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Found 134 results

  1. Still wondering what are the events that will be obtainable through the Mystery boxes from November 1st 2019? This forum post will help you to know which event will be available. The following pokes will be obtainable through Mystery boxes from 1st November 2019!! All the previous events that is- Volcanion Piakchu cosplays they are - Pikachu (Belle), Pikachu (Libre), Pikachu (Ph.D.), Pikachu (Pop Star) & Pikachu (Rock Star). Kyurem forms they are - Kyurem (White) & Kyurem (Black). Zygarde forms they are - Zygarde (Core), Zygarde (Partial) & Zygarde (Complete). Vivillon forms they are - Vivillon (Pokeball) & Vivivllon (Fancy). Arceus (Water). Rotom (Pokedex). Arceus (Electric). Deoxys forms they are - Deoxys (Attack), Deoxys (Defense) & Deoxys (Speed). Arceus (Ice). Arceus (Dark). Floette (Eternal). Keldeo (Resolute). Therian forms they are - Tornadus (Therian), Thundurus (Therian) & Landorus (Therian). Arceus (Fighting). Genesect (Blaze). Arceus Trifecta forms they are - Arceus (Grass), Arceus (Steel) & Arceus (Rock). 18. Genesect (Ice). every past event Pokémon will be included and as events are rolled out and end, that Pokémon will join the Mystery Box Pokémon pool. Faq's 1) Why is Christmas and Halloween events not added into this list? Ans) They are seasonal event pokemons. They will not be obtainable through mystery boxes. 2) When is this update into action? Ans) You can get all previous event pokemon's through Mystery Boxes from 1st November 2019. 3) Where can we get Mystery Boxes? Ans) You can buy them from the Pokemon Vortex store or buy they through Pokebay auctions. 4) Will the future event be added into the rarity pool? Ans) Yes, each and every event poke will join the Mystery Box rarity pool, except the seasonals like Christmas, Halloween etc. 5) Why is Porygon forms not in this list? Ans) You can obtain Porygon forms by placing in top 100 in a season. 6) Why is Furfrou forms not in this list? Ans) Furfrou forms are always pokebay exclusive auctions and will be back on pokebay from time to time. 7) Why is Cosmog not in this list? Ans) Cosmog is obtainable only through Pokemon Vortex Discord quizzes. Hope this post helped you guys.
  2. Hey, I'm after some advice regarding the best mega evolution for Charizard. Should I go for X or Y? What are your thoughts?
  3. Hi. Guys. Post the best pokemon joke you think. Mine is :- Q: What did the judge say when a Skunktank came into the court? A: Odor in the court!
  4. Seriously, what's your favorite Pokemon? Mine is stunky/stuntank because I love skunks irl.
  5. Hi my username is prince_7ucky, i need a favor, can you guys please delete my account permanently. i got a job recently and i can't play the game ever again as before. so please help me.... i hope you will fix this....
  6. I would like to know the players' thoughts/ideas/feelings on the topic of eating Pokemon as food. I think it would make a very interesting discussion.
  7. This is a general post to flex my valuable pokes and here it goes! More to come soon! You can also FLEX more if you want to!
  8. I feel some of the Sidequest regions prizes should be altered a bit. It's difficult to complete sidequests and it hurts even more when you don't see a deserving prize as your award. Imagine completing the very painful Hoenn region just to win 45k and a Latiasite. Not very encouraging.
