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Found 105 results

  1. One Super Power You Would Want To Have This question came across me, and I wanted to ask the community at large what super power they want. Here's how this thread will work. 1. Put the super power you would want. 2. Respond to someone else's response, and quote them so they get a notification. This is important so that the thread will stay alive. Your response can be agreement, or an argument against why you wouldn't want that power. I'll start us off. I would want the power of not having to sleep. It would be super useful because I could stay up all night playing Vor-... I mean studying.
  2. who do you like more Red or Blue
  3. Who's the Most Strongest Anime Villain? Who's your Most Favourite Anime Villain? Villains play a vital role in the fame of an anime. So reply with the answers to the above question. It can be any villain of any anime you've ever watched. Also, tell the reason. You can also tell what powers it has.
  4. Discussion Luckiest Map

    What Map do you have the most luck on? My luckiest map is map 16 where in the span of 5 hours I caught X2 and two others I forget who. Haven't had much luck on other maps however...
  5. Hello! I don't want this to be chit-chat long. Well basically i want to know about people's opinion. Question: 1) What is One event you would like The staff to re-run? (NO / Cosplays) 2) What event would you like to Be Introduced, Ways to obtain them. ( Don't be crazy like () Free claim . SIDENOTE: You CAN add your own events aswell,But no religious stuff please. My opinion: 1) I would Like to re-run .I mean look at it! :4rel: 2)I Really want a Rename, Customize event. Customize in the sense sprite. As for a Pokémon event, I would Like Tapus.They can be the same as cosplays,But instead catching pokemon like from the Deoxys event. Another thing,I can't assure that these events will come.It all depends on our Admin Waiting for your Replies -dropthat
  6. My Perfect World At the moment, this world seems to be filled with so much sadness. Every time you turn on the TV, you're greeted with a depressing horror story. Sometimes, I like to imagine what the world would be like if it was "perfect", by my definition of course. Here's your chance to share your own definition of what would make a "perfect world". Feel free to be as creative (or as silly) as you like. Describe who would be the leader(s), what laws would be in place, what would the climate be like? Is there any culture? Feel free to be critical of other people's ideals. Why wouldn't that work? How is that ridiculous? Here's mine: In my perfect world I would be Queen and have unlimited cash. I'd live in a giant castle and everyone would have to do as I say. The world would be full of animals that are super cute such as puppies, kittens, rats, tigers and seels but they would all be completely tame and interact with humans. Day jobs would be unnecessary with people spending their time doing what they love, such as pursuing creative talents or travelling. It would be hot and sunny all of the time, apart from Christmas, where there would be several inches of snow. Everybody in the world would have to buy everyone else a present. There would be pink trees and flowers everywhere, and houses would be adorable cottages. Finally, there would be androids that did all the awful jobs and they would do so with a robotic smile. This is supposed to be positive and fun so please keep real world politics and religious slander to a minimum. Also, as always, make sure your post is in line with the global forums rules.
  7. Are You In School/College/University? Or Perhaps Older/Married? I just came to know, that anybody can start a Reasonable and Good Topic at any time on the forums. So, I made one. I hope its created in the right place. This topic does not ask for/require to enter YOUR AGES. So it is different. So lets share some info! Just tell us are you CURRENTLY in School or College or University or Older than these (Perhaps, Married? ). Also you can also share some experience our info about these. I'll start. Well, I am currently in School but just after a couple of months, I'd be advancing to College.Sometimes, School is like Arrrghhh. But I know I'll miss these times, so I try to enjoy them. But, there is a teacher in my School, who is like after my FREAKIN' LIFE! She is a bit old (Maybe in 35+s). She tries to prove herself correct every time. And is like always blaming/complaining about me, even when its not my fault. Anyways....... So in this way, Share with us!!
  8. So there must be website you cannot live without. So why share those Websites with the community so that everyone can know of those cool websites you visit. They may like it too. You may list Image Uploading Sites too and Search Engines. No Porn Links. There are kids in this community. Don't Advertise other RPGs. Other Social Websites are okay. Here is my List :
  9. What tabs do you have open in your browser right now? I have: Some Dutch video my friends showed me, "[untitled]" by Sam Lasky, Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison video (not the ERB one), Nikola Tesla quotes Google Search, Pokémon Black and White 2: Trainer Theme w/ Animations, Lin-Manuel Miranda (Wikipedia), and the Pokémon Vortex game and forum page.
  10. Which pokemon/pokemons you guys planning to train during double exp?
  11. I recently made a 3d printed replica of a Poké Ball that includes working lights and motion effects as well as a rumble motor that vibrates the ball to simulate the motion of a Pokémon trying to break-out. Just wondering what you folks think? Check out the Instructable for more info, including step-by-step instructions on how to build it:émon-Poké-Ball-3d-Printed
  12. Discussion Vortex Work Station

