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  1. Hello, I would like to suggest something new to assist the battling aspect of the game to allow for smoother gameplay: Hotkeys. For example, when you are battling, and you want to select a pokemon from your party, i.e. the first pokemon or the third, you could use the number keys on your keyboard, 1 through 6, to select that pokemon quickly, and maybe even have enter as the hotkey for continue. Just a thought, had this idea for a while now, but I would love to hear your thoughts, Have a wonderful day, Split
  2. Ok so if we can get sprites for new eevee types and eevee duel types and mega for eevees but mostly for sylveon it would be fun we can have this item they hold and it turns them into another type like Duel Dark and it can only be held by eevee like use the item on the eevee evolution and it becomes the other type and it mixes with that type of eevee also a dragon eevee also can we have a vortex type that would be cool it would look likes in a black whole outer space pokemon and they can only be found in vortex cities with 2 percent encounter rate. The Vortex legendary would be very cool and its a 0.1 percent chance find i know these might not happen but i can help with the sprites its not pokemon vortex with out a vortex legendary on the main page you might thinks its darkrown but they just a female dark rai we need something that look like a pokemon ffrom a black hole if you know what i mean. Sorry for the run on sentences.... # SYlveon best if you disagree i will have full sylveon team and you will battle it
  3. I think the following pokemon should have a custom Mega Evolution: maybe others. Your Decision, Patrick And Flamescape
  4. We need the command to show our missing avatars. Lately I've noticed there is a group of trainers such as Balotelli, Billi, Fred, BlueKecleon, Duck-47 and me for explample, that likes to collect avatars and spend. Some of them are quite expensive and behind the regular and premium avatars there's also a big market for the shadow and shiny ones. Having a command to show your missing avatars will improve its commerce. A text list such as the missing pokes would just fine. PandaWarrior also does a good use of the avatars.
  5. What about a bar fill on the map when you try to find some pokemons? Sometimes it's very annoying to do this and i have a nice ideea, i think... After you found 300 poke, a bar will fill up and get a guaranteed Rare Pokemon from the specific map where you are. After 800 you can get Legendary and so on..after 1500 UB. A bar will fill up after every pokemon seen, until guaranteed rare, legendary or UB. After you catch on of those, the bar will reset. If you have 120/300 and get a rare pokemon, the bar from rare will reset. Sorry for my english! Thanks.
  6. I'm not sure if this idea has been suggested or received a response before, but it would be nice if there was an OT/ Non-OT filter available to sort through your box. The "!nonots ____" command that was added for the VortexBot recently has been very helpful in finding out which Pokémon in your box are non-OT, however, if you have a lot of a dupe Pokémon, e.g immunes, then filtering out non-OT's from those Pokémon can be very difficult and time-consuming. I know it's not a big issue and there is no particular urgency for it, especially with the addition of the new "!nonots ____" command, but it would still be a nice and appreciated feature to have, especially if you were going for a 100% OT account. Just a suggestion though! Thanks for reading
  7. Some people might decide their nickname is too long or short, boring, or outdated. Or you might just want to slightly tweak the spelling of it. In the next update, an option to change your account username should be added in the "options" section. A lot of other fan-made pokemon games already have this feature, which makes pokemon vortex running behind all the others. It would be really helpful just to be there.
  8. Can we z ring and crystal after batteling allola inland Kahuna.
  9. So I've when I'm searching for Pokemon, sometimes I like to check out the signs and statues, but they're not very entertaining. Sometimes I like to go to the lemonade stand and check out that stupid sign. But that's not enough for me, I wish you can go into more buildings and the signs have more interesting phrases. Perhaps in the houses and buildings sometimes there would be NPCs that you can talk to. (This is just an idea please don't complain if you like the idea and someone says no, if it's a no, then it's a no.)
  10. Imagine finding a Shiny Dark Rayquaza in the wild. Combination variants would be a cool new addition. Agree or disagree?
  11. I think there should be something like returning the pokemon while you are battling, let me tell u why when you are battling the 2nd last, 3rd last or the last pokemon have you ever chosen the wrong pokemon by mistake and it was the wrong type, or you were using training accounts and you chose the wrong pokémon and it messed up the battle and you had restart the full battle and do it all again. being able to return the pokemon you wont have to do the full battle all again. and there would be even more uses of it which is too much for me to explain
  12. In the next update Gigantamaxing pokemon and Z-moves should be added. For Gigantamaxing Pokemon, it could be a form of evolution, plus it would be a use for Gigantamax pokemon. For Z Moves, you would need Z Crystals you get from Alola Gyms. There could also be Z rings which would be required to use Z-Moves. Then there could be an extra move button saying the Z-Move name and then you would click the button to use it. It could be disabled after you click the button once in a battle, until it is over. In the next update, there could also be battle screen decorations. That could all be in Pokemon Vortex V6.