  9. You are in a situation where either you or your Pokemon has to die. Who would you let die and why? -
  10. Many people are constantly asking how to obtain/get Mewtwo (Evolution)? The following post will answer all their queries. How to get a Mewtwo (Evolution)? You can get Mewtwo (Evolution) code from winning Pokémon Vortex Discord quizzes. What are the variants available? Mewtwo (Evolution) is available in all 6 variants; Normal, Shiny, Dark, Mystic, Metallic & Shadow. How long can I win Mewtwo (Evolution) from the quiz? You can win Mewtwo (Evolution) from 1st September 2019 to 30th September 2019. What is the level of Mewtwo (Evolution) when redeemed through code? The Mewtwo (Evolution) will be level 5 when you have redeemed the code. How long is the Mewtwo (Evolution) code valid? The Mewtwo (Evolution) code is valid for one hour only.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm Luiss #7050 in discord . I won 15x fossil of the jaw in discord (#Giveaways), I claimed the prize but never got an answer I leave the test images: https://prnt.sc/oyx1yi https://prnt.sc/oyx289 but Patrick didn't answer me, I sent him another message the next day "What had he won" and today I wanted to send a message and I see that he had blocked me. Now I wonder who gives the Prize you win in discord #Giveaways? https://prnt.sc/oyx6or I wait for an answer .. thanks for your attention
  12. hello.. iam a regular player of this game. On many occasions I usually log in my account in my computer or android device, but today due to some reasons I wasn't able to login in my devices so I borrowed a laptop from my friend and logged in. But after doing some battles I noticed that there was tampermankey downloaded in the extension. Now iam scared that I might get banned.. Thereby I need some help. I request the staff members to please have a look at my situation and please suggest me something.
  13. How do you guys fight the boredom of training exp? Do you watch movie? or listen to some songs? Share some tips
  14. I'm the leader of the Artists Guild and held a contest in the forum a month or so back. Shocker, not one person entered. It's a shame, the winner would have recieved free art of their trainer OC and their 2 partner Pokemon. So I did it for myself instead. /Join the Artists Guild clan for any and all things Pokemon and art!/
  15. I am trading event pokes for pokes i dont have and shiny leggies(which i dont have) the event pokes rand andandand and and and and and and and and and my IGN is pooram pm me for offers
  16. I'm not entirely new to pokemon vortex, but I haven't really played this newest version. I played a lot of the old version and pokemon crater, and I can see it's pretty similar in a lot of ways, but also a lot different in many fresh new ways too I really enjoy collecting pokemon and filling my dex, do you guys have any tips and tricks that you have gathered over-time? I have already read over some important things like the rules and FAQ, but I mean anything in the game that maybe you wish you thought you knew sooner. What are good mons to trade, are some less-wanted than others. Is there a good place to train or earn money (I found a thread on specific trainers you can battle but my mons are still to low leveled to fight them because they all have lvl 100 pokemon), a better way to collect all of the pokemon for your dex, or anything you think is good I should I know that I cannot readily find?
  17. Metallic Pokemon interest my artist imagination, I imagine them all as bionic versions of the species. I'm a fulltime professional artist by day and Pokemon master by night, so I drew this to show one of my favorites, Metallic Smeargle.
  18. Do you still miss V3? If yes, what is the main thing you miss about it?
  19. My very kind friend @gaurav786 gifted me a Dark Arceus (Fighting) today and I am very happy special thnx to gaurav786 my close mate from a very long time
  20. As many older players of the game may remember, back in v2 there was a different variant of pokemon called "Ancient", which were later changed to "Metallic" as the game progressed to v3. The variant acted the same as Metallic currently, but they had a unique, bronze appearance. Personally, I think that it would be a great addition to the game if these were brought back, but not as a variant which can be typically found on the maps outside of events. This is my thinking: With the recent Mystery Box update bringing with it a new rotation of event pokemon (changing monthly), the game has been changed quite significantly as far as trading goes. Along with making it a lot easier for players to expand and complete their dex, by reintroducing extremely rare pokemon such as Deoxys forms back into the game and increasing their numbers, it has also meant that rather than holding their value over time, events are becoming more and more common due to the opening of Mystery Boxes over time, and for someone who enjoys trading like me, it's made very difficult to trade up and gain profit (an aspect of Pokémon Vortex which I know a lot of people enjoyed). My idea is to introduce Ancient Pokémon as a type of event which does not appear in Mystery Boxes, but also as something which does not rerun like typical events so that Mystery Boxes will always remain a key part in obtaining events and keeping their numbers steady in the game. These Ancient pokemon will not be added as an additional variant in the pokedex, therefore not bringing pokedex collectors to a halt when they find themselves looking for the Ancient events, but more as something which brings back the trading-for-profit part of Pokémon Vortex. Of course if these Ancient pokemon were not rerun then it would make sense to make the events longer to allow enough to find themselves in the game, and then they will gradually become more valuable as time goes on throughout the game (which I think would work with the "ancient" theme when they're viewed as something from a long time ago by all who stick with the game to a time when they are extremely sought-after and valuable). This is just an idea I came up with today, but please leave an opinion on it!
