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  1. First of all, this is a suggestion more than a brilliant idea Ok, about 5 weeks (more or less) the new/not very new Dragon Map (Map 269) was introduced into the game. Besides the hunt for the Dratini forms and the sexy, Can we have something more??? I think it's time forevent! Yea boiz Details: It would be a simple map event (Arceus (Dragøn) with legendary spawn rate). Available only on Dragón Map for 4-5 days. For "extremly bad luck cases", I'll add a "Extra Bonus" coz. Extra Bonus: -- For only 1 time only... we can "ritual summon" one unique Arceus (Dragõn). I'll explain this bonus... since dragòns r mythical creatures and being Arceus the Supreme God poke by definition... we can obtain an Arceus (Dragön) by "ritual summon". That means by making sacrifices: 1 regular Arceus + 1 (any) rare dragœn-type pokemon + 1 (whatever) non-legendary non-rare dragőn-type pokemon = 1 x Arceus (Dragon)* * All the sacrifices must be same unique variant (i.e : shadow + shadow + shadow = shadow) ** Probably we need anfor the "ritual summon" (to avoid abuse of this bonus) *** All the sacrifice pokes will dissapear once we'll get 1 Arceus (Dragøn) Hope this (or smt similar) happens very soon!!! That's All
  2. So I watched Godzilla:King of monster's today and I saw the raw and true power of King Ghidorah the Three headed monster so why not have a event where the coloring of it will be golden and will have bat-like wings so it has a Ghidorah like look. Maybe this event could be done on November 3 or at any time this is just an idea. Features of Pokemon: It has golden skin with bat-like wings Its Electric and Dragon type Base moves: Charge beam/Volt switch ,Thunderbolt , Draco Meteor, Zing zap and others Can be only caught in Ice maps Usage of Hydreigon as the event pokemon Has spawn rate of legendary pokemon Hope you like it and implement it ..... And plz bing back live map and make this public event no usage of event tickets plz cause some of our siblings also play so only one account gets the event ticket... Sorry if my English is bad
  3. So here in Vortex there is lots of usernames and most of them are Inappropriate so why don't we unallow inappropriate usernames plus vortex will be Child-Friendly
  4. The idea is adding daily quests it will have 3 easy ones and 2 hard one... EG: 1. Catch 5 pokemons 2. Win a auctions 3. Train a pokemon to level 46 Hard 4. Catch a Dark Turtonator (Male) 5. Catch Pichu (Male) The completion of All Quests will earn pokedollars from 150k-300k or a rare pokemon like bagon, eeve or unique starters or legendary(only for people who finished all gyms and frontiers)which are not unique legendary only works if done all quests Advantages: New players have a chance to trade and get money easily Players who get legendary pokemon can start they own trade shops in forums Everyone gets a chance in winning Patrick's Auctions
  5. So in the game once a player stops using the laptop then it goes AFK but it takes a long time to have an Offline Status so if you search a player and you don't know that is he AFK? For Example I searched Patrick then it says "Currently On the Dashboard" then I clan invited him and friend requested him but after 10 minutes it's request isn't responding you waited after 20 minutes his status says "Currently Not Online" so let's make AFK last only 10 mins after 10 mins he is now offline
  6. The idea: People who have premium have the option of using a different ball from their inventory to change the ball of another pokemon they own. The ball that was used prior to the change will vanish and the new one that has been chosen will replace it as well as reducing that balls quantity by 1 in the item inventory. For example: An Arceus (Dark) was caught in an , so the premium user would then click on the pokeball option (this option will only be viewable by premium users) on that Arceus (Dark) on the view your pokemon page (a rough image idea here: https://imgur.com/a/08dZsz6 ), they would then be led to their item inventory where they would be able to choose any other pokeball that they own. If they choose a , then 1 Master Ball would be removed from their inventory and the ultra ball that the Arceus (Dark) was caught in before would disappear (this is mostly because if the ball was put back into the inventory it would cause problems due to cherish balls). I feel like this would be a nice addition to what premium users can do and it would allow me to get rid of all ultra-balled pokemon on vortex Please give me any feedback you may have in the replies.
  7. I was thinking about watching PokemonXYZ and I saw in an episode about Audino so I thought I would suggest an idea about Audino(Doctor) It can be used to honour the doctors who are fighting the virus who risked their lives even if it meant to trying to save the world Unlike Covid koffing suggested by inteleon this can be used to honour our brave soldiers
  8. IDEA: This is regarding sidequests about pokemon appearance from a particular region will appear more often.... Example: If a person is in Jhoto Sidequests Jhoto pokemon will appear more often. Like pokemons from a region will appear more often than other pokemons Adavantages: Since a person is in a particular region in sidequests pokemon from other region will appear less often so he will be forced to buy pokemon from auctions (Even common pokemons like litleo) Pokedex completion of pokemon's will be easier and efficient People will be more concentrated in completing sidequests which will allow them to get fossils/rewards and when events are conducted they may get a chance to get them EVENT IDEAS: MAY THE 4TH 2021: Alakazam(Yoda) Halloween 2020?: Farfetch'd(Grim reaper) or Mew(Demon) ----- Idea from my friend Rohit Christmas 2020?: Stantler(Rudolph) ------- Idea from my Bro KINGSOFLOL Sry if my pokemon spelling are wrong I hope u may get it or grammar is wrong IGN: Darshil_Irex
  9. Hey I had idea that we could make an event with all the exclusive pokes like . Also you should make a chance for mystery boxes. Like first it starts at 500k and every time you buy one it goes up by 200k. That way you dont have to pay 2.5 mil for a box that holds things that are worth 500k also it should be a public event not one where you have to get a event ticket. Also you should make legendarys appear more often because every time you accidentally pass on it takes you another like 300 moves to find another one. And even if you find a legendary you could only sell it for 50000. The event will draw more people into the game. I promise. Hopefully you like the idea. If somebody reads this except patrick and you like it put a upvote. If you dont like the idea put a sad emoji
  10. Hi! so I wondered if some variants of Pokemon would be better 1. COVID KOFFING So this season has a pandemic a virus called COVID-19 So I thought that a COVID KOFFING would be good But to bad it can't evolve this Pokemon can be only found during this Crisis or Season so if this Pandemic ends COVID KOFFING would appear again a long time so its appearance would look like its body will turn into white then its holes would be color red 2. CHRISTMAS PINECO Pineco would be a good variant for Christmas So he is part of a Pine Tree and Pine Trees are good for Christmas kinda So it would look like Pineco has snow on top of his head then put some Christmas Lights on his body but it can't evolve. So that's it if you agree say the reason and if you disagree say the reason saying ''No'' wouldn't be helpful even Moderators and Patrick Enjoy!