  13. Earlier and maybe many times we have found that a person got into others acc and took their stuff (or caused some damage to their acc). So just to stop those things we can have a "Account Activity Page". This page will allow us to look at all the activity of our account (As name Suggests). Now many might this why this is helpful? As I informed earlier this can reduce account pass scams and other related things What is can include and what it will tell us? It can have some info about account like which poke u last caught or last released, and at what time... It can also include info about the IP by which we logged in in the account (Also the country). Also Time might be a very important aspect of this feature... Many players may entered wrong time zone in the starting (I Know time don't matter anymore, it is just for auctions, "MISSING LEGACY MAPS"). This can allow them to select other time zone and the time will be shown at that page only. Other things it can include is Trade related things, Last trades and older once. And Poke Bay auctions won (I know we can see that in Auctions won sections too). Last but not least, nothing can be deleted from this page. Once any activity is done then it will stay their forever.
  14. First thank you for this last event, then give him a long overdue birthday greeting and thirdly, hopefully from now on every September he will have an event in honour of his birthday, although we don't deserve it because hardly anyone greets him but it would be great. Long live vortex sir Patrick.
  15. World Coronation series is a competition in the original series. in it trainers have live battles with the person in the same class, like class normal then great, ultra and at last master class. then at the end of the month they will be getting prizes. so wouldnt it be epic to add it to the game. it is not copied in any game. i have posted this again bcoz last time i polled this by mistakenly so i posted it in the idea section. it is a very good opinin from my side but it is up for the developers' opinion. this game is the best online free game of pokemon. So i would like it to continue to an official game.
  16. <link removed> these Pokemon in this link are the Delta Pokemon from the fan-made Pokemon game. it could be a good idea to add them, although the devs would have to contact the makers of Pokemon Insurgence or make their own Delta
  17. I WOULD LIKE POKEMON VORTEX TO MAKE ATTACKS TO DO SOMETHING ELSE THAN JUST DAMAGING. THIS IS AN IDEA FROM INTELEON I LIKE THIS IDEA AND WHEN I STARTED VORTEX I THOUGHT THE 0 DAMAGING ATTACK DID SOMETHING SO TO MAKE IT EASIER FOR VORTEX HERE IS THE WHOLE LIST I WOULD LIKE TO SEE FROM A FEW ATTACKS: NORMAL TYPE. #1.Attract; it makes a particular pokemon to be unable to attack another pokemon by saying (Your pokemon is attracted towaards the enemy and could not attack) #2.Block; increases the defense of the pokemon by 2 stage or make the enemy do only 50% of the damage. #3.Camoflage;makes the enemy pokemon unable to attack or miss when used camoflage for 2 turns. #4.Defense curl; make the pokemon's defense rise by 1-2 stages #5.Disable; Disable the enemy pokemon to attack for the next few turns (2-4) #6.Focus Energy; increases the accuracy of the pokemon by 25% and special atk by 1-2 stage. #7.Growl; Makes the enemy pokemon unable to attack the next turn. #8.Harden; increase the defense of the pokemon by 1-2 stages #9.Heal bell; heals 10% of health of the pokemon. #10.Lock-on; makes the accuracy of ur pokemon to 100% in the next turn (except the 30% accuracy atks increases them to 60%) #11.Mimic; does the same atk of the enemy pokemon #12.Protect; Protects from the atkk done to the pokemon this turn (except few atks) #13.Recover; recovers the health of the pokemon by 50% #14.Sing; make the enemy pokemon go to sleep (including wild ones too plz) Poison type #1.Acid armor; increases the defense by 1 stage and hurts the enemy pokemon when hit with a physical atkk. #2.Toxic;badly Poisons the enemy pokkemon.(oof) #3 Toxic spikes; poisons the pokemon when atked once and badly poisons when atked 2-4 times. #4.Venom Drench; If the target is poisoned lowers its atk, special atk by one stage if the targets not poisoned it will do nothing. Ground type #1.Sand attack; lowers the accuracy of the pokemon for 2 turns. Ghost type #1.Curse; if used by a ghost pokemon, it decreases 50% of the hp cancels the move of the opponent for one turn an inflicts 25% damage of the enemies max hp every turn. #2.Destiny bond; when the atk is done and if th pokemon faints the enemy pokemon also faints if the pokemon doesnot faints and the user uses other atk it fails. #3.Nightmare; the enemy pokemon sleeps and it inflicts damage every turn till the pokemon wakes unless the damaging pokemon faints. Dragon type #1.Dragon dance; increases the speed and atk by 1-2 stages Flying type #1.Feather dance; lowers the enemy stats by 2 stages Fire type #1.Sunny day; increases the damage of fire type moves by 30% for five turns and decreases the damage of water type moves by 30% for 5 turns. #2.Will-o-wisp; inflicts burn affect on the target Psychic type #1.Hypnosis; Confuses the target for few turns #2.Psychic terrain; increases the damage of psychic type moves for 5 turns by 50% and decreases the damage of fighting type moves for 5 turns by 50%. #3.Reflect; decreases the damage of physical type move by 50% for 5 turns. Fighting type #1.Detect; makes the enemy pokmon to miss this turn. Water type #1.Rain dance; increases the damage of water-type move and decreases the damage of fire-type move by 50%for 5 turns. Grass type #1.Aromatherapy; removes all the negative status effect.