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Found 191 results

  1. The bf and I evolved two meltan to melmetal and the candies reset to zero even thought we had more than 50 each time. We don't have a screenshot to prove it but you guys should be able to check it out
  2. hi, my chat and notification bar isn't working, the chats and notifications come through, but I am unable to see both the chats and notifications it won't allow me to click on them. can you help fix this? ion - joeblack94, thank you.
  3. My in game chat box is not appearing...
  4. I recently claimed a Shadow Kyurem (White) that has ??? type. Pokemon ID: 0028694761. IGN: khyeborg. Please check it out. https://imgur.com/a/wizALp2
  5. The chat bar is not showing even if I restart my device or log out or both. What is the cause, is there maybe a ban on me???
  6. This issue is happening after pokemon vortex got updated.. The chat bar goes missing and it must be noted that it still happens when you delete all the chrome history and cache. It is not happening only to me it has happened to many players and facing this issues. Please look into it and if you want more details I can provide it to you.
  7. Hey I noticed that the lamps are off centered from just above their base, up. Took a screenshot of it (image below). I noticed it wasn't just on the map pictured below but on all the grass maps.
  8. Recently the game updated and poison types with incorrect type colours were fixed. However I've noticed this hasn't been applied to Pokemon who are pure poison types, such as ekans or nidoran, who still show a secondary psychic type.
  9. I noticed that every pokemon which has the fighting as their primary type or as their only type has the wrong colour: It shows the colour for Grass type instead of Fighting type. I also noticed that every pokemon which has the poison as their primary type or as their only type has the wrong colour: It shows the colour for Psychic type instead of Poison type.
  10. i seem to cant accept clan requests when i click accept it just says loading i have waited for 5 mins and no response and by the way my clan has no reached its member limit plz solve this problem
  11. Moves like DragonBreath paralyze fairies. Thunder Wave also has "no effect" in stead of paralyzing anything. Level: Medium
  12. I'm using safari (Version 12.1 (14607. on osx https://imgur.com/a/DEU7U74 link which goes to picture of the bug
  13. The text message says "The attack had no effect" yet, they are paralyzed, but Fairy pokemon are inmune to Dragon, so, is it supposed to happen or it's a bug/error? thank you
  14. Just a quick little bug report (I don't know if this has been posted already though). Most of the boxes are not to be walked on; they are for decoration I suppose. There are a few boxes though where you can walk on. Maybe someone can fix/change this to be consistent. Again, nothing big or extreme. (: <3
  15. I don't know if it is a bug but can you fix it when i go to the clan it shows Elitest if i go to the profile of the Elitest it shows Elitist
  16. I noticed that Crobat currently has Flying type as it's primary type in Vortex: Bulbapedia says it's primary type is poison: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Crobat_(Pokémon)
  17. Is it just me or this part of the pokedex is in the wrong order? From the first look, I know everyone will notice the error. The background for Bibarel is for a psychic-normal type pokemon. It should be gray followed by a blue hue. Coz it's a normal-water type pokemon.
  18. When I try to link my youtube channel where I want to make vortex videos it says the url doesn't exists because the youtube url option goes like "youtube.com/user/xxxxxxxxx" and not like "youtube.com/xxxxxxxx" (which would be normal). Not every channel has /user/ in its URL therefore it would be much easier if it is just "youtube.com/xxxxxxxx" to resolve redirect erros! Hope you acknowledge this, thanks @patrick
  19. I noticed that Techno Blast (Fire) and Techno Blast (Ice) both have a base power of 85. As of generation 6 this move's base power is buffed to 120. (https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Techno_Blast_(move)) I'm guessing Techno Blast (Electric), Techno Blast (Water) and Techno Blast (Norm) have the same issue. Can there be looked into this? I also noticed that Genesect isn't able to learn Techno Blast (Norm) in change attacks. Can there be looked into this?
  20. I am really not sure if this is a bug or its already reported.. The Arceus (Ice) promos which are out on Mystery Boxes this month when redeemed it still shows edition 1 but they are supposed to be edition 2.. All the other events like Arceus (water) & (Electric) have edition 2.. This pic is taken from view all pokemon (Hypersnailgaming)
  21. Map 14 You (or at least I) can't go south from this position. Already checked, but there is no block on the other side which would block me for going. Just a little bug, that's all. <3
  22. If you use the VortexBot commands (like: !poke Shiny Snorlax (Mega)) to search anything related to Shiny Snorlax (Mega), it seems like the coloring of a regular Shiny Snorlax is the same as Shiny Snorlax (Mega). I believe Shiny Snorlax (Mega) should be a black/grey color instead of the blue that shows up on discord. Not a huuuge issue, but just something I noticed. vs
  23. Whenever I go to "Your Pokémon" after a wild battle, a 404 page comes up. If I remove "wildbattle" from that url, it redirects perfectly. Is this already mentioned? I don't know why it's happening.
  24. when i(everyone) try to reply anyone on PM in the chatbar it gives There was an error sending your message. Try again later. Plz fix this,i've tried different browsers as well but no use and its happening with everyone.
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