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  1. Sometimes I want to check back on how forums are doing. Anyways I have a dead brain so yea-
  2. This time everyone wins a legendary but they are going to be ranked through price. So say GG to enter
  3. I sound like i dummy but i was trying those uplift and devote answer thingy its confusing someone please explain lol
  4. Hello everyone. I am currently wanting some lvl 6 immunes for my seasonals. If anyone wants to give me some to help me go to ign foodviro and offer on my in my trades
  5. I was wondering how much chance I have to encounter legendary Pokemon in v5
  6. Subscribe and get this "UNLIMITED Offer!" WAIT JUST KIDDING LOL THAT AD WAS 2 YEARS AGO HAHAHAHAH XD https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU8pEXM4BVByuJtpw-oV2-g
  7. I train others Pokemon hearts here are the rules and prices . If you are interested in my service pls contact me in game or ask down in the replies. There it is just reply or contact me in game to have me do a service for you!
  8. i got a message in discord from my friend telling that i am becky (i forgot name) i died 27 years ago if u want proof check in google and send this message to 20people otherwise u wil die or ur family will @patrick @flamescape please check I was scared so i did send it to 20people in discors and i have dm @flamescape and provided pics please check i am scared
  9. Here is the map for V5 live maps. Please tell me if there's anything that needs to be added. The cities in red are the ones where the gyms are located. Have fun everyone https://ibb.co/q7TxXVD Unown cave to the left of route 21 yet to be added...
  10. Hey everyone! I dont know about you but ive been seeing a lot of negative posts lately (It might just be me) But anyways I was thinking of starting the QUESTION OF THE DAY again? Please comment down below if you think I should! And also please tell me how your day is going so far! I would make this a giveaway but that would be super weird/funny if I did do something like that. But anyway I hope everyone is doing well!
  11. Hey everyone, I decided that I am going to start accepting offers from people who want an exp job done. My rates are 1:3 1:4 but it can be compromised Also prefer Pokedollars too thanks have a great day
  12. Hello everyone I Have a For trade I am hoping for or I will also add in an or for those pokemon message me if you want to trade ign foodviro
  13. If you have played all the way through a Pokémon game, you've probably encountered a Legendary Pokémon. And you probably want to know how to get one here! Here is what you need to get a Legendary Pokémon. 1. To get a ribbon of the Legendary Pokemon's home region. (By beating all of the gyms in that region.) And yes! Only that. You have to go to a specific place to get the Legendary Pokémon. Search it up because there is a LOT of legendaries and I can not list all of them and their locations even if I wanted to. (I will update this someday to list them.) Have
  14. UPDATE: The wiki is now updated! Click here for the new location guide Waddup gamers. I've been working on a spreadsheet to help with encounters since they've changed with V5's live map. You can access it here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ev0vfL99DmaBI9vrFZ9G37v4qBAgsTEnBkTw2oboCL0/edit#gid=1087887082 If you know that a Pokemon exists somewhere and want to help, please take a screenshot with the map, encounter, and your player sprite in view for evidence. If you can't do this, don't worry, I just won't add it immediately to the sheet. I'll keep it in mind a
  15. Hi everyone I have created an Excel Document for Pokémon Vortex, I don't know how to explain what its propose is but I created it to help me track where all the Pokémon are located/acquired/my current progress for living Dex/type and immunity categories/separate lists for alternate forms/legendary's and Starters/Wild Pokémon (water/Land) all with sections for each variant... The map/Immunity trainers. All data is an amalgamation of a dozen sources online, but to suite Pokémon vortex. Id like to Share what I have so far, At least to get some feedback.... like I said it is NOT COMPLETE and may
  16. https://paste.ee/p/9GBgw tell me if u have them in game and friend me
  17. I havent done many posts in Forums lately so here we go I hope everyone is doing awesome this month! But please tell me below what is something you hope to achieve before the next year? (Goals) I would like to reach 100 million experience and help someone else achieve their goal! Happy Holidays everyone
  18. Firstly, I am new to this game but not new to the concepts this game presents, this is made abundantly clear by my current ranking this season even though I started playing 3 weeks ago. Catch em all is what I play this game for, but iv continually seen and had contact with a variety of community members who it seems do not play this game with a catch em all mentality. This question is double sided because I'm curious of this games demographic. Pokémon in considered a "kids" game on the surface but on a deeper level it is far from it when your playing a Pokémon game with goals/challenges/high s
  19. Hi all I've gone through and noted all of the encounters on each route. I'll also produce a per Pokémon list at some point soon. Any evolved/legends I found while tracking this will also be included. Sorted by rough Pokedex order. There will be some missing, and likely some incorrect entries that I missed up. So if you spot any I miss, or if you have any rares/legendaries down, let me know and I'll update it! Also - I've not checked each cave, but I believe they have the same day and night encounters. So I'm only going to include one set of encounters for those route
  20. someone hacked me please help me my ign Krish54
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