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Found 53 results

  1. Thanks, the option to minimize the screen greatly improved the character's speed, now i can play again. (ps.: sorry if the writing is not perfect, i write in portuguese and use the translator to send it to you.) Thank you so much love this game.
  2. Could the timing when the pokemon spawn be longer? I have already missed a metallic wimpod and a mystic munchlax due to another pokemon spawning. I have tried using the "space" to catch them, but another pokemon always spawns before I pressed it. Those two lost rare pokemons only spawned for 1 second! I can't catch them like that! i really hope that the timing could increase. Thanks! Here's the IGN if you need it: Eternity0867
  3. today i was playing the game and encountered a which was only lv:13(basicaly encounter level rate is lv:45-55) and a which was only lv : 8 !(encounter rate is lv:30) and a which was also lv: 13 (level encounter rate is 30) and a which was lv:19 (encounter level is 30 -40 ) that is not good i would request patrick to increase the the level of none evolving wild pokemon upo lv :30 to 40
  4. "In generation 8 of Pokémon (Sword & Shield) this seems to have been changed to now use items that already existed and have other uses which suits Pokémon Vortex well as we can now remove the items Moss & Ice Rock since they only had that one single use; to evolve Eevee." Ok, the reasons behind this change are understandable. Problem is: That doesn't change much for Leafeon, but now I'm able to evolve my eevee into a glaceon spending 5k. Requiring an Ice stone to do so would mean that if you want your eevee to turn into a glaceon you will either need to play an outrageous amount of sidequests to reach alola and pray that you receive an Ice stone, or spend a minimum of 3 million on pokebay (as i'm writing this post). I can't be the only one who sees this is a terrible trade off for anyone wanting a glaceon... Cmon, leafeon will evolve with an item costing 2k less, and then you do that to glaceon? At least introduce a different way to obtain Ice stone or this is such a steal.
  5. The new dragon map is impressive. Thanks a lot for the map pokemon vortex. But I want to know one thing- is the map designed from the background of mt chimney and jagged pass from pokemon emerald/ruby/sapphire?
  6. There were many times where I clicked a move but when I attacked, it was the first move that was made (first move from the four). The new move I selected was highlighted however, I need to click on the ACTUAL name of the move to make sure. There were times where I attacked a wild legendary with the wrong move and accidentally killed it I wish I could just click anywhere on the box for the move I select and when it's highlighted, THAT is the move that I will make NO DOUBT. This also goes for when you finish a sidequest battle for example, the options such as "next opponent" wouldn't click unless I click the name itself, rather than clicking anywhere in the box. This would be a BIG help to the Vortex community. Thank you!
  7. So since these are the only available ones for #bot-commands on discord; I am only suggesting there should be more, more over especially for the collectors like me myself for example, I wanna known which Rotom forms I am missing, there should be !missing rotom forms and it shows you a list of which forms of Rotom you are missing in all variants. Same goes for other pokemons with more than 3 forms, Arceus, Deoxys, Vivillons, Unowns, Therians, Furfrous, of which these are only examples. It would help a lot of Dex Collectors like me. Welp, that's all, thanks for having the time to read this.
  8. I see we get 1 point for a battle in seasonal leader boards for 1 battle (1 point for 3,000 exp and 1 win) and anywhere between 300-500 points for a unique. I think more points need to be given for battles and reduce the points given to catch pokemon.
  9. In-game messages are turned off by default when a new member signs up. This leads to a lot of new members contacting others in game and not getting a response until they figure out the options tab. If this could be switched on by default, it would be easier for new members.
  10. As of November 1st 2019, the Pokémon pool of Mystery Boxes will no longer be exclusively one Pokémon. Instead, every past event Pokémon will be included and as events are rolled out and end, that Pokémon will join the Mystery Box Pokémon pool. As vortex player from many years we all have wasted tons of time on this game.. The Mystery box update before was good, but the new update which is added yesterday is not good! What about the people who spent loads of money on this game to get the event pokemon of the month? It will be sad for all of us to see the decreasing value of the event pokes we own.. I guess deoxys forms and volcanions will be back,If I'm wrong pls correct me
