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Found 78 results

  1. Experience EXP Trade Thread

    I Have Some Pokes For Trade & I Only Want EXP For Them. *THIS THREAD IS NOT FOR LEGENDS TRADE AND OFFER INCLUDING LEGENDS WITHOUT EXP IS NOT ACCEPTED. * Ping me when u offer something or PM me on Discord - Tony Stark or Message in vortex IGN- PrayagRajRai * Rates are negotiable only when EXP is with a legend or event. * I dont want EXP in parts , Offer shud have atleast 200K on 1 poke. NORMAL LEGENDS I HAVE FOR TRADE- UNIQUE LEGENDS I HAVE FOR TRADE- ALOLANS I HAVE FOR TRADE- OTHERS - RATES *I DONT LIKE BUGS SO OFFER SHOULD NOT BE IN A BUG TYPE POKE
  2. Before we start, this is stolen inspired by @pokemonfansclub (Don't hate me please) Hello Everyone, so... i decided to open this 'shop' for everyone... more like trade... If any of my rates seem unfair, let me know below and we can work out something, but if it seems ok, also hit me up so we can get down to business ASAP... EXP: I Can train any Pokemon To Level 100 - In return you give me Any 20 Pokemon which i'm missing from my PokeDex (or 10 legends). I Can train any Pokemon To 1 Million EXP (Providing it one shots the training account's Pokemon) - In return you give me either; 10 Shiny Legends, 15 Mystic/Dark/Shadow/Metallic Legends, 20 Normal Legends. I Can train any Pokemon To 10 Million EXP (Providing it one shots the training account's Pokemon - may require ~1 week) - In return you give me 50 Shiny Legends or 5 Shiny Event Pokemon. I Can train any Pokemon To 25 Million EXP (Providing it one shots the training account's Pokemon - wIll take 2-3 weeks) - In return you give me 1 Donation Pokemon In addition I will also be trading normal/unique legendary Pokemon : I Can give you any legend (which I have, ask if i have the one you request below in the comments), for 2-5 Legends (depending on how much i love it ) I Can give you any unique legend (non-shiny though which I have, ask if i have the one you request below in the comments), for 3-8 Legends (also depending on how much i love it ) I Can give you any shiny legend (which I have, ask if i have the one you request below in the comments), for 5+ Legends. So...Thanks for reading i guess.. if you're interested, let me know below.
  3. Experience experience shop

    i am trading exp 268,288 exp 321,600 exp 556,169 top exp 547,854 exp 625,690 exp 1,497,982 exp 2,611,244 exp 520,876 exp 474,916 top exp 4,826,027 exp 491,491 exp 5,417,601 I MA TRADING THIS EXPERIENCE MESSAGE ME IF U WANT ANY EXP GoodDay Everyone
  4. Time to make biggest Xp shop. U need my intro???? I trained Dp's also....For these rates gets 10% lower... I'm giving 200k free Xp on every order... These free Xp service is only for those ppl who r in my clan RATES: Dark, Shiny and shadow Legends = 200-500k Events Rates: 1. Norm Rotom Forms (700K - 900K) 2. Norm Xmas pokes (700K- 1.4M) 3. Unique XMas Pokes (1M - 2.5M) 4. Unique Kyurem Forms (4M - 5M) 5. Norm Electrics ( 4M - 5M) 6.Unique Electrics (8M - 12M) 7. Norm water (8M - 11M) 8. Norm Pokedex (7M - 10M) 9. Norm Completes (7M - 10M) 10. Norm viv Forms (3M - 5M) 11. Unique viv Forms (7M - 9M) 12. Unique Cell (300K) 13. Norm core (1.8M - 2.3M) 14. Unique core (4.5 M) 15. Norm Partial (2.5 M) 16. Unique Partial (4M - 6M) 17. Unique Rotomween (2M -4M) Current Jobs: Razor (29M/38.4M) Jobs Done: 19) @dropthat 1M 18) @KYNO1.5 M 17) @VITOL1.5 M Past Jobs Done: 15)Bilal10M 14)Kyno1M 13)Vitol 3M 12)Eurstin900K 11)Jrbking1.65M 10)Mr.Magnificient 7M 9)Vitol5.03M 8)Godswithin 6.5M 7)Bilal 6.3M 6)Matadorr800K 5)Gioazeysss900K 4)Soulweeper1.8M 3)Phoenix 4M 2)Carrliam761 500k 1) for someone till 1M
  5. Hi Guys And welcome to my new Exp shop i just noticed some peoples interested finding a new exp legit trainer like me I know ive broken some peoples trusts but not by being botting but by not completing their jobs on time i feel sorry for myself Some peeps like my good friend : @GodsWithin to 15 mil im sorry godswithin i wasnt able to complete it then but i will now!!!!!!!!! Sometimes saying sorry is the most difficult thing on earth but its the cheapest thing to save relationship! Lets get on with it.
  6. Experience Legit Exp/Hearts Training

    Pokemon-Hunting/EXP/Hearts Training Rules Please give me enough time to train your pokemons, i train at a max of 1 million per day All forum rules apply No foul language Follow the rates but i'm able to negotiate I Have Also Seen Many People Looking For Non Legends For Thier Legendes so - 3 unique pokemon you are missing - 1 normal legends 5-7 unique pokemon you are missing - 1 unique legend
  7. Experience Marky's Training Barracks!

