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  1. Trading these :- SHINY'S - , , , , , , , NORMAL'S - , , , , , , , , *5 . EVENT'S - , , UB'S - (364K XP) Looking for - , (shiny), , For more details my IGN is Blackpanther_17
  2. Rarest Pokemon in vortex V5?!
  3. I need someone to train some of my pokemon I have 5 million to give any pokemon trainers pm in game Rartic
  4. What do you think about randomisation in map? I just caught 2 same level and even same gender Beartic in interval of just one minute. I think the RNG should be improved and this matter should be discussed. Do you agree with me? If you don't, please explain the reasons behind it. Thank you.
  5. Registered on March 09, 2015 that is when my current account was made. I had another way back when but that is a different story that matters less now. When I started playing vortex again I had no clue what was instore for me. This game has been a real adventure and I am blessed to have met so many people who have made my time in this game more than enjoyable. From the people who have messaged me, to those I consider family, I hold every interaction dear. I have always been particular towards collecting multiple of a singular Pokémon; however i never took it seriously until my family in AW mad
  6. I have a shadow doublade but I dont know what to evolve it to, can anyone suggest??
  7. Hello! I have created this simple post to get to know a little it more about everyone This is what I want to know Your favorite poke your battle team and your goals in game also please do type your ign
  8. Hello! I asked a question about a player named Blue, but you did not know. Here is his profile. https://forums.pokemon-vortex.com/profile/29388-blue/ This guy was inactive for over a year now. In one of his topics, he was "giving away" an Arceus Unknown. That did not happen. A lot of premium accs were knowing him. Here is the giveaway post: In another of his posts, he was asking why does he get banned over and over again. Flamescape replied that he cheated or something. Early players,can you please tell what he did and why is he inactive?
  9. So I need some pokedollars but when I list a pokemon/item on pokebay auctions nobody buys them I always put it at the minimum cost but still nobody buys it can anyone help me????
  10. Hello everyone! Today's question of the day will be who are the top 3 best champions in the pokemon world? Saying why is optional. ___________________________ My answer: Blue, Cynthia, Kukui. If you consider Red one of the champions then it would be Red/Blue Thanks for reading and participating in this
  11. Hello guys If anyone has a can anyone trade it to me?Please for PDS or I can give a pokemon of 200k or 300k exp
  12. how to catch an ultra beast in a easy way is there any other way to catch an ultrabest easily Kartana Necrozma Stakataka
  13. Hello new players! This message is meant for you! I remember my first time playing this game it was very confusing! Although thankfully I had a friend to guide me through the whole process. So this post is going to tell you everything you need to know about how to become really good! Step one) When you first sign up for the game you are on a page called the Dashboard, the Dashboard is basically the home page for you account. As you can see there is 3 buttons on the top that say EXPLORE-BATTLE-YOUR ACCOUNT. The Explore option is where the map is this is where you can search for Pok
  14. Here is the map for V5 live maps. Please tell me if there's anything that needs to be added. The cities in red are the ones where the gyms are located. Have fun everyone https://ibb.co/q7TxXVD Unown cave to the left of route 21 yet to be added...
  15. hi guys while the maintainence runs during vortex i thought that lets have a litte fun. my question to you guys is this: who is the most powerful pokemon in the history. tell me your guesses so i can decide which pokemon is the strongest .
  16. Why can't i find any starter pokemons?
  17. im sure im not the only one thinking this but the current valentines day event is AWFUL. This game is so dull sometimes with the only content being spamming sidequests, i only come to play for events. It would be nice to catch some limited times pokemons but we have to buy them on the auctions???? what a bummber i sat there bidding only to be robbed last second of auction. I finally got a love sweet and then tried for a shiny furur heart dog pokeman which was EXPENSIVE 55MIL( IHAD THE MONEY) i go to bid and get robbed last second again. Now i realize i have to wait an hour. screw this im loggi
  18. How to fight in Galar Gym under Battle>Battle in a gym>Galar. I have completed all my battles under Battle>Battle in a league>Galar.
  19. Happiness is a stat used in Pokémon Vortex to determine whether some Pokémon are able to evolve or not. Examples of these are Golbat, Pichu and Meowth (Alolan). However, I have found that not that many people understand exactly how the happiness stat works in Pokémon Vortex. It's based on the friendship stat from the main games, but it functions differently. I have recorded a tutorial video in which I answer all questions regarding the happiness stat that I could come up with, while showing off the training of a Pokémon's happiness as well. Do also note that we currently have a
  20. I don’t have the choice to evolve my Eevee into Umbreon
  21. As the title says, what was the last Pokémon you caught? I don't really get time to catch stuffs But my last was a Zygarde (Cell)
  22. UPDATE: The wiki is now updated! Click here for the new location guide Waddup gamers. I've been working on a spreadsheet to help with encounters since they've changed with V5's live map. You can access it here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ev0vfL99DmaBI9vrFZ9G37v4qBAgsTEnBkTw2oboCL0/edit#gid=1087887082 If you know that a Pokemon exists somewhere and want to help, please take a screenshot with the map, encounter, and your player sprite in view for evidence. If you can't do this, don't worry, I just won't add it immediately to the sheet. I'll keep it in mind a
  23. Hey everyone I haven't posed anything in forever. I started doing side quests recently and I am trying to find the strongest team for side quests? Can anyone post a good team that they have either used in the past or Pokémon I should try to get for my team? Hope everyones staying safe! This is my current team so far its working out great but I think I can do better? I also use these in case something doesnt work out?
  24. Yes you read rite I made a training account for Pm me ign foodviro for more details the training account name is foodviropyku use the move counter when battling
  25. Hello to all the pokemon trainers I need an eternatus badly , so if anyone has an eternatus please trade with me , whatever you ask i will give Peace ✌✌✌✌✌
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