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  1. EXP TRAIN I am going to do exp training 1:2 pds also accepting pokemon TRADE AND SELLING Hi everyone iam trading SPECIAL OFFER ON EXP TRAIN IF I GET LOTS OF REQUESTS THEN SPECIAL OFFER SPECIAL OFFER ON TRADE AND SELLING THE MORE OFFERS MORE SPECIAL OFFERS WILL COME BTW THERE WILL BE SOME GIVEAWAY IN THIS TOPIC I will mostly trade my premium pokemon for any variant of zeraora, mewtwo armor giratina origin and hoopa unbound THANKS FOR READING
  2. This topic can be where you talk about ANYTHING YOU WANT! I don't mind what you chat about as long as there is no inapropriatte words or comments
  3. Hello do anyone think that Pokemon the series will end by Pokemon master's journeys ? It shows some proof of it first is the tite itself says "masters" so it shows Ash will become a master and his journeys is known as master's journeys the. Second is Leon is the most powerest trainer in the world so by defeating him Ash will become pokemon master . But if it is true it will be sad I want more Pls share your thoughts and feelings And also tell what is Ash's 6th Pokemon ??? And a great news Ash's Melmetal is coming back the proof is the Pokemon company had added Melmetal gigantamax for showing Ash's Melmetal turning gigantamax in world coronation series master's class . No one except Ash has Melmetal will Ash's sixth Pokemon be urshifu rapid and goh's be urshifu single. Think ???????!!!!!!!
  4. The best team in pokemon vortex that does not include legendaries. What do you think of this (what is the best team with no legendaries)? I really want to know what you think it is! But me, I think the best no legendary team is: Mega Steelix, Shiny Toucannon, Mega Pidgeot, Mega Venusaur, Mega Blastoise, and Mega Charizard Y.
  5. when do you guys think that the achievements would be remade though?
  6. Hello everyone! I'm offering experience training services upto 3-4 mil as of now. 1 exp for 2 PKDs. Or you can offer some Pokemon(s). Either is fine. Happy to help. Lemme know if anybody is interested. Thank you. This thread is closed. Please don't reply.
  7. As the title says, what was the last Pokémon you caught? I don't really get time to catch stuffs But my last was a Zygarde (Cell)
  8. Since poll is popular now, lets hop in!!
  9. Now, everyone's been spamming polls lately, so why wouldn't I join? Title says everything.
  10. What do you think is the Strongest Squad on Vortex? Can only consist of 6 pokemon (obviously)
  11. Talking about what’s the best pokemon are
  12. HI everyone, most of u have already seen a topic related to the side pokedex. i have two thoughts when it releases. my first thought is we will be able to catch old variants like ghostly and ancient very rarely. if u don't know what they are, these are variants which were there way before in game. now they have been replaced and unobtainable. ( that would have been op if thy came again). then my second thought is pink, crystal and delta variant. now maybe a lot of people may not know about this or may know (idc) let me explain you in a second. now these variants can come to events and all that stuff and maybe added to the side pokedex when it releases. now the detailed explanation about them. pink variants mostly known in the anime as the pink butterfree. you might have seen this colour of butterfree if u were watching the first season eps. this is a shiny butterfree so dont be confused. and many others are there they might have not come in the anime. etc. then the crystal. it is all known if u have been saying the anime, crystal onix. . this pokemon was like history thing in the anime and they saw it or something. so, these two variant is said something in this announcement by patrick. read it from top to below. https://forums.pokemon-vortex.com/topic/44-pokémon-vortex-v5/ now the delta variant. this is not really a variant and more like some other species of Pokémon. thts really cool. i will just give a link of all the delta pokemon. [link-removed] with info. i really really wish they will be coming in the side pokedex and we can them. what are u guys predictions, let me know. pls not a place to make arguements
  13. Hey everyone I thought I should write a post about this for the good of the group. Now the topic of this post: Including screenshots with your reports, I'm sure you've all seen a report from someone and its only a sentence or two long with no sense of grammar and no screenshots. Your only two ways of actually having a chance of getting Patrick or Flamescapes attention about a scammer issue your dealing with is with Discord or Pokémon Forums. Now I know some people out there have so clue on how to post a screenshot and to be honest I don't blame you the systems a bit different but nothing too impossible. A website that ive used in the past is called https://paste.pics/. This is me taking a screenshot of the home page, you can see I circled an area on the page that has "Browse..." and "Choose File" you can click on the orange "Browse" button and it'll bring you to your files. From there you can access your screenshot and click open it will then show you a preview of your screenshot. Make sure to double click your screenshot preview and click "Copy" If you didnt understand these steps at the top of the page under "Edit screenshot" and "Delete screenshot" theres a row that shows the "URL of this page" you have the choice to just copy that if you'd like. From there you can either copy and paste that into your forum post or click "Insert Image from URL" Its at the bottom right of your forums page. This is about it but I hope see more people including screenshots with their reports. Thanks
  14. Attacks like teleport must have some effect. Take abra for example . If it uses teleport for every 5 turn it should work 1 time and not get affected. More attacks like mirror coat when used the opponent pokemon should also get damaged by 25% this this just works like poison attack. More attacks like duplicate, roos (increases hp by 1/2 can be added) If you like it choose yes If you do not like it choose no
  15. I am wondering if anyone knows a way i can get the individual map tile images so that I can make a pokemon vortex map. for example a full image of route 1 with every thing on it?
