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Found 34 results

  1. Please make it a bit longer or leave places without timeout like it was in maps before because it's kind of annoying to click-fail-logout-login everytime for quick checks between watching youtube videos
  2. I have an idea for the pokemarkt I have startet the game on V3 on the account name davidje (I forgot the password) but there you can shop all mega Stones in the pokémarkt and now you can only get the starter mega Stones I hope that in the next update the mega Stones are back
  3. Quite some time ago, the moves in this thread were nerfed. I would have no problems with this, except that there are still " attacks that were throwing battling way off balance": Victini's "V-create" and Necrozma's "Prismatic Laser". Necrozma, in particular, can OHKO anything that doesn't resist it. At least the moves that were nerfed were balanced, because a wide variety of Pokémon could learn it. These attacks are just learned by TWO pokémon. Isn't this the core meaning of "unbalanced"? Isn't this something that would need to be addressed? There are two possible fixes. You could nerf these attacks, or you could remove the nerf of the old attacks to show the shift on power level that Pokémon Vortex has with all the new legendaries now. Trump Card, Self-destruct and Explosion are Normal, a terrible attacking move. Most of the time, the Pokémon who learned these skills weren't even Normal-type to begin, so no stab. In order to OHKO anything metallic and shiny, they would need to be DARK, and that reduces the defense factor of these Pokémon. Reversal and Punishment did not need such a massive nerf. Skills like Focus Punch still exist in this game. So how about a compromise and giving them 150 attack? This would balance out all the lesser Pokemon. Maybe with these changes in place, we would see less Necrozma teams, and more teams of people using the Pokémon they actually like. What I loved of Pokémon Vortex was how you could use every Pokémon you loved and still be "competitve" (My main Pokémon, for example, was and still is a Luvdisc, and I use an Unown as well!) I hope this is heard.
  4. red_wolf3

    Feedback DISCORD QUIZ

    Hey, im looking forward to a new rule in discord quiz from the bods, that if your spamming the chat full with bullcrap they should get a next quiz ban, if they do it twice they should get a 3 quizes ban if it happen for the third time then a quiz bann for a whole day, but ofcours first with a warning, its really annoying for spamming the chat full with crap
  5. So I’m about to hit the 1000 Pokémon mark. I always catch for a while (like 50 or so) and then start evolving them to the form needed in my Pokédex. By now it’s getting really hard to identify these Pokémons among 1000 others so would be nice to have additional sorting options. Could be that you can ‘heart’ them (e.g. most preferred) or ‘flag’ them (e.g. to evolve next) and in ‘View all my Pokémon’ you can select to show only ‘hearted’ or ‘flagged’. Also add the option to heart or flag a Pokémon upon catching them to speed things up. I imagine other fellow trainers feel the same frustration when reaching a certain number of Pokémon... :-)
  6. Just wanted to talk about the new Volcanion sprite. According to me..the sprite in v3 is better than the current sprite we have in v4 which looks a bit too animated to me. Please do comment.
  7. Hii Guys..... Btw Firstly my IGN KILLERTRAINZ Request is to update maps as I'm feeling just boring to search in that old maps lol s @patrick this is my idea..... see the updated images There are about 206 users roaming the maps right now. Click on any map to visit it. 1 Ice map 12ice map 23Grass (attached to ice)45678910111213141516171819202122232425 THIS 25 maps are attached The following are ice maps 1234 Following are fire maps 1234 Psychic maps 12 Ghost maps 123 1Dark maps23 1Rock maps234 1cave land maps23 AND ALSO I WANNA BE A DONOR PLEASE @Patrick...I will do anything for it..... Tell me hows idea..... Searching view_ Suppose im roaming on fire maps then,Pokemon apperence must be, [I THINK ABOUT BETTER IDEA] Litten Appeared! Level: 5 HP: 20 Type: FIRE
  8. I have taken Pat's permission,and some of the old shadow sprites will be redone by me due to one of the following reasons: 1.bad coloring 2.inconsistent with the proper color scheme accordingly,a list has been prepared as follows: the current list is as follows: if you have any to add to the list which you think might need a rework,please provide your suggestion please note that only those pokemon which match the criteria will be selected,so do not post pokemon which should be redone according to you use the following format while giving your entry: pokemon:(link the sprite) fault in sprite: for those of you who dont know,the shadow pokemon must have a full dark blue body with certain parts colored grey(if necessary) and only the eyes should be red.This does not apply to some specific cases like arceus forms,flabebe forms etc looking forward to your help example 1: old shadow reshiram : (coloring not dark enough) new shadow reshiram: example 2: old shadow alakazam :(wrong spoons color) new shadow alakazam: pokemon added to list:
  9. As title says.... this is a request for a re-run of( 2nd Edition ). It's the perfect time for its return.... after almost 2 years!!!! it's not difficult to make a rerun of this poke!! is it??!! plssir
  10. Hello peeps... So I was just try to level up a dewpider (Bug and Water type poke) and found that no training account works for it. i tried all the bug and water type training accounts..but the my dewpider was not immune to any of the training account's pokemon attacks. Please look into it. @SmartAss And Mods. Also, Join Da GANG @ P0RYGANG
  11. Hi, this is my first post, so i don't know if you could call it feedback. When you finish a battle at a gym, there's the link: Back to gyms, but when you defeat someone of the battle facilities, the link says: Back to gyms again. I think it would be nice to show Back to battle facilities. Also with special battles, but there's no link at all. It could be Back to special battles. This would be useful when trying to defeat everyone for the first time. Greetings.
  12. I know that the new notification system looks modern and is more efficient and blah blah blah. But to be honest I liked the old v3 message notification system better. Whenever I would see that big grey box, it would get me all jumpy and excited to see what the message was about.. Who else feels the same way? Do comment
  13. Hey this post is for the developers on the pokemon vortex. i am a 13 year old boy mad about pokemon vortex since the v2 and have recently started web development where i explored this application which grades the website on the basis of the targets set by yahoo (yes, the application is developed by yahoo). This fine day i ran the test on pokemon votex's site where it was graded 'D'. The suggestions on how to improve the website was also given. i just wanted to tell u about the WONDERFUL application devevloped by yahoo which when adheard of can improve this site A LOT! RGRDS, A fine fellow would be too happy if replied to personally at my email-id (i guess u know it)
  14. which is my problem ok, i nevar put nicknames even in official pokemon games, which is like OK dude then dont put nicknames and stfugtfo, but this rule of not being able to remove stinking nicknames from other user's pokemons makes me undervaluating the pokemon so much that i totally refuse for buy them even if is ridiculously cheap which is still my problem and i could stfugtfo but if this is the problem of many other users maybe could be so cool so great if u make us the option to remove the nickname even if the tax is more expensive. Any support to me or I should go alone with my problems?
  15. hawk44eye

