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Found 169 results

  1. If you use the VortexBot commands (like: !poke Shiny Snorlax (Mega)) to search anything related to Shiny Snorlax (Mega), it seems like the coloring of a regular Shiny Snorlax is the same as Shiny Snorlax (Mega). I believe Shiny Snorlax (Mega) should be a black/grey color instead of the blue that shows up on discord. Not a huuuge issue, but just something I noticed. vs
  2. Whenever I go to "Your Pokémon" after a wild battle, a 404 page comes up. If I remove "wildbattle" from that url, it redirects perfectly. Is this already mentioned? I don't know why it's happening.
  3. when i(everyone) try to reply anyone on PM in the chatbar it gives There was an error sending your message. Try again later. Plz fix this,i've tried different browsers as well but no use and its happening with everyone.
  4. gigatigrex

    Fixed Core enforcer bug

    Zygarde (complete) 's move, Core Enforcer has no effect when used in battle. Please fix it thanks
  5. Well I was looking how many normal jars jars I have it seem to be 28 Normie's ohk well I have , but I don't have 2 sets I have only 1 set
  6. VandheerLord

    Fixed Catch Pokemon Error

    It seems like a bug while I was doing sidequests. I selected a particular attack but upon continuation another move was executed. Suppose I chose Brave Bird, the move button was highlighted, but when I continued the battle it was shown that Flare Blitz was executed instead and dealt damage was that of Flare Blitz and on next turn Flare Blitz got highlighted. This happened quite a few times and with almost all of my team's pokemons at least once. Is a pretty annoying phenomenon while fighting something as strong as level 150 legendary. Please check it and thank you for v4 and looking into this matter.
  7. rundownbrain

    Fixed Listing pokemon

    When trying to list a pokemon through the trading station immediately after listing a pokemon through view your pokemon, I get: "Sorry, but the Pokemon you have selected to put up for trade doesn't exist, or doesn't belong to you." Same case for after listing a pokemon through wildbattle and offering a pokemon. Trading station has the updated list of pokemon.
  8. I´m 99,12% sure that the 31th day of the months doesn't have the marked day with in the calendar even if u got the reward (empty january and december 31s).
  9. The first hour of the day (dunno the rest) shows the prize of yesterday. My timezone is +2 (now is 2.08, in vortex 0.08) so most probably is a mistake of greater and greater than tested with firefox and chrome Edit: I take the screenshot of Auke that he did bcos i was too lazy for that: https://imgur.com/a/dJ8RY
  10. The button "Remove" doesn't react to my click in Firefox. In Chrome, it does In firefox, it doesnt With the same account and poke
  11. If you order by something repetitive like Level, there are some pokes that came twice in different pages. Example, ordered by Level, there is a Shiny Meowstic (F) with the same ID in the first and second page. Real example in the UFT list of VitolUniques (no spam intended)
  12. Hey, um, i have been having a problem with this option under the options and i have enabled the option but it is still not showing any online players on the maps.. Also, when the bar is red its saying its enabled..? must be some sort of a bug or error?
  13. after catching a pokemon in a wild battle, click on the View all pokemon link (on the screen that says you got a wild xxxx). Gives error 404 page not found.
  14. The hearts of happiness images are broken due to bad link Stats Level: 100Exp: 54,478Happiness: OT: VitolUniques
  15. When paralyze heal is used in wild battle on a pokemon that's not paralyzed, the game crashes. Edit:
  16. neelupeelu from the clan SuperStrikers is an unwinnable clan battle, as every time you're matched up against his first Pokemon the only option is to "Continue" which sends you back to the Pokemon selection screen, only to repeat the process indefinitely. This makes it impossible to proceed with clan battles. His roster in the battle is listed as Metallic Unown (Q), Unown (A), Froakie, Espurr, ?, and ?, but in reality the ? is in the front because that's what is fought first. When you look up neelupeelu in the Members tab his first Pokemon is a Klefki with 0 Exp. There's also a mysterious Cubone which does have Exp but still appears to be glitched and doesn't show up in battle. Hopefully there's a way to resolve this, as that question mark makes for a pretty terrifying fight.
  17. 1. Ive noticed that some pokemons doesnt have right colour of type when you check your all pokemons Here is an example: Might be that this is not a bug but some pokemons has wrong code colour. (looks like Fight type is wrong) Its nothing super important but still... 2. Some pokemons doesnt have pokeball icon when you find it in wild. As we all know they usually do have it when you already have it and you find it once again. I noticed it on two pokemons- Latias and Latios. I know 100% and i did check after aswell that I already have them but when i found another one of each in wild, neither of them had this icon. Hope it helps to improve the P.V. Best Regards, Reinako ^.^
  18. LeonardFoxter

    Fixed pokedex

    when i checked pokedex it showed that I have shadow floette (yellow), but I dont have it
  19. I'm unable to change my Magearna (Original)'s attacks.. Since the list does not appear. Pretty sure this is a bug... Please look to it..
  20. porymon

    Fixed Move Spelt Wrong

    The fighting move Dynamic Punch is spelt as one word - 'Dynamicpunch' Unlike all the other punches ._. 'Focus Punch' 'Comet Punch' etc. Please look to it.
  21. View Your Pokemon goes to wildbattle/your-pokemon/, which gives a 404
  22. Sorry I wrote it yesterday but it happening again, and is not solved just logged out and in, and also i clear the cookies and still appearing like half of the pokemons in bold with pokeball and other half without anything (in maps im talking) and without bragging but i have all the pokemons that appear Wild Patrat appeared. Level: 15 Let me say that it seems not to be random at all since for example Patrat is always like if i dont have it and others like Bergmite always like I do. I don't see any pattern, not alphabetic and most of them are caught with pokeball and by me and doesn't differ in that. Most of my pokes are old ones so I don't think is related with the age. It went solved when u catch a pokemon. If you understood all what I said u truly deserves a porygon shield. I will update if i found some pattern or clue.
  23. This appears when u enable the option to see the other users on maps. And vice-versa. Thanks for ur attention. Your Account Settings & Options Other users on the maps has been disabled.
  24. Hi patrick....I think its a bug...Darumaka doesnt evolve into Darmanitan (Zen Mode)....I tried it both at night and at day it just evolves into Darmanitan. Here is the image.Earlier when it is of level 35 or above both darmanitan and darmanitan(zen mode) options were there.But now only darmanitan is present.I am pretty sure it evolution doesnt have a thing to do with it gender. https://imgur.com/a/TkC07 Tnx
  25. When i click Relist it says No item was selected to auction.