  16. hello im the leader from ggo fans uh sorry for asking this but does anyone wanna join our clan we want more people here are our stats we currently have seven members 4.7 million exp 2004 points our skill branch is water and yeah if you want please join.
  17. A place for people who know to much about Pokemon to discuss random stuff
  18. Pink Pokémon are an additional variant of Pokémon which can currently only be seen within the Orange Islands region of Sidequests. At this point it seems pretty unlikely that they will be introduced as something obtainable by the players, but rather as something for the Staff of vortex (don't quote me on this but maybe something which will be awarded to staff for contributing following the future release of Arceus (Unknown)). Despite that, it's interesting to see what other people in the game think about this topic and merely something I thought I'd bring up to check out. Here are some idea's I came up with so far (I'll add any additional good ones I see in the comments): Possible reward for completing Sidequests - I was thinking maybe an additional item in the rewards which could be applied to a valid Pokémon which would convert it into the Pink variant when fused. Reward for fusing 100 of the same Pokémon - I think this could provide players who have a very high amount of Unique Pokémon (and are searching the maps for a few, rare missing ones) with a more purposeful and enjoyable experience as they could collect Pokémon they already have whilst searching in order to get Pink Pokémon. A chance of the player obtaining a random Pink Pokémon (or the staff members signature Pink Pokémon or something) when a player comes across them in Wonder Trade, however Wonder Trade is not yet a feature of Pokémon Vortex. Just a random event idea that I imagined with Pink Pokémon for some reason: A login claim event in which the user picks one of 3 Pokeballs. It then opens up and shows them the prize they won inside it, along with the prizes they could have won if they picked the other Pokeballs (or at least some other things to make them feel great/miserable if the rewards are predetermined :P), and there would be a small chance of it containing a Pink Pokémon when opened. There could be various in-game challenges for users to complete and earn more of these openings. Alternatively, this could be a longer-term feature and the featured Pink Pokémon could change monthly. ------ As with my forum post on Ancient Pokémon which you can see below, I don't think that these Pink Pokémon should act as part of the main dex should they be introduced, but rather as an extra part of the game or possibly in a separate "special-dex" or something like that.PLEASE COMMENT YOUR IDEAS AND WHAT YOU THINK!
  20. Ok, so, is my team good enough to beat sidequests? For those wondering, whats the team, the team is my current team. thats my team, if its not good, tell me what i should change or what moves should i change Suggestione from @akshatsupercool
  21. I want to buy a red orb so if anyone has it please put it up for auction.
  22. Hi everyone, I'm Luiss #7050 in discord . I won 15x fossil of the jaw in discord (#Giveaways), I claimed the prize but never got an answer I leave the test images: https://prnt.sc/oyx1yi https://prnt.sc/oyx289 but Patrick didn't answer me, I sent him another message the next day "What had he won" and today I wanted to send a message and I see that he had blocked me. Now I wonder who gives the Prize you win in discord #Giveaways? https://prnt.sc/oyx6or I wait for an answer .. thanks for your attention
  23. UPDATE: The wiki is now updated! Click here for the new location guide Waddup gamers. I've been working on a spreadsheet to help with encounters since they've changed with V5's live map. You can access it here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ev0vfL99DmaBI9vrFZ9G37v4qBAgsTEnBkTw2oboCL0/edit#gid=1087887082 If you know that a Pokemon exists somewhere and want to help, please take a screenshot with the map, encounter, and your player sprite in view for evidence. If you can't do this, don't worry, I just won't add it immediately to the sheet. I'll keep it in mind and cross-check with myself or with others. Formatting it something like this is preferred: Fungal Cavern Mid Floor; Water; Mudkip; Day If you find any mistakes, feel free to message me/post in this thread. Special thanks to everyone that has helped thus far, it definitely wouldn't be this complete without their help.
  24. I was trying to find my second ultra beast (Xurkitree). I was listening to a podcast and exploring the area and captured 6 zapdos in about 2hours total. 2 dark zapdos 4 normal zapdos (unfortunately I killed 1 of them). Also I had captured 2 normal rayquaza. I've put them all on auction for 25,000 (rayquaza for 200,000) and also 50 masterballs. Just search my ign : x_Itachi_x in the auction to find them.
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