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Found 147 results

  1. Hey guys I get asked about tips for completing sidequests from time to time so thought I'd share some advice for completing them as quickly as possible. Here are a few tips, but the first is by far the most important. Use Level 100 Dark (not the type) Pokemon with STAB moves >= 128 power Calculation: Moves like this will always do over 400 damage on a neutral target, meaning you can OHKO anything that doesn't resist the attack. Click the link below for a list of all moves that fall into this. Note: OHKO moves are excluded as they have 30% accuracy. You can see that Ghost/Bug/Poison/Ground Pokémon are intrinsically worse due to not having STAB attacks that can OHKO. The following Pokémon learn two different-typed moves from above as STAB (Best moves listed). I would recommend using these to make up the bulk of your team, as the extra coverage will help smash through the opponents. Value is placed on accuracy vs power. These are also roughly sorted by their type coverage (e.g. Reshiram & Turtonator hit more Normal/Super Effective and less No Effect than Chesnaught). So... how do you choose your team using this? I use this coverage calculator for a rough guide on effectiveness. Using this, we can see that Fire/Dragon has brilliant neutral coverage, while Fighting/Flying has great super effective coverage. Therefore a fire/dragon and a fighting/flying type should be invaluable. As Shell Trap > Blue Flare, I would say that Hawlucha/Turtonator are essential. On the other side of things, Normal type attacks are less valuable as they hit nothing for SE damage, while being resisted by 2 and immune from another. Type variance is key: you don't want to be walled by anything, while maximising super effectiveness (for shinies/metallics) The following is just theorycrafting a team, may or may not be useful. Use a dark-dark type with Fling as your first Pokemon, not much resists it and so you will be able to tear through most of the sidequests without even having to think. As dark types are resisted by Fairy/Fighting/Dark; something that can deal with those after is generally useful and will enable you to keep clicking if your first faints. I personally use Greninja-Turtonator as my first two. But Shiftr-Turtonator should work just as well for a budget option. Coverage on your Pokémon is great but not essential See what each Pokémon/your team needs help with and work around that. Consider the level 120/150s within the sidequests: a lot will be Flying/Psychic/Dragon types so Ice/Dark coverage would go a long way to help beating those. However, if you have the >128BP moves, you can save money by not buying coverage moves as you won't need them particularly often. Also, here are the magnetic field quest numbers for anyone needing them: Hope this helps people doing sidequests. It's a horrible grind and the rewards aren't worth it unless you get beast balls/fossils, but it still needs doing unfortunately! Feel free to message me for any clarifications or if I've made a mistake!
  2. Hey, I'm after some advice regarding the best mega evolution for Charizard. Should I go for X or Y? What are your thoughts?
  3. I feel some of the Sidequest regions prizes should be altered a bit. It's difficult to complete sidequests and it hurts even more when you don't see a deserving prize as your award. Imagine completing the very painful Hoenn region just to win 45k and a Latiasite. Not very encouraging.
  4. I legit do NOT know why but whenever I try to fight some player(on computer cuz there is no other way) I ALWAYS WIN!(even against Patrick!)I keep on looking for a computer to beat me but like none of them do. I know I couldnt EVER beat those guys if it was player vs player instead of Player vs Computer If I am right then I want everyone who is reading this forum to battle my AI, I hope hes smart
  5. As the title says, what was the last Pokémon you caught? I don't really get time to catch stuffs But my last was a Zygarde (Cell)
  6. So on my old account called XredgamingYt i obtained good pokemon and wanted to see if it was hacked as my login did not work, i have a new account but want to know. If you have seen it online since 2018 please let me know. my account is Xred09 now.
  7. I didn't see a topic for this already, so I made one It's pretty simple. Post who you are training and how much EXP you are trying to get on them 50,000/35,000,000
  8. Closed due to not having time to hunt. sorry.
  9. People who do not have some stones here you go! Make sure u guys redeem only 1 code and leave the others so other people can redeem. PS37-JMV9-IKRV FITZ-GJR8-EOTU LY78-EQSW-ERW3 BDM4-EGX4-EQRT PV03-BO35-ADW8 GNX4-HSZ9-EY47 Hope you guys are happy
  10. Hi. Guys. Post the best pokemon joke you think. Mine is :- Q: What did the judge say when a Skunktank came into the court? A: Odor in the court!
