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Found 30 results

  1. Shreyjain874

    Contest Ended

    Hey Guys ik that this is not very rare giveaway i will try better giveaway next time So Sorry for this - Blastoise (Mega) Level: 100 Experience: 50,572 Blaziken (Mega) Level: 50 Experience: 25,000 Flygon Level: 100 Experience: 53,000 Incineroar Level: 100 Experience: 51,379 Jolteon Level: 100 Experience: 63,267 Mew Level: 67 Experience: 33,500 Primarina Level: 100 Experience: 52,091 Pyroar Level: 100 Experience: 85,633 Serperior Level: 100 Experience: 51,736 Samurott Level: 100 Experience: 124,059 Shadow Krookodile Level: 100 Experience: 55,743 Shiny Sceptile (Mega) Level: 100 Experience: 182,324 Shiny Seismitoad Level: 100 Experience: 50,633 Shiny Cofagrigus Level: 100 Experience: 52,288 Typhlosion Level: 50 Experience: 25,000 (Choose a attack of any one Pokemon and tell which is powerful)
  2. Hi everyoneZ!... is meh me again and this it's not a Giveaway... this is a Contest!!! Prize is 1 DP/ Premium poke of your choice!!!!!!! RuleZ: QuestionZ: The Prize will be given in the form of a Promo Code !! Contest ends on July 16th (1 day after the Final of the FIFA World Cup). Gud looks!!!
  3. pranay-the-gamer

    Contest exp training shop

    Trading exp(16m) for: events/dp/$$$-23m
  4. pranay-the-gamer


    welcome to vortex trade station center for vortex users LIST YOUR POKEMONS HERE TO DISPLAY. LIST AND OFFER TRADES LISTING... TRADES OF PRANAY-THE-GAMER 1.Bellsprout TRADES OF CSAIPRANEETH 1.Shiny Zygarde (Complete) 2.Shiny Rotom (Pokedex) 3.Dark Zygarde (Partial) csaipraneeth is currently looking for arceus forms and dps. If you also want to add your trade in this please leave a comment below : containing your trade and LF HAPPY TRADING AND HUNTING ign : pranay-the-gamer
  5. Rules- Type ur ign with reply no. 1st prize. Mystery Pokemon 2nd Prize. Rare Pokemon All the best
  6. pokefansehas

    Contest Get 3 Z-Cells

    Hi here you have an amazing opportunity to get 3 cells; Rules- never send msg. more than a time Instruction- type your IGN and also no. in order ALL THE BEST eg. IGN xxxx no. 1
  7. Hey!! Iam starting a contest for the members of KAPPA SQUAD clan in Pokémon vortex... The winner will get pokes, money, promo's, items, balls... etc.. Contest starting from tomorrow.. To register you need to join KAPPA SQUAD clan.. T&c apply
  8. Congratulations Anirban52134 You Won Shiny Tornadus PM me My Ign is - shreyjain44
  9. Not a joke, winner will be picked via name generator 24/2/18. More giveaways will follow soon prepare and from Dylan, Blue and Nash, Goodbye. We quit. Anyone can enter, yes even you Kaylum 17,968,041
  10. Hi there! I'm giving away a this time All you need to do to enter the contest is post your IGN below ;-) Winner will be chosen within few days. Good luck!
  11. HunterHemsley


    Shiny Zekrom Stats Level: 100 Experience: 301,565 Happiness: Info Pokédex Number: #644 ID: #0005546598 Owner: andrethegiant Original Trainer: Game996 Attacks Bolt Strike Outrage Thunder Crunch Edition Evolution Shiny Zekrom is at its final stage of evolution. TO ENTER PLEASE FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT -TAQIKAZIMI11 comment your vortex username or dm me in insta or vortex thnx
  12. Magikarp. Caterpie. Pichu. Abra. The weakest pokemon. Ever. Vote to select the weakest one! Oh, and there is a giveaway too! The people who answered any of questions correctly will get - pokemon- you will get the pokemon! attacks- you will get a pokemon which does the attack. if you answered both correctly, then you will get something else, which I'm not going to tell. Vote, and win!
  13. Hello you all I have decided to giveaway any pokemon for christmas so im hosting this as a contest .... FIRST, WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO DO.... you just have to post a pokemon's icon and put the nickname that you would give to the pokemon and whoever gets the most upvotes in this contest wins! THE RULES.... 1. no spamming 2. no editing your post 3. no swearing 4. no teasing 5. no begging 6. do not multi post WHOEVER BREAKS THESE RULES WILL BE DISQUALIFIED! THE PRIZES......... 1. 2. 3. ALL THE BEST GUYS! AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  14. Hey guyz! Welcome to my amazing PokéBay contest ! First off.. Season's Greetings y'all! So down to buisness ... I'll be hosting a contest where you get to win ONE OF THE FOLLOWING- So in order to participate all you gotta do is- WIN MY SNOVER AUCTION ! Auction Details Are As Follows- Started By: porymon Total Bids: 0 Start Price: 25,000 Started: 3:53am on 24-Dec Ends: 3:53am on 25-Dec AUCTION ID : #0000112654 The prize for the winner will be chosen RANDOMLY from the list I posted before.... Here's what else you gotta do... Bid on the snover while it's cheap. (For you poor guys) Post your IGN below Guess the price at which the auction will end.(Editing your post to change the guessed price will result you being disqualified) The person most close to the winning price will get a SPECIAL PRIZE. (One can win both the auction and the guessing contest) ENTRIES END AT 6:00 PM (Server Time)- So you gotta Bid (At Least Once), Post your IGN below and Guess the winning price before that. After that... those who have entered get to bid as many times they want on the snover untill it ends.(You can bid more than once before it ends too..but you gotta enter here.) AUCTION ENDS TOMORROW... SO GET BIDDING GUYS! ONCE AGAIN, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! And GOOD LUCK TO YA!
  15. Hey Guys! I'm hosting a contest to win my shiny Giratina! All you have to do is answer these questions: 1. What is your favourite Pokèmon? 2. What is your favourite trio? 3. What is your favourite number? 4. What is needed to make Rayquaza me get evolve in ORAS? 5. What's your IGN? I hope you guys enjoy!