  11. So in the trade forum there are Pokemon for sale they have to do something to pay like bid directly at a Poke Ball then after that I don't know But if there is a private auction no one can see it only the one you want to pay it. Is this a good Idea?
  12. I think a cool feature would be getting "gifts" when you log in on your birthday. Not just like a single promo code though, but different Pokemon and items and avatars too, but avatars that are rarer (like Shiny Mew!). Since your birthday is only once a year, I think you should get some pretty cool stuff. This would be a really cool feature in Pokemon Vortex.
  13. I think it would be very useful and helpful if there was some sort of generation/region filter in the pokedex. I personally don't know much about which gen a particular pokemon is, so if I want to search for pokemon by region/gen, it would be very useful. Also, perhaps a counter which shows how many pokemon you have of a particular gen. For example you have 50/160 of gen 1.
  14. How about a Muk that looks like Jabba, or a teddiursa with cloth and a spear for an Ewok?
  16. Probably been said before but listing pokes is annoying... would be good if you could list multiple at once On pokebay somthing like how trade works... saves you from searching making a price confirming and back again...
  17. So here's an idea that I thought over its called "remembrance"...... like its about multiplying the chances of spawn rate of a pokemon after you catch it. It feels logical that you should know the location of a pokemon after you catch it. The more you catch it the spawn rate gets higher and higher..... this may work for other variants of pokemon and this feature only works if the pokemon is caught (wont work if it is traded in or brought from an auction). ADVANTAGES: Makes gameplay more realistic Makes finding a pokemon easier You can catch legendaries easily and continuously, which can either be used for Trading and Auctions and filling the pokedex becomes easier Pokedex completion of Event Pokemons becomes easier Starting Trainers (Just finished all the Gyms) can easily find a legendary and due to the increase of spawn rate they can catch another type easily and trade for an other pokemon DISADVANTAGES: Exploitation of pokemon in mass numbers Too much Time consuming to add Makes Rare pokemon like 'Shiny Eevee, etc.' no longer rare ANSWERS TO DISADVANTAGES Since a pokemon is caught many times, other pokemon will become rare cause the their spawn rate is lower than that of the caught pokemon Hope you can implement this....
  18. Hi I want to have more Trainers for example Ash Misty and Brock why not?
  19. Hello @Patrick This game is best online rpg in pokemon series. I have been on this game from a long time. But as i have seen the number of players have declined. It can be because not everyone wants to open a game online. They want a app on which they can get notifications and play. App makes it easy to use and play. If the app will be available i know that number of players would increase. I know its tough but its just an idea.
  20. I think changing the location of the "Attack" would help a lot of players. For me, I play on my laptop and whenever I attack, I have to scroll down to find the button again and this is repetitive especially if the pokemon you're fighting is mystic (attacks always miss) or the attack you're using misses due to it's accuracy. At times I'd click a different move when i scroll down to hit the "Attack" button. Maybe the location of the button and choosing attacks replace locations? This would be a BIG help. Thank you!
  21. I would really love to see that when you select a pokemon in your party to fight, after winning the battle, the pokemon stays selected rather than it resetting to the closest pokemon to the left. If i was fighting a ground type trainer in sidequests and have a electric type as a first pokemon, I would want to have my last pokemon (water type) to stay selected for all battles rather than keep on selecting it after each 5 battles. Just like how moves don't reset every time after a battle with a pokemon, I truly believe it should be the same for pokemon selecting. This would be a BIG help. Thanks you!
  22. Why not bring back ancient Pokemon?
  23. I have an idea about sidequest and next update. If you are in Kanto in sidequest, the pokemons that appears in maps mostly from kanto like %50 from kanto,%50 from other regions. I know it is just a side quest but think about it. It could be fun. With the gen 8 update maybe world championship can be fun to do like they do in the anime. Ranks, titles etc. And the top ten has a chance to fight with stronger Leon like has 150 lvl pokemons. I know there is no pvp right now but in further updates why not? What do you think about these features?
  24. Can we change the color of Shiny Pokemon just like the Revamping Shadow Sprites I want to change like the nose is blue why not change it to red? @Patrickcan I have permission? PLEASE!!!!!!!!
  25. Could we have a Gold or Silver account GOLD Your content doesn't have to be approved by a moderator You can get a legendary without completing the league you can get 10k-30k PD everyday Discount Coupons -20k For the auctions SILVER you can get different Pokeballs everyday you can join 5 clans (in-game) Gold/Silver account can be purchased with real money or 10M PD in the vortex shop
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