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  1. I was right. Laven was still scamming. He is banned now.
  2. UPDATE: The wiki is now updated! Click here for the new location guide Waddup gamers. I've been working on a spreadsheet to help with encounters since they've changed with V5's live map. You can access it here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ev0vfL99DmaBI9vrFZ9G37v4qBAgsTEnBkTw2oboCL0/edit#gid=1087887082 If you know that a Pokemon exists somewhere and want to help, please take a screenshot with the map, encounter, and your player sprite in view for evidence. If you can't do this, don't worry, I just won't add it immediately to the sheet. I'll keep it in mind and cross-check with myself or with others. Formatting it something like this is preferred: Fungal Cavern Mid Floor; Water; Mudkip; Day If you find any mistakes, feel free to message me/post in this thread. Special thanks to everyone that has helped thus far, it definitely wouldn't be this complete without their help.
  3. Hello Sir, i was banned from pokemon vortex Discord server discord ID:- ash-greninja#5388 can you pls unban me its been many months since i was banned and as you can see i dint create any problem/ break any rules so pls can you unban me @Patrick, @flamescape
  4. Hey everyone I thought I should write a post about this for the good of the group. Now the topic of this post: Including screenshots with your reports, I'm sure you've all seen a report from someone and its only a sentence or two long with no sense of grammar and no screenshots. Your only two ways of actually having a chance of getting Patrick or Flamescapes attention about a scammer issue your dealing with is with Discord or Pokémon Forums. Now I know some people out there have so clue on how to post a screenshot and to be honest I don't blame you the systems a bit different but nothing too impossible. A website that ive used in the past is called https://paste.pics/. This is me taking a screenshot of the home page, you can see I circled an area on the page that has "Browse..." and "Choose File" you can click on the orange "Browse" button and it'll bring you to your files. From there you can access your screenshot and click open it will then show you a preview of your screenshot. Make sure to double click your screenshot preview and click "Copy" If you didnt understand these steps at the top of the page under "Edit screenshot" and "Delete screenshot" theres a row that shows the "URL of this page" you have the choice to just copy that if you'd like. From there you can either copy and paste that into your forum post or click "Insert Image from URL" Its at the bottom right of your forums page. This is about it but I hope see more people including screenshots with their reports. Thanks
  5. Im hoping for repeated events like the Zygarde one and kyurem white/black
  6. I know I already made a report on pokemonvoetexserbice but now he is telling me bad words telling bad about my country and threatening me that he will ban me pls tell me what should I do
  7. As the title says, what was the last Pokémon you caught? I don't really get time to catch stuffs But my last was a Zygarde (Cell)
  8. My team is Volcarona, Dark Boltund, Suicune(lvl 68), Arceus, Dark Pidgeot and Dark Eevee Please rate it
  9. 1. Choose a starter (I chose Mudkip) 2. Catch a Yamper (Boltund is pretty strong) 3. Catch a Pidgey (Pidgeot might not sound good, but it's one of the best things you can get) 4. Catch a Lillipup (Mostly filler, but still a heavy hitter) 5. Evolve them (Get Pidgey to Pidgeot ASAP) 6. Spam Hyper Beam with your Pidgeot, and watch the world burn (Moves like hyper beam don't have any other effects, so you can spam them)
  10. so i was just thinking in my mind that pokemon vortex could create new pokemon like what they did with darkrown mega snorlax etc and i was thinking they could add new eeveelutions new event exclusive mega stones gigantamax pokemon of their own or making completly new pokemon of their own i would like to know what event would you like to add or wish they add it onto the game
  11. So my brother tritre has been accused of scamming by a guy called laven who himself is a scammer. I would like to make it clear that he is not a scammer. He has trained an arceus unknown, shadow eevee christmas and many pokemons you cant call him a scammer. This laven guy keeps accusing him Eggyolk is one of our neighbours who doesnt have a computer so he comes to play here daily. Tritre only said what he heard and believed. He believed, and so did others about laven. Laven has been trusted once, that cant happen again. He betrayed others last time. He is a scammer. There's been several reports on laven. I made this post so people can talk about it, I will make a report as well. Laven better stop
  12. Hi. guys i have been tired of thinking about next event. I mean i predicted the Greninja (ash) event. But bored for next event. Sadly there was no event in june . Also, I want the zarude event to happen next Because I love zarude
  13. How do I enter a season because I went to the season shop and it said I needed some sort of currency that you can get in seasons it was this:¥
  14. Xeon101's Goals: Over-Arching Goal: Get the top- 20 mil exp Goals: Get my to 5 mil exp Get Get Get 10 mil experience Get 25 mil experience Get 1 mil experience Get , ,,,,,,and or. Things I still need: . If you have any of these and are willing to trade send me a friend request and message me in-game.
