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Found 7 results

  1. PART FOR SUPER SMART PEOPLES who can easily understand me ( dont blame me if u dont understand now ok!) Now in simple words And btw this is not in game bug because lucario is still immune to poison and doesnot takes damage fromit and so its not a bug its an error!
  2. The explore map doesn't show up
  3. Good afternoon I would like to make a query, I have not entered the game for years but a week ago I came in and I realized that all my pokemon disappeared and I do not know what happened but I would like to recover them, is it possible?
  4. Hi there. Noticed that most Pokemon that evolve by gender usually have that specified on their profiles. To evolve Snorunt to Froslass, it has to be female. However, it doesn't show this on the profile. Please see below: Thank you for all the hard work put in to make the game great. Thanks!
  5. The sprites of the pink pokemon from the orange islands (starting from battle number 486) hover above the ground.
  6. - This is the full pic and how can a pokemon be scared and attack (and attack misses). This has happened many times to me so I posted it. Please fix it. Thanks
  7. In sidequests I have personally experienced an error that when I battle against a mystic pokemon and use an attack my pokemon gets scared which is fine. But one time I repeatedly used sludge bomb and my pokemon was scared and could not attack but after 2 turns of the same result the opponent pokemon got poisoned without my pokemon actually attacking. The same happened to me now but this time with ice beam and freezing. So please do something about it. Thanks
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