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  1. Hi guys i am redchar, i don't like mechanism to battle against a computer which controlled a user , so i am having an idea, we can do a live battle with my idea. The mechanism of this idea is that an user should send request another user who is in online for a live battle , when the another user accept the request . the users can battle live. And we can also have computer battles for training accounts. Whoever like this mechanism comment "I like this" and whoever don't like this mechanism comment "I don't like this " and anything wrong in my mechanism a
  2. - trade offer counter A small "counter" that keeps track of how many pokemon you have so far selected for a trade offer - to help avoid needing to keep count and/or accidentally going over the 20 limit. - increased max listing price With things like normal Arceus (Unknown) promo codes selling for double the maximum listing price, I thought it would be nice to get a lift on how much something can be listed for, so more exciting high end bidding wars can take place and buyers aren't expected to simply bid such amounts on pokeballs. - clan advert page Thought it would be cut
  3. is a powerful Pokemon . It has other forms like , and but its alter forms have noob base attacks and it would be a waste of pokedollars to re install better attacks. https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Necrozma_(Dusk_Mane) https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Necrozma_(Dawn_Wings) https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Necrozma_(Ultra) i wish to tell the moderators that they should make its base attacks more powerful
  4. I thought that if we players could get rewards like after one year. For example, I registered on 27 April 2020. If I could a nice and special reward (idk what it is you devs can decide) on 27 April 2021, wouldn't that encourage more players? I do know the dark side of this. The dark side is that AFK players just login and do nothing. But I think that there's always a way to find out who's ACTUALLY active. The reward can come in the daily reward. devs = developers
  5. • Reshiram, Zekrom, and alter Kyurem forms Reshiram , Zekrom , Kyurem (Black) and Kyurem (White) enter Overdrive mode when their emotions surge, lighting parts of their bodies in flames or electricity in the process. Reshiram and Zekrom enter Overdrive mode when using their Signature moves (Fusion Flare and Blue Flare) for Reshiram, Fusion Bolt and Bolt Strike for Zekrom) and are usually not in Overdrive mode otherwise. Kyurem(Black) / Kyurem (White), however, are always in Overdrive mode in battle. Reshiram ⇩ Zekrom ⇩ White Kyurem ⇩ Black Ky
  6. Zygarde (Cell) should be used as a booster for Zygardes
  7. I am just going to list some of my ideas here: - A feature on mobile allowing us to swap members on our team. It is way too awkward at the moment - Private auction to allow players to sell to individual players instantly rather than going through the public auction system. Lots of people organise selling a poke in private, but there's no feature to do this so they put an item on auction for a high price. Just create a feature which allows players to sell Pokémon in private to each other. (The 10% auction fee should not be applied as it is private but still would be feasible)
  9. so since i am a fan of zeraora i figure can we have a mega zeraora so i know a youtube channel who makes pokemon fusion and recently they made a mega zeraora and you may see the final evoloution of zeroara it looks epic say me if you like it! no prob if you hate it too
  10. What do you all think about this mega samurott I designed suggestions welcome , I still have to colour
  11. I wanted to make a new account named " Ludicolo " but there is already an account with this name which has been inactive from the day it was made. May 06,2015 So I would prefer that the account which have been there for a long time and have been inactive should be deleted. So that the users can use the names from the old inactive accounts
  12. I think pokemon vortex should introduce mega evolution for generation v starters. They have not been released officially yet, but still, this would make the game more unique.(the pokemon below were not designed by me, these r just ideas)
  13. as we all know that when we type !poke mewtwo (shadow) in discord this appears ok so normal mewtwo has mega evolutions so even this mewtwo can have !!!! pls tell me how do you like it put a thumps up for these amazing Pokémon to come to Pokémon vortex
  14. I think that Vortex can bring Dynamax and Gigantamax Pokémon like this: While roaming on the map, there will be some Places like Shores End or Mudray Ranch where there are 2-3 Pokémon Dens, just like in the games you can Dynamax but you are alone, there are no NPCs to help you. And you could buy Max Soup from the Pokemart.
  15. Hi, as my title suggests I was thinking if we can add shadow pokemon avatars but instead of buying them from excusive acutions we have to do tasks to get them.
  16. So... Since I learned that after a Pokemon is evolved (e.g. Zubat into Golbat) the first form's dex entry is gone, I was trying to complete my dex a bit and catch 2-3 duplicates of each Poke just so I can evolve some of them to other stages (simply meaning I leave one at basic form and evolve the remaining ones) I think a good idea and helpful to ones like me, would be including a count of how many Pokes like this are currently owned - currently there is a vanilla Pokeball icon whenever a player owns such Pokemon, but it does not help when you're trying to catch 3 of each for evolu
  17. I've got a idea for the developer which hopefully they will like and add to the game. I would request the developers to add a Network Ping on live map so that the player could know if his internet is smooth. In general, I am mostly referring to the Indian (Asian) players because in India, the internet is worse than the spread of the virus. Personally i want it because i have missed like 3 legendary and 1 UB bcoz of it. It happens quite often that suddenly you get no pokemons on the map for like 30-60 seconds and then suddenly you will be shown all those pkmn
  18. This can be silly but I would love a pokeball trade like if my friend wants to give me an empty beast ball he cant trade it he should put in auction but everyone strts bidding the balls so pokeball trade would be awesome
  19. I have been quite thinking about this idea. See my idea is that manu players have been asking that the game gets boring in doing the same old stuff. I've got an idea for the developers. You could add a challenges tab in the game where each player gets 2-3 diff tasks to complete everyday like catching a pokemon, training someone till 100k exp, buy this amt of stuff from pokebay,etc. The prizes can be chosen by developers as per their wish. Benefit would be that the players will now have something to actually do while they're tired of just doing something f
  20. Is there any chance of increasing the clarity of the pokemon sprites in the game?? Or will there be any overload on the server? I really can't figure out my pokemon structures...
  21. I have some ideas. They are as follows: What if we had rains on live maps? Like they could add the rain feature to the places where there is water. Also it would be very nice if we have the seasons on the maps. It would look more interesting. I feel the map graphics settings can be moved to the options tab. I also feel that there should be an option to disable members on the live maps. Because when you opt to exit full screen mode and opt for low graphics, it looks like too clustered when there are many people roaming on the same patch of grass.
  22. I suggest a feature, likely in POkedex, to search for a pokemon and see who owns it. For example, I want Necrozma, so id type in "Necrozma" and search for it. Id love to hear your opinions.
  23. all you guys know in Pokemon sword and shield there is team yell but some how the icon is there can we add team yell or what or are we have civil war for team yell
  24. Random idea I had when seeing someone with 20+ pages of items on Pokebay and thinking about the hassle it'd be to relist those items. Crappy mock-up: Pros: automatically relist unsold auctions until they are sold or taken down and remove the hassle of going through each item to relist could provide strong motivation to buy a premium membership if it were added alongside the other auction-related benefits Cons: people listing a tonne of random items on Pokebay not having to worry about relisting, consequently clogging the market a relisting cap kinda rem
  25. I am proposing this idea for an easier way to money transfer and item transfer The current way is to either : Bid on the item you are buying itself (where people might outbid you) Bid on a Pokéball and then trade the pokémon/item (which you have to give to the other person for it to work and even then, stuff such as Meltan Candies can't be transfered.) As for Items, the only option is Pokebay/Giving for the other person to evolve. So, in the trading add a "Money Transfer" tab and an "Item trading" tab to solve all those problems With the c
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