  11. Necrozma shouldn't be an Ultra Beast since it actually is a legendary.
  12. Acho que todo mundo aqui deveria estar entediado com o sistema Pokémon Capiture, isso está faltando muitos pokemons de acordo com a saga de 7 temporadas, eu queria deixar essa mensagem para alguns dos funcionários do jogo, então você poderia mudar esse sistema e fazer o mais divertido o jogo que foram as primeiras versões, muitos mapas não estão com o pokemon do seu elemento, sem contar com a opção de 6 pokemons de cada elemento, obrigado pela atenção de todos um ótimo jogo
  13. I played since 2014, I noticed that the difference of finding pokemons of the season 1 to 7 mainly the initials is very difficult to find them and wanted to mention that the present system has benefited much the pokebay and some players use this as advantages to be "millionaires" with abusive prices, PS: I AM FROM BRAZIL MY ENGLISH AND BAD AND THIS MESSAGE WAS WRITTEN IN THE TRANSLATOR
  14. Hello Patrick and Staff, Thank you for the Arceus (fighting) event which many of us were anticipating. However, unlike other map events, this one is certainly different as it involves us to do multiple battles and there is no info about the number of battles that an individual needs to do to get a plate. After asking some people on discord about it and on an average most of the folk received their first fist plate within their 200 battle count. And there are also people who haven't got a SINGLE plate despite doing 600 + or 700 + battles (Me being one of those UNLUCKY people). Staff is ruling out to be our so called "bad luck" and making fun of our accounts being haxed which we all know isn't true and it is however not helping us with the cause. However, could you please ensure that at least the first plate drop rate is within a set battle number so that we dont feel all dejected and lose hopes to continue forward whereas others just mock us for being losers, as we are working as hard as the other players in the game. This isn't a map event where people tell us that we might've walked past a pokemon due to clicking way too fast. There is a proof of each person doing a substantial amount of battles in the hopes of getting what they want. This post might look like I am venting or complaining, but if you could look into it and see if something could be done well I would appreciate that and so does other players who still haven't lost their hopes of finding their first fist plate despite nearing their 1000th battle. Sorry to make this post huge. Thanks.
  15. Hooray for me and my awesome skills as a good player on Pokemon Vortex today! I just got my very first Fighting type Arceus, which is a shadow one. This event is such a special one to me and many others, and I think I'm the 1st to own a shadow type of it. Train hard and play hard to get your own and good luck!
  16. Hey There! Firstly, The New Update is really Awesome! and the response is absolutely overwhelming so Kudos with that!! Not being ungrateful for anything BUT I was talking to many People and Most of us aren't really happy with The Timer removed. Lemme Address the 2 Major Issues- Auctions: Many of us wait for the final 10 seconds to bid on an auction as it increases our chances to win it but with the timer being removed we don't even have a rough approximate of when to bid... Specially, if you're on Phone. So that's a major drawback for all the Snippers out there. Exp Grinding: We are all acquainted with the fact that there's a cooldown of 10 seconds between trainer battles. Many of us can even train 8 sec/battle so that's where things get tough... It's difficult keeping a count of 10 seconds in your mind while constantly grinding so there's another con of removing the in-game timer. There are other minor issues like The Game Follows GMT still, With the Timer gone we don't know when will the Seasonals exactly end, another same issue is with the Daily Login Calendar. Once again, Thanks for the Amazing v.4.2 update, it's really awesome!
  17. I must say, that this new up date is really cool and very clever. I just can't wait to catch some new Pokemon in the maps and continue on my goal on my account. Good luck to all of you guys while on the hunt for these new Pokemon.
  18. Wow, I must say that this May the 4th event is really cool and very awesome to me, since this is the very first May the 4th I celebrated here on Pokemon Vortex. That being said, I really love the Voltorb BB-8 I own, since it is a shiny one and I really enjoy a good shiny event on such a special day. May the 4th be with you fellow players.
