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  1. entry deadline is 7 people or 20th April whichever comes first! first person to register gets 2 pokemon!! Prizes will be random n will be decided by a bot. Good luck to all the peeps that enter!! type ur ign to enter!
  2. Hi am giveing away a shiny * cus idk what to do with it XD *
  3. This is the ultimate giveaway, everyone will go something good ,pls remind me if I forget , simply enter in your gin. Prizes will be distributed and announced on 4th April and simply remind me about it on my ign hardieboi. The prizes r guaranteedly good I don't whether all will like it , but still the prizes are a lot for me
  4. Sorry for making this giveaway late, i forgot about it Anyways, this is giveaway part 2 for my followers just enter ign everyone will win a prize by spinning wheel thx NOTE: This is ur last chance to win a prize for this giveaway section Pls also check my other post, That would be really nice Thanks
  5. So, yeah if you have seen my status update, you will know what this is about Btw, if ur not a follower, you will not get a prize. However, If you are a follower, you are very sure to get a prize But I apologize if I have any mistakes and also if I take a long time to see who gets what So thanks for reading this/joining this giveaway (Just enter ur ign to join, and if you want you can also say what you want, thx )
  6. Hello everybody! The reason why I am posting this is to get subscribers for my channel BlitzBreak Studios. When we get at least a hundred subscribers you can have any pokemon from rather SemiHorizon or Rms701. If everybody subscribed we will be giving away money up to 5 million pokedollars. Make sure to like our video subscribe and mainly share. Sometimes people have lots of subscribers for people sharing for them. You can also watch our video and tell us on how to make it better on this fourm and also new video Ideas.
  7. Pls Enter Your ign To Enter The Giveaway
  8. I am giving away a Dark and a dark . Only two will win, I am putting the names on a name generator to see who wins. Entei Oshawott P.S Reply if you want in and only 6 people can join.
  9. Hello people , So I am hosting my first ever giveaway so who ever wins gets a tapu fini I will be chossing one person randomly results come out on wednesday good luck please note only one person will win the tapu fini then the giveaway is over
  10. I Caught 2 Enter ign In Comments! 1st Place- Level 53 Exp: 26,500 2nd Place- Level 52 Exp: 26,000
  11. So basically another giveaway, featuring these pokemons just enter ign to join (there's only a CHANCE to win one of these pokes, and not all pokes r the prizes , will be chosen by spinning wheel) Winners will be announced tomorrow 20% chance: 23% chance: 18% chance: 15.5% chance: 9% chance: 7.5% chance: 4.5% chance: 2% chance: 0.5 chance: Also pls check my other post, to trade: Thanks for joining, See You next time!
  12. Hi guys Today we are doing a giveaway! The rules are the same You write your vortex IGN and then I write your name in a piece of paper and then I will draw a name and see ho got what. And That's all guys. And only 9 people can join. Remember every Mondays we do giveaways. Remember to add me a friend my vortex name is Legendpropandamax or just put a commen pokemon in your trade and I will offer you. Good luck to you all.
  13. ive been waiting for 20 followers, but that never came, so i have 19 already and im just gonna go do a giveaway for my followers ONLY so everybody is guaranteed something but there will be 2 real winners that can choose any legend he or she wants so please enter your ign to enter and tell me the pokemon you want ill say results in 2 more days
  14. So I have a lot of pokemon I don’t need..I bet you can see where this is going.. free pokemon! Now I can’t guarantee that these are good pokemon but if any of you want these just put your user and then what you want (limited pokemon). Here’s all the pokemon i have. Deerling (autumn)(x2) a lot of these pokemon are shinys.
  15. Hi guys I'm about to do a giveaway So this is my first giveaway Alright let's start the topic This is the prize i will give to the winner So above is the giveaway prizes So to win you just write your IGN in the comment and i will randomly take your name from busket and what pokemon you will get It's all about your luck Only 12 people can join this giveaway So hurry
  17. i can do experience training i do 1 million exp for an ultra beast or 1 million exp for 5 million pds also full hearts for 1 million pds thx
  18. Okay so I am celebrating that I got a and i am gonna be doing another giveaway ("again") Ok so enter your ign here if you want to join. This giveaway features pokemons such as: you will not win all of them, but you have a chance to win 1 or 2 of them. If you enter this, you might get a prize, but as always, my giveaways are always chosen by a spinning wheel That is the prizes, how many poke(s) you get, and who gets the prize I am just telling right now that there will be more than 1 winner And also if you don't win stay tuned for
  20. In my feeble attempts to collect Eevees and Chikoritas, I can across a couple of random unique Pokemon which might be of use to some of you! These include: , , and Comment any number between 0 to 9 to stand a decent chance at winning!
  21. giveaway on 20 followers ign=Pranaygamer2009 follow fast! and have chance of getting shiny necrozma or shiny munchlax!
  22. DONT BE GREEDY DONT CLAIM ALL FOR YOURSELF LEAVE SOME FOR OTHERS TOO Promo Codes Of 700 Pokeballs In 50x Mix Of 50x Moon Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:14D015-FH89-BV27 50x Dusk Balls This promo code expires 02-Mar, 2019 at 17:30ENW7-KNS5-BOZ2 50x Moon Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:14GHOR-KU13-FGVZ 50x Dive Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:15DEM6-JST3-FX17 50x Dusk Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:12DRW3-GIS1-DT15 50x Moon Balls
  23. So, I just wanted to say Thank You guys for still being with me on Pokemon vortex. even when i wasn't online for a long time, so yeah i just wanted to say thank you for all the things we have done like giveaways, contest, and others...NO i am not going away from Pokemon vortex(just saying if you were thinking that) But anyway... There is a new giveaway for my appretation... Level: 62 Exp: 31,217 Comment your ign to enter! Hope You Enjoy The Giveaway!
  24. I Got A Sylveon! It's Not Shiny But at least its a good start... And with that being said, there is another giveaway to go with my celebration! comment ign to enter the Giveaway! Level: 66 Exp: 33,000
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