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  2. Hola , eh me gustaría informar sobre este tipo ul_tra_kills , más que informar sería advertir. Alias EL AMIGITO Según el , hace trabajos de experiencia a los pokemon con un costo de 4M de PKD por 1M xpahí está bienJajajajaja y lo peor que este está persona de mierda hace todo para conseguir PKD en esa cuenta secundaria para pasársela a su cuenta principal . Cuenta de la persona estafadora: ul_tra_kills
  3. It's a Please train it to 3 hearts You could get: Note: Please don't evolve it into Crobat only evolve it into Golbat
  4. Doing Exp training and heart training Max Exp is 3.5m Only Accept ,events , Legendary , special, ub. Legendary:Kubfu, arcues , meltan. event:Can be any , mostly want Halloween forms , Christmas forms , star war forms. special: any ub: any pm me in game or my Best friends account, Ign LunarCosmo Ign. Codyhaxx ...
  5. i am willing to train exp or hearts for your pokemon prices can be negotiated
  6. Heey guys, I'm a returning player. Let's see if i still got love for the game, I used do to exp training and I was really fast with it so I'm going to try do to it again, hope to find new costumers and some old friends. For the first week I will accept every pokemon as offer but only from the Kanto region GLADIATOR DEALS CURRENTLY TRAINING
  7. Hi, my name is Jakub and I need someone to train my nine munchlax's to 3 hearts. My pay at the end of the job is 2.7mill pds. Messege me in game. IGN Jakub_Spiewak
  8. Hi.. I do exp training (If this is against the rules and I am not allowed to say it here please tell because I don't know) 1exp=2pds 1 heart=200k pds or less Sometimes I give sales but not like 50% I normally just take 100k if its a lot You can also give a pokemon in return rather than paying I can do a lot of exp, and you can also tell me how long you want it trained If you want exp job, u can write ur ign, how much you want me to train, and the pokemon you want me to train, and than later on, when I am done I will discuss the price with you. So thx a lot, Hope you want me to exp train your pokemons
  9. I do exp and level training i would like 1 pd for 1 exp point. level 20- immunes are trained for free. my friend @Ruby123654 is going to be training as well so you can trade it to @Ruby123654 if i'm busy........ i request that you all stay calm and out of stress while waiting for the pokemon to be done training, for a period of time i shall not be online that often because of school. you can give the pokes @Ruby123654to get trained. i will also do 1 pd for 2 exp point if the poke you want me to train is a immune. you can trade pokes for your payment the immunes level 6 will cover 25k-100k if right poke, the rares will pay for 100-200k, the legends shall pay for 200k-900k and the events shall pay for 900k to 2.5 mil. lastly you can pay 2.5 mil - 5mil for ultra beast ( if necrozma then 6mil) and @Ruby123654and me; @StrikeFlame1 have school lol so not that much work.......
  10. I can train pokemon till 100k exp for 250k pds
  11. hello! i am doing training for your pokemon,but at the moment the training is free! (closed,with a client) there are some things i need to say though 1)no spamming,i am starting out so it will take time 2)one person at a time,it will help getting through clients faster 3)once there is a price,it will not be negotiable ,so no special offers for certain people but maybe on holidays DISCLAIMER:certain pokemon like meltan will not be excepted since it might take days or maybe weeks on end of non stop pd grinding to buy candies from the auction house,at sometime i might get into evolving meltan for people but only time will tell since i am broke.
  12. veerkv

    Experience trade

    Trade check my in game trade will update everyday Check ign Great_Exp_Training for exp training
  13. Hi I need heart training for my I'm willing to give pokemon for 2 hearts. My IGN is same as forums
  14. Hello! I can do exp training. If you want me to train, I can train with these prices: 1 heart, 1 poke:a level 100 rare 2 hearts, 1 poke:a level 100 variant of rares. 3 hearts, 1 poke:level 100 legendary. With 2 pokes, the same , just legendarys and events With 3 pokes, the same, just with events. With 4 pokes, with events and ub's. I also accept pokedollars. 1 heart=50k pds. Exp training: I can only go to 500k exp. If you want me to work over this, you will need to pay double. If you want me to start from scratch, and work to 500k exp, you will need to pay 500k pds, 3 legendarys or 1 event. Edited 1 hour ago by SofiX
  15. Do u have any pokemon that gets evolved with happiness? And u don't get time to battle !, Well then contact me at ign Hardieboi to train any happiness pokemon . I will discuss the time taken and cost afterwards. LIMITED TIME OFFER!!!!! FIRST TEN CUSTOMER GET TRAINING OF HAPPINESS FOR FREE ON ANY TYPE OF POKEMON
  16. i am doing heart traing i am trusted my ign meetqwer
  17. hi i am an exp trainer and my prices are very low 3pds for 1exp mi ign is meetqwer
  18. Hi friends, From now on I am going to start training Pokemons for less Price Here are are some examples:I will train Dark type Pokemon To level 100= 10,000/1Pokemon 25,000/3 Pokemons To 100,000exp =40,000/1 Pokemon =100,000/3 Pokemons To 250,000exp =100,000/per Pokemon Other type Pokemon To level100 =20,000/1 Pokemon =50,000/3 Pokemons To 100,000exp =50,000/1 Pokemon =125,000/3 Pokemons To 250,000exp =120,000/per Pokemon If you want then add me friend and message my ign:9876ash THANKS Have a great day/night
  19. Will level up any pokemon to level 100 Common 10k Rare 25k Legendary 100k If a at level 1 will cost more but higher levels have lower prices
  20. Well guys i do exp training for anyone and everyone with good offers..... Type below or message me what you are offering for how much exp...... I only do 3 mil exp at a time.......... Be patient ...... Might take time considering everything...... I dont train for people who want it very fast......... Thats it ....... I suppose most know the value of exp....So dont offer bad pokes
  21. I can train Dark,Flying and Ground types only add friend me and follow me pm me to talk about it. Price depends on offer CURRENT JOBS
  22. hi I am training only ground types to lv 100 in return I want any Pokemon that don't have on my account called killer1224 the Pokemon can be any lv add me as a friend on killer1224 we can talk there
  23. PERMANENTLY CLOSED Maximum exp I'll train 10mil Prices Pokemon Prices: Warning, I take a maximum of 1 Pokemon at a time so you may have to wait. I'll post on this thread when I'm open to a new pokemon. My IGN is CraazyGirl, same as forum. Current Job: None Job Queue: Completed Jobs: Skipped Jobs (if you are on this list send me a message and I'll add you back to the queue) Disclaimers/Notes on how I run things, if you wanted to know If you have any questions feel free to ask here or message me
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