    Feedback Auction

    Why do auctions have their "End Date" available for others to see? Probably its better to hide " Exact End Date " and let it like "Less than a day" , "less than a week" or something like that. This way it provides more competition and less easier for auction hunters?
  16. Add Days:hrs:mins:seconds count down timer to each item in the Auction, and on the Browse Auction Page (similar to eBay) Might also help some people who can’t read the 24 hr clock as the Clock up top is a 24 hr clock while the Auction seems like it’s the 12 hour clock..
  17. The current formula is as follows: Key: t = Total Experience a = Average Experience u = Unique Pokémon b = Battle Count / (Wins) (√t * √a * √u * ln(b)) / 1000 If the number of uniques is equal to the total number of pokemon (there are no dupes), this formula effectively becomes (√t * √t * ln(b))/1000. The number of uniques doesn't affect the total points. My suggestion would be add a bit more weight to the uniques count instead of having total points focused totally on how much exp a trainer has.
  18. Cloud_117

    Feedback Requests

    Can you put the admin battles and option of changing to either daytime or nighttime on the maps back into the game please?
  19. I never have the chance to properly grind for daytime Pokemon because I live in the US and the game is set on Nighttime during the hours I'm awake. I'd have to stay up until like 2 AM for a daytime cycle to start and I can't afford to be up all night because I have work and I want to get enough sleep. I don't have the time to play after I wake up because I must always get prepared for work. My feedback is please make Daytime cycles more accessible to people outside of the UK. It's becoming a hassle to genuinely play during the "day" because the Pokemon I want to grind for don't appear. I think the time of day shouldn't have been changed from what it was before and should be made to change via our own time if not optional. :s
  20. 990295233HEREWATSUP

    Feedback Xerneas (Neutral)

    When i went on to see the vortex guide i noticed something wrong. It shows is not yet available, but neutrals can be obtained through sidequests. so, please change it.
  21. I keep trying to use pokeballs and it will use a potion instead. Only happens occasionally but its super annoying.
  22. On the evolve Pokemon screen there should be a notification box that says whether or not you have that Pokemon.
  23. Hi guys, I'm a bit of a veteran when it comes to this game, having played back when it was Pokémon Crater 12 years ago or whenever that was around. There are two things in particular which are increasingly frustrating right now and very off putting for the game. Selecting moves - This doesn't always register. I'm posting this because I just lost out on a Mystic Shaymin Sky as a result of this. I selected Solarbeam to be used from my Dunsparce which being x4 not very effective would have not killed it. However, it selected my top move of Trump Card instead and knocked it out. Incredibly annoying, not sure why it happens. But this has happened a lot since V4 came around and occurs with item selection too. (I know this is a bug but I wanted to combine it with an actual bit of feedback/suggestion.) Evolving - It used to be so easy to know what to evolve. Having the whole Pokédex on a list meant you could scroll the whole way down and see which ones you need. Now you have to just know in advance what you need in order to check. I don't have the motivation to cycle through 70 pages of Pokémon. It's incredibly tedious and is massively decreasing my play time as I'd love to get back into collecting but this is impossible under the current system. Otherwise, wanted to say good work on V4 so far. Although it's a little too close to Facebook for my liking, I understand the reasoning behind that. It's very clean looking and ultimately has been optimised which is good to see as it finally looks like a professional site - coming a long way from when I started. Hope this gets read and I apologise if it's been brought up before. Thanks, Chris
  24. The past week I've found the game significantly slower and can't help but think it has to do with the return of the chat bar. It can be hidden now, but it still lags the game heavily by its existence. Perhaps there could be something in the options to toggle it off? It seems completely unnecessary given the PM system and Discord. Anyone else experiencing heavily increased lag of late?
  25. On Pokemon Location Guide page, it says Jangmo-o is common. I don't mean to be rude but that is so a lie. I spent a lot of time searching for jangmo-o . I did find one but I accidentally moved on. My bad luck. I think it was level 44 and that is just too much. Starter rarity are way to low too. They don't appear as often as they used to. I did encounter a Froakie and catch it too but its level was 44. That is again too much. It would already be a Greninja with that level.Same with Jangmo-o, with level 44 , it would already be one level before evolving into Kommo-o. I do not like the fact that you made regular pokemon's level to the level they would already be or near to their final evolution. Also ,like those high leveled pokemon that you encounter rarely , that rarity being put onto regular pokemon like jangmo-o. My point is lower down the level of normal pkmn, ones you would be expecting train hard for its evolution like jangmo-o,starter pokemon etc.AND Increase the encounter rate of those pokemon like Jangmo-o,starter pokemon etc. I so want it. Please pokemon vortex. Please