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Found 164 results

  1. having trouble with my account currently and not able to contact patrick through any of his contact details, who else am i able to contact for help. Cheers
  2. Seriously, what's your favorite Pokemon? Mine is stunky/stuntank because I love skunks irl.
  3. hi guys while the maintainence runs during vortex i thought that lets have a litte fun. my question to you guys is this: who is the most powerful pokemon in the history. tell me your guesses so i can decide which pokemon is the strongest .
  4. Well guys i was looking for mystic sableye and skipped and, damn why do i click to fast
  5. Hello patrick. So a bit ago a scammer Slogokop41 scammed me. I was wondering if you can login to my account. Since I'm on phone I am incapable to upload photos. But if you go into my messages and scroll down through my received emails you will find the last message of Slogokop41 to me. Which is proof of the scam.
  6. Choose what Eevee form you like most
  7. what update would there be in v6 me:Gen 9 or 10 Pokemon and Mr.Rime as common map Pokemon
  8. Which is your favorite type? Could it be Water, Grass or Fire? Or Maybe even Electric? Think carefully now, for your mind might tire Pick One out of: Water Grass Fire Electric Steel Ground Rock Fairy Dragon Dark Psychic Poison Fighting Ghost Bug Ice Normal Flying
  9. I remember there is once i play this game with virtual joystick after claiming promo code from daily login. Is anyone know what event is it? Is it still exist in game? It always show mobile version coming soon. Is there any screenshot or actual release date i wonder?
  10. This is just a suggestion... I think Cosmog and it's evolutions which were recently moved from event category to legendary category should be moved back to events one because of some significant points.. 1) Unlike any other legendary poke, cosmogs aren't available on the maps. 2) Unique nebbies' value is significantly higher when compared with any other legendary (obviously excluding primals). 3) And yeah at last, they got cherish balls which are usually with events or premium pokemons unless you consider map event pokes.
  11. **Welcome to the Isle Of Armor clan page!** Heres the clan info! How to join: Rules: 1- Dont be annoying 2- Be active in the game, on forum page or discord 3- Dont break rules and have fun! Leave a comment down below filling the following form: 4- Keep chat child friendly -Have you completed all gym battles, e4s, champions, frontier bosses and maison bosses? -Do you have any level 100s? -Will you be active in my discord for the clan(being constructed)? -Will you be active ingame or on the clan's forum page? Will you come to our clan? Just apply below or on the other places Discord: https://discord.gg/NWeUPzh
  12. Firstly, I'm sorry if this in this posted in the wrong place, I'm new here. I used to play on pokemoncrater a looong time ago and I'm happy to have just discovered Vortex. I just started playing as of yesterday (30th June). I quickly grinded a full team at level 100 and went and completed all of the gyms, elite fours, champions, battle frontier brains and battle maison members and can now hunt for legendaries. I'm now looking to be part of a serious clan as I am quite the competitive player and I'm serious about catching and collecting all of the six thousand or so Pokemon in this game. I live in England in case time zones are important. I'd like to be part of an active clan and I'm ready to pull my own weight for the team. (My name is Lightshift in-game) See you all in the long grass!
  13. Which is the best pokemon? Which type is best? What do you don't like in a pokemon world? What pokemon did you like in kanto staters?
  14. As the title says, what was the last Pokémon you caught? I don't really get time to catch stuffs But my last was a Zygarde (Cell)
  15. Newbie here.. I dont know which pokemons should I catch for my team.. I currently have gyrados mega and charizard X What do you guys thinks are the best non legendary pokemons to use?
