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  1. hi today i will be doing a big giveaway to enter type your ign below the poke i will be giving a away are shiny mew, dark mewtwo, Deoxys (Speed), Shadow Rayquaza, Shadow Groudon and Dark Charmander giveaway ends on july 28!!
  2. A giveaway in which everyone wins in memory of iweimax0524
  3. Hey hey everyone I'm in a great mood, to any nba fans out there the Milwaukee bucks are the new 2021 champions kinda getting emotional about it (I'm a big fan). But I am giving away the following Pokémon (1x) (1x) (1x) (3x) (1x) (1x) (2x) (1x) (6x) (1x) Those are the prizes winners are random although with the number of prizes its possible everyone could win but best of luck lol (Ending August 1st) Take care
  4. Pls join our clan Following rewards can be given 20m + xp- 1 rare 50m+ xp- 500k pds 100m + xp- Shiny Zacian Clan- Legend Stars. You could win multiple rares Most of people joining will win so what are u waiting for?
  5. Hey everyone! Decided I should do a giveaway because why not? There will be 3 winners you could win a Metallic Guzzord, Mystic Guzzlord, or a normal Guzzlord once again the winners will be choosen randomly by a spin of the wheel. Ill announce the winners in 2 days please write below your ign. Thanks hope everyone's doing good
  6. Hello everyone! I have a lot of unnecessary Pokemon! So, I'm doing a giveaway! Enter your ign and the 10 winners will be random. Good luck. Sneakpeek: Some prizes include: (Dratini Line) and many more!
  7. Hey everyone! Decided to make a giveaway in honor of Independence day lol there will be one winner please enter your ign down below that would be great Prize: Shadow Guzzlord Also please feel free to add my main accounts Capitalization Catan Captaincam1 Have a great weekend guys
  8. Hi everyone, I have decided to do another giveaway. This giveaway will be first come, first serve, meaning that the first person to reply will receive the first prize, second person will receive second, and so on. The prizes are, in order of replying: . REPLY BELOW NOW WITH YOUR IGN! | | QUICK!! | | \/
  9. I will give 100,000 and a Lugia to the person who can make me a logo that says leogamer11088 and is neon green or rainbow please consider making me one I really need it i will even give extra stuff if u want it.
  10. I will give 100,000 and a Lugia to the person who can make me a logo that says leogamer11088 and is neon green or rainbow please consider making me one I really need it i will even give extra stuff if u want it.
  11. hi guys so in my status update i revealed the winners of ho-oh vs lugia but over here will be the rest of the poke battle series so here is today's battle:arceus vs ultra necrozma who do you think will win? who do you like more between those 2?who would you use in battle between those 2?every day i'll post new battles here
  12. Hello everyone i will be giving out random pokemon their will be a winner every week just type in your ign to enter you could win a rare to a premium
  13. sometime i create auctions here are for today: for 1.5million and for 25k
  14. pls regerster with your ign pokes in the givaway Dark Phione Stats Level: 54 Experience: 27,000 Happiness: Info Pokédex Number: #489 ID: #0034734097 Owner: jeffpig Original Trainer: Luarqu Attacks Water Pulse Dive Signal Beam Dazzling Gleam Victini Stats Level: 59 Experience: 29,500 Happiness: Info Pokédex Number: #494 ID: #0034906556 Owner: jeffpig Original Trainer: jeffpig Attacks V-create Zen Headbutt Reversal Flare Blitz Dark Larvitar Stats Level: 42 Experience: 21,000 Happiness: Info Pokédex Number: #246 ID: #0034904399 Owner: jeffpig Original Trainer: jeffpig Attacks Bite Chip Away Rock Slide Bulldoze Evolution Lvl: 30
  15. i have picked a number from 1 to 200 who ever gets the number spot on will win a pokemon and a good pokemon and some booty pokemon
  16. Hi, guys! Today I'm hosting a Showdown contest. The winner of this contest will receive a "smol" legendary: The rules are simple: -Must set your current format to Little Cup (LC). Little Cup is a format where baby (unevolved) Pokemon battle. Teambuilding is needed to compete. -All Pokemon in your LC team must be Lv. 5 -16 players needed to start the competition. If you don't know what Pokemon Showdown is, it has nothing to do with Pokemon Vortex. This contest is only for fun. Good luck Competitors (edited 6/23/2021): jeffpig red_wolf_ HyperPanther Nishkar veerkv shoomania That1Dragonarian
  17. ok first gets: second gets: and third gets: how to win? its a raffle so just put ign only 8 people tho! and a extremley small chance to get caterpie(christmas)
  18. Hello everybody! I am looking for some pokemon you can tell me if you have it and you can look in to my pokemon to see what you want pokemon i want: Thank you if you give me any of these pokemon i will also accept mystery boxes my ign for the pokemon you want is semihorizon Thank you again if you give me these poekmon
  19. prizes:, and prizes in my clan:,andif ur in my clan just i joined ur clan ign(ur userame) and it's ok for those who can't join good luck
  20. Ends in approx 24 hours these are the pokemon :lvl 100 you are welcome to say which one you want
  21. hello guys next week's give away:,andfor those who reply and those who joined my clan write i joined kongzilla forever ign (your username) and give away prizes for those who joined my clan:,andgood luck only 3 winners
  22. Who ever answers this question wins ? Question : 1.Riddle :You have a single match and are in a pitch black room with a candle, an oil lamp, and a gas stove. Which do you light first? 2. How heavy is Snorlax? 4.Who does this describe? "Its genetic code is irregular. It may mutate if it is exposed to radiation from element STONES options : Ditto or Eevee 5.Who is the tallest final evolution of a starter Pokemon? first who tells wins jirachi. lv 61 Second: greninja lv 50 Third : torterra Lv 44 also type your ign then then you will get a message from dinosaurx [ i am not lying] if you don't get your prize till next week complaint alright
  23. Answer random pokemon trivia questions to earn prizes! If there is a tie then I will spin a wheel to see who wins but if there's more than a 5 way tie then nobody wins. You can only answer once and if your answer is edited it will become invalid and not count Current Prizes: 1st place: lvl:532nd place: lvl:683rd place: lvl:1004th place: lvl:100 5th place: lvl:39 questions: 1.What is a type combination that hasn't been used yet? 2.What was the first pokemon ever created? 3.When were the types dark and steel introduced? 4.What type has the most immunities? 5.What is the only type that is strong against normal? ENDED
  24. Do you need any Galarian form pokemon? Such as, Ponyta and Rapidash-Galar Corsola and Cursola-Galar Darumaka-Galar Yamask and Runerigus-Galar Zigzagoon, Linoone, and Obstagoon-Galar Meowth and Perrserker-Galar Slowpoke-Galar Stunfisk-Galar Weezing-Galar Farfetch'd-Galar and Sirfetch'd I'm asking 60k per pokemon.
  25. Hi again! Time for another giveaway Todays poke is: Lv100 with ATLEAST 60k exp
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