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Found 126 results

  1. I want to introduce myself, my name is haponi and I come from Indonesia, I really like pokemon that has the power of ICE like articuno
  2. This is your commonplace where you can talk to everyone about whatever is going on with you and your life.
  3. All of these prices are based on what I think their prices are. If you have any advice or you think that something is wrong, feel free to comment below! Pokebay Items Trades Shout Out
  4. Vortex Goalz Seeing as everyone plays the game differently, I'm curious: what are your goals on Vortex? Share your goals and achievements here! How do you play the game, what do you strive to achieve? Why not share some hints and tips about how you play. My long term goals on Vortex are to complete the Pokedex and train every single pokemon to 1mil. With my favourites to 20mil. My short term goals are training my adorable stunfisk to 10mil and completing the shadow dex. I'm trying to get into trading more in order to complete the dex, and using my stunfisk when training pokemon up to level 100. That way he's gaining exp whilst my others grow too. So, please share your own.
  5. If you've just signed up, introduce yourself here. If you're leaving the board for some reason, let us know why. Hi there, I'm Chris. I'm an Administrator here at Pokemon Vortex and my job is to help develop and maintain the game, forums, etc. I've been around since the beginning of beta back in 09 and I hope to be around for the rest of the game's lifespan! If you need any help with anything, feel free to shoot me a PM and I will do my best to answer you.
  6. Hey guys just post the best trade offers you ever got....I have been getting some stupid trade offers lately but once in a while our luck shines...doesn't it? So here's my For
  7. Hello guys! In this discussion, you can post all about your first time on vortex ( or the first episode of your journey ) you can put- Your starter The first pokemon you caught Your first experience here The best part of it hope you enjoy!
  8. Show off your wallpapers and cluttered (or clean) desktops. I thought this topic already existed but apparently not. If someone finds it, let me know and I'll delete this one. Simply post a screenshot of your computer desktop. Here's mine:
  9. why is this happening? I have no logical clue, unique UBs are going to the same way also (i just got one for 2M), it has no sense its crazy! I think its because people want to catch them by theirselves and see his OT there but I think in some time ppl will realize that trying to catch all kind of UBs by theirselves is just a fanta sea and prices of UBs will rise again like batman, what do u think? D:
  10. Português: Recentemente um de meus Co-Líderes (GrapeyYT) se tornou inativo, então decidi que o membro do clan que possuir a maior quantidade de Batalhas de Clan ao fim dessa temporada (31 de Janeiro) ocupará o lugar dele e se tornara Co-Líder do clan Pokemon_ ( Como o clan atualmente possuiu 400 membros se alguém quiser entrar para participar me mande uma mensagem particular IGN/ID: CLCAL. BOA SORTE English: Recently one of my Co-Leaders (GrapeyYT) became inactive, so I decided that the clan member with the most clan battles at the end of that season (31 January) will take his place and became Co-Leader of Pokemon_ clan ( As the clan currently has 400 members if someone wants to join to participate send me a private message IGN / ID: CLCAL. GOOD LUCK Español: Recientemente uno de mis Co-Líderes (GrapeyYT) se volvió inactivo, entonces decidí que el miembro del clan que poseía la mayor cantidad de Batallas de Clan al final de esa temporada (31 de enero) ocupará su lugar y se convertir en Co-Líder del clan Pokemon_ ( Como el clan actualmente posee 400 miembros si alguien quiere entrar a participar me envía un mensaje privado IGN / ID: CLCAL. BUENA SUERTE
  11. Comment your username and your favorite anime and you might win
  12. Discussion sidequests

    i had finished my kalos sidequests but did not got my reward for that can anyone clarify my doubt it showed me only an error had occured
  13. HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! what are you gonna do or plan to do tonight and what is your goal for this year?
  14. I have doubt guys can I trade my shadow arceus ice and dark arceus ice for shadow arceus fairy can anyone clear my doubt is it worthy
  15. Who here plays USUM and/or other Pokemon games? Recently got into those.
  16. Discussion Simple trades.

    Hi here people can arrange trades and stuff. All my Pokemon are for trade. Just say your offer or PM me (WinnerOJD) Here are some of the Pokemon i have for trade: 10× Zygarde (Cell) I'm really looking for events, UBs and shiny pokemon but just give me offers:)
  17. Well i have made 10Mill so far on my Wbu guys?
  18. I caught 5 Still looking for more... Continue......the thread just like I did
  19. Discussion Pokemon finder

    i hunt for pokemons that people ask me to for a cheap price. Pm me on discord: Carapau1500#7639
  20. Discussion i cant make a new account

    It says ''Your username must be at least 3 characters long.'' but its more than 3 characters long...
  21. well there is an event coming up 'CHRISTMAS' what do you think will be the prize?
  22. Just gonna start this here for anyone to contribute until the complete list gets put up. Only add new Pokemon not available in V3, thanks! *If I accidentally list names in the wrong language, please yell at me to fix them.* Update (11/14/2017): I've debated adding Alolan location but since I'm the only one that can find them at the moment anyways, I'll hold off to avoid confusion. But they just appear where their old forms were, replacing them. (Yes, this means that Alolan Vulpix is on Fire maps, and so on.) Edit: Some more people are about to enter Alola! I'll put up locations for all those that finish soon. Cave: -Passimian -Dewpider -Rockruff -Stufful -Minior (both Meteor and Core forme) -Drampa -Nihilego -Sandshrew (Alolan) -Geodude (Alolan) -Diglett (Alolan) Cave (Water): -Pyukumuku Ice: -Guzzlord -Buzzwole -Crabrawler Grass (Day): -Bounsweet -Grubbin -Cutiefly -Comfey -Yungoos -Pikipek -Komala -Mudbray -Togedemaru -Tapu Bulu -Rattata (Alolan) -Meowth (Alolan) -Buzzwole -Tapu Bulu -Kartana -Pheromosa Grass (Night): -Pikpek -Comfey -Fomantis -Morelull -Celesteela -Rattata (Alolan) -Meowth (Alolan) -Buzzwole -Kartana -Pheromosa Grass (Water): -Wishiwashi -Bruxish -Wishiwashi (School) -Tapu Fini Electric: -Oricorio (PomPom) -Togedemaru -Tapu Koko -Xurkitree -Celesteela -Grimer (Alolan) Fire: -Salandit -Turtonator -Oricorio (Baile) -Vulpix (Alolan) Ghost (Day): -Dhelmise -Oranguru -Necrozma -Guzzlord -Tapu Lele -Oricorio (Pau) Ghost (Night): -Oricorio (Sensu) -Guzzlord -Necrozma -Mimikyu
  23. Discussion No Christmas event this year?

    So there's not a Christmas event this year?
  24. Discussion which one makes more sense?

    my hats better (talking about one hat btw) OR my hat is better