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Found 98 results

  1. General what did u skip today?

    Well guys i was looking for mystic sableye and skipped and, damn why do i click to fast
  2. So, ever come across something in the chatroom that you found entertaining you're lying if you say no. Share a screenshot, let us chuckle with you and realize the power of abysmal stupidity. I'll start off I guess, it's always interesting when Patrick speaks in general, I guess #staff gets jealous if Patrick doesn't post neckless animal pictures over there. Don't be a victim of Patrick taking "the road less traveled."
  3. Think you have trained your Pokémon a lot? Go ahead post the Top Pokémon you own right now. For people who do not know how to check if your Pokémon is the Top Pokémon, go to the #bot-commands channel of the discord chat and type !top Pokémon Name. P.S.: This thread is about the top pokemon (exp. wise), not about your favorite pokemon. You can check if you have any top pokemon on discord.
  4. General Feature

  5. Guys so theres a giveaway up on my youtube channel to apply just subscribe like the video and give in your in game name for a chance at a donation pokemon!
  6. Pokémon Vortex Clan System Huzzah! Pokemon Vortex V4 will see the return of clans in game! Shortly released for a while in Version 3, clans were removed so that they could be redone for the release of Version 4! Clans will have in game functionality but to take it to another level, clans will be linked to their sections on the Pokemon Vortex Forums! Below you will find a detailed explanation about the new clan system to help you understand the different aspects of clans and how they tie into the game. What are clans? Clans, by definition, are groups of close-knit members. Pokemon Vortex allows the creation of clans within the game allowing members to ally themselves and forge groups of friends. There are two parts to a Pokemon Vortex clan, the in game part and the forum part, both of which are integral to the full clan experience. What are in game clans? Clans exist in game and on the forums. To create an in game clan, you must have completed all gyms, elite 4's, champions, battle frontier and battle maisons. If you simply wish to join a clan, you can do so without fulfilling these requirements. In game clans are unique as clans are competing with other clans to rise on the clan leaderboard. Similar to the top trainer leaderboard, the clan leaderboard ranks each clan based on on total experience of everyone in the clan, total wins and how many members are in it. What are forum clans? Forum clans can be an extension of your in game clan if you choose it be. Forum clans have a small section of the forums devoted to themselves with multiple topics and clan specific calendars. The creator of the clan is the clan's leader. They can appoint other members as "clan moderators." This is not necessary but it is helpful for running your clan. While you have some independence with your clan, it is important to note that clans must run in accordance with Pokemon Vortex's Global Forum rules and Pokemon Vortex's staff team will see that they are enforced. In game and forum clans: Similarities and differences. A forum clan can be an extension of your in game clan if you choose so. Some important things to note though are that you cannot have unlimited members in your in game clan. Furthermore, you cannot be a part of more than 1 clan in game. However on the forums, your clan can have as many members as you want and you may be part of as many clans as you like. Forum clans also have varying levels of privacy. The different degrees of privacy are: Public - Everyone can see the clan and its posts, and can participate without joining. Open - Everyone can see the clan and its posts, but only members can participate. Everyone can join. Closed - Everyone can see the clan and who's in it, but only members can see posts and participate. Users need to ask a leader to join. Private - Only members can find the clan and see its posts. Users need to be invited by a leader to join. I will upload a guide on how to effectively set up and run a forum clan soon. This is just the tip of the iceberg for clans. As more information about V4 clans come out, scenarios will change! @Patrick Feel free to edit this with anything that may be incorrect or that I may have missed. Thanks Patrick.
  7. I didn't see a topic for this already, so I made one It's pretty simple. Post who you are training and how much EXP you are trying to get on them 50,000/35,000,000
  8. General Lunala Giveaway

    Hey guys all the instructions to enter is in the video-
  9. Setting up a Clan and Running it This topic serves as a guide to whoever wants to set up and run their own clan. While the tips and suggestions given are helpful in your endeavor, they are just that, tips and suggestions, nothing more. Use your own decision making to forge your clan into the best you. The topic will be broken down into three sections; creating your clan, running your clan and details. Creating your clan Before you actually create a clan, it is good to have a general objective or idea about the type of clan you want yours to be. Is it open to everyone, old members and new? or only to friends? An objective gives you a motive and allows you to have a vision you want to accomplish! Create a clan in the clan section of the forums! Choose the privacy settings that you want it to have! Privacy settings and an explanation can be found here. Also, remember to include rules in your clan post and remind everyone that the Global Forum Rules must be followed at all times! Create an application that applicants who want to be members have to fill out! It is best to take general information like their in game name, their Discord and other information. See below for an example of an application. Application Example: Advertise your clan to your friends on Pokemon Vortex! Give them links to your clan so that they may join. Once you have a sizable amount of members, you may want to consider promoting a couple to become moderators for your clan! Remember to choose people you trust, who are knowledgeable with forum and your clan rules and who have the best interests of your clan in mind. See below for an example application for a moderator: Application Example: Assemble your staff team and explain to them your goals for the clan and conduct meetings to find out how you can achieve that! So at this point you've probably set up your clan, got a decent amount of members and are running it on the forums. Now what? Well, you want to maintain your clan and help it remain active! Running your clan Hold clan exclusive giveaways and contest! Ask if any generous member would like to donate for a clan giveaway or use some of your Pokemon! Create interesting topics and promote and encourage activity! Remember, a clan is only as good as its leader! Think of ways to make your clan unique! Maybe if you have a trade thread, offer a discount to fellow clan members! Create an in game clan to go along with your forum clan once V4 comes out with the clan feature. Make your clan welcoming and a fun place to be by keeping everyone involved! Details The "details" section is a WIP that will be refined as more tips and tricks are discovered over time! Guys, remember, a clan is here to be fun and with a bit of planning and organization, you will have loads of it! Hope these tips helped! This is just the tip of the iceberg, @Patrick can and will add anything if he sees fit that may be of help. Thanks Pat!
  10. Have you customized your trainer card on Discord? Post your custom card here and show it off
  11. General My level,70 girantina!! shiny

