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  1. Hello! Eiscue (Ice) seems to know the move "Icy Snow". It does nothing when used. Maybe it was intended to be Icy Wind or something?
  2. Lately during the Christmas event I have been facing a lot of lag and heating issues with my laptop given the fact that i play the game on low graphics and not on full screen , didnt experience any such issue during the Halloween event using the same browser. For reference ,these are my system specifications snipboard.io/V40BgM.jpg and after a lot of trial and error , I have found safari and opera browser to be most optimised for my system. On Safari i am getting constant 60 fps snipboard.io/GQMzCn.jpg on route 14 and 15 but after 5 minutes into the game the cpu heats upto almost 90 deg
  3. i was searching for a caterpie but i came accross a bug https://prnt.sc/w7qtw8 as you can see patrick is invisible and some guy is standing on a tree,wtf?
  4. At least I think it's a bug. Usually when I look for pokes in the live map, I find a rare pokemon and I will tap on the space bar, or click the "Battle!" button. However, these days, when I do so, there is a very long delay before I change to the wild battle. Do fix this, sometimes the delay causes another pokemon to spawn and I lose that rare pokemon.
  5. Well this is quite the odd bug. So I found out if you have no dusk balls but you have potions, it displays the dusk ball selection in a rather unusual way. You see, it says you have 0 dusk balls, but unlike with other items you have 0 of... It doesn't have the line over it. But wait. It gets even buggier. If you click it and decide to use it, the game glitches out and has you use a potion. I'd love to show an image or 2 but I have no clue how. It should be easy to replicate though as you just need to have no dusk balls and have potions.
  6. As the title describes whenever I checked my clan members there are only fews members are shown for example if there are 7 people on one page and when I go to next page there are 4 previous page members shown again. I don't know if that is a bug or something. If it isn't then I am so sorry but if it is a bug please fix it
  7. There is a bug in pokedex wiki page (https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Pokédex) which is :- The zarude sprite is replaced by the urshifu sprite. Can't send picture tried a lot.But i have it.(message me how to if anyone know) thank you.
  8. There's a bug in the live map I found. When you appear in a new area, I move around (obviously) , but the system tends to blacken the live map and respaawn me somewhere else in the same area, but not where I want. Please fix this. Thanks. IGN if you need it: Eternity0867
  9. i had found an arceus in the explore maps.when i clicked battle,it became a wild pidgey
  10. Hello, I have been playing on the Dragon Map and the Pokeball that should appear next to the Pokemon's name when you have already caught it is not showing on some of them (for example it appears for Turtonators, but not for Goomys). Btw, this doesn't happen every single time I enter, but it does sometimes and affects the same Pokemon.
  11. There is a bug when you searched specific pokemon and ordered it by numerical order. Like this one for example
  12. Choosing Vileplume as Gloom's evolution evolves it into Bellossom while choosing Bellossom evolves it into Vileplume. pls fix gois, I lost 2 shiny glooms to bellossom while trying to get a shiny vileplume thinking I misclicked lmao mfw that happened
  13. I have the Deep Sea Scale but when I click to evolve to Gorebyss it says I dont have the Deep Sea Tooth to evolve to Hauntail.
  14. My female shiny combee isn't evolving. She's levelled up enough to evolve but when I try I get the "at its final stage" message
  15. Hey, i got stuck between two trees in route 3 and i couldnt move from that place since 3 hours please , kindly resolve that problem
  16. Sometimes, I forgot the Pokemon types so I click on their names to view the Pokemon type and moves which appears on the left bar. However, it tends to show me the wrong Pokemons.
  17. Pokedex says I have Dark Floette White and Shadow Floette (Yellow), but I don't. IGN: Stephano615
  18. To whom it may concern, This has been bug for long time, many year. Plz fix. Kind Regards Dav0
  19. Instead of directing you to the fight again which in this case I’ll say Giovanni the link is https://www.pokemon-vortex.com/battle-special/Giovanni but when you click/tap re fight it directs yo to https://www.pokemon-vortex.com/battle-event/Giovanni which just shows a error this is not a emergency but a minor mistake keep up the great work
  20. The bf and I evolved two meltan to melmetal and the candies reset to zero even thought we had more than 50 each time. We don't have a screenshot to prove it but you guys should be able to check it out
  21. hi, my chat and notification bar isn't working, the chats and notifications come through, but I am unable to see both the chats and notifications it won't allow me to click on them. can you help fix this? ion - joeblack94, thank you.
  22. My in game chat box is not appearing...
  23. I recently claimed a Shadow Kyurem (White) that has ??? type. Pokemon ID: 0028694761. IGN: khyeborg. Please check it out. https://imgur.com/a/wizALp2
  24. The chat bar is not showing even if I restart my device or log out or both. What is the cause, is there maybe a ban on me???
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