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  1. Hello people I am wondering how to get a Showdown Id If anyone can share screenshots on how to do it it would be ideal Thank you
  2. To whom it may concern,I just wanted to say that Im very sorry for what I did in the Pokemon Vortex Discord Server (@Yamete_Oniichan) and am now banned from the sever because of what I did. I want to convey that I have thought over my actions and yes it was inappropriate since there may be minors in the server and I have no defense as to why I decided to do what I did. I hope I can get unbanned and I promise to be more respectful and mindful of my actions in the server as to not offend anyone anymore. I promise to behave myself completely and will never do anything inappropriate anymore. Thank
  3. Hi everyone I started a clan 2 days ago so im looking for new members No requirements needed and I reward hard working members Aiming for top 100! Please check my clan by going to my profile ¨ CalamLty ¨ Thank you
  4. Hey everyone! Today will be the last day I will be posting one of these questions. This post will be a bit longer than usual. Question 1) If pokemon were real in real life and you could only choose one pokemon to have which one would it be? Question 2) Who is the cutest pokemon? Question 3) If you could be any pokemon trainer who would you want to be? Question 4)(If you answer this correctly you win a big prize) Finish the word of one of Ash´s pokemon _ _ _ l _ _t _________________________________________ My answers) 1) Luc
  5. i like vortex. the real only thing i dont like about it it no story. if they add that in. it will be in my top 5 pokemon-like games of all time. with number 2 being nexomon extinction. what do you guys hope for vortex in the next update? if there is one that is.
  6. Hello everyone! Today's question of the day will be who are the top 3 best champions in the pokemon world? Saying why is optional. ___________________________ My answer: Blue, Cynthia, Kukui. If you consider Red one of the champions then it would be Red/Blue Thanks for reading and participating in this
  7. Here is the map for V5 live maps. Please tell me if there's anything that needs to be added. The cities in red are the ones where the gyms are located. Have fun everyone https://ibb.co/q7TxXVD Unown cave to the left of route 21 yet to be added...
  8. I come to express myself about what is happening, it has been several weeks that Mr_Chemicals is winning more than 4 weeks in a row in the auction he has many billions which is being passed pokedollar to different accounts and SiaWebber has more than 2 billions, there are players who are starting and others are already old and do not win anything, they must close those 2 for 1 week or more so that other participants can participate and take some other prizes, they 2 are the only ones who have been winning several weeks in a row winning in the auction would be fair that they will stop participa
  9. Hello! Chances are if you're reading this, you play Pokemon vortex. Chances also are if you're reading this, you enjoy a certain part of it a lot. So what's your favorite part of Pokemon vortex? For me that'd be pokebay. It allows me to obtain so many rare stuff and hard to obtain items! Not to say it's flawless though. I hate the fact sometimes I have to pay obsurd prices for stuff and that sometimes I get tackle bidded. But hey, the plus sides are enough to make me easily forgive the bad sides! But what about you all? What is your favorite part? Yeah let's get positive and talk about the thi
  10. Whats the most quests known to do in one region, as I got one around 2k battles in my first region (80 battles done 4% complete) as it does say 'one region may have 200 battles but another may only have 80. It varies depending on the sidequest region you are on.' but 2000 battles is a big difference and this is my first one I'm doing
  11. Welcome to the page for the ace of spades if you would like to join here's what you need to know -> °you must be active you must do min 5 clan battles ° most importantly have fun no arguing
  12. Guys i am being accused of multiple acts i did not do because of an impersonator on discord. So ive come to explain. 1. He curses, yet i do not 2. He has discord, yet I do not 3. I DONT CALL VIRAJ_SHAH A DANG LOWBALLER! THATS ENOUGH PROOF FOR A LIFETIME! I am innocent, i would bet my Shadow Rotom Halloween on it. And about the 3rd reason, I think the ones who know me know im best friends with Viraj_Shah and i wouldnt call him a scammer because he ALWAYS goes through with a deal! Why do you think hes defending me? Because I am his best f
  13. Hi everyone.I am India07 .As I have mentioned above i may not be able to play vortex asi have classes 5 hours a day and will have lot of home work and regurarly we will have exams it seems. So I may not play vortex forever so if i have made any mistake in my journey so please excuse me. And lastly I can say only one thing,Good bye to every one.
  14. Members of Team Umbreon 2.0! This message is for you! I would like to say I am super proud of our progress with our rankings on the Clan Leaderboard! Way to go everyone! We are now the 33rd best clan in Vortex! I cant believe it! But we still need to work hard! The clan above us currently has well over 1 million points and we are wayyy below that. But I believe we can top them so lets do this! I recommend training immune pokemon because my friend Kalipo told me that it gives you 300 points (Thanks Kalipo) So lets work together and get better! We can do this! -Your Cla
  15. My best friend Jalendabeast is leaving vortex?!?!?! He has given me most of all his pokemon and is listing some of his best in Pokebay. Please please please offer on his stuff as he is giving his money he earns to people around Vortex. Thanks to everyone that helped me and Jalen out because he was the one that introduced me to this game!
  16. I got this idea from CaptainCam1 but maybe not everybody will see his post about it but they might see mine so why not? Im gonna start from the game mechanics and then move into stuff you need to know about the game that's really important. This is the Beginners Guide to Pokemon Vortex Pokemon Vortex is a fun pokemon game that is FREE where you can catch and train pokemon. There is events, gym battles and much more. Here we go! Dashboard- This is like your homescreen or lobby for the game. You can see recent announcements, claim your daily login prize or
  17. As the title says, what was the last Pokémon you caught? I don't really get time to catch stuffs But my last was a Zygarde (Cell)
  18. Anybody know the rate in which they show up ? I’ve been playing vortex for a ridiculous amount of years to not have found a single legendary Pokémon . I’ve been beat all the gyms back in 2016 and the new ones and still haven’t even sighted a legendary . I genuinely think something is broken . I’ve been complaining about this for a while on the forum , how can i fix this ? As a classical Pokémon Crater player I’m not liking this vortex experience as far as legendaries .
  19. Hey hey everyone! Question of the day is here again, sorry about the 6th question of the day I had testing that day. Question of the day! Who is the strongest legendary and why? My answer: Arceus, Arceus is the god of all pokemon and can use any type attack and has a super power move called Judgement. My second choice would be Zygarde Complete because it is a god even in the shows it is insanely powerful and it might and could possibly beat Arceus if they had a showdown. Whats your answer? Comment down below and tell me your opinion?
  20. Does any of u guys think I can make 7-8millionPDS
  21. i have seen this name in the trade center eternatus (eternamax) .What is it and when will it come?
  22. ight choose you who think is strongest
  23. Hey everyone! Question of the day is back again! Thanks to everyone that replied to any of the Question of the Day posts! Its really fun seeing what other people respond! Question of the day) Who is the Strongest Pokemon Trainer? And why? My answer) This may sound funny but I think its Ash Ketchum I think he is because each new region he finds new pokemon and becomes friends with them. Together him and his new team share a bond that is special. Sure he may not have won many Pokemon Leagues but I do believe he has was it takes to become a Pokemon Master. Alolan League
  24. So i've been hunting necrozmas for some time now, is there an average time to get find a necrozma per say?
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