    Post your Vortex Work Station here! Or simply, post a picture of here where you play Pokemon Vortex most of the time. Here's mine: ---- For the admins, PS: I hope I'm in the right thread Hope to see your stations soon! Thanks everyone!
  13. Think of the most richest person that you have heard of.
  14. SOTW/SOTM For those of you that don't know what "SOTW" and "SOTM" means, it stands for "Signature of the Week" and "Signature of the Month" respectively. Basically I/the host gives you a theme such as "Fixed Render: Athlete" which you must use in a signature created by yourself. All signatures will be voted on and the winner would get a nifty prize from me. All participants will receive something as well. A signature can be a simple banner or piece of artwork following the guidelines. Anyways, if this is something you would want to participate in, either comment below or hit "Yes" in the polls. An Example of a Signature by me:
  15. If I were Chris_ (the giveaway bot), I would ensure only SP20, Ril, AkoNeePlays, and BlueBoss won. If I were [BOT]SkyNet I would ban v3567 and LordSimaZhao.
  16. Discussion Clans

    Hello there.. It' s been 2 days since i have joined this game and i have finished Battle in Gym,Battle Frontier and also Events... Only Side Quests are left out which i might finish by the week end so I don't know much about clans and all. Anyone wanna invite me into their clan? i am very much interested in pokemon as you can see i have completed most of the game in less than 2 days.. I might be a valuable asset in Clan.
  17. What is your favorite Eevee Evolution? Here are your choices:
  18. Favourite Characters From The Pokemon Anime. Who has been your all time favourite character from the anime and what season of the anime did you enjoy the most?
  19. I'd probably make another game and compete with patrick and probably take all of his players and laugh at his sad ass I'll try developing something that wuold benefit mankind rather than develop a game
  20. So this is a simple conversation. To know what people got on Christmas. So, What did you get on this Christmas? I'll start. I got a Nikon Camera with 14MP. You can also post a picture of your gift.
  21. New Year Resolutions Happy New Year 2017 fellow vortex players and folkies in the game. Now taking resolutions in order to change arselves is important. Now say yor resolution out here My resolution is start thinking for myself a bit more than I used to
  22. Happy Holidays! Hey guys, what's up? Last year @Tyheamma had a really, really good idea, and she created a HUGE discussion that revolved around players would want for Christmas. There was tons of good feedback, and people had awesome ideas. The Christmas wish would be something easy like a new toy, or it could be something super cool like a dragon, or it could be a super power. I would encourage everyone to participate, and not only put what you want for Christmas, but to respond to someone else's Christmas wish. After all this is a 'discussion' forums post . To start us off, I would say that if I could have ONE thing for Christmas, it would be a WiFi router that always had high speed internet, AND always connected to Vortex's servers. ~Pheonix_Lancing
  23. I used Samsung Gear VR today with Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge... I loved it... I watched spotlight videos by google.... Horrible experience.... My mom was very much afraid while using it.... Share your experince with ur handset and VR model with brand....