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  1. Hi everyone, this probably isn’t the place to report this but the pv forums are facing a huge issue now. Spam bots increase day by day and advertise gambling and more. They provide links in their ads which may have ip grabbers or malware. @PatrickPlease take immediate action about this
  2. I specially thanks to Patrick admin and flamescape for banning Laven in this game, Last month they are accuse me for scams but she don't have any proof i know she is not a real girl she is a boy he trying to pretending to be a woman Lol. That is all i share my story so i hope you learn to believe to pretending people Laven if you read this message please stop scamming and creating more alts account just be a fair don't use a game to destroying people, This game create to unity and enjoying have more pokemonlover friends Thanks to waste your time to read my post love you all
  3. I'm not completely sure if this is where this kind of suggestions should go, but here goes nothing: In the evolution screen marking with a Pokéball icon the Pokémon we already have at least one in the Pokédex. Having to check the Pokédex to know if we already have an evolution or not is annoying. In the Pokémon selection screen make the fainted ones more easily distinguishable from the selectable ones. One example could be adding a fainted class to the slot and some CSS code like the one in the following block, because just having just the line-through isn't visible enough. .fainted { opacity: 50%; text-decoration: line-through; filter: grayscale(100%); } Add the viewport meta tag to the HTML of the pages with the width and the initial scale. I don't expect this to auto-magically fix all the problems on mobile, but the way it is right now only the map is mostly usable without lots of zooming and scrolling (at least in portrait orientation, because in landscape orientation the Battle button of the wild Pokémon is out of the screen and impossible to click) <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"> In the change team screen (and probably others) when using the search it only autocompletes the name of the Pokémon species if we have the normal one. I only have a Shiny Lapras and if I write Lapras in the search box Shiny Lapras is displayed, but if I try to write only Lapras the suggestion box says "No Pokémon Found". It should suggest Lapras the same way it suggests Shiny Lapras to prevent typos when trying to search for all the variants. In the Manage Your Pokémon Team menu (and probably others with the same format) the padding is in the ".menu-tab-selected" and ".menu-tab" classes, which makes only the text of the link clickable. If the padding is set in the ".menu-tab-selected a" and ".menu-tab a" it would have the same display but with all the box clickable. The explore button links to https://www.pokemon-vortex.com/map-select/, which is a redirect to https://www.pokemon-vortex.com/map/live. It would probably be better if it pointed to the correct link directly. There are probably more things than these that could be done to improve UX/UI, but these are the ones that came to my mind that slightly annoyed me while playing the last few days.
  4. I think (Metallic Zekrom) might need more colouring due to the fact that it is black and the metallic is grey-ish.
  5. Ok so there’s ONE thing that is so confusing about the Pokédex e.g. Catching a normal Charmander will show a Pokéball in the normal section. When I evolve it, the Pokéball is removed from the Charmander and moved to Charmeleon. See that’s the thing that’s so confusing, because I caught the Charmander but I just evolved it. I didn’t release it or anything- just evolved it. Anyways what I’m trying to say can you fix/add this because it’s really confusing and to complete the Pokédex you’re going to have to catch the same Pokémon over and over with the different variants.
  6. Hi, this is less of a feedback and more of a question. I know previously, galarian bird avatars are obtained by claiming their promo codes. Now that it's changed to seasons shop, is there a chance to receive the galarian bird avatars when we buy any variant of the birds from the seasons shop?
  7. Is it possible too see your own rank (even when your not in top 100) for the other categories like in seasonal. Specially for local and global board
  8. why isnt there a avatar theres a avatar why not avatar pls make the avatar i want one
  9. I have one quick suggestion before admins roll out the new feature that allows us to see our own rank on the seasonal leaderboard - Can your own rank appear at the top of the seasonal board instead of the bottom? (so users don't have to scroll all the way down to the bottom every time they wish to check their seasonal rank) Just a quick suggestion to hopefully improve the UX a little Love these new changes btw. I can finally own a unique galar bird (in 5 months)! *fingers crossed
  10. Ok I have a problem in auctions when people bid like right after you bid and you want overtake he or she the auction say's "error: your going to fast" which makes me a little angry because I loose valuable auctions because of it please fix.