  19. Hello Pokemon Vortex Players. I think that having a Pokemon Vortex Mobile App would be a great idea. I do realize that there are multiple issues keeping this from happening. However if all of us come together we could make this happen. Below I am going to give some of the reasons we should make this happen. 1. Pokemon Vortex being on the Google Play and App Store could make this game much more popular. Games that go on mobile devices often get much more popularity than games just on one platform. This is because an increasingly large amount of people are using mobile devices as opposed too computers. This game would also have an advantage because there is little to no competition for Pokemon games. 2. Making a mobile app could make the game more money by an influx of players joining and playing the game. This in return means this game could make more money. We need more players because advertisers pay for people seeing their ads. The more money this game makes the easier it is for Patrick to make updates for the game and to keep this game on the web. 3. This has been a requested idea for quite some time. The first time this was requested was August 13, 2016. It has been almost 3 years since this was requested and no one has given a real reason why this couldn't happen. I don't know about you guys but it sounds like something needs to happen about that. 4. Who doesn't like a good mobile game! I mean honestly who doesn't want to play an addicting mobile app! People love easy to play fun multiplayer games. This is exactly that. This game could be a wildly popular game if brought on mobile. I do realize that there are many reasons why this hasn't happened and I am going to address and solve those issues below. 1. A mobile app costs too much money to make. The average mobile game costs anywhere between $25,000 and $100,000 to make. This is quite a bit of money to spend on a game however in time we could make enough to create this app. To make more money we need more players. I recommend having an event where you invite players to join the game and you get prizes according to the amount of people you invite. This could get people to join the game. (This is a separate idea so I will make another post about this.) 2. A mobile app takes too much time to make. It takes 12 to 18 weeks to build an mobile app. This is a lot of time to put into a game. However if the game received enough funding we could shorten the amount of time it takes to build this app. Those are my ideas and opinions for a Pokemon Vortex Mobile App. Have a nice day.
  20. As we all know the crashing rates of Premium pokemon/Donation pokemon, It's better if they change the Premium pokemon.. In v3 they were worth high. But after coming of v4 they hardly reach 25mil pokemoney. I also want something like limited edition Premium Pokemon. For example players an purchase from the store for only a limited period time... This will also get money to vortex and we players will be happy as new Arceus form being introduced for limited time. Their price should be also like 15$ for 1 a lil more than premium pokemon as they will be limited edition..
  21. Just wanted to talk about the new Volcanion sprite. According to me..the sprite in v3 is better than the current sprite we have in v4 which looks a bit too animated to me. Please do comment.
  22. Please make it a bit longer or leave places without timeout like it was in maps before because it's kind of annoying to click-fail-logout-login everytime for quick checks between watching youtube videos
  23. I have an idea for the pokemarkt I have startet the game on V3 on the account name davidje (I forgot the password) but there you can shop all mega Stones in the pokémarkt and now you can only get the starter mega Stones I hope that in the next update the mega Stones are back
  24. On Pokemon Location Guide page, it says Jangmo-o is common. I don't mean to be rude but that is so a lie. I spent a lot of time searching for jangmo-o . I did find one but I accidentally moved on. My bad luck. I think it was level 44 and that is just too much. Starter rarity are way to low too. They don't appear as often as they used to. I did encounter a Froakie and catch it too but its level was 44. That is again too much. It would already be a Greninja with that level.Same with Jangmo-o, with level 44 , it would already be one level before evolving into Kommo-o. I do not like the fact that you made regular pokemon's level to the level they would already be or near to their final evolution. Also ,like those high leveled pokemon that you encounter rarely , that rarity being put onto regular pokemon like jangmo-o. My point is lower down the level of normal pkmn, ones you would be expecting train hard for its evolution like jangmo-o,starter pokemon etc.AND Increase the encounter rate of those pokemon like Jangmo-o,starter pokemon etc. I so want it. Please pokemon vortex. Please
  25. Quite some time ago, the moves in this thread were nerfed. I would have no problems with this, except that there are still " attacks that were throwing battling way off balance": Victini's "V-create" and Necrozma's "Prismatic Laser". Necrozma, in particular, can OHKO anything that doesn't resist it. At least the moves that were nerfed were balanced, because a wide variety of Pokémon could learn it. These attacks are just learned by TWO pokémon. Isn't this the core meaning of "unbalanced"? Isn't this something that would need to be addressed? There are two possible fixes. You could nerf these attacks, or you could remove the nerf of the old attacks to show the shift on power level that Pokémon Vortex has with all the new legendaries now. Trump Card, Self-destruct and Explosion are Normal, a terrible attacking move. Most of the time, the Pokémon who learned these skills weren't even Normal-type to begin, so no stab. In order to OHKO anything metallic and shiny, they would need to be DARK, and that reduces the defense factor of these Pokémon. Reversal and Punishment did not need such a massive nerf. Skills like Focus Punch still exist in this game. So how about a compromise and giving them 150 attack? This would balance out all the lesser Pokemon. Maybe with these changes in place, we would see less Necrozma teams, and more teams of people using the Pokémon they actually like. What I loved of Pokémon Vortex was how you could use every Pokémon you loved and still be "competitve" (My main Pokémon, for example, was and still is a Luvdisc, and I use an Unown as well!) I hope this is heard.
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