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Found 40 results

  1. Since no one is above me, I'll start with a not-so-randomly selected Pokémon: Munchlax
  2. What was the last thing you ate/drank? Lemonade.
  3. Game Staff vs. Members

    Staff vs. Members It's a pretty simple game. Can members count to 20 first or will a staff member post and reset the counter? I'll start 1 I will keep tabs of the score here (Score is the amount of times members have reached 20 or every 20 staff resets = 1 staff point): Staff - 30 Members - 20 In case anyone was wondering, I am not staff. Wiki Editors/Social Media Editors are not counted as staff for this.
  4. Game Keep One, Change One

    Keep One, Change One Easy game. you look at the post above and keep one word from it and change one. I'll start. Ice Cream
  5. Game Count to 1 billion!

    In increments of 1. 1
  6. Game Ban the person above you

    Simple really, just ban the person above you! So really the person below me ban me for having no nuts <_>
  7. Game Destroy a Wish

    Destroy a Wish cause "Make a Wish" is too basic Anyways, simple game. User 1 wishes for something they want. User 2 posts after, "destroying" the wish by adding something bad to it. User 2 then posts their own wish. Example for the weak minded: User 1: I wish I had no school for an entire year... User 2: ...but you were forced to go to military boot camp the entire time. (then posts their own wish) I wish I had all the free pizza in the world. continue.... I'll start: I wish I could fly...
  8. Game Display Pic Score

    Rate the display pic of the people in vortex who post in this topic
  9. Game Name Pokevanza!

    This is the first time I`m doing a Game,so don't expect too much. How to Play: Here,Lemme start: Lulbasaur
  10. Guess the user above you's age. inb4 everyones 12.
  11. Game Random

    Say a random word, any random word! I will start. Faucet
  12. Game What will you transform to and why?

    Okay, so everyone knows how ditto transforms into another Pokemon to get stronger. This game will be the same like that. For instance in my case I would transform into Patrick A.K.A Pat-San so, I can be the very first person to have the pokemon I created on my team and then give the pokemon to yall. But it will be a very hard challenge to get it. Now, what is it you will like to transform to and why?
  13. Staff vs. Members Guess who's back...back again, another forum games back, TELL A FRIEND : P Easy game kiddos: The counter starts at 25. Each member post is worth -1. Each Staff post is worth + 5. Goal for STAFF is to reach 50 first. Goal for MEMBERS is to reach 0 first. At 50, we reset back to 25. At 0 we reset to 25 Example: (Cause for some reason these are needed?) Counter at 25. I post so we go down one to 24. @sportsandmusic69 posts, goes up +3 so we are at 27. I post again, we go down to 26. @Patrick posts, goes up +3 so we are at 29. Scoring: Members: 1 Staff nubs: 0 In case anyone was wondering, I am not staff. Wiki Editors/Social Media Editors are not counted as staff for this. I will start. 24
  14. Game Would you rather?

    Would you rather Welcome to a game of "would you rather?" The rules are really simple, you are given a question with the option of two answers and you need to chose one and give your reasons! The fun is that the question is usually one that is particularly difficult to answer. In most cases, neither option seems the "better choice". After you have given your answer and your reasoning, you may ask the next question. Please make sure that your questions abide by forums rules, no explicit content plz. To keep this interesting, try and make sure your answer is longer than three words. "Because it's good" isn't a very interesting response. Thnks. If you would like to answer an old question because it's something that piques your interest, go ahead. First question: Would you rather be forced to travel for your entire life or never be able to travel at all? (Holiday/vacation wise, not like, traveling to the shop and such. :P) Past Questions: Would you rather be Patrick or be related to Patrick? Would you rather have your hands cut off or your feet cut off? Would you rather be bad at doing something good, or good at doing something bad? Would you rather want v4 to be released today or a free donation pokemon? Would you rather have an amazing house but a terrible car, or a super-expensive car and live in a shed? Would you rather lick your toes or pick your bros nose? Whom you want to save when an tsunami comes to your city your loving father and mother or your loving cute girlfreind? Would you rather suffer for eternity and spare your loved ones? Or spare yourself but have your loved one suffer for eternity?
  15. Game Type With You Eyes Closed

    Type With Your Eyes Closed This is pretty easy. You look at the post above and type the word or phrase above that has been left by the previous user. I'll start. Where is V4?
  16. The exact thing on the title. Say something nice about the user above you!
  17. Hey folks,I was bored so i decided to start a new game in the forums,So, here is about the game...You just need to post the thing or place about the next person...and the next person should post with true or false about the above post. You can also tell why you like or dislike the thing the user above mentioned before posting your own question.Example : Player 1 : The next person below me likes Pokemon Vortex.Player 2 : True, The Next Person below me likes Ice Cream.Player 3 : False, I dont actually like cold things The Next person below me likes Sleep.Player 4 : True, The next person below me likes .... and so on...Starting with myself... The next person below me likes to stalk people.......
  18. So basically this is a simple game but it's from. I first saw people playing this game on a tv show called "Ellen TV" it's pretty interesting All you gotta do is ask a question beginning with "Naver Have You Ever" And the person below you will answer the question in YES or NO Example: User1: Never Have you ever cheated? User2: Yes. Never have you ever tried to bot? User3: No. Never Have you ever created a fake fb to annoy other people? So let me start with the question. Never have you ever cheated in an exam?
  19. Game A New Pokemon

    Come up with a name if you were to create your own pokemon.. Well,I'l go first - Groumon
  20. Game What Is Your Pokémon?

    You know, I just came back from a long inactive period. I think it will be fun to make a game for the forums. Here are the rules: Name the Pokémon that you are most like, I will go first,
  21. So, it works like this: Someone's whose username starts with B will need to start with Bulbasaur. Perhaps @Blackbeardt or @BrunoThunder Then someone who starts with I can do Ivysaur. @iZeus, maybe? And so on until the last Pokémon in the Pokedex. And yes, we're talking about the Vortex Pokédex. So two different people whose names start with V will need to do Venasaur and Venasaur Mega. Perhaps @v3567 and @ViralV. And so on. I obviously can't start this one, can someone help?
  22. Game Pokemon Shiritori :3

    Hey guys ! I was bored so i thought of a fun game to play ! POKEMON SHIRITORI ! Here's how it works Players are required to say a Pokemon which begins with the final letter of each Pokemon So i say and Virizion ends with an N so and so on and so forth ! Hope you guys have fun :3 And of course I'll join in too
  23. Game The Runaway

    Hello all, this is yet another story game from yours truly because I wanted to make another one. This one is about a girl who runs away from home and travels all over. Please, keep it decent, and don't have her die or need to run from the law. I will begin in the line below. Once upon a time, there was a girl named...
  24. Game Say the disorder

    You have to type a pokemon that defeats the other Eg., Lets start
  25. Game Random Vortex Fact

    Hey Vortex Players! There are a lot of random little tricks, methods of training, and little tid-bits of info that individual players have, so here is a place that this info can become a little game. Basically, the one player (me) will be putting random fact down, and the person below me will test the trick, method of training, or random fact on Vortex. That person will put feed back on if it worked, didn't work, or worked in a different way. After that, the second person will put his own trick, method of training, or random Vortex fact down, and so on. My tid-bit of info: Often players are on the maps and a will not appear next to the name of a Pokemon you have. If you log out, then the pokeballs will reappear.