    Welcome Trainers! "Train isane or remain the same". I know how much you guys want exp/hearts on your pokemons now-a-days. There might be other training centres as well. Why would you want to use my services rather than others? That is because I grind legit. I mostly am on my Tablet or Ipad. So, it is impossible to use bots. Also, even if I was on any other device, you know I wouldn't bot. Your rates are not making me any profit and there are no promos? Why do I use your service now? This you'll have to tell me : Does legit training matter to you or free stuff and promos? Don't be greedy. I've trained exp for @GodsWithin, @SquirrelKing CabanaBoy, @VITOL (Sorry but it was legit afterall) for now. No more detailing, I'll be getting started now.
  8. Experience TryBtry's training thread

    Hey everyone! I'm on vacation and am looking to fill up my dex. I'm looking for Legends and Event pokemon, in exchange for experience/heart training. Here's my speed: 400,000 to 600,000 XP a day. (could vary a little sometimes depending on the day! However, I shall honor any deals and deadlines we agree upon.) Wishlist: - All Legendary and Event Pokemon. (all forms) Rates: Legendaries- 400-700k (upon my discretion) Event Pokemon- Make an offer, and we'll negotiate! Rules: - All Global Forum rules apply. - Be Patient and Polite
  9. Experience Rex's Exclusive Shoppe

    This shoppe is brought to you by @Tyrexx. It is exclusively available for Forum Members Only. This shoppe will provide you with 2 types of services. The first is Happiness Grinding Services and the second is Exp Training Services. Hunting Services are being provided to you on Rex's Hunting Shoppe. I will be giving equal time to the three services. NOTE: After the recent hunt (dated : 30th), I'll give my Acc to my freinds who helped me once, so just to help them! So let's get started; These services are available for Long Period (I guess ). I will be grinding your Pokemons to specific amount of Hearts. Rates shall be negotiable or fixed. With Dark Version not advisable to train, I'll be training by the Original Version. So, you should know how hard it is. Do follow the Order Form in the end. The time period of these services shall be determined by the Amount of Jobs I get. I usually grind 700k per day. Remember that I have family and "REKT" life to take care of. On weekends, I shall grind more or less. Rates shall be negotiable or fixed depending on what you'll be offering.

    HI,guys welcome to my EXP shop . my rules 10 pokemon to lvl 100 for 3 unique leg. 18 pokemon to lvl 100 for 1 normal event. 25 pokemon to lvl 100 for 1 unique event. 55 pokemon to lvl 100 for 2 unique event. 80 pokemon to lvl 100 for 4 unique event . 199 pokemon to lvl 100 for normal dp. 220 pokemon to lvl 100 for unique dp. thanks,you can always come to my exp shop.we give best offer. we need some days according to quantity of pokemon.
  11. Experience The famous Xp Center

    Rates: Current Trainning: Jobs Done: Waiting List:
  12. Experience Marky's Camp: Exp Services

    Don't want to wait in queues in the Existing Training Threads? Want legit exp? Hi Everybody! I came back to the Gaming N' Stuff after a few days. I am still filling up my Pokedex. So, I decided to provide you with Exp Training Services. I have already grind some exp for @GodsWithin and @SquirrelKing CabanaBoy. You can ask them yourself about the legitness of the exp I train. It's better if you have 100k legitly trained than 10m botted. I will surely be grinding legitly and honestly. I will be using Dark Version or the Same Version for training exp. Rules: Rates: Currently Training: Waiting Queue: Completed Training Need Suggestions? Promotions: Remember:
  13. Experience The Market: Exp Services

