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Found 49 results

  1. Hey guys! Welcome! I've decided to host another contest cuz . Prize- (TBD) (It'll be something big tho) To enter, all you have to do is - 1. Post your IGN 2. Post a valid promo code (claimed or unclaimed) that has PORY or P0RY in it. All the four characters must be together. Giveaway ends whenever someone gets it/ Prize is a But if you get something close enuf and no one else gets it then youll win a coo promo code. Like a really coo one. (Hint: You can keep packaging and unpacking a promo you already have to change the code) Good luck and get going!
  2. ashgreninjaserina

    Contest Exp earned challenge

    Basicly you post 1) your IGN 2)post a screenshot of the most exp earned. I will be the judge of if it is reasonable. The prize will be a mystery shiny level 100.
  3. male and female as the prize. There might be more prizes depending on the amount of people that enter. Put this down: 1: IGN 2: Cats or dogs 3: Favorite region (pokemon region) Wait for the winners. Good luck to all that enter! This ends on Friday.
  4. So..Everyone seems to be in a stormy mood right now cuz of the Arceus event. So I guess I need to lighten things up a bit. SO..Rules 1. Comment your IGN. 2.give me an upvote Comment your favourite Arceus variant. And that's it! The Prize Signing out, bros and brodettes
  5. itachiindia

    Contest Artist ganag

    Hello everyone.. so I was bored today and then I decided to make some sketch of a Pokemon. Later I realised that there might be few artist even in the game as well. So why not everyone share their Pokemon art work? The best art would be selected as the winner and maybe Patrick may even like your art of your pokemon and release it in the game. (if your lucky!!). So the contest begins... Hope you like the idea. XD Winners may get Pds, Pokemon,items etc..
  6. TreyBarks

    Contest ART CONTEST!

    The Artist Guild [TAG] is having its first Pokemon Vortex Art Contest! Starting: Today! Deadline: July 6th IT'S A DRAW! But there can be only one winner! Create, perfect, sketch or just doodle your favorite pokemon and send it to TBarksArt@Gmail.com, as well as submit it in this thread, for a chance to win The Artist Guilds very first contest! The art will be judged by the members of TAG and a winner will be selected on technique, skill, imagination, and overall Poke-ness. THE WINNER will receive 1 free art voucher for TreyBarks* to draw any pokemon of their choosing, as well as 1 Arceus(Water) and 1 Metallic Smeargle. (Love art AND Pokemon of any kind? Join the Artist guild [TAG] today!) *TreyBarks (Me) is a professional and published fulltime artist, whos work can be viewed HERE
  7. 1st price : COSMOG!!! 2nd pice : Dark zekrom 3rd price random legendary In this contest put ur ign and then type the best joke note:no price for worst joke Good luck !!! by the way the contest ends on 11/6/2019 DD/MM/YYYY
  8. All you need to do for this contest is do the most damage you possibly can. Post screenshot of it here with your username. The screenshot must contain whole battle screen, otherwise it will not count. Reward will be . You cannot edit your post and you can reply to this topic only once. In case of top people dealt the same damage, the person who posted before wins. Person that does the least damage here, gets a surprise reward. You have until 24th of May to enter.
  9. Not a joke, winner will be picked via name generator 24/2/18. More giveaways will follow soon prepare and from Dylan, Blue and Nash, Goodbye. We quit. Anyone can enter, yes even you Kaylum 17,968,041
  10. Hey guys....i am hosting a giveaway....again. This time its pretty good one.. Yes it is a DP Shadow Fairy and with 500k exp...I trained it thats why its fair...Gonna complete my 3rd wonderful year of Vortex...Love you all and back.... Giveaway ends within 1 month..yes thats long. To Enter entering is a piece of cake just 1)Your IGN 2)What you love most about Vortex?? Well thats it Best of luck for the giveaway GL Thanks Pat for making my childhood wonderful (Waiting for someone) NO DOUBLE POST Ending on April 10th
  11. Kittykats Gift That Keeps On Giving Hello all! I have been planning this for awhile, and with the event just around the corner I figured it would be a good time to do it! I'm going to start a monthly contest that lasts for one week, every month! So without further ado, here is #1 Date:2/17/19-2/24/19 Rules: Only one entry No commenting after your entry please How to Enter: Comment your IGN... Thats it! Prizes: The prizes will start off small, but I am getting more pokemon to use for the contest often! Promo Code Lopunnite Promo Code 50X Net ball Promo Code
  12. OKAY SO HERE IS A GIVEAWAY FOR MY 2 YEARS IN VORTEX (The Giveaway is Starting 1 day before My real 2 years in Vortex,lol) THE RULES WILL BE SIMPLE 1.No Double Entries 2. Some People are NOT allowed to take part (I won't take any names i'll neglect you personally) 3. Besides these all global forum rules applied! How To Enter Simply Post your IGN Prize The Giveaway ends Whenever I feel like it,Not more than a week i guess Enjoy!!
  13. Giveaway over! Look out for the next one! Howdy Folks! I'm here to host a giveaway, but that's why you probably clicked here so..... yeah Without further ado here it is! Date-2/7/2019- 2/9/2019 Rules!!! Only post once, as posting multiple times ruins the choosing process and any offenders will not be counted no sore loosing. I use random.org, so there's no favoritism if the prize isn't claimed within 15 minutes it can legally leave.... No just kidding- but you do have a 24 hour claim window!!! How to Enter: Just post your IGN and what you think the Into the Unown event will be! Prizes: *PRIZES WILL BE IN THE FORM OF CODES* 1st-Promo Code 2nd- X5 Latiosite Promo Code 3rd- Audinite Promo Code 4th- X100 Ultra Ball Code 5th- X50 Moon Ball Code
  14. PS: This will end on 20th September
  15. CLOSED Hope you had a Merry Christmas
  16. UnknownUzerName

