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Found 119 results

  1. DrySponge

    Experience EXP training

    Exp trainer Will train any pokemon for a good trade to level 100 can pay with boxes,pokedollars,pokemon or items
  2. dishpart


    In need of Legends/UBs/Dps/Events/Fossils Rules Now payable in money!! 250K exp - 250K money 500K exp - 450K money 750K exp - 650K money 1M exp - 850K money 1.5M exp - 1M money Rates Orders Queue IGN is dishpart Thank you if you buy EXP
  3. chinpokomon

    Experience exp trainer job

    looking for my first job as exp trainer, already have like 1.5m xp to sell. pm me ingame for some negotiations ign: Chinpokomon
  4. Harris07

    Experience Offer over

    Not offering mystery boxes / dp codes anymore. Sorry.
  5. hogmortar

    Experience Looking for exp trainers!

    Hey all, I'm currently offering pokedollers in exchange for exp training AND also for high exp pokes you have trained already. Offering between $1,000,000 - $1,500,000 per 1,000,000 in experience in training. The amount I offer depend on how fast you get the exp trained. Message me in-game or PM me. IGN - hogmortar
  6. Reverence

    Experience Exp trade

    6.5mil exp for shadow fairy and 7mil exp for shiny fairy Anyone wanna trade? Max in 2 pokes

    Experience Hyper's Exp Shop

    Hey Guys, It's Me HyperDeep..... Welcome all to my exp shop.... My Rates: I Only Accept 1:2. Already got nearly 5 Jobs!! So won't be doing more than 3 Million Exp. 1 Mil Exp= 2 Mil PD 2 Mil Exp= 4 Mil PD 3 Mil Exp= 6 Mil PD Note-: You can pay me with Mb's or Premium Poke Codes If you want. Thank You, Hyper-Deep....
  8. Yousy-RT

    Experience Mini Exp Shop

    Hey, all. I'm running a mini exp shop where I train 100-500K experience on your Pokemon in exchange for various goodies like money, pokemon etc. Money Rates 100K exp - 300K cash 200K exp - 500K cash 300K exp - 700K Cash 400K exp - 900K Cash 500K exp - 1m Cash and so on and so forth. Current Jobs:- to 1m exp for Dav0 to 700k for Ikweetniet to 500k for Dhanush_Tanai I'm on Discord, too - my tag being Yousy#7777; DM me on there for a faster response. And for everyone in AW and AW2....
  9. I will give shiny groudon primal for 10mil + exp
  10. ShinyChamp123

    Experience Uniques For Exp

    Trading various UNIQUE events and some normal events....Take a look at my Trade page LF-EXP We will negotiate here,in the forums Trading x 4 With 524,341 Exp If you like anything pls tell me the offers ASAP Exp only
  11. BlazeKick007

    Experience Training Exp For Events(Chapter 1)

    Hi Guys, Just wanna complete my Events Dex. So State your Exp and Pokemon you want exp on these are the Few events i need for this Chapter to complete: x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 . Note: Just post your offers and pokemon which you need exp on. Bulk orders has to wait. Currently Training: For Dark Pichu (Christmas).~6 Mil
  12. Fire Blaze

    Experience Demon Biggest Xp shop

    Yo its my biggest xp shop...Ign u guyz know I train 2M perday..... Current Training: Offers on Pending: Total Xp jobs Done Till now: Lf:
  13. Hey There Guys i am looking for a genuine Exp seller and also a Exp trainer. Requirements:- should be cheap and trsut worthy i dont care about time so a reasonable time will be given for the training SO! Just Pm me or Post on This Forum. Also check my Level 100 Training Forums!!!!!!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!!
  14. I will give 1.8 mil shiny primal groudon for level 6 pokes with immunitys
  15. DaMilkMan

    Experience Training Pokemon!

    I’m training Pokemon and for a reasonable price as long as I get a fair and reasonable payment!
  16. Anvesh64

    Experience Exp and Level Up Training.

