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  1. Dear Creators, Im writing to inform you with a great idea of mine which i think could improve your game and lead to an increase of players, I think a Online Ranked mode which consists of the following, 1v1 mode where both players have full control over both there Pokémon team, at the end of the week you are given rewards based off your perfomance during the weekly ranked mode, there is many ways you could go with this where you create different rankings motivating players to climb up the leaderboard of rankings. I would like to reiceve feed back if possible and your review of my idea, thanks k
  2. Heya everyone, My suggestion is that to add some thing in premium membership (with increasing price) : (β features) -exp boost (i.e. - 6-8 hrs after activation) -Custom avatar (optional) -Ability to change username (one time only) Thank you!!
  3. This may be confusing but for some reason it feels right u, know how Patrick as munchlax as the character i was wondering if we can get that bc that is awesome i wanna b a sylveon walking around in the wild. I mean y'all might wanna b a different Pokemon but like u knowits my favorite and i wanna b it but still if this happens i bet its gonna b a big hit. You can probably do pokecoins for Pokemon in the game or just like non legindaries or mythical and real money for mythicals and legendaries but idk but still this might be juicyand you know ya boi needs to b sylveon
  4. It'd be cool if there could be a command to bring up more than just the single top pokemon, maybe the ability to list the top 5 or so as well? There are some highly competitive pokes out there, it'd be cool to be able to see what else there is. For the quiz I've spoken with a couple of friends and we would appreciate maybe some extended time on particularly long answers, due to people being inconsiderate and immediately autofilling things like "10,000,000 volt thunderbolt" and "light that burns the sky", it often renders these rounds impossible for people who are manually typing th
  5. Heyo friends, So I'm here to suggest something related to achievements... To relist achievements with some exclusive prizes may include pds / or items / pokemon(s) or avatar (s).... Achievements: (sample) -A Millionaire -A Billionaire -placed #100 in season #75 , #50 , #10 , #5 or #1 Or top in local / global leaderboard - completed 1,000 battles - 10,000 battles -50,000 battles -1,00,000 battles -complete 1,000 points -10,000 points -1,00,000 points -completed 10% Dex 25% , 50% , 90% ,
  6. Hmm I know most of use r not supporting to combining the Pokémon like solgaleo necrozama to forum dusk-man necrozama because there exp might reset this will be terrible if u have a top or high exp necrozama or solgaleo or lunala so an idea pop uped my mind http://prnt.sc/wcrb62 see this these this r lunla bow and solgaleo sword. Don’t think they r copied by sword and shield they r released even before (they r official gold cards) so idea was when necrozama is hold solgaleo sword it becomes dusk man necrozama just like a item evolution I suggested th
  7. Since there is a 20 Pokemon limit when trading. Would it be possible to add a counter somewhere on the trade screen to count the amount of Pokemon you have already chosen? OR stop the player from choosing any more Pokemon when they have reached their limit? It would make trading a lot simpler
  8. Double exp is a really good time to level up immunes and as a dex collector, and I realized it's so much work clicking several times going back to where you left when you filter your pokemons by order of lowest experience when viewing all your pokemons. So how about from the first page when viewing all your pokemons, there should be a "jump to page number" option in the future added?
  9. Sup guys, Recently my (our) friend @RawXthunder showed you his best artworks of shiny avatars.... & Today I'm showing my some shiny form of avatars Shiny Meloetta (Aria) Shiny Keldeo Shiny Phione Shiny Manaphy Shiny Ho-oh Shiny Giratina Shiny Giratina (Origin) Shiny Regigigas Shiny Regice Shiny Regirock Shiny Heatran Shiny Munchlax Shiny Snorlax Hope any of above you like it. Thank you!!
  10. What if people in Vortex are tired of their old username? So that's why I put this topic. There should also be a section in a players profile for other players to see their past usernames just like in roblox.
  11. I would like to suggest the idea of a screen GUI that shows your current position on the map and how to navigate it, I think this because me, and probably many others, find It hard to navigate by signs alone. thanks TheBlackNinja ps I hope @Patrick and @flamescape hear about this.
  12. Sup guys, I'm here to show some cool avatars done by me Blacephalon avatar Solgaleo avatar Lunala avatar Naganadel avatar Necrozma (Dawn Wings) Necrozma (Dusk Mane) Necrozma (Ultra) Hope any of above avatar(s) you like ....
