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  1. Hey fellas I saw people are creating topics for happiness hearts training! So I thought I should do this too Therefore It takes me atleast 4 days to train the happiness pokemons. Now let me tell As I have listed above First 2 guys to register will get 10•/• discount on my Price. So It will take 150k pds for every single heart thereby 450k for each pokemon. First two guys have to pay 100k for each heart means 300k in total! So Hope U guys like this post and Prices are Fair I THINK in my Opinions
  2. This Is The Exp Training Shop, if you ever need Exp then make sure you visit here first! Looking For: Sylveon, Shiny Zeraora, and Zeraora(Or Any Legendary, Any Eevee Evolution, Any Ultra Beast, Or Any other Pokemon) I you Give: Ultra Beast...Then I Will Train For 10 Days Legendary....Then I will train for 8 Days Eevee Evolutions(Not Sylveon)...Then I will train for 6 days Sylveon........Then I will train for 11 days Shiny Zeraora...Then I will train for 6 Zeraora.........Then
  3. Do u have any pokemon that gets evolved with happiness? And u don't get time to battle !, Well then contact me at ign Hardieboi to train any happiness pokemon . I will discuss the time taken and cost afterwards. LIMITED TIME OFFER!!!!! FIRST TEN CUSTOMER GET TRAINING OF HAPPINESS FOR FREE ON ANY TYPE OF POKEMON
  4. i am doing heart traing i am trusted my ign meetqwer
  5. Looking for offering exp training.Msg me if interested.Ign-India07,Discord-Nutty Necrozma (Seasonal)#9014
  6. hi i am an exp trainer and my prices are very low 3pds for 1exp mi ign is meetqwer
  7. Hi friends, From now on I am going to start training Pokemons for less Price Here are are some examples:I will train Dark type Pokemon To level 100= 10,000/1Pokemon 25,000/3 Pokemons To 100,000exp =40,000/1 Pokemon =100,000/3 Pokemons To 250,000exp =100,000/per Pokemon Other type Pokemon To level100 =20,000/1 Pokemon =50,000/3 Pokemons To 100,000exp =50,000/1 Pokemon =125,000/3 Pokemons To 250,000exp =120,000/per Pokemon If you want then add me friend and message my ign:9876ash
  8. Will level up any pokemon to level 100 Common 10k Rare 25k Legendary 100k If a at level 1 will cost more but higher levels have lower prices
  9. Well guys i do exp training for anyone and everyone with good offers..... Type below or message me what you are offering for how much exp...... I only do 3 mil exp at a time.......... Be patient ...... Might take time considering everything...... I dont train for people who want it very fast......... Thats it ....... I suppose most know the value of exp....So dont offer bad pokes
  10. I can train Dark,Flying and Ground types only add friend me and follow me pm me to talk about it. Price depends on offer CURRENT JOBS
  11. hi I am training only ground types to lv 100 in return I want any Pokemon that don't have on my account called killer1224 the Pokemon can be any lv add me as a friend on killer1224 we can talk there
  12. PERMANENTLY CLOSED Maximum exp I'll train 10mil Prices Pokemon Prices: Warning, I take a maximum of 1 Pokemon at a time so you may have to wait. I'll post on this thread when I'm open to a new pokemon. My IGN is CraazyGirl, same as forum. Current Job: None Job Queue: Completed Jobs: Skipped Jobs (if you are on this list send me a message and I'll add you back to the queue) Disclaimers/Notes on how I run things, if you wanted to know If you have any questions feel free to ask
  13. Starzee Training Hello, I am going to train your pokes for PD's as well as events, dps, unique leggies, primals, fossils, unique rares, exp and MB codes. The details are mentioned below :- Rates :- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WUAC_o5e3ddigF5YFp3HoAiKtyAj2nYjR-P8upNDAkc/edit?usp=sharing Refer to the attachment above IGN - Starzy That's all folks. PM me for more details More than 70m exp trained and sold. Currently not accepting anymore offers until clearing the waiting list. Also. I
  14. Just gimme your cuties and I'll level them up till lvl 100 Price per pokemon depends on its existing level.
  15. Gimme your cuties and I'll level them up till 100 Price per pokemon: 50k pokedollars
  16. Training Exp Hello Doing Exp jobs for My missing normal Events , pd's and Missing legendary Missing events: https://paste.ee/p/xUgRO Missing legends: https://paste.ee/p/WYMHU Also LF: Unique zygarde (core) codes Rates: 2.7mill pd's for 1mill exp training each (for pd's not doing job higher then 2 mill exp training) Currently Training: - 5mill for Diazepam on Job's done Heart Making: 1 Heart = 250k pd's 2 Hearts = 500k pd's 3 Hearts = 700k pd's Discord: Nightwolf/Agha23#4287
  17. exp training i want pokemon or pd 100k exp - 100kpds - 4 unique pokemon i dont have 200k exp - 200kpds - 8 unique pokemon i dont have
  18. Looking for MYSTERY BOX TRAINING EXP:- 1mb=600k exp PM ME ON DISCORD USERNAME:- DRAGONSLAYER#4560 IGN:- OPXSLAYER Also offering spme pokes(Including unique fossil pokes exept my MYSTIC LILEEP AND DARK AERODACTYL MEGA)for mbs You can even message me In-Game
  19. DAZZLED's XP TRAINING SHOP The thing is that basically I would be accepting only pds(or we can talk if good pokemon)and at a reasonable rate. I train fast so it would take one day to complete 1m for me. My limit is 1m at max Rates : 100k exp - 100k pds 1m exp - 1m pds IGN :- Dazzled
  20. Hello everybody! I am going to start training pokemon! But I might do this a little different than most people. What happens: you list a pokemon and put a REASONABLE price. (Pokedolars not excepted because well, I dont know how to accept them) If I agree with the price and exp amount then put you IGN and your pokemon UTF. Then I will train you pokemon (may take a little) and you offer the pokemon you are paying me with and the place holder I gave you on the pokemon I trained when it is UTF. My IGN: Alainscharzard13 Make a request if you want a pokemon
  21. can someone exp train for very low price?
  22. If your IGN is SATANISD3AD, why did you send me a message about if I am training your pokemon? I am veary puzzled. I tried to send a message back, but his messages where disabled. If your IGN is SATANISD3AD, please explain what happened. my IGN: Alainscharzard13
  23. Yea i am back with exciting news the rules are changed and i can train upto 1M exp no fixed price we can discuss it privately it may take 3-7 days 1 order at a time the person who wants his poke to be trained should trade it and when i reach the the exp and then u should bid on ma pokeball then i trade ur poke and its finished thats all folks pls reply if u want ur poke to be trained oh and btw ma ign is late
  24. hi can someone do my side quests? on my account called balgovind. offering: 50,000 and 1 lv 100 for per regions. And also can some one exp train for me? on my account called killer122436. offering: 100,000 and 1lv 100 per 500000 exp if u want to exp train or do my side quests add me as a Friend on killer1224 and then we will talk privately.
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