    patrick! i lost my girantina by wonder trade by accident, i clicked wonder trade and it traded me for some lvl 16 red stripe fish so i released it not knowing i lost my girantina so i went in my inv and my girantina was gone please give it back! it was shiny please @Patrick
  12. As the title says, what was the last Pokémon you caught? I don't really get time to catch stuffs But my last was a Zygarde (Cell)
  13. General Should V3 be reset?

    Do you think V3 should be reset? ***Disclaimer before this starts: THIS IN NO WAY WILL AFFECT HOW PATRICK, ROB, AND CHRIS WILL RUN THE GAME. THIS IS JUST FOR THE COMMUNITY TO SEE*** I've seen a LOT of discussion on FB about V3 getting reset. I've heard arguments for and against it. So, why not ask it on the forums? Do you think a reset of V3 would be in place? I personally, am for the reset of the game. There is simply too much botting that's occurring, and most of those players have quit. Not to mention, some of the famous IGNs have been taken by scrubs. I'm am for it, what about you?
  14. Post your dream team below. Mine is and I have obtained .
  15. Hey! I'm trying to make pages for the wiki to become a Wiki Editor to be nice and contribute, but I have no clue what evolutions can be caught! Right now I'm wondering mainly about Kanto Pokemon (numbers 1-151), but anything is appreciated. Just post what evolutions you've caught, and I'll get to work (I'll have to go in order, though, so Kalos evolutions will have to be last, sorry.). Thanks!
  16. Disclaimer : This is just a debate, which includes some of my suggestions and thoughts and also other's. This will in no way change the way Pokemon vortex works. unless pat somehow decides to add it Iv'e always asked for pat to add a premium currency to vortex, he was always hesitant about it for some reason. Do you think a premium currency should be added to vortex? What are the premium advantages that should be added Here is what i think from my perspective : The game developers don't generate any revenue on the game, Which makes in a certain way less caring about it, but in case they add premium currency, they'll be a hole lot more interested in it and will further more invest their time in it, making the gaming experience better for us For the advantages, I think they should be simple, and wouldn't ruin the gaming experience for non-Premium users, Like: Removing Advertisements . Higher chance of getting unique pokemons, (2.5% - 10% ) . A special icon next to their name, something like a gold badge or something. 250,000 Pokedollars evry week. And more stuff Please share your thoughts about this idea.
  17. What Pokémon did you get upon logging in? I got a Metallic Mareep.
  18. Full Pokedex List of Trainers : List of New Moves in Gen 7 New Abilities Locations List of Z-Stones Battle Tree Opponents Mini Sprite Sheet Special Z-Moves Z-Moves by BP
  19. General Newbie Help/Guides?

    Hello pokemon vortex forums! I was just wondering if there are any general tips or guides sections in this forum that can help a noob like me. I just joined both pokemon vortex and this forum. I have been searching for a help section but I can't seem to find one. Thanks for your help!
  20. So i tried making a training account for fighting types since the zigzag one didnt do it for me, this one is twice as fast training account name: fighting_dummy im also planning to make one for dragon types and electric
  21. General please vote here

    I got an offer for my
  22. General Sidequest Team

    Guys, I was wondering what's your best Team for sidequesting? I've seen the Sableye Team (Full Uniques Sableye) around and I'm testing and I think it's really good actually.. But I was wondering if you guys have a better team/comp for sidequests ?
  23. Post here in this thread your most favorite OWNED pokemon! :DD Just in case you have catched more, just update your own post and DO NOT post a new message! Thanks It doesn't matter how much pokemon you describe, just |Spoiler| your pokemon's so its not a [Endless] message! (You can only show your team [6] best Pokemon without spoilering them) My favorite 6: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other awesome pokemon <3 : My Unique Pokemons:554
  24. General Who Did You Catch Today?

    It's pretty self explanatory, just post some pokemon you caught today that were cool, or that you were looking for I caught a went back on the map, moved two spaces and found athen went back on the map and IMMEDIATELY found a Also caught a and another Update:
  25. General Point Calculation

    I never knew this before until I browsed the Forums for a while. Maybe I'm late on the news, but I'm posting this for those who don't know in a place people are more likely to look... This is the formula for points... t = Total Experience a = Average Experience u = Unique Pokémon b = Battle Count / (Wins) (√t * √a * √u * Log(b)) / 1000