  21. follow me and comment your IGN and why you want the money on the comments to be entered in a $1mill giveaway, a winner will be chosen at ( 2019-05-20) good luck i will message the winner personally due ( 2019-05-20) rules- have to be following me ign: guccimon on forums the winner is......\ using a picker app shinyblaziken congrats!!! you won 1mill pokedollars! i will personally MSG you to claim your prize thx to everyone who entered. if the prize is not claimed by the 24th, there will be another winner chosen
  22. I have dreamt a lot of times with the quiz having lot of weird long fakemons like "Kangaskhan Mega Fused Basculin Blue Stripe" or "Jangmo-o Ultra Beast Elephant" and the time is getting over bcos i have to search through internet the new pokemons to see if i can identify them and when im writting the name i get a lot of typos and i got stressed bcos someone else can write it and then i would have no time and at the end timeout and next round. Today i dreamt with a real pokemon but in new sprite with the shape of a tapu fini but bigger and we dont know what it was. I am the only one that dreams with the quiz?
  23. Setting up a Clan and Running it This topic serves as a guide to whoever wants to set up and run their own clan. While the tips and suggestions given are helpful in your endeavor, they are just that, tips and suggestions, nothing more. Use your own decision making to forge your clan into the best you. The topic will be broken down into three sections; creating your clan, running your clan and details. Creating your clan Before you actually create a clan, it is good to have a general objective or idea about the type of clan you want yours to be. Is it open to everyone, old members and new? or only to friends? An objective gives you a motive and allows you to have a vision you want to accomplish! Create a clan in the clan section of the forums! Choose the privacy settings that you want it to have! Privacy settings and an explanation can be found here. Also, remember to include rules in your clan post and remind everyone that the Global Forum Rules must be followed at all times! Create an application that applicants who want to be members have to fill out! It is best to take general information like their in game name, their Discord and other information. See below for an example of an application. Application Example: Advertise your clan to your friends on Pokemon Vortex! Give them links to your clan so that they may join. Once you have a sizable amount of members, you may want to consider promoting a couple to become moderators for your clan! Remember to choose people you trust, who are knowledgeable with forum and your clan rules and who have the best interests of your clan in mind. See below for an example application for a moderator: Application Example: Assemble your staff team and explain to them your goals for the clan and conduct meetings to find out how you can achieve that! So at this point you've probably set up your clan, got a decent amount of members and are running it on the forums. Now what? Well, you want to maintain your clan and help it remain active! Running your clan Hold clan exclusive giveaways and contest! Ask if any generous member would like to donate for a clan giveaway or use some of your Pokemon! Create interesting topics and promote and encourage activity! Remember, a clan is only as good as its leader! Think of ways to make your clan unique! Maybe if you have a trade thread, offer a discount to fellow clan members! Create an in game clan to go along with your forum clan once V4 comes out with the clan feature. Make your clan welcoming and a fun place to be by keeping everyone involved! Details The "details" section is a WIP that will be refined as more tips and tricks are discovered over time! Guys, remember, a clan is here to be fun and with a bit of planning and organization, you will have loads of it! Hope these tips helped! This is just the tip of the iceberg, @Patrick can and will add anything if he sees fit that may be of help. Thanks Pat!
  24. Hooray for me and many others to rank up in the seasons on this month, I'm finally in 12th place this month, which is really awesome, since last season I was in 52nd place. I really enjoyed my time on training my beloved Pokemon and catching some to add to my collection and train them to the highest I can do. As you can see, my next goal is to complete the side quests and to get awesome stuff from doing so. But then again, I'm going to do my best on this, wish me luck!
  25. Newbie here.. I dont know which pokemons should I catch for my team.. I currently have gyrados mega and charizard X What do you guys thinks are the best non legendary pokemons to use?
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