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Found 15 results

  1. I found a random Dialga and tried to catch it. When I used the pokeball it died. It did not have any status effects

    Bug Honedge Variants

    Variants of honedge dont appears ever is normal variant pls fix this
  3. i evolve my shiny squrtle into a shiny mega blastoise but the moves stayed the same as when it was a squrtle. im sure that i didnt tick the replace move with squrtle box. i would like my shiny mega blastoise to have his moveset
  4. BlueKecleon

    Bug Floette Pokedex

    The Pokedex indicates the wrong number of Floette I have (or not...). It only do with Floette, not even with the Flabebe or Florges forms.
  5. I am..just completely unable to view any messages I might even have. Once I get to the inbox screen, nothing loads. Not the screen to send messages, nor the screen to even see incoming messages. Please fix this.
  6. yourroyalhueness

    Bug didnt get pokemon when trade

    i put up a trade and he gave a offer and i accepted it but i didnt get the pokemon?
  7. Phantom002

    Bug Loss of most pokemon

    Hi, So, I picked this up again over the last few days and I had lots of decent pokemon, some legendaries but mostly normal/ shiny etc. However I loaded up again today, to see that nearly all of my good pokemon have disappeared. My first assumption is that I have been hacked or something. Since coming back, I had to defeat the Alola battles, which I did with my level 100 pokemon (all gone now), which I obviously needed high level pokemon for. I honestly don't know how I lost everything, even my recent trades doesn't show anything, so it wasn't a trades deal. I'm not sure whether I can get them all back, but at least it would be good to figure out how and why this happened. Phantom
  8. WarpRogue

    Bug One sided trade

    I was trading with this guy IGN - SmokeyGator , and I cancelled from my side when suddenly he must have accepted. So i got the pokemon i offered for but he did not get the one I offered. I offered him the required Pokes in another trade so that I don't feel like a culprit ( and also because I felt bad at having gained something which i didn't deserve ) but please look into the matter that Trades are not one sided, cause it confused me a lot and I took some time to understand what happened. What I really want to say is that when one guys cancels his offer and another guy accepts it at the same time, what happens must be decided before hand otherwise it is a lose for one guy and gain for another
  9. So I just started playing again after quite a break (v4 hype!) and I've been encountering a very very annoying bug when trying to catch pokemon. I've done a fair amount of gym/clan battles as well as map battles and it only seems to be occurring during battles on the map. Basically what happens is that when you select an attack then click attack, sometimes it seems to bug out and just use the attack at the top of the list (the one it defaults to during map combats for whatever reason). This doesn't just happen with attacks either, sometimes when I select a pokeball and throw it, instead I use a potion. I thought at first it was just my mistake and I was forgetting to select the attack I wanted, but it has happened so many times now and I started actually looking for it to make sure. I've also played the game on two different computers today and it's happening on both. Needless to say this is a pretty problematic bug when trying to get a pokemon low enough to catch, only for the game to bug out and you ko it. I've already lost at least 6 or so pokemon due to this. UPDATE: So I've found that the issue seems to have something to do with how fast you click. I've deliberately started waiting an extra second before clicking the attack or use item button instead of clicking really quickly and I haven't had the issue occur since doing so.
  10. Only on my pokes, the enemy's opponent critical hit is shown Your Shadow Electrode attacked Butterfree with Thunderbolt and did 239 HP damage. The attack was super effective! Your Shadow Electrode attacked Butterfree with Thunderbolt and did 358 HP damage. The attack was super effective! Butterfree has fainted.
  11. lDraGoNl

    Bug Poison Damage?

    Enemy Pokemon don’t take poison damage when items are used..
  12. I was battling Aaron about to send my last pokemon out against his second Drapion. I clicked the continue button and then it informed me I had lost. My Chandelure never saw battle and now I have a loss on my record. I am confused about how this happened and wonder what if any explanation you could give.
  13. I've been seeing ads that are just clouds made out of divs recently, and I think I've found why. https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/349673/is-stack-overflow-advocating-nice-weather While this is specific to Stack Overflow, it indicates that it appears to be a problem with the way DoubleVerify is setting things up, either on the advertiser's level or their level. The Stack Overflow team member reported it to them and it cleared up, so this may be something you guys would want to look into reporting to them with the additional information you could have on your side.
  14. Moves like DragonBreath paralyze fairies. Thunder Wave also has "no effect" in stead of paralyzing anything. Level: Medium
  15. The text message says "The attack had no effect" yet, they are paralyzed, but Fairy pokemon are inmune to Dragon, so, is it supposed to happen or it's a bug/error? thank you