  13. You could link/use my old suggestion of daily missions( link ) with the one I will give now: Possibility to battle against avatar/trainer created by the game and who had a team with pokes above the level 150, 200, etc. depending on the mission tier (similar to special battle when the game's ADM was, but more difficult and without the opportunity to give f5 / refresh while battling). It would be an excellent opportunity to implement Z-moves as well, but only for avatars/traners created by the game to be placed on the map as part of daily missions. It would be nice to be able to
  14. Hello, my name is TheBlackNinja, recently I have thought of a idea for a new forum that I wanted to ask you guys about. My idea is for a Roleplaying forum where people could roleplay as their trainers, pokemon, gym leaders, ect. I feel like this would make a big addition to the vortex forums as a lot of players tend to like roleplaying, and therefore the addition of a roleplaying forum would make a positive impact on the game and its fans. it would not be that hard to build, and the rules (if any) for the forum would be easy to impliment. I hope you will give feedb
  15. this is just an idea of mine, I somtimes find it annoying that I have to log in all over again after going afk for 1-4 minuites to do somthing such as go to the toilet, I have come with three options that could improve this: 1. create a mode that lets players go AFK so they wont be timed out while in said mode. 2. increase the time that you are AFK before you time out. 3. ask if you wanted to be timed out when being timed out so you only have to say yes, decreasing the hassle of it. I will really apreceate feedback on this. thanks TheBlackNinja
  16. I know what you're thinking. Isn't there already a lottery? I know but this is a different one. Don't get me wrong. Im ok with the current lottery but i think a fun one would be better for the poorer trainers where they might actually win. Maybe we could have a different lottery option like the kind of game where u pay money and the wheels will spin. If you get all three right you get a prize. The prize depends on what the three pictures are e.g. three mews is event promocode.
  17. Completing the SQ's is a pain especially someone who has done them before, given its 2k battles. I think it would help to have the option to complete a region SQ exclusively and get rewards rather than going sequentially all over again. Dunno if someone has brought it up, so just posting here @Patrick E.G : I can directly go to Sinnoh for example 10 times, or to Galar 5 times.
  18. I recommend that you do a daily quest type (daily missions other than sidequest a battle) that rewards participants for completing each of these daily quests. They could be divided into tiers of difficulty: D (easy), C (medium), B (difficult), A (elite) and S (top). Each with a different level of prize, that is, quest tier D, which will be the first of the day, will give light / cheap prizes (low amount of money, stones from the pokemart, etc.), while those from the tier S will be the last level quest, after the players have already gone through all the other tiers (D, C, B and A). At the end
  19. I would love to see a counter for how many pokedex you have completed and maybe not completed such as it says 605/? Completed and maybe for each 100 DeX completed you get a ribbon but if you incomplete it you lose said ribbon.
  20. wanted to create a pokemon like darkrown so created this : sorry for the uneven pixelations
  21. Sup guys, Problem: some people trade their pokes for unique (s) when someone offer we have to check in our box or pokedex we have this poke or not... Solution:Add any feature which show poke we have or not... Advantage(s) helps to those trainers who completing his / her Dex... specially top trainers or top collectors like (csai ,fodn, culboi2 , vul, stray ,mountain_, spx , rehab, &Ursa, others ....) Here as sample (s) 0 Unique (I already have) 1 Unique (I don't have) Additionally block offers (idea by @Rartic)
  22. Hello friends, I'm tried to make some sprites from few days and showing here I have tried pokemon doesn't loose it's original color. As an sample: Munchlax (Christmas) Dratini (Christmas) Delibird (Christmas) Tyrunt (Christmas) Tangela (Christmas) Tangrowth (Christmas) Eiscue (Halloween) Mew (Halloween) What you think guys this to be added or not?? A new one Snorlax (Christmas) New sprites are here Rockruff (Christmas) Stu
  23. I think there should be an event where we dig out fossils. As we know getting a fossil is very difficult and doing sidequests every time to get a fossil is also very difficult. So I think we should have an event where there is a better chance of getting fossils but not very high chance, a lesser time consuming event for a short time. My idea of the event: we merge x number of diglett to form a shovel from which we can dig in a cave that will be accessible from the event centre. Chances of getting a fossil would be difficult but the grinding we do in sidequests would be reduced. Every
  24. I think a pretty neat idea is to have a separate pokedex for all pokemon owned over the course of your entire profiles history. For example, I have just under 400 pokemon in my pokedex, however, I have around 2500 pokemon UFT. So if you were looking at my profile you would see "3xx of 7xxx Unique Pokemon.", and under that would be "2700 of 7xxx Seen Pokemon". Having an entire seperate tab in the pokedex for seen/total (whatever you'd want to call it) would be pretty cool too. Alternatively, there could be a "Total Pokemon Owned" on the player profile, showing how many pokemon you ow
  25. I think there should also be option of remove bid so if we have unnecessary bid we can remove it Hope you like my idea
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