  17. Dratini forms are finally back!! The long awaited Dratini forms are finally back on Pokemon vortex! Here are a few commonly asked Faq's 1)How many Dratini forms are in the game? Ans) There are currently three Dratini forms. They are- Dratinire, Dratinice, and Dratinilic. 2) Where can you find those Dratini forms? Ans) The dratini forms is available on Dragon map (Map 26). 3) Does Dratini forms have the spawn rate of legends? Ans) Yes, Dratini forms have the spawn rate of legends. 4) Is Dratini forms available for only limited time? Ans) No, they are added as the permanent feature of the game. 5) Can I access Dragon map only via my mobile? Ans) No, both laptop users and mobile users access Dragon map. 6) Do I need Vortex balls or Beast ball to catch these Dratini forms? Ans) No, they have legendary spawn rate. So, you can capture it in any ball except beast ball. 7) Is Dratini forms available on mystery boxes? Ans) No, currently they are not on mystery boxes or will never be on mystery boxes as they are legends.. 8) Is there any other way to obtain these Dratini forms? Ans) You can catch it on Dragon map. Or get it through auctions or trades. 9) Do I need to finish gyms and elite 4's to encounter these Dratini forms on maps? Ans) Yes, as they are legends you must have completed it.
  18. I have achieved a record that maybe no one has achieved i believe: and caught in 5 mins caught Dratinlic in 2mins of searching and Dratinice in 3 mins of searching I was lucky I hv proof also
  19. What is your Dream Team? Before you guys go on saying that "There already exists a topic like this", please go through all of it. As the topic says, "What is your Dram Team?". Unlike, the other topic, in this topic you can only post your dream team consisting of Non-Events, Non-Donations. Which means your Dream Team must only consist of only six Non-Legends, Legends and Fossils or Primals. Also, you can have more than 1 dream team. You may also share with us, which pokemons out of your Dream Team have you obtained. Let's start with me; Dream Team 1:
  20. Is it just me or has the Pokemon location guide been not working for such a long time. Like what is wrong with it. Under maintenance or just generally not working. If you want to catch a specific Pokemon how are you meant to know without the Pokemon location guide not working. Any opinions please?
  21. I meant Shiny,Metallic,Shadow,Dark or Mystic Mine Is Shiny and Shadow
  22. Hey, I'm after some advice regarding the best mega evolution for Charizard. Should I go for X or Y? What are your thoughts?
  23. Hola, yo creo que deben "regular" los premios en sidequest porque algunos premios su tasa de abandono es realmente bajo; como es el caso de algunos fossil, sin olvidar de los orb rojo y azul que no llegan ni al 2%; que practicamente es "imposible de conseguir" con tan poca probabilidad. Yo se que son son objetos "especiales", tanto los fossil como los orb pero hacer mas 1000 batallas solo para conseguir una piedra de Metagrossita, o en Unova una Audinite, es muy decepcionante. Premio Piscina de rareza Tasa de abandono Absoluto Común 4,29% Agronita Común 4,29% Altarianita Común 4,29% Banettita Común 4,29% Camerupita Común 4,29% Gardevoirita Común 4,29% Glalitita Común 4,29% Manectita Común 4,29% Mawilite Común 4,29% Medichamite Común 4,29% Metagrossita Común 4,29% Sablenita Común 4,29% Salamencita Común 4,29% Sharpedonita Común 4,29% Latiasita Poco común 17% Latiosita Poco común 17% Garra Fósil Raro 1,50% Raíz fósil Raro 1,50% Orbe rojo Raro 1,50% Orbe azul Raro 1,50% Meteorito Evento 100% Premio Piscina de rareza Tasa de abandono Audinite Común 60% 25x bolas maestras Poco común 34% Cover Fossil Raro 3% Pluma fósil Raro 3%
  24. Hi Mods, My account has been banned . I am not sure what went wrong. I used training accounts to train my pokemons and contesting bids on pokebay for 50x pokeballs for a cheap price. Is this illegal ? Cause I didn't find anything as such in the rules. Please provide some resolution. userName - spandan88 Regards
  25. Does anyone else wish that when you catch a normal pokemon that there was a stone that lets you change them to a shiny, dark, mystic, metallic, and shadow. but when you already have a shiny, dark, mystic, metallic, and shadow the stone doesnt work and it only works when it is a normal.
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