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Found 10 results

  1. thedosomepoop

    Event Super team to beat AZ

    One of the best teams so far to make the AZ battle a breeze is as follows. 5x Wooper (mystic) 1x Wooper (Dark) It is very important you have move coverage such as: Surf, sludge bomb, ice beam, hidden power fight. There is also video proof for doubter such as discord cameron: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sM8mbgKrW4w
  2. So far we have the following pokes from the universe of 'Star Wars':& (lately). If you have the option to elect/choose and even create a new poke for the next Star Wars event.... Which one will be?? I recently found this (image^^) on a website and I think that it'll cool for Vortex to consider to add a 'Wobbu-Fett' (fusion of Bobba-Fett and). However, I personally prefer the most a Bidoof (Chewbacca) for the May 4th, 2019 Event!!!!
  3. Pheonix Lancing

    Event Next Wanted Event!

    What Event do YOU Want Next? Undoubtedly, the most fun thing about Vortex is desperately scrambling to gather events, so this thread is very simple. What event do you want next? I know for me personally it's the set of . So, what about the rest of you? ~Pheonix_Lancing ***Disclaimer: This in no way will affect the next event, or influence what the admins choose for the next event.***
  4. Rafael Souza

    Event Deoxys Event

    Hi Guys, Is impossible to complete this events, I'm 6 days, all the day, hunting a Mystic Dratini lvl 5 female, but IT'S IMPOSSIBLE.
  5. Hello Everyone! This thread is made for the discussion regarding the currently running event which is the Deoxys (Types) Event. It's pretty hard. Hunting and all that stuff is like a real pain in the fingers. Tapping/Clicking/Pressing the buttons for hours.. Anyways, you can discuss all sorts of things about this event here, on this thread, rather than making multiple status updates. You can discuss all sorts of things about this event including the following: Which task or mission are you on? Are you facing some kind of difficulty or need some opinions? Which Deoxys form will you like to have if you complete the mission? How many will you like to have? How many hours are you playing this event? Any thoughts about how the event should be for the next tasks or...? And all other sorts of talks (about this event). Note : Please, do not ruin the Mystery n' Suspense.
  6. marllonflaxDxD

    Event Discussion about the next event.

    Which event would you like to see in February? Munchlax form Ash greninja form Deoxys forms Arceus forms(I put the 3 just to illustrate) Rotom form Dratinis form Floette (Eternal) Furfrou forms(I put the 3 just to illustrate) Genesect form Hoopa Keldeo (Resolution) Therian forms Meloetta forms Xerneas (Neutral) Would you like some other? Then comment below. PS: The event is already over, our opinions will not influence anything, we just have to wait until February. This is just to interact about the game. PS2: I forgot how to put the tags, but soon I will remember LOL
  8. marllonflaxDxD

    Event Discussion about future events

    -----------------//------------------------------------//----------------------------------------//---------------------------------------//------------------------------ Discussion: With Christmas approaching. It is impossible not to speculate about possible pokemon for the current or future Christmas events. In v1.0 to v1.8 we had Stantler's the grass maps(at night) during the Christmas event. However, he was removed from the agenda of the administrators. (According to a question / research I have done for players who speak Portuguese). Sources: Do you think there is the possibility of the return of the monster? Would like to see it at the end of the year during the Christmas event, as at Halloween event? Stantler's (Christmas): There is also another possibility as the arrival of , used by administrators in 2015 as a game to distract the players arrival of . Patrick said he could evaluate its use in the game by request of fans he (Diglett (home)). Besides, some players like the idea previously Diglett's (Christmas): Sources: They think it would be a good idea coming from either of them for the event? Like that old events return? as and for example? Let your opinions! -----------------------//--------------------------------------------------------//-------------------------------------------------------------//--------------------------------- I would also comment on the Day of the Dead (celebrated on November 2, but has start since mid-October 31) We know that many countries like Mexico, United States (for some Mexican descent) and other countries in Latin America and Europe celebrate this date. Administrators could include a pokémon trio, which their mythology fits perfectly on that date: The Therian form As we know the Trio Theriam form has a great resemblance to the North American indigenous mythology that says that animals had the ability to turn into humans (Therian - Incarnate or Incarnate - Therian). Hence arose the totems representing the status and history of each animal tribe. The Ataensic myth, daughter of heaven, is another that explains the origin of mankind. (Incarnation is the process of an immaterial take a material form, with this form material is a red. Therian refers to something with a spiritual or psychological association with an animal.) Often many societies believe that spiritual guides often use animals or images to communicate its purpose and rules to humans. I remember reading about another mythology, where Native died and had their spirits released with the image of his 'protective animals', leaving him completely with animal appearance Ps: If anyone remember/know of any mythology that says that, please let me know. Therian forms: Ps²: If anyone remember/know of any mythology that says that, please let me know. This is very important, even serious '-' As I said before, I do not understand much English and I apologize for the mistakes (even the most grotesque) English. I hope you can understand me and enjoy the discussion of the events. for those who do not remember:
  9. Hello. So I have been a player since the first day Vortex came out. However, from March 2016 I decided to take an extended break from here and the Forums (good to see many people here and the game growing, I mean 5000 online?!) Anyway, I've decided to come back for a while. I have many events but I've also missed many events. Because prices are changing and there is some controversy with exp, I was wondering from you guys if you could give your honest opinion on what you think in the following order... The most desirable The rarest The most expensive If I could have a rough price range on the following Event Pokemon ... (Normal and Unique, so 2 values on each Pokemon) Volcanion Caterpie (Christmas) Pikachu Cosplays (e.g. Rockstar, Libre) Missingno. Kyurem White / Black Pikachu (Jedi) Zygarde (Complete) Pikachu (Christmas) Diglett (Christmas) Togepi (Halloween) Rotom (Halloween) Rotom (Pokedex) Mewtwo (Armour) Giratina (Origin) Hoopa (Unbound) Arceus (Water) Arceus (Electric) Arceus (Fairy) Set it out in order of the most expensive / desirable and make the cheapest events last. Also include a rough value either in EXP. or the other event Pokemon. I respect that these are YOUR OPINIONS but if this topic gets too heated then I'll ask to close the topic. I remember there being a value discussion topic and thought it would be nice to have this back again. Thanks! [Note: I am currently not planning to sell my current events, so no need to try take advantage and rip me off, I do have experience in business :)]
  10. So far I've gotten <-X2<-X2