    gonna do a wee bit of training for you guys, don't try to say some stupid crap about botting. If you want to get a cheaper rate, go somewhere else, enjoy your botted pokemon and I'll see you when it gets deleted and you come crying to me What will I do then? I will laugh in your face and go back to incognito mode on chrome, duty calls. Rules: Rates: Currently Training: @VITOLand to 300,000/650,000 Each. @xShadowz_and to 0/1,000,000 Each. @eurstinto 0/1,000,000. Waitlist: Completed: Deals: Order over 300,000 gets a free 50,000! I am only doing this cause I am bored. I don't have time to track down people and check their account and make a trade so training is something I can do at my own pace. Get your stuff trained by me or I will hurt you. I honestly don't care too much, whether you get stuff trained by me or not.
  14. THIS IS MY EXPERIENCE TRAINING CENTRE The rates are as follows: 1.5mil - 2Mil for normal 3Mil - 3.5 Mil for unique 4Mil - 4.5Mil for normal 5Mil - 5.5Mil for unique 18Mil - 21Mil for normal / 21Mil - 25Mil for unique / 30Mil - 35Mil for normal cosplays except jedi 50Mil for Donations I train 300k to 400k per day Only 3 orders are taken at once NOTE: 1) RATES CAN BE NEGOTIATED 2) IF YOU ARE WILLING TO GIVE OTHER POKEMONS THAT I HAVE NOT MENTIONED THEN YOU CAN PM ME, FOR EXAMPLE PIKACHU JEDI, VIVLLION POKEBALL AND FANCY, FOSSILS CURRENTLY TRAINING: @eurstin SHINY DIALGA TO 26MILLION EXP @bilal.anwar SHINY GENGAR TO 10MILION EXP
  15. Ultimate Training Thread brought to u by : Commander-Rayquaza7, Demonstriker and naruto1129 Rules : All Global Rules Apply. All trade rules also apply Please mention or qoute one of us before leaving a reply Rates will be revised as thread moves on Special orders will be added soon, so hold your horses
  16. Experience Rex's Exp Training Shoppe

    After a huge job given to me for my "Rex's Hunting Shoppe", it would be now closed because that job pretty much needs seperate time. But not to worry. I am bringing you my first training service, "Rex's Exp Training Shoppe". It will provide you the most reliable training experience. I will mostly use my Tablet/iPad for this job (I am pretty good at training with such devices). Sometimes, only sometimes, I might use dark version on my Laptop and do exp training. I won't be using false phrases, like Mr.M..... did (wouldn't like to name that person I guess). So, let's head to some important things.
  17. Experience The Levelling-Up Arena

    Welcome Info & Rules (Must Read): Rates: Currently Training: Completed Training: More:
  18. Experience MikoTiini's Exp-Market

    Long story short. There's a lot of exp trainers around the forum, i'm not here to compete with them. I'm a solo trainer, so training will take more time, but since it full legit exp, it's worth to wait for. Every job is unique, keep that in mind. You will find me from Vortex Discord always when i'm training/online, that is fastest way to contact me. To ensure you and your Pokemon safety, i'm willing to record the training sessions if that is your will. Let's make your Pokemon great again! Rates and Info Currently Training Waiting list Jobs Done Feel free to ask me anything
  19. Experience hhh123 coolest exp shop

    Hi guys , welcome to most beloved exp shop around , feel free to give order credits of banner and other things go to @GodsWithin so feel free to give him dem reps , now down to bussiness.
  20. Experience The Magnificent Exp Training Gym

    Training Exp is surely time-taking. Some of you might want someone who can grind Exp for you. Well, this is eactly what "The Magnificent Exp Training Gym" offers! We - The M.A.R Trio( @Mr.Magnificent, @amank, @londonisback ) can train your pokemons to a the desired Exp, under limitations and rules.Botting has surely ruined the value of Exp. But, this Gym would provide you with the Finest and Legit training, and that my fellow vortexians, is a Guarantee. You know us pretty well, after the succesful running of our "Magnificent Jolly Training Center", We bring you the Legit "The Magnificent Exp Training Gym. We would be Grateful to everyone who uses our service! Info: Rules Rates Currently Training Waiting List Completed Training ALERT!
  21. Experience PIgniteboy's XP Shoppe

    Rates Current Jobs Prev Jobs Wating List thanks to @hhh123 for helping me out with the rates so go give him some reputation pionts
  22. Experience Hunter's EXP Mart

    I am a EXP trainer for your Pokemon. Be aware that my work is slow. I can only promise 500K-700K a day. The positive is that I don't use bots at all and my slow speed is a good enough proof for that! Rates Current Jobs: Waiting List For People Past Jobs of My Customers: Current AMAZING Promotions! (3 Deals Running) Thank you!
  23. Experience hhh123 exp shop

    ted December 21, 2016 (edited) · Report post
  24. Experience 000 Shop©

    000 Shop Hey there! I know many of you are annoyed with the last 3 random digits of your Pokemon. I'm here to sort it out. Just bring your Pokemon here, I'll change the last 3 digits to 000. So let's get started. BTW, I got this idea from Abbas' thread Thank You! Thanks for Visiting.
  25. Experience Even Out Your Experience

    So this is like a service, I know most people are annoyed when their pokemon exp is odd (Ex: 100,871; 51,572) I can make them perfect (round figure it) and can also train it to exact 1,000,000 or any 100,000 multiple you want. Rates:- I TRAIN ONLY UPTO 1,000,000 BECAUSE I'M USUALLY BUSY Hand trained guaranteed. I'll let you know the time period of train after you request