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  1. 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd 4th comment your ign to enter this giveaway!
  2. Each contestant(groups if there are many people) will get 3 random pokemon. 1 legendary, 1 rare(exceptions are pokemon that dont have past evolutions including hearts yet are rares like morgrem etc), 1 common. Contestants will need to catch one of their unique and normal variant. or 2 uniques. Any photo editing, Non-OT submission, Inspect element or past caught submission will lead to immediate disqualification from this and future competitions to. The Contest Registration will end at 6th April 9:30PM IST. The Contest Information about pokemon will be given at 7-8th April 9:30PM
  3. giveaway every week, so dont miss out but sometimes, will be mystery contest, and usually its possible that nobody gets prize if its contest
  4. Heyo..... to all old joiners to my contest u know what to do to new ones it u wanna jion just post ur I’d I will select ur opponent n u must showdown if u don’t know what is showdown the just message me or dm me in forums prize: IDK. (But very good n event or UB or shiny legendary) MIN:16 MEMBERS TO START THE CONTEST
  5. The contest is very simple. After 49 replies to this post, the person who is able to post reply in the multiple of 5s consecutively wins. For eg. If I post the 50th reply, I will have to post the 55th reply to win. If I post the 55th reply, I will have to post the 60th reply to win. If I post the 60th reply, I will have to post the 65th reply to win. The first person who is able to post two replies in the multiple of 5s after 49 replies win. The reply has to be in the multiple of 5s. If you post the 51
  6. Let me know your IGN and first 5 people only can join. I will randomly pick and will giveaway Add me as a friend and put a pokemon up for trade. Will put Mega Swampert against your basic pokemon
  7. Hello! Today I am hosting a contest that involves pokemon showdown. The rules are simple type your ign in vortex and in showdown. The prizes are and . Each day a match will start I will select who battles. When you are done with the battle take a screenshot of your victory. Have a good day - Foodviro
  8. Well havent done one of these in a while so here we go? This giveaway will only include starter Pokémon for example These are some of the Pokémon that you could potentially win there is more but just keep in mind that you may not win some of these. The number of winners will be announced after the the giveaway ends (3 days) The more people that enter this giveaway, the more winners there will be (10 people enter=4 winners) (20 people enter=8 winners) etc. Hope everyone is doing good and staying safe.
  9. Welcome ladies/gentlemens here we are about to start the Jhoto league! to enter please have this format: Pokemon vortex ign: Pokemon showdown ign: Jhoto badges: https://screenshoteasy.com/detail/7hyonljd5g remember the screen shot must have ure username some where in it to take a screen shot u may use light shot or other tools. the torment will contain of 16 players enterring means that u must battle or u forfeit the matches must battle so I recommend saying which contry u live in so we can put u in with the matches that will be more suitible for u but it
  10. tradingfor or for 1,000,000 Pds- poke dollars orx4 theese are what i would prefer but tell your offer,if i think you offer is great ill accept it
  11. So here is how it works... 1. you put in one of your pokemon 2. then i will choose randomly and the two that i will choose either trade pokemon OR release that pokemon WARNING: IF YOU PUT IN ONE OF YOUR FAVORITES AND YOU DON'T LIKE THE PARTNER THAT I CHOSE FOR YOU AND YOU DON'T TRADE OR RELEASE THEN YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM MY GIVEAWAYS AND CONTESTS I WILL CHECK ON YOU AND YOUR PARTNERS POKEMON
  12. i know that lots of newbies dont have legends, so im doing a giveaway only for newbies, just type your ign and i will check if you are a newbie or not if you are not a newbie, im sorry to say you cannot enter, so yeah it will be on till next week at sunday bc there are not many newbies here
  13. So if you are the first one who trades me a then i will let you choose what my profile picture will be for an entire MONTH!!!! But if you get me a after this date then you don't have to worry because it starts whenever you trade me it! Enjoy and i hope you are the one! (The picture is going to be on FORUMS and HAS to be APPROPRIATE)
  14. hey guys i recently got 70 followers and i want to giveaway ato celebrate reply with your ign to enter
  15. These are the hide and seek contest results: 1st: Cinderacekid 2nd: Captaincam1 (if you entered this time and i was not paying attention and i did not register you. you could send me a friend request and we could trade a pokemon)
  16. So I don't whether to call this a contest but giveaway. Consider it both. So in this Giveaway, u have to upvote me and say a number between 1 to 1000. The one who upvote me and gives the correct number or nearest number gets an unknown prize prize. Note: U can't spam, suppose u said a number, untill somebody else says a number u cant guess. This Giveaway will last for 3 days, better luck guessing the number. Winner's: Will be annouced earlier or announced at 2 March 2021lol
  17. So I was just on the map and i thought of a contest to do. Hide And Seek! Here are the things you have to do before you sign up: 1) Send Me A Friend Request On Pokemon Vortex(Shiny_Sylveon) 2) It will start today at 12:30 am 1st place: Level: 100 Exp: 54,008 2nd place:Level: 62 Exp: 31,217 3rd Place:Level: 60 Exp: 30,458 Hope to see you there!
  18. Okay, so here is how it works .. I will be posting questions once a day, for 7 days/a week. Whoever can answer them correctly each day will win a prize next week. You can only enter before the 2nd question is posted. if you are late to answer then you are eliminated. if you have a wrong answer you will also be eliminated. now i dont really give hard questions, so you guys should probably be able to do this Good Luck and Thank You P.S. dont cheat
  19. hi this is a not important give away in just giving both shiny and shadow piplupto enter all you need to do is type in your ign
  20. alright i haven't done one of this in weeks the entire 2021 acully so… Here are the prizes 6 random imuties https://static.pokemon-vortex.com/v4/images/pokemon_front/Sylveon.png<> https://static.pokemon-vortex.com/v4/images/pokemon_front/Dragonite.png<> Best movesets for it ^ https://static.pokemon-vortex.com/v4/images/pokemon_front/Lucario.png<> https://static.pokemon-vortex.com/v4/images/pokemon_front/Infernape.png https://static.pokemon-vortex.com/v4/images/pokemon_front/Decidueye.png<> https://static.pokemon-vortex
  21. So, as you know people have good decks and a training deck, right now, im using my training deck to catch stuff in the wild. the rulse are: 1. You must guess my normal good deck that i use in week days, u must be precise... 2. if u are wrong 1 poke u will still get a prize, but not as good as the grand prize 3. 1 person can only guess once, if u guess twice, u are eliminated 4. You MUST use the pokemon pictures to guess, like this: 5. u must also use the variants, ex: 6. This competition will end at sunday 6pm, (UTC+7). 7. You dont need to have the precise order now
  22. I haven't been creating contests for a long while so I have decided to make up the mood up for this contest today so Rules are 1. Every winner gets a random legendary pokemon as his or her reward 2. There will be 1 question everytime in a week or two 3. IF any participant doesnt guesses or answers these all question he or she will be disqualified 4.Everyone will be able to get 1 chance Only to guess the answer for a particular question or he or she will be disqualified 5.No abusive language use and this contest sill go on forever till I play this game 6. never ed
  23. Yup I reached 50 +-Friends in the game , ign Hardieboi. Want more friends as I play this game for friends rather than just to play Just enter ur ign below . Names will only be counted if u have entered the poll
  24. this will start 3:00 Pm Central time any pokemon in my trades can be offered and u get it fro free unless somebody else beat you too it You can offer up to 3 times or more if i';m not counting good luck
  25. Here you will get free promos and as you know early pidgey catches the promo(The early bird catches the worm)so be quick. This is a promo contest. Here every day you will get a promo.
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