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  1. Hi guys welcome to my every Friday contest (this is my 2 one )thx to all participants who entered my first Friday contest that one got Avery big hit so let’s hope even this one gets the same now let’s stop chatting and let’s go to topic contest rules first post ur ign of vortex then ur ign of showdown then I will select some opponents to u so what u have to do battle them in Pokémon showdown.if u win just take a pic and post it here(battle must be random poke battle with 1 vs 1 poke).the winners will go to second round then same with second route .winners of second
  2. Giveaway for random event only for clan members of the infernals post ur ign and the event you want i will try to get that event for you or if i was not able to find that poke then you will get a random event everyday i will chose a winner for 4 days reason for giveaway reaching 200 million exp in the clan thanks to all members @Lillyzard yaswanth0000 Latios1997 Knub_Power @darkrai_619 @pliis KingAChoudhury @BugCatcherPeyton789 @11A @iweimax0524 ashu30 @Tapey hoen NKS3207
  3. Hi I am India07.Thanks for all making me reach 10 followers.So I am conducting a contest of Giveaway for top three winners: 1 place winner:Will get a 2 place winner:will get a 3 place winner:will get 2x Good luck for all. Note:This contest will end on 21st October 16:00 pm IST and the winners will be announced on 21st October or 22nd October.
  4. Hello, everybody! Just like captaincam1 and kalipo did, I will be doing my very own quiz. The winner gets a Pikachu Ph. D. 1. What is my favorite pokemon? ( It is listed as my avatar) 2. What is my favorite region? (should be obvious) 3. What clan am I in? 4. What is my favorite type of the starters? ( Fire, water, grass ) 5. Name all the grass-poison types you know. 6. Name 4 Pokemon that evolve with lvl 3 happiness. 7. Who are the creators of Pokemon? 8. What are all the Galar Legendaries? 9. How many forms of Pikachu are there? 10. B
  5. Hi guys this is a contest , the winner will get an level 48 zygarde (cell) which i had pu.So how to get this one. Coming sunday i will put 5 question with certain points for each about pokemons in monday i will choose the top 5 answers and do an lucky draw for them and i will announce the result on tuesday and the winner should offer an psychic pokemon for my zygarde and i will accept it.
  6. Hello everybody, I'm doing a randow giveaway for Shiny Rillaboom, or Solgaleo and Lunala. Please tell me your In-game-username, you just might win! Good luck!
  7. this is quiz and winner gets an mystic charizard mega x 1, which pokemon is known for carrying a leek 2.how do pokemon trainers earn badges ? 3.and lastly who is the best person to ever live
  8. thanks for all the people that supported me so in celebration i am going to giveaway a + surprise pokemon the lucky winner will be picked on my birthday so you will have plenty of time to enter how to enter:just type your in game name then on the 5th december(my birthday) i will pick a winner good luck to you all
  9. the aim of this comp: to make a meme out of my profile pic the best meme will be posted on any website i use+the winner wins a x2 entries end at 5th october(changed date) good luck everyone +i might change it overtime
  10. Hey everyone! In this quiz you will be asked 8 questions in this category if you get all them right the first person that answers every question correctly wins primal groudon avatar! If you answer one wrong however you lose. 1) Name every Kanto gym leader (and the pokemon type they train) 2)What are my top 2 favorite pokemon? *hint look at my bio ign Captaincam1 3)How many arceus forms are there? 4)Name every ultra beast (meltan is not) 5)Name every pokemon in Ashs Kalos team 6)What pokemon is my profile picture of in forums? 7)Name three legendarys
  11. Hello Welcome to the legendary giveaway here are prizes (high Rank) Lvl100 (midrank) any Rares (Low rank) any common (none) you don't win
  12. As the topic tell just type your ign . you have to find me and my friend padaku. to win legendary prizes. if you found my friend padaku you will get a rare legendary. if you found me you will get a legendary. hint will be given tommorow 5 pm
  13. thanks for 5 followers(sorry i am late) but in celebration i am going to giveaway 5 pokemon the pokemon will be a mystery good luck idk the date i will reveal the winners maybe you can pick a date
  14. Ya I know I did this before but on one participated so I thought let’s change the prizes I and my friend @sanathandsaathvikAre conducting this contest in this u will have to find us .we both will be hiding in different areas of live maps prizes if u find me then the prize are an unique dritillic if u find my friend sanathandsaathvikthe prize is an random event poke this will be done tomorrow ie 10 oct at 10 am (Indian time) thanks to all who participates and there will be only two winners or one winner (if luck u found us both u will get both the pokes.)
  15. To enter in the contest - 1. Give your IGN. 2. Follow me in game and in forum ( optional ) 3. Get me Ludicolo Avatar ( I need proof that you own the Avatar ). Winner gets Kyurem Or Blastoise (Mega)
  16. so i have a giveaway but the prizes are secrets you can get events,leggies and many more pls put ya ign
  17. to win 100k poke dollars in this contest you must follow someone on the live map for a long time, the longer the time the better. add your discord in this post and i will add you send a video of you following someone on the live map, longer video= longer win rate longest videp of folowing one person on the live map wins. my discord is (your all duck fans) (if the person enters a wild Pokemon battle or gym simpily wait there if he dosent come back u lose) WIN 100k for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  18. Hey everyone! This month I am going to be hosting a challenge with even bigger prizes than last month! This months challenge will be based of of clan battles only! So in short the person with the most clan battles by November 1st wins the prize! But there is only going to be 1 winner! The winner will win 5,000,000 Pokedollars and will be given an arceus form. I wish you luck! (Also I am a contestant in this contest so I too could win the money and keep the prize. Last months challenge winners were 1)Abbanabas 2)Cinn 3)Sanathandsaathvik Way to go you three! I wi
  19. So it only a contest to TEAM UMBREON 2.0 Rules 1) here first post ur ign 2)then ask an question related to Pokémon 3)then the next person who what’s to enter the contest must write the answer of the question asked by the previous one and then post there question 4)if nobody is able to any the questions asked by u .then u will win 5)I will declare the winner exactly after two days Prize (((((((((()))))))))))) hope u enjoy the contest
  20. Hey everyone! I am going to be giving a cosmog away! Please respond with ign below! Your chances will be greater to win if you follow me in the game or on forums! Good luck!
  21. OKAY SO HERE IS A GIVEAWAY FOR MY 2 YEARS IN VORTEX (The Giveaway is Starting 1 day before My real 2 years in Vortex,lol) THE RULES WILL BE SIMPLE 1.No Double Entries 2. Some People are NOT allowed to take part (I won't take any names i'll neglect you personally) 3. Besides these all global forum rules applied! How To Enter Simply Post your IGN Prize The Giveaway ends Whenever I feel like it,Not more than a week i guess Enjoy!!
  22. pls type ur ign and what your favorite type of pokemon is and then i will choose 3 winners on thursday
  23. firstly thank you all for doing clan battles and i am going to aunoununce the winners 1st prize pokemastersaku 2nd shrukh 3rd tazzer guys i will quit the game so i will give the leadership to tazzer
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