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  1. Hey evryone this is my last giveaway before i leave. Just enter ur ign to have a shot at winning. Prize: x2 x2 and 1.3 mil pds and 20 random lvl 100's
  2. this give away will feature many pokemon including and more. this is fro anybosy who eners bets alest one prize the only catch is that u moust be my friend in vortex or in clan infernals if in clan infernals must have more than 20 battles in total. pls enter ure IGN.
  3. Greetings everyone. I'll be randomly picking 3 winners. Just leave your ign below Prizes are as follows: 1st 2nd 3rd Good luck
  4. Giveaway For If you would like it pls comment your ign to enter Level: 74 Exp: 37,325
  5. Hello! Welcome to my giveaway! Just type in your IGN, and you are in! In a week, the results will be announced! Good luck! Edit: I got a promo code for 10x Moon Balls which expires tomorrow, so i will announce the winner in 3 hours! P.S. There will be another giveaway in a week or so, but it will be harder! See ya! Results:, Yes, i said i will do them in 3 hours, but i cannot wait! So...the winner is ....(drumroll) Shiny! You need to respond and send me a message in Vortex in 24 hours, because the code will expire and you will lose your reward!
  6. alrright! Today I am givin away a with 231k exp also don't get mad for the exp thing I just thought i'd tell u guys how much exp it has .so dont get mad mods
  7. ->Make sure that vivillon fancy and vivillon pokeball are not part of this giveaway...... 1-3 winner is announced randomly, Drop rate is approx. It may vary..... varient - Drop rate (in %) approx. Normal -75 % Shiny - 5 % Shadow - 5 % Dark - 5 % Metallic - 5 % Mystic - 5 % Vivillon (Archipelago) Vivillon (Elegant) Vivillon (Garden) Vivillon (High Plains) Vivillon (Icy Snow) Vivillon (Jungle) Vivillon (Marine) Vivillon (Meadow)
  8. Hey guys the winner is Foodviro make sure the congratulate this trainer! I will see you in the next giveaway!
  9. Hey Guys! So i randomly i went to a website called namepicker.net and it chose the winner for the Garchomp Giveaway that winner was........ Foodviro!!! I am going to give you the Garchomp and you could just give me a weak pokemon, thanks for participating! PLEASE BE SUPPORTIVE BECAUSE I WILL BE DOING LOTS OF GIVEAWAYS IN THE FUTURE
  10. Welcome To My Second Giveaway! This Giveaway Is About Level: 50 Exp: 25,291 Attacks: Tackle, Peck, Flame Charge, Quick Attack
  11. Giveaway Level: 100 Exp: 54,372 Pls give me your ign to enter
  12. Hello guys,It's been a long time i created a giveaway.So hosting a giveaway now.Just post your ign below and say which is your favourite gigantamax poke(not compulsory but want to see you favourite gmax).Prizes: 1. + 2.2x 3.. Good luck for everyone one. My favourite gmax pokes are , and .
  13. Just the regular rules The winners get a random pokemon There will be 2 winners good luck!!!
  14. Hey guys, Me and my friends are doing a giveaway. 2 people will get 1st prize and 2 second and 3 3rd prize. Put your ign and have fun. 1. and 2. and 3. and Oh wait here are 4th prizes only one sorry guys
  15. DONT BE GREEDY DONT CLAIM ALL FOR YOURSELF LEAVE SOME FOR OTHERS TOO Promo Codes Of 700 Pokeballs In 50x Mix Of 50x Moon Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:14D015-FH89-BV27 50x Dusk Balls This promo code expires 02-Mar, 2019 at 17:30ENW7-KNS5-BOZ2 50x Moon Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:14GHOR-KU13-FGVZ 50x Dive Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:15DEM6-JST3-FX17 50x Dusk Balls This promo code expires 01-Mar, 2019 at 02:12DRW3-GIS1-DT15 50x Moon Balls
  16. For my holiday giveaway answer these questions and list your ign but it doesnt matter if u get the questions right or wrong 1) Favorite unique variant 2) favorite legendary duo/trio Ex)latios and latias, entei and suicune and raikou 3) best dragon type pokemon that is non-legendary 4) favorite PV player 5) best trainer in pokemon history 6) best pseudo legendary pokemon PRIZE: MY ANSWERS 1) shadow 2 latios and latias 3 dragonite 4 myself 5 cynthia or red i cant choose its just so hard
  17. Hi, I'll be giveing away a and a please put your ign, and at 12:30 this giveaway will end and I will anounce the winner.
  18. Hello guys.First of all I wanna wish my bestie,Chaitanya a many many Happy Returns Of the Day. As today is his birthday I wanna create a giveaway and the prizes are: and (darkrai, drakloak,metallic rotom,dark rowlet and dark haunter are fixed prize +you can have any one of mewtwo evolution or morpeko hangry) Remember there will be only one winner. To enter this giveaway just post your ign below to enter. BONUS QUESTION: This is not compulsory to enter the prize to who answers this bonus question: (whiscash is level 100) Question:What are the pok
  19. first 10 players to enter get 100,000 pds each all u have to do is start a pokeball auction and enter your ign
  20. Hi guys. I have been thinking about a giveaway and i thought this would be the right time. Put ur ign below to enter the giveaway. (And the prize is a secret. Ill anounce it at last only.)
  21. yay i'm now 13 so to celebrate,i am doing a giveaway the pokemon will be not shown but it is a shiny pokemon but,this giveaway will only last till tomorrow and then the winner will be told how to enter- ign
  22. The current giveaway has ended a new one will begin soon Prizes : Will be added soon Why am I doing this? I have no idea. If you want to enter the giveaway please enter your ign
  23. Hello people , So I am hosting my first ever giveaway so who ever wins gets a tapu fini I will be chossing one person randomly results come out on wednesday good luck please note only one person will win the tapu fini then the giveaway is over
  24. Greetings everyone. I'll be picking 3 winners (randomly). Leave your ign below. The prizes will be as follows: 1st prize : 2nd prize : 3rd prize: Good luck
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