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  1. Hi guys srry for not telling the prize in my before giveaway but those prizes will be added in this giveaway and 500k Pds Ign to enter
  2. Hello Guy's these are pokemon you can win for my 500 post and 500k pds Ign to enter BTW MORE ENTER GETS MORE POKEMON ADDED
  3. Hey! pokemon vortex. today i am doing a contest/ or u can say it as kind of a giveaway. u can call it whtever u want. this contest is very unlikely from wht i did before. ok so here is the challenge. u cant make an arguement. the person who puts more than 2 comment will not recieve the price. so here is how it works. i have chosen 3 numbers out of 20. and ur job is to guess the number. and everyone has only. 1 try. if u say another comment about entering then np wont work. now here is the thing. u have to be following be in game and forums. for in game u have to send the scrrenshot. and for the forums i can see it. put ur ign and the number here are the prizes. the users who put the correct number wins. (pls, the people who have hi tempered. save it) so remeber 3 numbers out 1 to 20
  4. hey everyone hope your doing well if not then im sorry to hear that. Well on to the point im here to host a giveaway the prizes will be well like the title says there random no one knows what the prizes are well except me and my friend @NightPhantom who knows what they are well i can be anything from pds mystery box promos or even dps well stay tuned to find out the winners will be onuced by @NightPhantom on the 1st of October bye and good luck everyone
  5. Hey ladies and gentlemen, This is a giveaway hosted by POKECHAN. These are the prizes!! The winners will be announced in 3 days Rules: Enter your IGN Tell the price you expect to get. And please don't refuse to put your IGN just because the prizes are lame.
  6. Yo what's up it's been awhile imma gonna post questions that answers that an be found today but most correct answer(s) would only if you were here aleast 6 months ago gl 1) What is captaincam1 favorite anime and his favorite charter? 2) how long have I've known the player ups? 3) what pokemons did ups put as her profile pic 6-10 months ago?(there is alot but i want one main evolution) 4) what is captaincam1 real name? 5) who is by best friend here? 6 who is my rival (real rival not one sided)? 7) who was the first person to email me? 8) which two clans have I been in? 9) which clan did I join first? 10) Who was the first discord friend? 11) who introduced me to pokemeow? 12) what place was I in Tawain? 13) what is my favortive pokemon? 14) What do I think is a drag(may be more than 1? Look i rarely come here now that i have school and it is in-person so looko the prize is very good there's no proof but thoose who can anwser these questions will trust me. I am looking for players who are good not cheaters. and let me tell ya no one will get this right the first time I bet you I account for that. If you do I will transfer every last pokemon I have to you.
  7. Yo dudes. Im bacc from Competitive Pokemon and to celebrate my comeback, I'm hosting a Showodowon Contest! (Im making a contest there cuz there be no fun battles) This competition will be held in Showdown! (ofc) in the Ubers format, allowing the species of any Pokemon. If you don't know what Showdown! is, it has nothing to do with Pokemon Vortex. Link: pokemonshowdown.com Rules: -If you want to join, simply write you IGN in both Vortex and Showdown! -Must have only 1 kind of Pokemon species (e.g. having 2 Ho-ohs is not allowed) -Don't cheat! Prizes: tourney will start when 8 players register
  8. What is the best all around defensive and offensive pokemon team My team would be Sandshrew alolan (evolved), Magneton,Bronzong (mystic,dark,shiny),Mystic or dark eternatus,zaican,dusk-mane necrozma
  9. Hello everyone! I am doing a giveaway. Nothing much. If you want to join, you know what to do. And, that's it. Will announce 10 winnera on 10/7/2021 at about 7:00 pm CST. Grand Prize: GL!
  10. Shiny Legendary Free Give-Away By : 𝔾 𝕀 𝕒 𝕫 𝕚 𝕠 Hi to all trainers this is my first time to doing Give away pokemon So sorry if the price is useless to you i know you are the best trainer than me so if you don't like my price i will do 3x Higher in this price next month. But let's do this Here the price list winners winner 1ST ■ Shiny Regigigas + Shiny Regice + Shiny Registeel +1M PKDLR BIDS 2ND■ Shiny Zekrom + Shiny Reshiram + 500K PKDLR BIDS 3RD■ Shiny Dialga + Shadow Rayquaza (MEGA) +200K PKDLR BIDS 4TH ■ Shiny Yveltal + Shadow Cobalion 5TH ■ Shiny Genesect 6TH ■ Shiny Kyurem 7TH ■ Shiny Shaymin ( Sky) 8TH ■ Shiny Ho-Oh 9TH ■ Shiny Virizion 10TH ■ Shiny Darkrai 11TH ■ Shiny sylveon--Nick name stella + Shiny Swampert (MEGA) 12TH ■ 2 ZAPDOS + DRATINILIC + Darkrai 13TH ■ 4 Torchic + 3 Riolu + Metallic Charizard 14TH ■ 4 Litten + 2 Metallic Bulbasaur + Blastoise (MEGA) 15TH ■ 3 Scorbunny + Swampert (Mega) I DONE TO PREPARE ALL PRICE Check this Ign: Glazio-GiveAway How to join? 1st Comment your Ign 2nd Comment your Country Banned in this contest Philippines country To all Phillipines Guy's don't join if you need legendary i will give you 3 Please Respect me I'm doing this for a reason I will post all Ign winners Date End Contest August 5 Recive winners date price august 1 2 3 4 5 any questions Just Pm me And specially Thank you so much for teaching me all mechanic in this game Ayakamoonlight / Jamesbrian / Ellamiracap12 / And also in my favorite Leader Yui- Thanks to your map
  11. Hellllooooooooooooo pokemon vortex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am back with another giveaway for seeing ur happiness. if u guess which is mine or glazio's or pokechan starter poke. u will be winning the prize. there will be many other questions too. Glazio's = 1mil pkdollars. 1gladion's= meltan + shiny excadrill POKECHAN's= shiny bewear. + charmander next are the small questions. 1. Which is my favourite poke. 2. Which is glazio's favourite poke 3. which is pokechan's favourite poke Theses prizes will be a surprise. make sure tht ur followed to 1gladion, pokechan and glazio. only the followed ones are able to redeem the prize. good luck "special thx to glazio for sponsoring!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  12. Hello everybody! I am hosting a Pokemon Guess it contest. The rules are simple. You just have to watch the Youtube video posted every day, which contains 5 clues. The channel's name is BlitzBreak Studios. You will have to give your IGN and your answer. Everybody who gets a correct answer will get spinned on the spinner. Then, If you're the lucky person who wins, you're going to get a legendary. You can get an event pokemon, but it will cost you from 1mil to 3mil based on the Pokemon. You only have the day that the video is posted to answer. If you answer the Monday question on Wednesday, it is not going to count. These Pokemon were chosen randomly. Here is the video link for Wednesday, February 17, 2021. The contest will start tomorrow for those who are reading on Feb 16. Good Luck.
