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Found 96 results

  1. Discussion Pokemon give away

    Ok you are here for a Pokemon giveaway this is a giveaway of random Pokemon and if you're lucky than you can get even a legendary there will be ten winners and four would get legendaries all you have to do is give your poke vortex username and I should choose the winners that is all Legendaries are l
  2. Discussion Next Event

    What do u guys think about what next event will be......... Just comment what do u guys think and lets see who gets it right
  3. I'm just curious as to where people who play vortex live. This isn't meant to be creepy or anything, so just post the country you live in and the province, state, etc. I'll go first. I live in the US in California .
  4. Well. I don't need to introduce you to fidget spinner. I have a metallic blue one which spins for 2 mins.
  5. Vortex Goalz Seeing as everyone plays the game differently, I'm curious: what are your goals on Vortex? Share your goals and achievements here! How do you play the game, what do you strive to achieve? Why not share some hints and tips about how you play. My long term goals on Vortex are to complete the Pokedex and train every single pokemon to 1mil. With my favourites to 20mil. My short term goals are training my adorable stunfisk to 10mil and completing the shadow dex. I'm trying to get into trading more in order to complete the dex, and using my stunfisk when training pokemon up to level 100. That way he's gaining exp whilst my others grow too. So, please share your own.
  6. Comment your username and your favorite anime and you might win
  7. If you've just signed up, introduce yourself here. If you're leaving the board for some reason, let us know why. Hi there, I'm Chris. I'm an Administrator here at Pokemon Vortex and my job is to help develop and maintain the game, forums, etc. I've been around since the beginning of beta back in 09 and I hope to be around for the rest of the game's lifespan! If you need any help with anything, feel free to shoot me a PM and I will do my best to answer you.
  8. Has The Title States The Last Legendary You Caught Mine is
  9. What is you favourite pokemon?
  10. What is your Dream Team? Before you guys go on saying that "There already exists a topic like this", please go through all of it. As the topic says, "What is your Dram Team?". Unlike, the other topic, in this topic you can only post your dream team consisting of Non-Events, Non-Donations. Which means your Dream Team must only consist of only six Non-Legends, Legends and Fossils or Primals. Also, you can have more than 1 dream team. You may also share with us, which pokemons out of your Dream Team have you obtained. Let's start with me; Dream Team 1:
  11. Out of the 18 Pokemon's released for the Latest Region Alola ,Choose your bestie .
  12. One Super Power You Would Want To Have This question came across me, and I wanted to ask the community at large what super power they want. Here's how this thread will work. 1. Put the super power you would want. 2. Respond to someone else's response, and quote them so they get a notification. This is important so that the thread will stay alive. Your response can be agreement, or an argument against why you wouldn't want that power. I'll start us off. I would want the power of not having to sleep. It would be super useful because I could stay up all night playing Vor-... I mean studying.
  13. This is your commonplace where you can talk to everyone about whatever is going on with you and your life.
  14. Okay my Favorite is not because of the fact that he has better stats to suit my team and he looks why cooler in my opinion, but I'd like to hear your guys opinions on this. Have fin and debate away on whose better
  15. who do you like more Red or Blue
  16. Who's the Most Strongest Anime Villain? Who's your Most Favourite Anime Villain? Villains play a vital role in the fame of an anime. So reply with the answers to the above question. It can be any villain of any anime you've ever watched. Also, tell the reason. You can also tell what powers it has.
  17. Discussion I choose you!

    Hey! Just being straight, Which Is one pokemon you'd love to have as a REAL-LIFE Buddy? 2) What do you think should be the ultimate starter pokémon. As for me: Coz,It is cute. As for starter, COZ . ( And seriously i had to google the spelling of wynat ) Note to mods: Idk if it is the right thread,So if ,Please Change
  18. Discussion Luckiest Map

    What Map do you have the most luck on? My luckiest map is map 16 where in the span of 5 hours I caught X2 and two others I forget who. Haven't had much luck on other maps however...
  19. Hey guys just post the best trade offers you ever got....I have been getting some stupid trade offers lately but once in a while our luck shines...doesn't it? So here's my For
  20. Hello! I don't want this to be chit-chat long. Well basically i want to know about people's opinion. Question: 1) What is One event you would like The staff to re-run? (NO / Cosplays) 2) What event would you like to Be Introduced, Ways to obtain them. ( Don't be crazy like () Free claim . SIDENOTE: You CAN add your own events aswell,But no religious stuff please. My opinion: 1) I would Like to re-run .I mean look at it! :4rel: 2)I Really want a Rename, Customize event. Customize in the sense sprite. As for a Pokémon event, I would Like Tapus.They can be the same as cosplays,But instead catching pokemon like from the Deoxys event. Another thing,I can't assure that these events will come.It all depends on our Admin Waiting for your Replies -dropthat
  21. My Perfect World At the moment, this world seems to be filled with so much sadness. Every time you turn on the TV, you're greeted with a depressing horror story. Sometimes, I like to imagine what the world would be like if it was "perfect", by my definition of course. Here's your chance to share your own definition of what would make a "perfect world". Feel free to be as creative (or as silly) as you like. Describe who would be the leader(s), what laws would be in place, what would the climate be like? Is there any culture? Feel free to be critical of other people's ideals. Why wouldn't that work? How is that ridiculous? Here's mine: In my perfect world I would be Queen and have unlimited cash. I'd live in a giant castle and everyone would have to do as I say. The world would be full of animals that are super cute such as puppies, kittens, rats, tigers and seels but they would all be completely tame and interact with humans. Day jobs would be unnecessary with people spending their time doing what they love, such as pursuing creative talents or travelling. It would be hot and sunny all of the time, apart from Christmas, where there would be several inches of snow. Everybody in the world would have to buy everyone else a present. There would be pink trees and flowers everywhere, and houses would be adorable cottages. Finally, there would be androids that did all the awful jobs and they would do so with a robotic smile. This is supposed to be positive and fun so please keep real world politics and religious slander to a minimum. Also, as always, make sure your post is in line with the global forums rules.
  22. Are You In School/College/University? Or Perhaps Older/Married? I just came to know, that anybody can start a Reasonable and Good Topic at any time on the forums. So, I made one. I hope its created in the right place. This topic does not ask for/require to enter YOUR AGES. So it is different. So lets share some info! Just tell us are you CURRENTLY in School or College or University or Older than these (Perhaps, Married? ). Also you can also share some experience our info about these. I'll start. Well, I am currently in School but just after a couple of months, I'd be advancing to College.Sometimes, School is like Arrrghhh. But I know I'll miss these times, so I try to enjoy them. But, there is a teacher in my School, who is like after my FREAKIN' LIFE! She is a bit old (Maybe in 35+s). She tries to prove herself correct every time. And is like always blaming/complaining about me, even when its not my fault. Anyways....... So in this way, Share with us!!
  23. So there must be website you cannot live without. So why share those Websites with the community so that everyone can know of those cool websites you visit. They may like it too. You may list Image Uploading Sites too and Search Engines. No Porn Links. There are kids in this community. Don't Advertise other RPGs. Other Social Websites are okay. Here is my List :
  24. What tabs do you have open in your browser right now? I have: Some Dutch video my friends showed me, "[untitled]" by Sam Lasky, Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison video (not the ERB one), Nikola Tesla quotes Google Search, Pokémon Black and White 2: Trainer Theme w/ Animations, Lin-Manuel Miranda (Wikipedia), and the Pokémon Vortex game and forum page.
  25. Which pokemon/pokemons you guys planning to train during double exp?