  15. I am doing xp training for a few people for 1:4 Currently training: yosh27- 13m xp If interested msg me pls
  16. My team currently contains: Mega Charizard Y Mega Lucario Tyranitar( I can never afford a tyranitarite and always get beaten on auctions) Cinderace Mega Steelix Mega Scizor
  17. Hello, My name BIVANBLAZE13. as you have seen from the title, i have created a wiki-integrated pokedex which show's the information u generally see in wiki. but, there are advantages to my pokedex over wiki 1. I have compiled the necessary information for in the pokedex. 2. You just need to put the name of the pokemon to get ur desired result. 3. Its user-friendly (still working on it). Plus, The pokedex is entirely created in excel. Pokedex: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SDtcVb_PIDY4EvB3_s9DvCKsuPGmS9Spoa8m4KVqemw/edit?usp=sharing (Note: The pokedex isnt fully made, so I am still not releasing just yet and may change in appearance as it is alpha version. but you can see how it looks) If you like it, you can comment about it. Credits: Sprites Avatars Information, are taken from pokemon vortex. Thank you
  18. Hai. Greeetings to all. My IGN is YaziR from Clan Envious. We've seen many Pokemons with perfect experience like 1,000,000; 10,000,000; 20,000,000 (See the image below). Many don't know how to achieve this perfect exp. It includes lot of calculations. So I've made a tool to do it easily. I've seen few post on the same topic before. But this tool is very efficient and easy to work. This tool will help you to achieve these perfect experience with three simple steps. Every step is very clearly explained and easy. Link for the tool: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ddsel9QstYgp_PS9BsDeaQQhzczirExVxinOUglPiec/edit?usp=sharing It is self explanatory tool. No special instruction needed. Few tips. 1. This will work only for lvl 100 pokemons. 2. Only one can work at a time in this sheet. It's a Gsheet, so many can edit it simultaneously. So if you see someone else working wait for them to complete. You can even take screenshot of the standing instructions quickly. 3. I've also added the direct link for the battles. Now its easy to click the link to open the battle. If you have any doubt or found any bugs/errors/miscalculations please comment here. Note: This is a beta product. So work on your own risk. Credits: IGN: "500Exp"
  19. So there’s this scammer that’s been jumping around scamming people, but I have now stopped him from scamming (I think). He had many accounts and this is one. Proof: (I will only show the end of the conversation) https://paste.pics/27adf97e5da5b4d1e92e9cfeb85c82c8 https://paste.pics/3f8494c9b87547902a463265470f6d07 https://paste.pics/6cb47a925985600381e8045add2f7300 https://paste.pics/382f60296648fcb4c695755284d138a5 https://paste.pics/1521c30e72b096082cd336ce3d853ad5 https://paste.pics/9f08049d4acdfdb49661760449c105cc https://paste.pics/a06b079a9a5399d3e9265710802efe44 Sorry for the amount of links
  20. Ign X-men54 is irritating me we traded a shadow greninja a month ago and it is now mine he is now asking it back and i refused He is not accepting asking me to trade it Kindly someone inform him this is my wish
  21. so i still don't know how to make screenshots but you guys can give me ideas to draw and maybe vortex can make them possibe...i will only draw new mega's gigantamax new pokes or new forms requested by you and then try to upload screenshot
  22. Rarest Pokemon in vortex V5?!
  23. Recently, A Friend Of Mine Got Scammed By "Chriswal".... He Said That He Bidded 33.6 m psd on this guy's auction for a trade and this guy scammed him and moved to another account. Do The Admins Or Mods Take any Action on such cases???
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