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  1. I am doing a friend choice evolution. I will be evolving a Kirlia on my team. You guys need to vote it to be a Gallade or a Gardevoir. Gallade: 6 Gardevoir: 2 >>>>> or >>>>> The due date is February, 1, 2021. U dont have to be a friend
  2. thx for 20 followers so in celebration, i am giving away 4 ultra beasts these ultra beasts are -mystic guzzlord -naganadel -guzzlord _Xurkitree how to enter:type ign,if you are a winner,message me good luck more pokemon coming soon(might not be an ultra beast-might be a legendary)
  3. 1 -2 winner each week please follow me and pls upvote this to enter ign to enter common poekmon 10% rare pokemon 50% legendary poekmon 49% UB if I have one 1% winner every Monday if not Tuesday after the other giveaways finishes
  4. whats up guys and i just want to say thanks for 50 followers and to celebrate i will be given the following 1. as well as 400k pds and 20 random level 100 pokemon 2. 30 random level 100 pokemon to enter just put your ign
  5. so i have a giveaway but the prizes are secrets you can get events,leggies and many more pls put ya ign
  6. i have reached 15 followers! yay now,in celebration of that i am going to be giving away 2 ultra beasts i will not tell you what they are cause i am keeping it a mystry how to enter:type in you ign(in game name) and if you are lucky i might pick you hope you have a great day also:
  7. This is a never ending giveaway (no normal pokes) 1 week prize volcanian 2 week prize zubatween hallowen 3 week ??? 4 week ??. . . . v winner will be announced every Saturday because I will be busy on Friday with my contest and all r grand prize min prizes is a riolu as @iweimax0524 said he want to cross me out. just making that hard for him (just joking) this is never ending giveaway and aslo looking for followers good luck to alL To enter just post ur ign
  8. So, here is how it works ill give questions, u answer, and if u answer correctly, u move on to next round 1 round will end about 1 day, so if u don't answer the question after the next question is posted, u are disqualified there will be 7 rounds in total, everybody is allowed to participate prize will be a random poke of chances: common:45% unique common:30% rare:15% unique rare:5% Legendary:4% legendary unique:1%, since i only have one oke, pls no cheating in vortex or google.
  9. I am starting a contest for catching 5 metallic pichu in the map. No cheating allowed. Send screenshots of the pichu's and make them 100 lvl of all in the team . I will judge and send you pokedollars. Email :- ayush1002.c@gmail.com
  10. The first to guess the Gen 1 pokemon im thinking of gets a random legendary (i honestly dont play this anymore and im getting rid of my pokemon so why not have fun doing it) ill give you a hint. Its a first stage evolution and you only get one guess
  11. hallo, it's me again back with another giveaway i have got dusk ball promo 19x Dive ball promo 15x Moon ball promo 10x Net ball promo 10x Ultra ball promo 18x All of these contain 50 pokeball each Ultra ball promo 0x (gone will get some more soon) this one has 100 ball each u can chose any one from this i will give you its promo and u can chose only one anyone can enter except retarded @jedhj thanks to @tazzer @zhon Mane#4350 on discord
  12. Hey everyone! Recently decided to do another giveaway because why not. Heres how it will work answer the question down below and if your correct you'll be entered into the giveaway im hosting. The winner will be announced in 5 days and the prize is a surprise. (Question) What did V7xyz win from the last giveaway? (Bonus Question) Who is the person in my profile picture? (If guessed correct you win my entire alt account) https://discord.gg/F3qsVVH3 Feel free to join
  13. So here is how it works... 1. you put in one of your pokemon 2. then i will choose randomly and the two that i will choose either trade pokemon OR release that pokemon WARNING: IF YOU PUT IN ONE OF YOUR FAVORITES AND YOU DON'T LIKE THE PARTNER THAT I CHOSE FOR YOU AND YOU DON'T TRADE OR RELEASE THEN YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM MY GIVEAWAYS AND CONTESTS I WILL CHECK ON YOU AND YOUR PARTNERS POKEMON