    Hey Guys This is Anvesh64 I have started my new level up Service in the Game The Service will be extremely cheap. Lets Talk About Price now; 1 Pokemon to 100 :- 1 Shiny Which i Dont Have 2 Pokemon to 100 :- 1 Rare Shiny. 3 Pokemon to 100 :- 1 Shiny Starter or Legendary Pokemon 4 Pokemon to 100 :- Goes for Normal Legendary Pokemon + shiny starter 5 Pokemon to 100 :- 2 Legendary + Shiny which i dont have or 150k+ exp 6 Pokemon or Above :- Mega Evolution stone except which are available in Pokemart or Shiny Legend. 10 Pokemon To 100 :- 1 Event Also Doing Exp training But per day around 150k to 200k exp so if u need any things pm me Also I do Training for cash so just remember i pokemon to hundred will cost arround 50000$ !!!!!!!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. PokeMasterBarry

    Experience Exp shop

    I have decided to start up my exp shop again and have done jobs before but if your interested in me doing a job for you pm ign-PokeMasterBarry And my rates depend on what it is you want me to train,also depends on what jobs I have but have a good day
  18. Seahawksnation

    Experience Training/trading

    I wanna start a thread that I'll train pokemon for you guys. I can estimate about 200-300k exp a day. Maybe more if I have extra time. I work an odd ball shift right now. So that's why I say 200-300k. Maybe not even that somedays. So you WILL HAVE TO BE PATIENT with me. If you wanna rush it. Just go do it your self. But I'm looking to maybe get legendaries/events. So according to 200-300k a day. If you want 8mil exp that'll maybe a month of training...So if you can wait that long then I'm good. If I get small jobs. I'll do them first. Specifically I'll train Ghost/Normal/Dark/Ground/Steel. Is what I prefer to train. I will do others, but the others may end up taking longer then others. If this thread dies it dies and sorry. But if I don't respond here message me in game. @ Gods_Not_Dead
  19. Nastsu.dragneel

    Experience Pokémon train and trade

    Hey I can train your Pokémon for you and l will trade training for Pokémon or money. You can give me the honen weather trio in any form, mega stone, shiny just the one I like okay. I am natsu.dragneel in Pokémon votrex.
  20. iara

    Experience Training your Pokémon!

    Contact me on Discord, as I'm far more active there! My discord is Iara#8552 (That's an 'i') My IGN is iara I train pretty quickly and will communicate you as I do. Base rate is 1 exp = 1.5 poke. I can only train one pokémon. If your Pokémon has no quick moves to train, or is something weak in a meme sense (E.g.: Ditto, Magikarp, etc), the rate instead is 1 exp = 3 poke. Feel free to contact me. Please, make sure you already have the money set. I will not give you back your Pokémon unless you pay the amount needed. CURRENT JOB: YOGESH_FEDERER's SHADOW RALTS (Unspecified EXP. 500K atm)
  21. Hello Guys My First Trade Thread, Here i am going to train some Exp for only Donation Pokemon and Some Events. Rules: All Forum Rules Apply. Enjoy Note: I Will Train Exp After You Train I Dont Have Any Exp Now. My Exp Offers: . You can state other than this Ign: BlazeKick007 (NOTE:Plz But I am not restricting you but can you just wait for some time.I Will Be Training plz see the Currently Training Option and Post Pls..... Currently Training: Waiting List:
  22. IKmaster100

    Experience New and improved exp shop

    Hi guys this is my new Xp shop don’t bother posting in the other one. I made this as the other one wasn’t efficient. I will have a few jobs that I will do and a waiting list. Rates: psyduck jar jar - 500k-800k arceus dark - 5mil arceus ice - 3mil ubs - 1.5 - 3milmil cubone Vader- 2mil rotomween - 2.5mil digmas - 2.5mil santapie - 2.5mil pikamas - 3mil Vivillion pokeball + fancy - 3mil cosmog - 500k kyurem black/white - 5mil zygarde core - 500k-1mil zygarde partial - 4mil zygarde complete - 8mil Donation pokes - 20mil pika jedi - 2mil togeween - 2mil Legends i dont have - 100-200k legends which i have - 50-150k best legends (including megas) - 500k ish MONEY: i wont be doing high amounts of xp for money as i dont need money that much $100k - 75k $300k - 200k $500k - 375k $800k - 600k $1mil - 750k $1.5mil - 1mil Obviously I’m up for negotiations but nothing too silly. If I got something wrong don’t be afraid to correct me. I will have new pokes up there when I need them. Enjoy guys
  23. Welcome to the store, good sir Total exp trained and sold: 2 800 000 IGN: MrVirus Rules: Queue: Rates: