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Found 124 results

  1. I wanted to see how pokemon vortex looked with a different tileset (link). I edited some of the tiles which acording to a reply from the original author seems to be allowed, if not please notify me! The results can be seen below: I've since given map 5 the same treatment: And one last one before i go to bed, this time it's map 4:
  2. Hello guys. Can Pokemon vortex have an online battle arena? We can go like one player plays a move, then the other plays his move and so on. I was waiting forward to a new update for this, but I am impatient. Please consider this idea of mine cause then, Pokemon vortex will get more interesting.
  3. Hi y'all, Was wondering about the following: You know what could be cool? A Pokémon Vortex Pro game mode, where you can only obtain normals and shinies, but shinies are 1 in 450 like in Pogo, and you have events like raid events. Ofcourse the 1/x does not matter too much, but it's too easy getting "a unique" in this game. Would love to see a hard/pro mode. One where all you can find are normals, and you really get excited when you encounter a shiny Pokémon. The raid thingy, and ofcourse the 1/450, is straight outta PoGo, but I think it adds a layer to events in the sense that you need to enter on a specific moment, with specific criteria, like we already have in events, but only with a group that you create beforehand; specifically for raids. The whole group needs to be at the same time logged in. If one person fails to enter or logs out for a reason while in a raid, the whole raid will be cancelled for that group (with maybe a penalty?). Idk. Something to think about. Pro mode / Hard mode Smaller chance at shiny No other uniques Raid environment ~lots more?~ - Dragony
  4. Mimiku without the pikachu on it, dialga from explorers raged, easter version of celebi to replace eternal, maybe adding custom eeveelutions or event forms that could be a big one like an easter hunt but for eeveelutions
  5. As seen in the main game, we know there's certain weather events such as rainy storms, hail, intense sunlight, sandstorm, etc... -The rain increases water-type damage and decreases fire type. Electric and wind (flying) type moves get higher accuracy. -Hail chips off the health of pokemon after each turn. Ice types are buffed. -Intense sunlight improves fire type moves, reduce water type efficiency, and everyone is immune to freezing -Sandstorms improve rock, steel, ground types, increase chance of pokemon to miss more. It would certainly be interesting if the overworld generated random weathers or battles randomly generated weather to improve pokemon exp grinding and battling in general. Of course normal weather battles are also present too and more predominant.
  6. I do not know if these ideas have already posted by some one before. Here are some of my ideas.. 1) In the current pokedex they should add to sort pokes by male and female. I mean under this Bulbasaur they can add male and female option. This would help us know how many males and females of the poke we have. 2) When there is login detected in new place of vortex account, They should send a one time password to the email so none can get scammed. I know the people using the VPN will have problem. But, with this we can wash away 50% of scamming businesses. 3) Currently there is only a option of buying 1 lottery ticket or buying 10 lottery tickets at a time. They can add a bar to type out the amount of lottery ticket we want to buy. What I am trying to tell here is there should be a option to type of the number of tickets we want and buy them together. This will save some time of clicking the same thing again and again. 4) Currently we can release only 1 pokemon at a time. There should be a option to release more at the same time. 5) Like how it's displayed in the player's account the highest ranking in the seasonals below that they should add the amount of times the sidequests is reset after fully completing it. 6) For the premium members they can add another graph. That is the pokeball broken dex. That is the amount of pokes caught in Vortex ball or beast ball etc.
  7. Personally I feel like the current trading system would be better if it allowed players to request multiple Pokemon from another user's trades when sending trades as well as offering them. Being able to search for Pokemon to offer would also be easier than scrolling through your whole box to find the ones you're looking for (ctrl + f doesn't work on mobile and would also count more results if the other user has the same Pokemon in their trades too). Maybe it could look a little like this? I also made a post on reintroducing ancient Pokemon as a variant which is much harder to obtain however is not included in the Pokedex (Pokemon which will not return to the game in future events or MBs after their initial release), which will bring back a big part of trading and the goal of obtaining the rarest Pokemon. You can see that post here: https://forums.pokemon-vortex.com/topic/16271-ancient-pokémon/
  8. This is a very good game. I am not able to play it a lot but i am an old player. I think that there should be a helper in auction telling what should be the price of the pokemon you are selling. It helps a lot. Cause I die thinking what should be its real price.
  9. First of all thanks @Patrick for making this game. It's one of the best. But as I have posted earlier also there should be online player vs player battle. Cause batling with computer does not really tell the power of others team. Again Thanks for the game.
  10. Hey guys! I was looking at my card while in #bot-commands, and thought about my background of my card. I wanted something new, but choosing a still image every time isn't that exciting. So... It would be cool to give Premium users one more perk; the option to use a gif for their background. You can still choose a 400x300 size, but the bot can resize it as well. This way the Premium users will have something new and refreshing, without giving too much and making the difference between normal users and Premium users too big. Something to think about maybe!
  11. I just came back recently, and I have quite some things in my mind about usernames. Could there ever be a possibility of being able to change usernames? Is the database able to handle that? Would inactive users* ever be deleted? And if so, could we ever be able to remake their usernames? Or could this be a case-by-case basis if an user were to ask on a ticket? *Inactive users: As in, accounts that haven't connected for well over 5 or 6 years, and have shown absolutely no progress whatsoever: 'Choose starter, made account and never play again'. There are several accounts with zero progress that fit this category. I ask all of this mostly because I would like to start again from a new account, but there's a particular username I would like it to have. I imagine others might have the same thoughts I do. Thank you for your time.
  12. Maybe throw a google re captcha every 50 battles or so. this will help stop the bots out there.
  13. My idea is that they raise the experience gained in the sidequest, since it is the most difficult part of the game, and it requires a lot of concentration and experience to finish the 1871 levels. for example: finishing the kanto region: earn 5% exp at the following sidequest levels. finishing the johto region: earn 10% exp " finishing the Sevii Islands: earn 15% exp " and gradually, until reaching the Kalos region: with a 55% exp bonus maybe I ask too much in percentages, but this is my idea and you can modify it if you wish In this way, they would help a lot of the players that only perform sidequest and that for a long time we can not enter the global top
  14. I have an idea. I do not know if some one has already shared this idea. There should be a email verification method while logging in. I mean that if a person logs in a different location other than his regular location he must verify his email and then only login. This will stop 50% scammers cause they will have to login to the players email and verify themselves.
  15. Hello everyone, My idea is directed to BATTLES. When an opposing Pokémon is defeated, a "Continue" button appears below the battle information. When we click, the screen returns to our six Pokémon and we must select the same or another if we wish to change our combatant. My suggestion goes here... Instead of popping up this single "Continue" button, why not change it to two different buttons? 1- "Change your Pokémon" 2 - "Continue without changing" Let me hear your opinions !! Greetings
  16. hi I have a 2 ideas new event: 1 event idea is all rare Pokemon like starters will spore 3 times as often as during day and night across all maps and 2 event idea is all mega primal Pokemon and fossil times as often as during day and night across all maps but they will spore instead of legendary and ultra beast eg Darkrai will be replaced Aerodactyl or Aerodactyl (Mega) or Groudon (Primal)
  17. I do not know if this idea has been already posted by some one. My idea is they should create and small warning button when Ultra Beasts appear. Members should be able to click on that warning button then they can give a warning that this Ultra Beast pokemon and can only be caught with Beast Ball or Vortex Ball. Cause many new players do not know all the Ultra Beasts.
  18. It would be nice if we are offering multiple Pokemon on a single Pokemon in another players trades, instead of having to load all the Pokemon and sort through them, we could do something like search certain Pokemon or names. For example if someone has a Shiny Charmander up for trade and they want legendary Pokemon, a search box where I can offer a Mewtwo, Dark Ditto, and Shadow Bulbasaur instead of having to load all the other Pokemon.
