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  1. I need money, name a Pokémon, name your price, I’ll tell you if it’s good enough. Done. Prices are based on Exp, rarity and whether it is a variant or not. Certain Pokemon are off limits… I am looking to make a 100million by my birthday (15th Oct). So see what you want, and buy it. Includes: Normal Event Pokemon Legendaries (Variants too) Lvl 100 Pokemon (And if you just want a Pokémon with me as the Original Trainer, I will feel honoured)
  2. The stars of my trades are: Rotom Frost Rotom Heat Mystic Guzzlord Guzzlord Tornadus (Therian) Mewtwo (Evolution) Arceus (Rock) and (Steel) plus many more! PM me for more details if you are interested, check out my pokes and make your choice! Best offer wins! btw, Zeraora is not for trade. Sorry
  3. Hello, I am looking for a Shadow Hoopa, I will offer up a normal Hoopa, Mystic Hoopa and a Metallic Hoopa for it.
  4. I,m looking for to finish my set of hoopas I am willing to give all these hoopas for a shiny
  5. I am looking for: Will pay in Pokedollars or Pokemon.
  6. I'm looking for Shadow Hoopa I'm also looking for Shiny Munchlax / Snorlax and Shiny Dratini / Dragonair / Dragonite IGN TheBrokenMan I can pay all or part payment in $Pokédollars [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] IGN: TheBrokenMan Thanks
  7. I want good Pokes, money or UBs Stuff I got (event or gooood) Floette Eternal Mewtwo Evolution 1million Exp Shiny Mandibuzz Arceus Rock Arceus Steel Pikachu Rock Star Pikachu Belle Missingno. Solgaleo And anything I may have missed. Depending on the offer, EVERYTHING is up for grabs.
  8. So, I am gonna run a lottery. Whenever I am active, I will check this forum and update as needed. How does this work? Well, DM me how many lottery tickets you want (and which category too). I will put Pokeballs for auction, buy them to confirm your ticket. How much does it cost? Regular ticket: 11,111 Pokedollar Premium ticket: 111,111 Pokedollar The more tickets for each category that are bought, the better the prize. Regular Prize: Item Promo codes/Normal Pokémon Promo Codes Premium Prize: Variant Pokemon Promo Codes/Variant Pokémon (Pokebay) This Lottery will rely a lot on participation. Depending on how much funds the lottery, money may be a prize too. This is kinda confusing at the moment until the gears get rolling
  9. If you stray to my profile on Pokémon Vortex, you will notice that I have a fair few Event Pokemon. So? I am going to give away 1 of them. Then another, and maybe another… To enter: 1) Follow me and send a friend request 2) Once I have accepted the request, message me THERE which of my event pokes you prefer 3) If you can donate any amount of Pokedollars to fund additional Giveaways, pls tell me and I’ll stick a pokeball on auction 4) You will be contacted if you win DO NOT REQUEST SPECIFIC EVENT POKES ON THIS FORUM OR YOU WILL BE EXCLUDED FROM THE GIVEAWAY! This forum chat is to clarify rules and asking questions. Good luck! (When a winner has won, I will announce who has won on this forum) Participants: HyperPanther Dqrk
  10. This is a trading thread only trading of events poks.
  11. I am looking for: i can give a lot on my trades and for i will give even more
  12. Hi Guys!!! I am trading really good pokemon. You can offer good stuff, I will accept for anything you offer if it is a legendary or a really good event Pokemon that I don't have. Here is the list of Pokemon I am giving: Keldeo (Resolute) Deoxys (Attack and Speed.) Kyurem (White) Zygarde (Complete) Pikachu (Libre and Belle) Arceus (water and steel) Dark Arceus ( Electric) Floette (Eternal) Genesect (Blaze) Landorus,Thundurus,Tornadus ( Therian) Solgaleo and lunala mewtwo mega x and y Morpeko hangry Rotom forms
  13. pls tell me what lvl is ur cosmog n tell me price u can also trade if u want, just tell me what u want for the cosmog
  14. I will be willing to trade two mewtwos and any shinys or legendary's you want.
  15. Hi i want some ultra beasts and Legendries for a big big Giveaway This giveaaway will be till 29th january so plz help me to give as many pokemons if possible All forms are needed so plz try to help me it is a joke chill i will do a giveaway soon
  16. Hi peeps i'm looking for pikachu (Belle) shiny, metallic and shadow.
  17. selling this for pds or pokemon, but i have terms: PD must be at least eighteen million cuz you cant just catch n evolve anymore its unob now Pokemon must be worth at least 18m
  18. RawXthunder

    Events Trade

    Here are the list of events I'm willing to Trade I'm looking for pds/exp. And a crobat halloween set. Dm me in game chat : in game name - RawXthunder
  19. hi im looking for event pokemon im trading zubat (halloween) for them here's what i got x3 x13 this is all the pokemon im trading legendaries and megas work to
  20. I want or ,and Things I am Willing to pay for any one of them and and (nicknamed as squishy) + paying 800000 pkds also It would be great if you have them in promo codes Please contact me if you have any Ign tazzer
  21. Here are some Pokemon for trade for or any other legendarys, but I most want . (Dark Zygarde Cell) (Metallic Dewgong)(Mystic Crustle)(Shadow Dratini)(Shadow Karrablast)(Also Shadow)(Also Shadow)(Still Shadow)(Still Shadow) (Shiny)(Shiny)(Still Shiny)(Shiny)(Shiny)(Shiny) and others. See the other ones on the game, my name in PaulNance.
  22. Hey I need a or snorlax i will offer very good event pokemon
  23. Hello in this program you have to pay 100k pokedollars to join to get a chance to try to get free 3.5 million exp. No more than 100 people can join. If u want to join please message me.
  24. What should I ask for ? in monetory terms whats it worth right now?
  25. I am looking for Mystery Boxes and Events in exchange for something you want IGN:inteleon And visit Inteleon's Legendary Centre for more
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