  14. Hey everyone Haven't made a giveaway in quite a while. Recently I reached 120,000,000 exp so this calls for a giveaway This giveaway will be completely random you could win anything I own. There will be 3 winners just post your ign below! I will be announcing winners on January 10th. Good luck everyone stay happy and safe
  15. hi this is a not important give away in just giving both shiny and shadow piplupto enter all you need to do is type in your ign
  16. So it only a contest to TEAM UMBREON 2.0 Rules 1) here first post ur ign 2)then ask an question related to Pokémon 3)then the next person who what’s to enter the contest must write the answer of the question asked by the previous one and then post there question 4)if nobody is able to any the questions asked by u .then u will win 5)I will declare the winner exactly after two days Prize (((((((((()))))))))))) hope u enjoy the contest
  17. Welcome ladies/gentlemens here we are about to start the Jhoto league! to enter please have this format: Pokemon vortex ign: Pokemon showdown ign: Jhoto badges: https://screenshoteasy.com/detail/7hyonljd5g remember the screen shot must have ure username some where in it to take a screen shot u may use light shot or other tools. the torment will contain of 16 players enterring means that u must battle or u forfeit the matches must battle so I recommend saying which contry u live in so we can put u in with the matches that will be more suitible for u but it
  18. you could get a magikarp to a shiny zeroara just select a number from 1-25 only 25 entries Normal-99.9% Rare-50% Legendary-4% ultra beast-0.0001% event-0.0000001%
  19. Hallo, it is again with a exp contest 1st place gets a 2nd place gets a 3rd place gets a they all got exp more then 200,000 this contest starts today from today till 24 december In this contest you have to train your pokemon to participate enter the pokemon you will train the its current exp with your ign. good luck hbd myself i will be participating too
  20. Everyone has one chance to do this, if you think you have the answer, send my a message on pokemon vortex. My ign: DragonQueen5928. DO NOT POST IT ON FORUMS! If you put it on forums, then everyone will have access to the answers! 1st 2nd: 3rd: Name this pokemon of Ash's 1: L_ _a_ _o_ _ 2: B_iz_ _ 3: T_ _t_ _ _ _ 4: What's my favorite one of Ash's pokemon from Pokemon journeys? (Only counting pokemon that he is carrying with him) 5: What type of attacks are ghost type pokemon
  21. Sup guys as we all know it's Christmas and everyone's hyped so I am giving away presents to everyone not only to my friends Presents: Shiny gengar mega(300k exp) Gallade mega(480k exp) Dark gallade mega Houndoom mega (200k exp) Dakrown(150k exp) Shadow zekrom(220k exp) Shadow Mr Rime. Shiny artcuno (taken) Kind of a noob so I just got these prizes @9876ash @red_wolf_ @Captaincam1 And @Babby246 cannot enter.pls send me a dm and also list 2 to 3 pokemon
  22. who every gets two thousand follower will get one of or
  23. Hmmm this time contest will be something new i will see if u know about ur self This question r only from vortex 1) who was the first person to give u a upvoting in froums? 2) what was the noobest post u have ever done in forums 3)who devoted u for the first time in froums? 4)who is the retired player who U did not talk or chat but u what him back to play. 5)what was the post done by one of ur nice friends which deserve devote but u did not devote it because he is ur friend . 6)who was the first person whom u upvoted in forums? 7)who was the playe
  24. Everyone has one chance to do this, if you think you have the answer, send my a message on pokemon vortex. My ign: DragonQueen5928. DO NOT POST IT ON FORUMS! If you put it on forums, then everyone will have access to the answers! 1st: 2nd: 3rd: Name this pokemon of Ash's 1: L_ _a_ _o 2: R_ _ _e_ 3: Gr_ _ _ _ _ _ 4: What's my fovorite sinnoh pokemon? Hint: A fighting/steel type 5: What type of attacks are normal type pokemon immune to? Name that pokemon? 6:
  25. Hi hello to my friend and participants to my Friday contest umm hi this time I again came up with a new contest rules . Post 3 memes which u like the most and 3 memes what u think that has no sense of Pokémon Then ur ign prize : hmmmmmm it’s a random event thanks for participating in my contest (ik this time it was easy next time it will hard so prepare for my next contest )
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