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Found 209 results

  1. Guess the right number and I will give a free legendary pokemon. P.S. It is between 1-1000 P.P.S. Good luck
  2. I'll giveaway normal cosmogs just put ur ign and the number of cosmogs u got until now. You can enter more than once. I'll give them whenever I have and I want so no pushes plx If you take some days to answer after u been declared as winner u will lose your cosmog. Cosmogs given away until now: Winners until now: - seth1129400 - bilal.anwar - himanshu24092002 - sreesree - eurstin - Best_Is_Back - CaptainX - SquirrelKing CabanaBoy - maliha! - baddream - ferradorandre - Jorge Rey - Haxor69 - Anna9. - sas x2 - carrliam761 - waybig x2 - BLASTOISE ROCKS THE HEAT - nirav_987 - KYNO - Sujeet218 - fodnbilal - okten - adrsh2146 - siktir - Ash1667 - xMasterKevz - idle - EchoCHALLENGE - Eeveelutions8 - KILLERTRAINZ-KING - PawsInvincible - -LuxirousFighter- - MrVirus - dishpart - Minson Soh - WarpRogue - ShinyChamp123 - VEER1234 x2 - Harris07 - rotoms5 - majo10695 x2 - ani142 - late - Samual - priyamtron x2 - Night Fury#1768 - Memeverick - mazking - sanjimon
  3. Genesect (Ice) Giveaway!!!! Just post your in game name (IGN) Rules- 1) Only enter once. The giveaway will end tomorrow at the same time it started. A random IGN will be picked! 1st place = 2nd place = Random legend (Chance of being a unique) 3rd place =
  4. Hello there, It's time for a small but amazing #giveaway..... 1st prize Ordinary Togepi 2nd prize !! 3rd prize I will train 1 Million xp in any of ur pokes for free! Just comment below 1 dirty secret about YOU along with your IGN. This giveaway ends this Sunday at 16:00 (Vortex time). Good luck and Happy Easter, everyonez!!!
  5. Just comment your ign and I will pick random name winner is My in-game name is Auke1993. PM me
  6. I will be giving away a level 100 as 1st place, and aas 2nd place and as 3rd place 1)Enter ING 2) Put your most powerful pokemon's name 3)If you win, put pokemon you dont care about up for trade and I might ask witch pokemon it is. 4) Wait for the account Alainscharzard13 to offer one of these pokemon for the pokemon you don't care about!
  7. 1st Prize= ROTOM POKEDEX 2nd Prize= Shadow Latias and Shadow Gardevoir 3rd Prize= Shiny Flygon & Shiny Deino Hello!! Guys, I am hosting a giveaway which contains 3 prizes 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The terms to win this giveaways: 1: Enter your Vortex IGN 2: Write a Number between 1-100 3: Your favourite Pokemon Name. 4: Write a thing that you like the most about Pokemon Vortex The winner of this giveaway will be announced after 3 days. Good Luck Everyone!!!
  8. DONT BE GREEDY DONT CLAIM ALL FOR YOURSELF LEAVE SOME FOR OTHERS TOO Promo Codes Of 700 Pokeballs In 50x Mix Of 50x Moon Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:14D015-FH89-BV27 50x Dusk Balls This promo code expires 02-Mar, 2019 at 17:30ENW7-KNS5-BOZ2 50x Moon Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:14GHOR-KU13-FGVZ 50x Dive Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:15DEM6-JST3-FX17 50x Dusk Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:12DRW3-GIS1-DT15 50x Moon Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:12DFTY-PRW4-CN28 50x Dusk Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:13ACZ8-IPX7-FW28 50x Dive Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:11F478-KMNQ-HQU4 50x Moon Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:12DHM8-AGMP-KMV2 50x Dusk Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:16EFPU-BLV4-DO35 50x Dive Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:12PZ16-CD37-KTWX 50x Dusk Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 16:40DKNZ-NVW0-DZ13 50x Dive Balls This promo code expires 02-Mar, 2019 at 17:30DOU0-AITW-NW07 50x Dusk Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:16BCFN-BVXY-KNT4
  9. Hi guys this is my first giveaway reply with ur ign to participate in order to win a uxie
  10. Hola Amigos! The forums have been dead lately. I'm not a generous person usually but I'll be hosting almost regular giveaways with different rules/terms. Why so generous? I started playing vortex (after crater) and all that I have rn is due to forums i.e. by trading, giveaways on forums etc. #BFTL = Bring Forums To Life I hope someone else joins in too. I'd really appreciate. ________________________ Prizes: Entry: Post with your ign? No. Post with a number? No. All you have to do is answer the question incorrectly: Who is the current owner of the game (v4)? But remember : Right answers will not be counted. _____________________
  11. Are you new to the game and you dream about having a Mystery Box pokemon of your own and you still have got none??? OR You want a Missingno. Pokemon of your own?? For all your needs we present 6X Missingno. Promo code giveaway!!!!!!!! How will you enter this contest?? Just follow 2 simple steps- 1) Join our Discord server where we run giveaways most often. Our server link https://discord.gg/dkZSxKB 2) Find #Giveaway Channel in our server and react with the Tada. Also note- 1) Each Missingno. Promo code giveaway lasts for 4 days. 2) If you win 1 time you cannot enter second time this is for a fair chance for everyone! 3) Some people are banned from our server for spamming those people will not be able to enter the server. Have a good time! ALL THE BEST!!!!