    Contest Regice Giveaway

    Steps to win: enter IGN, and name your favorite Pokemon. Also, contest ends December 20th
  17. Nastsu.dragneel

    Contest Pokemon contest

    Hey nastu here so in order to enter the contest you must 1.put in your username so I will check if it is real 2.your best pokemon and it’s move it can be fake 3.the worst pokemon you can think of and it’s moves 4.what anime you like (let’s go fairy tail!) 5.this contest shall end when there are 5 or 10 people the winner shall get a Yvetal from my giveaway 1st prize one so let’s go!
  18. Congratulations Anirban52134 You Won Shiny Tornadus PM me My Ign is - shreyjain44
  19. ShinyChamp123

    Contest Starter Giveaway

    Hey everyone I m back,This time it will be a Starter Giveaway.The prizes are -and . The rules for entering are simple- 1:- Your ign 2:- Fav Pokemon 3:-Worst pokemon 4:-Do I deserve a thanks? The winner will be allowed to chose any one of the starters from the above list ANY.There will be 2 winners and they can choose whatever starter they want from the list.GL. The giveaway will end on 6th September 2018
  20. I'm giving the winner the full set of Genesect. Condition 1. IGN 2. Favorite Unova Pokemon 3. Tell me why you want it Will pick the winner on September 8th
  21. ShinyChamp123

    Contest Cosmog Giveaway

    Cosmog Giveaway!!! The giveaway is of a normal !!! To enter simply type your ign. A winner will be selected by 30th August 2018. Any more queries then contact me on my account ign-ShinyChamp
  22. Shreyjain874

    Contest Ended

    Hey Guys ik that this is not very rare giveaway i will try better giveaway next time So Sorry for this - Blastoise (Mega) Level: 100 Experience: 50,572 Blaziken (Mega) Level: 50 Experience: 25,000 Flygon Level: 100 Experience: 53,000 Incineroar Level: 100 Experience: 51,379 Jolteon Level: 100 Experience: 63,267 Mew Level: 67 Experience: 33,500 Primarina Level: 100 Experience: 52,091 Pyroar Level: 100 Experience: 85,633 Serperior Level: 100 Experience: 51,736 Samurott Level: 100 Experience: 124,059 Shadow Krookodile Level: 100 Experience: 55,743 Shiny Sceptile (Mega) Level: 100 Experience: 182,324 Shiny Seismitoad Level: 100 Experience: 50,633 Shiny Cofagrigus Level: 100 Experience: 52,288 Typhlosion Level: 50 Experience: 25,000 (Choose a attack of any one Pokemon and tell which is powerful)
  23. Hi everyoneZ!... is meh me again and this it's not a Giveaway... this is a Contest!!! Prize is 1 DP/ Premium poke of your choice!!!!!!! RuleZ: QuestionZ: The Prize will be given in the form of a Promo Code !! Contest ends on July 16th (1 day after the Final of the FIFA World Cup). Gud looks!!!
  24. pranay-the-gamer

    Contest exp training shop

    Trading exp(16m) for: events/dp/$$$-23m
  25. pranay-the-gamer


    welcome to vortex trade station center for vortex users LIST YOUR POKEMONS HERE TO DISPLAY. LIST AND OFFER TRADES LISTING... TRADES OF PRANAY-THE-GAMER 1.Bellsprout TRADES OF CSAIPRANEETH 1.Shiny Zygarde (Complete) 2.Shiny Rotom (Pokedex) 3.Dark Zygarde (Partial) csaipraneeth is currently looking for arceus forms and dps. If you also want to add your trade in this please leave a comment below : containing your trade and LF HAPPY TRADING AND HUNTING ign : pranay-the-gamer