    Contest My game and last grand giveaway

    Hi guys,It's finally happening i am leaving vortex.I am hosting a contest in which i will write some questions you have to give answer after that you will be entered in contest after a week i will choose 5 winners for my grand prize.The following prizes are;- 1st prize= 2nd prize= 3rd prize= All my Normal leg+unique non -leg(Every unique except shiny) 4th prize=All my Unique leg+normal non -leg 5th prize=All my shiny non-leg(some are my fav and precious) Question;- 1)Who will win Mew two armor vs Arceus? 2)The trio of legend poke saved by Ho-Oh (Told once in pokemon series). 3)The best trio of pokemon according to you. 4)The pokemon also know as king of nightmares. 5)Any number from 1-30 Thanks for playing,Good luck,Good bye.....
  17. Hello guys its time to get an Event giveaway on the run ! Lets get on with it!
  18. dangerous1234

    Contest Pokemon give away

    Ok you are here for a Pokemon giveaway this is a giveaway of random Pokemon and if you're lucky than you can get even a legendary there will be ten winners and all would get legendaries all you have to do is give your poke vortex username and I should choose the winners that is all Legendaries are
  19. If u want to win just tell me ur username and try to guess the number im thinking of. If u get the number right u automatically win!
  20. Giving away some of my metallic legends that have been up for trade for a while Here are the contents The winner will, of course, been chosen at random anytime tomorrow and i will offer all these Pokemon on any Pokemon in said winners Pokemon up for trade PS : Remember to leave your IGN so i can offer
  21. I don't know the prize yet but since I don't have much work to do, I am going to host a giveaway. The prize will be worth it, so no worries. To win this giveaway, you need to find the Shiny Bulbasaur in the Spoiler Box
  22. rishivojjala014-2

    Contest $$ win others pokemon$$

    CONTEST YUP MY FIRST CONTEST ON FORUMS , CAN'ST SAY MINE ENTIRELY CAUSES THE PRIZES WONT BE GIVEN BY ME , BUT FROM U YOURSELF !! CONFUSED AREN'T U , how the contest works;- 1.Every week / day/ altenate days , whenever i want this contest wil start 2. to enter EACH contest u need to pay a fee of certain pokemon - say 1 unique legend, 10 unique pokemon , 3 normal legends ,, etc 3. after some time say 1/2 days contest application will close 4. Numbers will be given to each of u , in order on the application ( in comments ) u gave 5. the wining number will be selected in random using random.org (HAVE ANY BETTER RANDOM NO. GENERATOR MESSAGE ME) 6. the prize will be all the pokemon that were collected as application fee!! 7. to enter the competioin say " i wanna enter with your ign , and please mention the pokemon on which u have offered", and trade the entry fee / pokemon to ign; contestpokemonsfee , offer the pokemon on any useless pokemon up for trade 8. u cannot participate if u dont give the fee to ign; contestpokemonsfee 9. with the contest fee pokemon , i u can add in ( even 1 would be of great help)some normal pokemon or any pokemon u want to get rid of , it will be a vey big help 10. as said in 7. please mention the pokemon on which u have offered and people applying later on should not offer their pokes on the same pokemon , this will save your and my time i would like too participate too , but i cant cause it's my contest so if i win ppl be like "rigged "and stuff so one day if i keep enrty fee as 1 event say , and there are 100 competitiors , the winner will win 100 events , !!! THAT WOULD BE ONE VERY LUCKY WINNER !!! ONGOING CONTEST PRESENTLY;- ENTRY FEE- 10 unique nonlegendary pokemon ( u can add in 1or 2 or how many ever normal or unique useless pokemon u want to get rid of , will be a great help to me , as i need to collect many to to keep uft so ppl can offer their fee) this above contest started on 20-4-2017 , at some random GMT stuff i dont understand , this will be till 24 hours or a bit more


  24. Winner will get a nice Rules: One Entry per person! Normal Forum Rules Apply Comment what you believe is the answer. Admins are not permitted to enter for obvious reasons Sorry (Closest to correct date wins) Question: What Day/Month/Year was this screen capture taken of retro Pokemon Vortex? Will run for 72 hours Enjoy Seeing as this giveaway is on the forums.. Here's a flashback for old timers (Not part of the contest)
  25. aarya2005

    Contest Guess the Date?

    This is my first contest . Easy rules Prizes Round 1 Round 2 ROUND 3