. Bug Changing Pokemon Team

    Hey, I have quick question: When I want to change my team, I could only see the first 3 pokemon on my team, and so, I could only drag those 3 around, I want to move around the last 3 as well, so I have to make my team all over again by clicking on change team, which takes up time. I don't know if its a bug that I only see 3 pokemon, because this is happening ever since v4 started. Or maybe there is another option I could click on to view the whole team. So could someone please let me know why this is happening? It would save a lot of my time Thanks :)) Edit: Could someone let me know how to post a screenshot?
  23. Bug mystery

    hey yo do i have it or not this is nuts this happens every night please fix so i dont get confused
  24. Bug missing pokemon

    no Pokémon show on my maps at all and also when I buy a Pokémon from the auction it doesn't allow me to add them into my team so I have only 1 pokemon in my team and its really annoying
  25. Bug missing pokemon

    i keep crossing pokemon it says i dont have it i look in my dex and i do have it whats the deal