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Found 105 results

  1. Supposedly, the event would be here any minute now, so why not turn into chit chat for a while. So, how many have you got so far? I have 54. What about you?
  2. Discussion Full Zygarde form

    can zygare's new form get into transformers? what do you think? yes? no? how?
  3. if digimon and pokemon were in one game it would give gamefreak rich and there would be 14,000 pokemon
  4. Let's all post some Thomas memes as I am depressed because Vortex is still down.
  5. So it's the beginning of your journey. You are presumingly 10 years old (unlike those from black/white games) and are picking out your first pokemon in a professor's lab. Which one will be your trusty life-long partner?
  6. Discussion Fast Click Oops

    Have you ever accidentally double clicked, or just flat out wasn't paying attention? Don't lie... Arceus sees all liars. So who have you escaped from? Today I escaped from a and once my sister escaped from a
  7. What pokemon do you find you use the most? Here's mine-
  8. - Share your luckiest wonder trades here! - My luck has been amazing today, in the morning I got a Mega Lucario and in the afternoon I got a Shiny Aggron then a Mega Blastoise right after!
  9. Post a pic here with regards to PV on 'So Much Tears in One Picture' Here's mine. Hehe. P.S. Don't use inspect element. Thanks! -AnuBis- 7_Deadly_Sins brunoaguiar Welp, nothing special here but it was tedious work trying to complete the dex and get banned in the end. As for the experience in trying to comeplete the dex is hard as heck. Thats what you should know.
  10. Discussion Highschool Story

    ~Story time~ This happened a few weeks into my freshman year. It was hot outside, so they made us run out on the track. I somehow ended up in front of my class. Some kid (I think it was a fat senior) was nippicking at my heels. I start to trip, trying to stop myself by flailing. Before I fell, I blocked my face with my right elbow and hit rubber. Not asfault, not concrete, recycled rubber that had been sitting in the hot sun. It sure didn't feel bouncy like rubber. I skid on my elbow, flipped, hit my butt on the track, flipped again before stopping. I lied on my side while screaming bloody mary. I went down to the nurse's office and looked at how bad my elbow was, since my body weight pushed it into the dirty track. There was no skin on my right fore arm. Come next month, I take off my gauze, it was black and nasty. I had to get skin surgery. I now have a scar and there's a darker colored hole over it. That was where I pulled out a rock. So when people ask me how high school was for me, I show them my elbow.
  11. Have you ever experienced a loss, of either a pet, a family member, or a good friend? Tell about it here. I'm starting this thread because when I went to get my cereal this morning, Pattykake, my hamster, wasn't moving. No heartbeat, no breathing, no warmth. I haven't seen death this close since I was a little girl, and now, I am speechless. I hope this becomes a good, blossoming place for the community to share their losses and be comforted. ~StarPonyta20
  12. MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU! This one is pretty self-explanatory. Who is your favorite Star Wars character? Mine would have to be a tie between Darth Vader and R2-D2
  13. What was the most embarrassing moment in your life? Mine was when I tried to say "organism", but ended up pronouncing it WAY differently
  14. Yes, by my username, I like Darkrai. But then there's also Darkrown, who I also find freakin awesome. Personal opinion/debate, if you'll take it that far: Which one is better? You've got Darkrai, the first legendary dark-type, vs. his remake, Darkrown, who to me seems fancier. It's based on you guys what you think. Who is better, Darkrai or Darkrown?
  15. So sometimes in chat scrubs aRE SUPER SCRUBS. So what is your scrub Experience? This place only made for you discissing YOR scrub Experience! U
  16. Discussion Search and Miss

    So you know when you've been searching for a pokemon for a while you start to get into the habit of continuously pressing the arrow keys? Doesn't it make you PO when you accidentally skip over a legend? I've done that to before. Anybody else feel like an idiot when they do that?
  17. Imagine you have just woken up and you 're in Space, what would you do and what would be your reaction? And also the nick that gives me the best answer will be the winner.
  18. Discussion Fun Vote

    Who is the most active Member ? Not admins or mods
  19. Welcome to Brocko's Official Math Competition This competition will allow you to show how smart you are at Math Rules 1. The way to enter this competition is by displaying your made up Math names if you do not want to do that then you can just write your ighs. 2. Only a maximum of 16 players or 8 players can join this is to make sure that when you halve them down you will get a winner. 3. If you are struggling to understand the rules then you can come to the channel #Maths in Pokémon Vortex Chat. 4. This will be the prize (Core) Good Luck!
  20. Discussion IPL

    IPL IPL is starting from tommorow so i have made this thread to Discus About it
  21. Discussion School Blues

    Exams are coming up for me next week i got Math, English, and Cooking im sooo nervous So tell me hows school going for you guys and gals?
  22. I've been binge shopping at secondhand/thrift stores and I have this thing where I always smell clothes I potentially want to buy. If they smell good, I'll buy 'em. But if they smell like they've just been disinfected with numerous chemicals... nah. So I'm just wondering, are there any clothes that you've bought at a thrift store (or any store, really) and have you smelled that article of clothing before you bought it? I'll start: So Tuesday, I went to my local Goodwill and I found this Winnie the Pooh sweater and I was like, "Woah. That was my favorite show growing up as a kid #90sAF" So I bought it. Then I went to smell it and it smelled like my step-grandma. I still bought it tho.
  23. Discussion Funko Pop

    Funko is a cool company that makes vinyl figures. Do you collect their products? Discuss with other collectors here!
  24. Discussion United States President

    US Presidential Race! Who do you think will win? Between the Republican race there are four left, and there are only two in the Democratic Race! A simple template of your response has been supplied. Political Affiliation: Who will win the Republican nomination: Who will win the Democratic nomination: Who you think will ultimately become president: ~Pheonix_Lancing Note: Please do not flame other people's responses if they have a different opinion than you (*Cough cough* Trump and Rubio *cough cough*). They're just opinions, and this thread shouldn't make or break friendships. ***Disclaimer: If this thread does break a friendship, I am not responsible***
  25. Hey My Awesome Pokemon Trainers I'm Artillery "The guy with a warning"....Since I couldn't Get On Yesterday {Due to some Personal Reasons Of Course} I'm Wishing You Guys : Happy Valentines Day! ..Even thought it is late...I hope you guys would Mind it.. XP...Well I hope You guys would The Valentine You All Are Dreaming of ! I've Also Wished Some of you Guys in Privately { Because I thought it would be good but it was was time consuming} So I'm making it for the people who didn't get my message ! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! And It was sis Birthday Too!! Happy Valentines Day!!!