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Found 126 results

  1. Discussion vortex has done it!

    vortex admin chris, has one of the pokemon sun and moon starters BEFORE THE RELEASE DATE! also they can have more pikachus
  2. Well hi guys i was wondering that in the upcoming pokemon movie it is said that magearna is a pokemon created by humans and that volcanion and magearna have a somewhat wierd bond between them. When magearna is captured , volcanion resurfaces and tries to rescue magearna. In the recent pokemon games it is said that volcanion is a pokemon that: It expels its internal steam from the arms on its back. It has enough power to blow away a mountain etc and has a organ that turns water to steam in an instant.(Yes it has an organ inside its body). And when we look to Team Flare , which is the most advanced team in tech and pokemon as they have information about the mega stones and zygarde , and moreover in recent pokemon games volcanion is said to be inside team flares hideout.(Maybe a rumour) So coming to the conclusion , whenever i see volcanion i personally think that it was also created by humans (most likely team flare) cause i dont think nature created it if we take a close look to it.Anyway i will be happy to hear about some reviews from other pokemon fans suspicious?????
  3. Life... Its beautiful, its a book and its a bunch of ... you know... Hello! So what is the most awesome thing ever happened to you so far? Nothing happened to me so far... Just the awesomest thing I HAVE ever done was to jump off the diving board and do a somersault ... and go to 2 AMAZING concertes ... So what happened to you which waz awesome? Discuss Dat here! Enjoy...
  4. Hi everyone. Know any jokes? Post them here so that everyone can see them P.S I'm really bad at jokes but I like to hear them a lot
  5. Discussion Who's The Guy?!?

    Hi Vortexians! We all have one inspiration (or maybe more),we all have somebody who we admire / like, we all have one person who's vortex ign is elegant and beautiful. So Just Type In The Ign Or Name of The Guy: 1.Who Inspires You. 2.Who You Admire/Like. 3.Whose ign is elegant and full of beautiful pokemons. So Go On Type Em!
  6. What pokemon are you looking for right now? Are they driving you crazy, or just not wanting to pop up? If so, rant in this topic P.S. This is NOT a trade thread I'm looking in the grass maps for a and have found just about every other form of cell and multiple legends, just not him
  7. #1 Jigglypuff Jigglypuff is only Pokemon still cute even when she angry. If you want cutest girl singing to you, catch her now. #2 Pikachu Pikachu is the one of the cutest pokemon. Pikachu is funny, sassy and chubby. If we are honest, he is the one we all want. People will go anywhere to catch this cutie. #3 Charmander Charmander is my personal go to first pick. From his little belly, to his little flame tail, Charmander is one of the cutest Pokemon has to offer. #4 Squirtle How can someone not find Squirtle cute? Squirtle is just so damn squeezable and full of joy. Who wouldn’t want one of these cuties with them? #5 Bulbasaur Bulbasaur is feisty but very cute. You must be lucky if you can catch him. #6 Clefairy Clefairy is a cute pokemon from the outside until the name. Do you want her? #7 Vulpix Vulpix is a puppy in Pokemon Go. If you caught Vulpix, you can embrace it all day. #8 Caterpie Caterpie is very rare pokemon. He is so funny and cute. Would you like catch one? #9 Butterfree Butterfree resembles a vaguely anthropomorphic butterfly with a cute purple body. You should quickly catch Butterfree before it flies away. #10 Eevee Eevee is a very cute and honest Pokemon. If you want a good friend, you must catch Eevee. Source: 10 Cutest Pokemon In The World
  8. I think the best team to defeat all the gyms would probably be mega Charizard, mega blastoise, mega venusaur, mega garchomp, mega pidgeot and mega gengar
  9. As the title says Who's The Most Handsome Character(Male) In Pokémon Anime/Manga According to you? Let me start. The most handsome one according to me is: Cheren
  10. Discussion Hobbies

    Hobbies A lot of people on Vortex do other things too! As a Pokemon Votex, we should know a little bit about each other's hobbies. (Hobbies can be fishing, gaming, collecting, etc.) Hobbies: I enjoy play video games (Ofc), but I also enjoy collecting shiny things . Kinda weird, but when I was about 5, I started collecting them, and it's just grown larger and larger. So what are your hobbies?
  11. Discussion Mod For A Day

    Discretion: no, you won't actually be a mod for a day. Hey guys! I'm just curious: what would you do if you were a mod for a day? Just think about it: certain powers will be obtained, you'll be able to ban plebs certain people that do not follow the rules, etc. Have fun discussing~ xoxo
  12. Mine Was All of the Battle Frontiers.
  13. Discussion please help me

    hey @Patrick im unable to login to my vortex account please help me its saying im banned
  14. hi guys now let the battle of giant sea monsters begin , our competitors are : 1== Megalodon shark 2==Liopleurodon 3==Livayatan 4==titanoboa 5==Pleiosauras Vote below with ur favourite monster.
  15. Imagine If Celebrities Were Poke mons So How Would They Look Like Eg- Marshall Matthers(Eminem), Taylor Swift, Katy Perry,Zayn Malik,Justin Bieber, Leonardo Decarpio, And So I Wanted To Know Are They Any Pokemons That Are Actually Made Like Any Celebrity?
  16. Just tell us what Religion and Country do you belong to? This will help people know how to treat you,maybe.This'll also help people find their Country-Mates! Therefore go on tell us!
  17. Discussion A day in forums

    The day when I entered here, I knew no one Now I am beginning to blend in Share your experiences in this forums
  18. Check this out and share the best results here Good ones: Doduo+ Gloom= Doom, Machop+Cloyster=Master, Squirtle+Haunter=.. oh well you got it Also feel free to share pictures of the creepiest/funniest combos! Here's some
  19. Discussion Languages

    Pokemon Vortex Languages! There are a lot of players from around that world that play Pokemon Vortex! I'm sure that many of you have seen them in the chat room,, so I'd thought it'd be nice to see which people here speak the same language! HOWEVER, remember that it is against the forums rules to type in a different language here, so if you want to converse in your native lounge take it to pms! Languages I speak: English and Spanish, and a little bit of Korean
  20. If you were the last person on earth what would you do?
  21. Supposedly, the event would be here any minute now, so why not turn into chit chat for a while. So, how many have you got so far? I have 54. What about you?
  22. Discussion Full Zygarde form

    can zygare's new form get into transformers? what do you think? yes? no? how?
  23. if digimon and pokemon were in one game it would give gamefreak rich and there would be 14,000 pokemon
  24. Let's all post some Thomas memes as I am depressed because Vortex is still down.