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  1. How can I be placed in a season?
  2. Hello, Our clan Nameless Legion is tripping and we need more players. This is the only way to promote our clan (also promoting on Discord) There is no requirement to get in so everyone is welcome. Please join even with an alt. If you do consider joining we will be very grateful. HyperPanther
  4. Ya know on your profile there is an about and on that about is a rank? Yeah, I’ve seen people edit it and I want to know how you do it. Let me know ASAP
  5. Been a while so lets do a giveaway lol basically enter your ign and I will choose 4 winners and they will receive a random arceus form. Best of luck hope everyone's doing well This giveaway will end Friday
  6. Just the other day i came across this clan : TrainingLegendary . Each member has a pokemon team with ineffective attacks for training a specific type of pokemon. i is quite good even for low level common pokemon. Whosever clan this is has done an excellent job. These were some of my battle results : https://ibb.co/2s85Hj0 https://ibb.co/mHKqKQb
  7. is barbaricle in the water or on land in wild overgrowth because i lookex for 2 hours and still cant find it
  8. Hello i am here to share a big problem i am facing from quite a few months now some of my accs i.e mohammedobaidullah, King-Phantom seriously has some issue they take minimum 5 mins to load anything which is being a big headache and yeah its not any network issue for sure cos it does the same in my friends place also my other accs are working well on the same device Hope owner or mods can do something about it
  9. ight choose you who think is strongest
  10. What do you think is the Strongest Squad on Vortex? Can only consist of 6 pokemon (obviously)
  11. Hi guys, I am doing Exp and level training. 1 exp=1 pds. I can only do six Pokemons at a time. For immunes, I will do it for free. The immunes are flying, normal, ghost, fairy, dark, steel and ground. My training partner is @StrikeFlame1 so you guys can also giveyour mons to him to train.
  12. This web game is pretty good But we know we have face some of the most annoying people and one of the best moments so I wanted to make this kind of thread to discuss our all experiences but I didn't know where to post We can share common experiences, discuss common interests unlike fighting which poke is better in trading thread (which is most used thread btw) So yeah , this would be entertaining and idk it may help to find new people and make friends with And Patrick you're welcome you don't need to thank me for this (joke btw);
  13. A place for people who know to much about Pokemon to discuss random stuff
  14. Hi I am wondering how to send screenshots here just in case I get scammed.
  15. So I was just wondering what teams you guys are using. Feel free to post your teams and your troll teams I guess... Here's my current team:
  16. Hi, is it just my bad luck with the Spewpa who only now 3 times in row evolve into (Polar) version? Or do I do someting wrong? I only can evolve them to Polar version...
  17. hello i am always chtting to multipul people but like in discod or google hangouts is there someway i can make groups so we can all talk together me and my friends if not can it be added?
  18. Exp training as well as level training! 1 pokedollars per 1 exp the pokemon will be returned to you as soon as possible after it has been done training. first person to register gets trained 50k exp free! i will train 6 pokes at a time and i look forward to training your pokes! (P.S. if you want to test me then give me a low level poke to train and say test below it, testing me is free but you can only test me 1 time!) (P.S. low than level 20 pokes that are immune are trained for free (if you want me to train a level 6 immune that would be great thanks!)! the
  19. Hey guys, I remember playing this game 10 years ago and I recently came across this while looking to get rid of that Pokemon itch. I was playing PokeMMO at the meantime but remembered about this one randomly. I couldn't believe it was still here and kicking hard and kudos to the developers for working so passionately on a game for so long now. Anyways, I also grew up playing OSRS and loved this certain swamp man (Swampletics), and wanted to implement some type of restrictions for myself as well to keep it fun and challenging. The challenge is; Finish the entirety of t
  20. commons: rares: mmm not alot but pls choose and put ign when you want one
  21. Group! Join if you want! We like any Pokémon! If you have a problem contact me! https://forums.pokemon-vortex.com/profile/44618-grookeymaster/
  22. Just wondering what the legendary encounter rates are?
  23. Hello, It's been a few years since I've been back and things have defo changed a lot since. I've got all my ribbons, etc, but I can't seem to find a single legendary and it's never taken so long before. Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  24. his team was ez no offense patrick oh and aslo I love yo game lol i win
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