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Found 120 results

  1. Mr.Magnificent

    General Magnificent Exp On Pokemons

    Hi Guys! We all know that experience looks real MAGNIFICENT on some of your favourite or sometimes on cute pokemons.So here is the place where you can post 2 things: ●Pokemon That Looks Really Maginificent/Awesome With Certain Amount Of Exp. ●Pokemon That You Will/Are Training/Want To Get Trained So That It Looks Magnificent. I'll Start: 1. I like my 111,000 Exp. 2.I will train my To 1,000,000 Exp. So Post Yours Here!
  2. I want the community to come up with some great ideas for variants. It is very possible that one or more ideas from this thread may be implemented in the game. Who knows? If you have any ideas, please post them with the following info. You can post as many suggestions as you want. Example : Variant Name: Mirage Pokemon Special Ability: Varies (25% more defense against Metallic,25% more damage against Dark, 25% more HP against Shiny, Doesn't get effected by Mystic Pokemon 25% chance to scare the defending Pokémon and is able to inflict a Status Ailment on Shadow Pokemon) Description : These Pokémon have a Light Blue Color scheme with a little glow. I will put all suggestions in this post, so try not to suggest something that has already been suggested. We look forward to reading all your suggestions. When describing your variant, please make sure you get the idea across clearly.
  3. HunterHemsley

    General please vote here

    I got an offer for my
  4. Name the Rarest Pokemon You Have Ever Missed. Mine is
  5. sas

    General Lost It

    Hi everyone, I have lost interest in vortex. I have been following this game since pokemon crater and all the versions of pokemon vortex. But now, for unknown reasons, I have lost interest in the game. I don't know whether I should quit or just take a break. If any of you could kindly provide me with suggestion/s, it will be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. UltimationPokes

    General Favourite Events In Vortex

    In This Topic Just State Your Favourite Event In Vortex Still Now.Not Donations. Mine IS :
  7. HEY GUYS, WELCOME TO THIS DISCUSSION... Here you need to post - - The last legendary pokemon you caught and when. - [If possible then provide some information also about that pokemon]. I THINK THE LAST LEGENDARY POKEMON I CAUGHT WAS
  8. cronile

    General CRONILE

    HELLO my name is Cronile(Future king of vortex ) am here to discuss about my clan and my story of vortex if u wanna here more from me all u av to do is post a comment thx u for ur support and also patrick if ur reading this thx u for making the game
  9. How was your Day/Time today at Pokémon Vortex- In¤Game? Well here's the place for you guys to share "How was your Day/Time today at Pokémon Vortex- In¤Game"? Which good things you experienced and which bad experience did you face? Was it overall a good day or a bad day, or the worst day for you here? You might just want an advice to make your today's/next day better. As you might know now, it'll be an active thread, and one person may post daily, but do remember not to do double posting. Well lets start with me, I am going to start todays day. So far I am looking forward to trade, search for pokemons and train hearts! Lets see how this day goes.
  10. Maxie-Magma

    General Who Did You Catch Today?

    It's pretty self explanatory, just post some pokemon you caught today that were cool, or that you were looking for I caught a went back on the map, moved two spaces and found athen went back on the map and IMMEDIATELY found a Also caught a and another Update:
  11. How old were you when you started playing Pokemon Vortex? And how old are you now? I was 11 when I started the game.Introduced and influenced by my friends. And now I'm 18 and still into the game
  12. eurstin

    General Sidequest Team

    So I was just wondering what teams you guys are using. Feel free to post your teams and your troll teams I guess... Here's my current team:
  13. gemskingZZZ

    General Event tickets help

    Hello stranger! i found a problem with event tickets. so I’ve been a active player for 2 years and haven’t got a event ticket ever and with my daily rearward I got a 1 HR egg and need a event tickets I read the QnA but I never got one for being active so can somebody give me advice to get one faster
  14. What Pokémon did you get upon logging in? I got a Metallic Mareep.
  15. Hey! I'm trying to make pages for the wiki to become a Wiki Editor to be nice and contribute, but I have no clue what evolutions can be caught! Right now I'm wondering mainly about Kanto Pokemon (numbers 1-151), but anything is appreciated. Just post what evolutions you've caught, and I'll get to work (I'll have to go in order, though, so Kalos evolutions will have to be last, sorry.). Thanks!
  16. Post your dream team below. Mine is and I have obtained .
  17. Event_Lords123

    General Feature

  18. Think you have trained your Pokémon a lot? Go ahead post the Top Pokémon you own right now. For people who do not know how to check if your Pokémon is the Top Pokémon, go to the #bot-commands channel of the discord chat and type !top Pokémon Name. P.S.: This thread is about the top pokemon (exp. wise), not about your favorite pokemon. You can check if you have any top pokemon on discord.
  19. A while ago there was a training account called TNormal. It had Lunalas with ghost moves so it was really good to train rattatas and other normal pokes with dark moves. Idk what happened to it but that account is no longer good for training. So I made new account with same purpose. Basically 6 Lunalas with ghost moves. The account name is x4normal Idk if there was a known, working training account for this purpose already. In any case now there is this account so, happy training : ) Edit: So I found that an account for this already exist and its name is TypeNormal. I wish I learned about it sooner but owell
  20. MrColon

    General Clan Needed

    Can someone take me in their clan ? My IGN - MrColon
  21. Mark Thompson

    General What is your Dream Tream?

    What is your Dream Team? Before you guys go on saying that "There already exists a topic like this", please go through all of it. As the topic says, "What is your Dram Team?". Unlike, the other topic, in this topic you can only post your dream team consisting of Non-Events, Non-Donations. Which means your Dream Team must only consist of only six Non-Legends, Legends and Fossils or Primals. Also, you can have more than 1 dream team. You may also share with us, which pokemons out of your Dream Team have you obtained. Let's start with me; Dream Team 1:
  22. Hello guys!! I would like to make a poll to know your opinions. Who or what are the best teams with S/S/D/M/G pokemons & event. Here we go!!