(wht a therapy) #2.Grassy terrain; heals 12% of the max hp of every grass type pokemon and increases the damage of every grass move by 50% and decreasing the damage of Earthquake and Magnitude by 50%. #3.Leech seed; drains 12% of the health of the target to the current pokemon even if the pokemon is switched and a new one comes. Electric type #1.Electric terrain; increases the damage of electric type pokemon by 50%. #2.Magnet rise; makes pokemon immune to ground type move for a few turns. Fairy type #1.Misty terrain; increases the damage of fairy type moves and decreases the damage of dragon type moves by 50% for all of this atks to happen factors like speccial atk atk def special def speed should also be added it will make the game way different nad better in a good way.(ooh yeah) Oh and also it would be great if u could challenge other online players to battle like real life poke
  18. So I was thinking about the idea to bring running shoes for the Pokemon vortex world, just as there's running shoes in Pokemon emulator games such as fire red, glazed etc.It would really help the users travel faster(sorry I am not good at explaining)
  19. Yes I know, we have 2 unoffcial Mega evolutions in Pokemon Vortex (Mega Arbok and Mega Snorlax) can Pokemon Vortex have some new Mega evolutions? If there is going to be some new mega evolutions, make them look cool, not werid, put lots of detail.Maybe not mega evolutions for pokemon that have something already, like gigantamaxing, probably for Pokemon that do not evolve or evolve from anything. It would also be cool if you could actually interact and play with your pokemon, like the good old pokemon amie, the buddy feature in Pokemon go or something new, like your camp in Sword and Shield! The features would be like, throwing pokeballs for your pokemon to fetch and feeding your pokemon pokepuffs, to make them happy, your bond grows stronger with them and you earn a heart.Also you would be able to buy pokepuffs and different food for your pokemon to enjoy!Please one of the pokemon vortex staff, make this a feature in Pokemon Vortex v6 or something PLEASE!Pikachu begs you.
  20. I feel like ZACIAN and ZAMAZENTA should have a crowned form tht evolves after using a RUSTED SWORD/SHIELD [or] CROWN [or] CROWNED SWORD/SHIELD on ZACIAN & ZAMAZENTA. This could be even temporarily as shown in the anime. Like for eg: with a crowned swordturns into with a crowned shieldturns into
  21. How about make a move without attack damage (Like, Electric Terrain or Transform), make effect on the opponent? Like for example, Ditto uses Transform at Pikachu, then Ditto really turns into Pikachu. Another example is, Mankey uses Leer at Charmander, then Charmander's defense will go down like in the actual game. If this idea isn't added, Ditto will be really useless. Developers, please add this idea!
  22. It will be more fun if the Pokemons can breed. But to breed them, you need to have 2 pokemons (male & female), in lvl100, and must be in their Second or Third or Mega Evolution. Which means legendaries and genderless pokemons can't breed. Their baby is lvl25 and in the first evolution. Example Lvl100 Female Butterfree + lvl100 Male Butterfree= lvl25 Caterpie
  23. Using clan chat channels, players can communicate with groups of other players across multiple worlds. ... It is linked to the Friends Chat feature within the main game; therefore, players on Old School RuneScape can communicate with players on the main game via Clan Chat and vice versa
  24. I got a idea of a new type of pokemon, an event pokemon or just a catchable legandarys So all pokemon created so far are single types are dual types, but no pokemon so far has ever had 3 types. We could make a fakemon with 3 types (Dark,Ghost,Psy ect.) Or any combination of 3 types. Some names for the 3 type mons are Daemonium for Dark,Ghost,Psy Ignis (Ferro) for Fire Steel Dragon Aqua Neráida for Water Fairy Steel Venenum (Ferro) for Steel Dragon Poison Lares (Ferro) For dark steel ghost And some other ones, idk 3 type mons might be a super cool addition to game.
  25. Can we add emotes in pokemon vortex like when we are exploring then there will be a emotes button the we can show emotes to each of us
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