  19. EDIT: Update, I have found a way to force night mode onto vortex (or any site) using the Google Chrome Extension "Dark Reader" I recommend looking it up and using it if you liked these ideas! Two pretty simple Accessibility suggestions: Epilepsy Mode Toggleable on and off via Settings, removes the black overlay used behind the Pokéball loading animation when searching for Pokémon for epileptic users or those who want to remove the flickering when hunting Night Mode Toggleable on and off via Settings, changes the light palette of Vortex for a darker one (maybe even completely inverted) Or even just the white background for a black background for use at night or on bright screens for people with weaker eyesight. (Doesn't have to look pretty, just for ease of use) Example 2 with inverse Colours: (very rushed, just an example) Also things like Gender colours or Movement arrows clearly don't need to be swapped also.
  20. So I have a few suggestions for the game that I personally would love to see thrown in. Here they are in no order: -Rare Charm: Obtained by getting 1 of every pokemon (regardless of type and minus events) Effects: rare pokemon show up a little more often (minor boost) -Legendary Charm: obtained by getting every pokemon (minus events) in the game(shiny, normal, dark, mystic, shadow, and metallic) Effects: legendary AND ultra beasts show up a little more often(minor boost) -Mewtwo new armor works as mega X and Y instead of having the normal Mewtwo on it. (this one is more fun since it wouldn't be canon but I feel having the Megas in it vs just normal Mewtwo would rock) -Halloween Wooloo, it had devil horns and is spooky. (Sorry i know this one alone is dumb but i had to do it) -Crystal form pokemon. They have a rainbow hue added over their normal look and have a diamond-like cut. They're immune to crits(alt is they Always crit, Pat's choice) throwing it in for fun since i doubt we'll get any new form since the only "new" one was metallic. -Negative pokemon. This form will have all their colors inverted, even the line art will go from black to white. I think they should have the chance to confuse the opponent (little less than the odds mystic causes a foe to flinch due to fear) This could be another fun pallet swap to spice up the new forms! There could even be an event where you can glitch 5 pokemon you own to start. (Big jump, I'm not even fully sure this part would work but it could be the 2nd rarest form in the game (2nd to shiny that is) ) Keep in mind I will be adding more things as they come to mind. If you don't like them, don't just say that! Tell me why you dislike it so that it can maybe become better!
  21. Hello trainers, How about introducing nature and IV to the Pokemon? I know it may take several days (maybe weeks) to make this workable. But, the truth is, that these two information would be a revolution to Vortex. New strategies would come up. The hunt would be intensified. Trade channel would be much more active. ***With this implementation, a new concept of battle could be brought in (e.g. Battle Mansion). Thanks!!
  22. Hi, i was thinking that would be nice to have an option in members tab to see players close to your point score in the world rank so everybody could watch how far or how close they are to advance in the world ranking (like Global Top Trainers tab, but with members close to your score). What would you think of it? Greetings =)
  23. I feel there should be a option to pack the promo-code of cosmog promo-code. I have no problem with the time limit that is 1 hour validity. But by packing the promo-code we will have the sense of safety. As someone else could guess the promo-code and redeem it.
  24. Here i have tried to put ideas of some unknown artists which made these amazing superhero inspired pokemon's which was not easy. Salute to the artists..(Iam an artist too). Do reply if you like it or dislike and also comment your views if it could be implemented in the game. Here is the link for MARVEL based superheroes in the form of pikachu. https://ibb.co/N3c2DtC https://ibb.co/0Mtqxfv https://ibb.co/Bft8nWz https://ibb.co/4Y528jh https://ibb.co/FzJFjfM https://ibb.co/mNw4hd9 https://ibb.co/QKjwJRJ https://ibb.co/0Mtqxfv https://ibb.co/ZmVzH82 https://ibb.co/LNsRtrM https://ibb.co/hZ1sh5y Here is the link for DC based superheroes in the form of pikachu. https://ibb.co/qdwyDrh https://ibb.co/3fqFMg1 https://ibb.co/wM5mwCk https://ibb.co/0V2zZZF https://ibb.co/27Gr8tt https://ibb.co/KsQHPdq And here is an another form of pikachu based on Kakashi Hatake (a character from Naruto anime). https://ibb.co/BzgvnW3. Hope you guys like it... XD Note:- All these have been done by unknown artists and none of the above stuff belongs to me.
  25. And we have to recommended that every can outbid anytime! Or we can replace pokebay with pokeshop? We can buy everything without waiting!
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