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  1. Guys This is my first giveaway , so lets keep this small ! i am doing as much as i can . Results will be declared next week . Thanks For Participating ! Just Send Type ur IGN and what pokemon u want to enter in my giveaway ! Pokemon - 8% 9% 8% 9% 10% 10% 12% 14 % 20 % 3 % ( High Level ) 2 % ( High Level ) 2% ( High Level ) 2% ( High Level ) 1% LEVEL 100 JACKPOT PRIZE ( I will also trade if u give Mew Or Mewtwo above level 69 )
  2. Giveaway (weekly) Every week on Thursday I will be giving out a Pokemon! I will be on sometime between 7:00am and 4:00pm EST Event Named: Inferno-Wheel For the release of Pokemon Unite (fedex colors lol)
  3. Hey guys giving away a few pokemon and they are- 1.Noivern 2.Bannette 3.Glaceon 4.Celebi 5.Blaziken The rules are follow my PV account and my PV forums account Thank you for everyone who followed my account. Announcing results on 20th of July Last registeration day is 19th of July
  4. 1st Level: 67 —————————————- 2nd Level: 62
  5. Hi Guys, Hope you are fine !! To make you more better I have hosted a giveaway !! The Pokemon 1. 2. 3. All you have to do is to write your name in the game Results will be announced 15/7/21
  6. entry deadline is 7 people or 20th April whichever comes first! first person to register gets 2 pokemon!! Prizes will be random n will be decided by a bot. Good luck to all the peeps that enter!! type ur ign to enter!
  7. As promised, Im doing another giveaway of July. To contest, please type your ign below. You could win - Buzzwole, Necrozma or kartana According to PV statistics, only a small percentage of the people that participate in the giveway have actually followed me in-game. So, if you do end up enjoying the the giveaway, pls consider following. It will only take you 5 secs and will help me out a lot. Anyway, enjoy the giveaway. Dont take that seriously lol Giveaway winner will be announced on 11th July
  8. I'm giving away 3 meltans one normal one mystic and one metallic. reply your ign to enter and winners will be announced in 2 days thanks to my brother for catching these meltans
  9. Hi all I am doing a giveaway The prizes are: sorry there aren't much prizes...it's my first giveaway Next time onwards there will be many more
  10. Hi guys, Welcome to my giveaway page There will be 3 lucky winners who can win the following prizes Prizes: 1st prize 2nd prize 3rd prize(any normal starter of your choice)(DM me in game) For joining this giveaway you need to follow me and leave your ign or username here (This is my first time for doing a giveaway next time there will be legendaries too) Giveaway will ends about 7:30AM on Tuesday (Indian time). -—————————————BEST OF LUCK—————————————-
  11. it's been a while since I posted my first giveaway, so I decided to make another one. if you want to join, reply on this post with your pokemon vortex username. 5 (or more) winners will be selected randomly alongside with the pokemons by using generator, so please don't comment that you'd like to get this or that pokemon. ((the amount of winners depends on how many people will join the giveaway, so the numbers of winners can change but each winner will get only 1 pokemon.)) giveaway will end in 24 hours. - here's a list of all pokemons that you can win: Mystic Zamazenta, Zamazenta, Zacian, Kartana, Xerneas (Active), Landorus, Mystic Tornadus (2×), Shiny Tornadus, Tornadus (4×), Metallic Tornadus, Ho-oh (2×), Zekrom, Rotom (Heat), Eevee (3×) and Rowlet (3×). goodluck to everyone
  12. 5 lucky winners will get one of these -, ,, morpeko hangry and a mega rayquaza! just leave your ign below and let the wheel decide who the winners are Hurry! winners will be picked on tuesday 4am GMT
  13. thank you all for getting me into the top contributors of the week so i am doing this special giveaway it doesn't include clan exclusives only for this time anyway here's the prizes:,and non other than also 3 winners and ends in 2 days so just say your ign:*your username* to enter
  14. hi i feel lost after i got scammed and i don't feel the happiness and joy i used to have playing so im gonna giveaway some my good poke the poke are shadow naganadel,shadow articuno,blaziken (mega) and shiny snorlax mega to enter follow me in forums and go follow xeon101 then type your ign below.
  15. Hello vortex citizens today ur boy gonna start a giveaway Bc my bday is soon and wanted to give something in return so I'll be doing doing a big giveaway abt 8 winners all u gotta do is follow me on forums and Pv so that I'll know who follows me currently I have 20 but after u follow me just put a comment on this post I follow u and even if u follow me don't unfollow and follow it doesn't change ex: Nishkarsh he follows me but i do a giveaway and he unfollows me and follow's me it is not going to matter so the pokes of the giveaway so the giveaway pokes are: , ,,,,,also my IGN is QUANTUMthebest GL all
  16. Hi, I am doing a giveaway, in order to enter the contest just type your ign. You could win a kyogre, Palkia, Groudon, lugia, zacian, Celebi or moltres. You could also win a mew or dark mewtwo (mega y) or arceus Giveaway winner will be announced 17th june.