  11. imam useing afire stick an want yuo to add a click to move an inter act option yuo just need to add a cancel button only one button then so u would select back or close if u didnt want to talk to or in a menu ..click click clikc all a button hehehehe
  12. can you maybe add quests to the game and the ability to battle other people when you encounter them have to battle team rocket every now and then to up xp
  13. Hello! I just noticed that the exclusive auctions ends at the same time. This makes it impossible for members who are asleep at that time to win the auctions without overpaying. How about when an exclusive auction ends, the next one will start 1 hour later? E.g. right now it ends at 2:20 AM at my time. The next one will start and end at 3:20 AM. And then the next one will be 4:20 AM and so forth... so that other members would have a chance to snag some of them. Any feedbacks or comments are very much appreciated! Thank you!
  14. Hello everyone I was using the rock type training account and noticed something I think should be fixed with it to make it better the thing is i was looking at one of the butterfree's move sets and it had 2 moves that do nothing harden and string shot but they can also earn splash which does nothing as well can u please consider this to update and make the training account better.
  15. GUys i just saw a bot on the members if u have not noticed
  16. I think that the developers of Pokemon Vortex should conduct a survey in which people will tell which additional feature they want in vortex. You can create a form for example. By that the developers can tell what most of the people want and they can implement it first
  17. Thanks, the option to minimize the screen greatly improved the character's speed, now i can play again. (ps.: sorry if the writing is not perfect, i write in portuguese and use the translator to send it to you.) Thank you so much love this game.
  18. Could the timing when the pokemon spawn be longer? I have already missed a metallic wimpod and a mystic munchlax due to another pokemon spawning. I have tried using the "space" to catch them, but another pokemon always spawns before I pressed it. Those two lost rare pokemons only spawned for 1 second! I can't catch them like that! i really hope that the timing could increase. Thanks! Here's the IGN if you need it: Eternity0867
  19. today i was playing the game and encountered a which was only lv:13(basicaly encounter level rate is lv:45-55) and a which was only lv : 8 !(encounter rate is lv:30) and a which was also lv: 13 (level encounter rate is 30) and a which was lv:19 (encounter level is 30 -40 ) that is not good i would request patrick to increase the the level of none evolving wild pokemon upo lv :30 to 40
  20. "In generation 8 of Pokémon (Sword & Shield) this seems to have been changed to now use items that already existed and have other uses which suits Pokémon Vortex well as we can now remove the items Moss & Ice Rock since they only had that one single use; to evolve Eevee." Ok, the reasons behind this change are understandable. Problem is: That doesn't change much for Leafeon, but now I'm able to evolve my eevee into a glaceon spending 5k. Requiring an Ice stone to do so would mean that if you want your eevee to turn into a glaceon you will either need to play an outrageous amount of sidequests to reach alola and pray that you receive an Ice stone, or spend a minimum of 3 million on pokebay (as i'm writing this post). I can't be the only one who sees this is a terrible trade off for anyone wanting a glaceon... Cmon, leafeon will evolve with an item costing 2k less, and then you do that to glaceon? At least introduce a different way to obtain Ice stone or this is such a steal.
  21. The new dragon map is impressive. Thanks a lot for the map pokemon vortex. But I want to know one thing- is the map designed from the background of mt chimney and jagged pass from pokemon emerald/ruby/sapphire?
  22. There were many times where I clicked a move but when I attacked, it was the first move that was made (first move from the four). The new move I selected was highlighted however, I need to click on the ACTUAL name of the move to make sure. There were times where I attacked a wild legendary with the wrong move and accidentally killed it I wish I could just click anywhere on the box for the move I select and when it's highlighted, THAT is the move that I will make NO DOUBT. This also goes for when you finish a sidequest battle for example, the options such as "next opponent" wouldn't click unless I click the name itself, rather than clicking anywhere in the box. This would be a BIG help to the Vortex community. Thank you!
  23. So since these are the only available ones for #bot-commands on discord; I am only suggesting there should be more, more over especially for the collectors like me myself for example, I wanna known which Rotom forms I am missing, there should be !missing rotom forms and it shows you a list of which forms of Rotom you are missing in all variants. Same goes for other pokemons with more than 3 forms, Arceus, Deoxys, Vivillons, Unowns, Therians, Furfrous, of which these are only examples. It would help a lot of Dex Collectors like me. Welp, that's all, thanks for having the time to read this.
  24. I see we get 1 point for a battle in seasonal leader boards for 1 battle (1 point for 3,000 exp and 1 win) and anywhere between 300-500 points for a unique. I think more points need to be given for battles and reduce the points given to catch pokemon.
  25. In-game messages are turned off by default when a new member signs up. This leads to a lot of new members contacting others in game and not getting a response until they figure out the options tab. If this could be switched on by default, it would be easier for new members.
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