  11. I would like to know the players' thoughts/ideas/feelings on the topic of eating Pokemon as food. I think it would make a very interesting discussion.
  12. As far as we all know, arceus is God of the Pokemon, so I advise u to put atleast one of the form of arceus to be rarest. More rarest than any Pokemon in this game. Hope admins do it. As there are many other forms not been released one can have the rarity . People can discuss their opinion on this topic and post it below. Thank you
  13. Necrozma is available for limited time on Pokemon Vortex's Discord!! Many people who are not there on discord would not know that Necrozma is the current prize for the quizzes.. General FAQ's 1) For how long is Necrozma the quiz prize? Ans) Until 30th November the quiz prize is gonna be Necrozma . 2) What is the level of Necrozma when redeemed as a code? Ans) Necrozma is at level 100 when redeemed as code. 3) How many variants of Necrozma is obtainable through winning the quiz? Ans) There are all 6 variants which is given out till 30th November.. 4) How long is the Necrozma code valid? Ans) The code is valid only for an hour of time. Join Pokemon Vortex's Discord now if you are not on their server!! https://discordapp.com/invite/pokemonvortex
  14. Guys don't you think different versions of Arceus are too hard to catch? I only managed to catch one of them and its a normal one! Come on Creators make getting Arceus Easier!
  15. Hello everyone!! So I have been playing the game for a little while and want to get an experts opinion about the best way to get XP, money, Pokemon, etc. Or maybe even just one of those. So to start I use the trainer accounts to level up my Pokemon to 100 to get my XP higher and I get a decent amount of cash. Then I splurge sometimes in PoKeBay and I get a Pokemon here and there. Is there a better way to get cash than this? Or is there anything else I can do? That's all I got everyone. I am excited to hear what some of you experts and veterans have to say. You guys can add me @call_memike on the main game or shoot me a follow! Anyways, thank you if you do reply. Happy catching. -Mike
  16. Greetings from omg414 (KBC)! Just completed 1 year on account omg414. This journey has been great. But, without you guys it would be impossible! I would like to thank a few people and the order is random. Firstly I would like to thank all my clan members- @fodnbilal for adding me to a wonderful clan and supporting me so much. @Oblivi0n for being very friendly with me. @Saadi for helping me even out my EXP. @IMMORTAL_ for being a very close friend of mine. I would like to ask sorry to you as one day I was pissed off and blocked you. But you are a good friend of mine. @adixx for giving me EXP jobs and being friendly with me. @BlackGoku for being a very good mate on clan server and helping me. @Quintonboy1 For giving me many EXP jobs and being very very friendly with me. @Lavalampemand for giving me EXP jobs and being very friendly with me. @Diazepam for motivating me in quizzes (Mewtwo Evolution). @deeanirudh for motivating me so much in the events. @HyperSnailGaming for streaming the games I like. (Assassin's Creed II). Of course the list is not done yet.. I would like to thank @Patrick for making such a wonderful game and appreciating me for some of my forum posts. I would also like to thank @strayaZilas for helping me for wiki edits. I might have missed a few that does not mean you guys have not helped me. Thanks for bearing me this far.................... LOVE YOU GUYS!