  18. (it may not be given away the exact day it's supposed to) BTW this ends at Friday and it's given out sometime from 12:00 to 2:00 (PM 4 both) (friday is the last day of school for me!) This week's Pokemon is lv 58 exp: 29,000 To enter, reply with your ign, if you win I will quote you (hope you get notification) Then you will catch a random pokemon then offer me on Trade Station with that Pokemon then i'll release it so don't give me anything good. More details:
  19. DONT BE GREEDY DONT CLAIM ALL FOR YOURSELF LEAVE SOME FOR OTHERS TOO Promo Codes Of 700 Pokeballs In 50x Mix Of 50x Moon Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:14D015-FH89-BV27 50x Dusk Balls This promo code expires 02-Mar, 2019 at 17:30ENW7-KNS5-BOZ2 50x Moon Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:14GHOR-KU13-FGVZ 50x Dive Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:15DEM6-JST3-FX17 50x Dusk Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:12DRW3-GIS1-DT15 50x Moon Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:12DFTY-PRW4-CN28 50x Dusk Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:13ACZ8-IPX7-FW28 50x Dive Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:11F478-KMNQ-HQU4 50x Moon Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:12DHM8-AGMP-KMV2 50x Dusk Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:16EFPU-BLV4-DO35 50x Dive Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:12PZ16-CD37-KTWX 50x Dusk Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 16:40DKNZ-NVW0-DZ13 50x Dive Balls This promo code expires 02-Mar, 2019 at 17:30DOU0-AITW-NW07 50x Dusk Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:16BCFN-BVXY-KNT4
  20. hi guys tomorrow new giveawya starts and tomorrow i will send you a message if you have won the previous giveaway here are the prizes for my clan: arecus scizor mega and rotom if you are in my clan just say your ign and thats all and now for random people the prizes are: tyranitar mega,pichu and dark jolteon good luck
  21. I am doing a giveaway i am giving away 3s and you can win one by replying your ign (in-game name). winners will be announced tomorrow
  22. I will be giving out Pokemon every week or so on Sunday starting on Monday I'll only be giving out 1 Pokemon this week because it's only 3 days long for this week so nobody will miss out on anything It's a Level 50 - 25,000 exp - Unmodified Moveset - Female - No Nickname Put your ign (in-game name) in the replies
  23. Hello, everyone! I am doing a trade/giveaway. U can enter ur ign down below, for the giveaway. For trade, plz tell us that this is trade, then tell us the pokemon u want, and ur offer. Examples: Giveaway: Joining giveaway, ign: rms701. Trade: This is for trade. I would like Thundurus, I will give Tornadus. Things like that. BTW: Giveaway winners announced on June 2nd, 2021 (US CST)
  24. Hi hosting a giveaway for a Barbarale (Grievous) all u have to do to join the challenge is put this emoji on comment and then what u have to do is bid on a pokeball on auction and send me the pic of it on discord my discord is 🄺🄸🄽🄶 🅀🅄🄰🄽🅃🅄🄼 #6400 and at june 24 message me Happy birthday QUANTUM. Also if u dont want barbaracle grievous u can have a option for 10 meltan candies or 1 icestone or 1 mystery box Also My IGN is QUANTUMthebest
  25. this time we have Metallic Mudkip Stats Level: 45 Experience: 22,500 Happiness: Info Pokédex Number: #258 ID: #0034552257 Owner: Original Trainer: jeffpig Attacks Tackle Water Gun Mud-Slap Rock Throw Evolution Lvl: 16 Mystic Noctowl Stats Level: 30 Experience: 15,017 Happiness: Info Pokédex Number: #164 ID: #0033908235 Owner: Original Trainer: iwillkillyouyeet Attacks Tackle Peck Confusion Hypnosis Dark Swampert (Mega) Stats Level: 42 Experience: 21,465 Happiness: Info Pokédex Number: #260 ID: #0034026092 Owner: Original Trainer: iwillkillyouyeet Attacks Surf Earthquake Ice Beam Hammer Arm Ditto Stats Level: 41 Experience: 20,500 Happiness: Info Pokédex Number: #132 ID: #0034063753 Owner: Original Trainer: DARK_AURORA Attacks Transform Transform Transform Transform Dark Kingdra Stats Level: 100 Experience: 54,461 Happiness: Info Pokédex Number: #230 ID: #0011967452 Owner: Original Trainer: HatersGTFO Attacks Scald Dragon Pulse Signal Beam Ice Beam Wailord Stats Level: 43 Experience: 21,786 Happiness: Info Pokédex Number: #321 ID: #0028976367 Owner: Original Trainer: Donkey.Beans Attacks Brine Bounce Heavy Slam Water Pulse
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