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Found 10 results

  1. i don't know how but i completed sidequest till unova but when i went to do sidequest i saw that i had finished kalos idk how even if i had did the sidequest i didn't received any promo of Xerneas (Neutral) please fix this i need to do kalos region cause it has some amazing rewards
  2. Hi guys! just want to ask if you're familiar with this kind of error in live map. My live map is always stuck on white screen and I can't seem to load the live map.. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! IGN: Yui-
  3. Hi! admins and players hope you guys are having a good day. Today i was looking at a profile that was way too weird i have given the link of screen shot below please tell me what is this and how? https://screenshoteasy.com/detail/i0dqey4z45 @Patrick and @flamescape
  4. what happened to what i caught itdidn't get in to my pokedex? I have picture to prove it.
  5. I think this a small one but ok when u make an auction the auction is spelled aution
  6. I have blocked a user by unfriending him and by viewing profile but still he says dirty words by chat how?
  7. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCUrq2wGROMWmSqIf2fBkMw/videos?view=0&sort=da&flow=grid this is my yt channel, i have added UCCUrq2wGROMWmSqIf2fBkMw this part of the link in the edit social profile in yt section. whenever I click on the yt button on my profile, it says the page not found. Pls help
  8. Front sprite: Back sprite: yeah just a small thing I noticed recently that I thought should be fixed, I checked the other jedis too and all their front and back sprites match : ) this probably should've been posted in errors, my bad
  9. - This is the full pic and how can a pokemon be scared and attack (and attack misses). This has happened many times to me so I posted it. Please fix it. Thanks
  10. In sidequests I have personally experienced an error that when I battle against a mystic pokemon and use an attack my pokemon gets scared which is fine. But one time I repeatedly used sludge bomb and my pokemon was scared and could not attack but after 2 turns of the same result the opponent pokemon got poisoned without my pokemon actually attacking. The same happened to me now but this time with ice beam and freezing. So please do something about it. Thanks
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