  12. We will be giving away a . The giveaway begins on 15th at 10:00 AM (IST) April Monday and ends on 16th April Tuesday! how will you enter?? 1) Join our discord server https://discord.gg/dkZSxKB 2) React to tada in #giveaway channel. DO NOT HATE MONDAYS AMY MORE AS WE WILL BE GIVING AWAY MORE ON COMING MONDAYS!!
  13. I am celebrating 16 years on Earth today so I am hosting many giveaways on my discord server everyone join and enter the giveaway! The giveaway stuffs are all related to pokemons of vortex only!!! https://discord.gg/dkZSxKB this is the server link and before this we have hosted many giveaways and from my side i have given away prizes worth 57 million +
  14. I am hosting a give away just because. First Prize: Volcanion Promotion Code Second Prize: Metallic Zubat (Halloween) Code Third Prize : Floette (Eternal) Code Fourth and Fifth Prize: Zubat Halloween Code -------—-----—------—-----—--—------— All winners will be randomly chosen. TO ENTER: Leave your ign (your account must have beeb made before Nov. 10th, one entrry only please) and a brief story about a time you helped a stanger for no reason at all. (Your story gives you no edge in winning.) Winners will be selected in roughly 72 hours. Spread the love everyone.
  15. Giveaway is on!! As we are waiting for Avengers Unititled War..... Let start a giveaway on that thing! To Enter:1)Your Ign 2)Fav Infinity Stone 3)What will YOU do if you have that stone 4)#Your Fav avenger Rules:1)No double posting 2)If the winner is chosen and he/she doesnt doesnt get online and recieve the prize in 48 hours,New winner will be chosen.... GL, The giveaway will end on 10 December 2018.Thank You All #GetRekt Thanos
  16. Giving 1xdarkrai as reward Post your username original name your favorite pokemon
  17. Hello! Welcome to my Christmas Giveaway! Please read the rules on how to enter. Rules: 1. Post the following: IGN: Top 3 of your Favorite Pokemon: Why do you want to win: 2. Only 1 entry per person. Multiple entry will be disqualified 3. There should be at least 20 participants before the draw. The draw is on December 25, 2018. I'll remove some lower prices if there is less than 20 at the time of draw. 3. The winners will be selected via a Random Number Generator. 4. I'll post the winners at the comments section. If you are a winner, put any Pokemon for trade and post the Pokemon here so I can offer. 5. Have fun and Merry Christmas! Prizes (in no particular order): 1. x2 2. 3.x2 4. 5.
  18. God's Giveaway Series : Giveaway 4 Giveaways always seem to cheer me up especially if I win, so here's your turn. Rules How to Enter Prizes Winners in 1-2 weeks probably 2
  19. comment down to enter 1. Your Username 2. Fav Pokemon 3 A pokemon meme 4. your birthdate giveaway: Rayquaza, Groudon, Arceus winner announcement : On 2nd December
  20. To enter in the giveaway you must type in your best Pokémon and the worst Pokémon you have and your username 1st xerneas eurstin 2nd ho oh regestation 3rd dialga intimidating 4th kyogre level 100 warped rogue this shall end when there are 25 people or 15 people.
  21. To enter type your IGN in the disc And type some random things ends whenever 1st prize : Starter of choice Natsu.Dragneel 2nd Prize : Squirtle WarpRouge 3rd Prize : Darkrown Edisonoyz Contact me IGN: DaMikMan Hey who would have though…
  22. Giving away stuff. Wiping stuff out of the account, Ign Bigkike 3 winners 1st Place Deoxys speed 2nd Place all other event stuff upto choice of 5 3rd Place legends upto a choice of 20 Give your ign and a random sentence. No double entry no spam blah blah blah Ends whenever I feel like it Good luck
  23. Hey guys, I m hosting a giveaway for a PS-Giveaway will end on 25th September To join the giveaway rules are simple.. 1-Ign 2-Fav Event Pokemon (Vortex) 3-Your best achievement GL and...Believe in Glaceon
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