  17. The new Pikachu Halloween is a really fun creation because it looks like afrom the back and thats actually spooky if you know mimikyu is a faker congrstulations by edeting This new Pokemon I really like it
  18. Still wondering what are the events that will be obtainable through the Mystery boxes from November 1st 2019? This forum post will help you to know which event will be available. The following pokes will be obtainable through Mystery boxes from 1st November 2019!! All the previous events that is- Volcanion Piakchu cosplays they are - Pikachu (Belle), Pikachu (Libre), Pikachu (Ph.D.), Pikachu (Pop Star) & Pikachu (Rock Star). Kyurem forms they are - Kyurem (White) & Kyurem (Black). Zygarde forms they are - Zygarde (Core), Zygarde (Partial) & Zygarde (Complete). Vivillon forms they are - Vivillon (Pokeball) & Vivivllon (Fancy). Arceus (Water). Rotom (Pokedex). Arceus (Electric). Deoxys forms they are - Deoxys (Attack), Deoxys (Defense) & Deoxys (Speed). Arceus (Ice). Arceus (Dark). Floette (Eternal). Keldeo (Resolute). Therian forms they are - Tornadus (Therian), Thundurus (Therian) & Landorus (Therian). Arceus (Fighting). Genesect (Blaze). Arceus Trifecta forms they are - Arceus (Grass), Arceus (Steel) & Arceus (Rock). 18. Genesect (Ice). every past event Pokémon will be included and as events are rolled out and end, that Pokémon will join the Mystery Box Pokémon pool. New Arrivals! 1) Magearna Available from 1st November 2019. Faq's 1) Why is Christmas and Halloween events not added into this list? Ans) They are seasonal event pokemons. They will not be obtainable through mystery boxes. 2) When is this update into action? Ans) You can get all previous event pokemon's through Mystery Boxes from 1st November 2019. 3) Where can we get Mystery Boxes? Ans) You can buy them from the Pokemon Vortex store or buy they through Pokebay auctions. 4) Will the future event be added into the rarity pool? Ans) Yes, each and every event poke will join the Mystery Box rarity pool, except the seasonals like Christmas, Halloween etc. 5) Why is Porygon forms not in this list? Ans) You can obtain Porygon forms by placing in top 100 in a season. 6) Why is Furfrou forms not in this list? Ans) Furfrou forms are always pokebay exclusive auctions and will be back on pokebay from time to time. 7) Why is Cosmog not in this list? Ans) Cosmog is obtainable only through Pokemon Vortex Discord quizzes. Hope this post helped you guys.
  19. I'm not an active player in the community, but I am into the idea of sprite recoloring. I do edits in my free time and just see what happens without a specific goal in mind. Here are some examples of Alternate Shiny forms I have made. I've also done Sprite Edits for a few mons as well. Sweet Cloak Burmy/Wormadam And Delta Species Versions of the Porygon Line. I haven't done anything as advanced as these in awhile, but I am open to requests/suggestions for Sprite Recolors. Let me know your favorites or what ideas you have!
  20. Seriously, what's your favorite Pokemon? Mine is stunky/stuntank because I love skunks irl.
  21. Hi my username is prince_7ucky, i need a favor, can you guys please delete my account permanently. i got a job recently and i can't play the game ever again as before. so please help me.... i hope you will fix this....
  22. This is a general post to flex my valuable pokes and here it goes! More to come soon! You can also FLEX more if you want to!
  23. You are in a situation where either you or your Pokemon has to die. Who would you let die and why? -
  24. Many people are constantly asking how to obtain/get Mewtwo (Evolution)? The following post will answer all their queries. How to get a Mewtwo (Evolution)? You can get Mewtwo (Evolution) code from winning Pokémon Vortex Discord quizzes. What are the variants available? Mewtwo (Evolution) is available in all 6 variants; Normal, Shiny, Dark, Mystic, Metallic & Shadow. How long can I win Mewtwo (Evolution) from the quiz? You can win Mewtwo (Evolution) from 1st September 2019 to 30th September 2019. What is the level of Mewtwo (Evolution) when redeemed through code? The Mewtwo (Evolution) will be level 5 when you have redeemed the code. How long is the Mewtwo (Evolution) code valid? The Mewtwo (Evolution) code is valid for one hour only.
  25. Hi everyone, I'm Luiss #7050 in discord . I won 15x fossil of the jaw in discord (#Giveaways), I claimed the prize but never got an answer I leave the test images: https://prnt.sc/oyx1yi https://prnt.sc/oyx289 but Patrick didn't answer me, I sent him another message the next day "What had he won" and today I wanted to send a message and I see that he had blocked me. Now I wonder who gives the Prize you win in discord #Giveaways? https://prnt.sc/oyx6or I wait for an answer .. thanks for your attention
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