  13. I am giving the following pokemon Normal pokemon Dark pokemom Mystic pokemon Metallic pokemon Shadow pokemon Shiny pokemon Have fun if you want follow me
  14. this is the prizes -1 prize -2 prize -3 prize -4 prize -5 prize -6 prize i say the winners tomorrow
  15. So I recently hit 10 followers and this forum account is 1 year old! I originally used the account @foodviro2.0 until it got banned either way this giveaway end Sep 5th and the prizes are a surprise :^)
  16. Yessir you read the title correct this is my final giveaway but lucky for you its my biggest. Just some background information on this giveaway: 1) It will end in two days 2) Whenever I see someone didnt win a prize it kinda makes me sad so one of my main motives for this is that no one gets left out so if possible I want everyone to walk away from this giveaway with a smile on their face and a prize This may as well be considered my last post too so I wanted to thank everyone for all of the support you've given me I love this game and I love the people it's really shown me a lot as a person. Not going to call anyone out but thanks to everyone who followed me here and supported my posts its quite insane I have 480 experience I started forums a year ago too :0 Now onto the giveaway, The prizes will be (Zeraora) (Shadow Arceus (Water)) (1 million experience) (Mystic Victini) (2 million experience) -2 Million Pokedollars -2 Million Pokedollars -2 Million Pokedollars -2 Million Pokedollars -2 Million Pokedollars -5 Million Pokedollars (Capitalization OT Suicune) (Kinda sad to have as a prize but y'know lol) (Arceus (Fighting)) (Arceus (Water)) (Barbaracle (Grievous)) (Crowbat (Halloween)) These will be considered the "Top tier prizes" To all other entrants that don't win one of the prizes on the top you will win a legendary Pokémon or normal form event. Huge thank you to the following sponsors @dades, @Glazio They provided a huge chunk of the Pokedollars I'm giving away so thank them personally! Following requirements to join the Giveaway, -List your ign -Please tell me your opinion on whether or not I should stream myself spinning the wheel revealing who wins the prizes. -Give a thank you to the people that sponsored part of this -And add a picture of your favorite Pokémon you own on your Vortex account (Like this ) I'd like to also give an honorable mention to @red_wolf_ We started really using forums as a "Social platform" around the same time and me and you have had some good times lol Giveaway ends in two days reminder please reply to this before the time ends take care everyone My igns Capitalization Captaincam1 Catan
  17. Hello everyone! I actually got the idea from someone else, so don't think of it as original. So, it simple: You can select from slots 1-15, for 65k ea. Then, sooner or later, I will announce winners! U may win Guzzlord/Necrozma, Floette/Eternal, etc; The point is: everyone gets a good 'mon! If u want to join plz msg me in game and tell me what slots. IGN: rms701
  18. Who want me train their pokes PEOPLE DOING NOW SHADOWNOVA711 4567ASH 1EXP = 4 PDS
  19. Hi mebers of pokemon vortex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this contest is the final contest of my and pokechan's life. we are very sad to say that we are leaving the game for continuing our dream. so no need to be sad anymore for us. we can get hapiness from even u when u get it and now we are conducting this contest. where we can feel others happiness. the first 6 commentators who put their ign will get some epic pokemon. while the others can offer from our trade and maximum is ten u can offer. so pls note that u dont offer many. our dream is to publish a cartoon and be a rising star in irl. if u get happiness in this contest pls comment down that u got happiness. so thank you all for ur support and bye for the final time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. The prizes are Event vivillon ( fancy) Legendary Thundurus , latios and a kyogre Rare riolu , rotom and a rowlet
  21. A giveaway in which everyone wins in memory of iweimax0524
  22. Sadly quantumthebest is back so the giveaway is small now but the following win @eeveecuteness wins cosmog @BIVANBLAZE13 wins zygarde core promo @BIVANBLAZE13 wins morpeko hangry
  23. Here are the Pokémon I’m giving away: i will be doing monthly giveaways, so follow me to know when each one starts!! Credit to: @Troofer
  24. This is the first giveaway hosted by me. I have not hosted a giveaway since i joined last year so, this is a somewhat big one 1st prize- 2nd Prize- 3rd Prize- Only 7 contestants to enter So come out fast...
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