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Found 273 results

  1. Hello Patrick and staff, Thank you for organizing all the events as a part of 10 year celebrations of vortex. Below is a suggestion for tracking the number of pokemon offered per trade. Since there is a limit on the number of pokemon to be offered which 20 per trade, at times it is difficult to keep track of the checked boxes, and we tend to overshoot the limit of pokemon offered. if there is a small window or some way where in the number ( of checked boxes) wherein we can track the current number of pokemon offered as and when we check the boxes so that we need not re-offer if we overshoot the limit of 20.
  2. thedosomepoop

    Idea Name change store.

    Don't know if it would be possible but adding a name change to the store would allow idiots like me who chose a name like thedosomepoop to lift the curse. Maybe price it at $10. And possibly limit it to once a month or something if it can't be automated to prevent spamming.
  3. Hello guys. Can we have a reminder in the discord app which would remind us about the quiz? Cause I have missed many quizzes till now.
  4. So I was wondering if Pokemon Vortex could add the Lusamine fusion with Nihilego as a special battle or a battle on the side quest's. I want this to happen because it seems like something that could be cool to add as another battle, not to mention it will give others a bit more information on Nihilego and its connections with Lusamine.
  5. DisGuyRightHere

    Idea Fan-made Mega Evolutions

    An idea for Pokémon Vortex is an event that lets you get fake mega evolutions (ex: Mega Flygon) or maybe make fake mega evolutions overall.
  6. Tommyometer

    Idea My ideas :D

    (I don't have any ideas coming into this post but hopefully I'll come up with a few) > It would be cool to have a 'streak' if you complete per say 100 battles consequetively, you will receive double exp for a few minutes on the poke being trained > Create a complex list of achievements that a player can complete to earn rewards such as avatars etc. Make a lot of them related to how the game is played (i.e related to exp, points etc.) > The longer you go without battling on the map, the chance of finding an event Pokémon increases! Just by a small percentage! (This is to make map events 'fairer' as some people have to search significantly longer to find them) > Implement a battle tower, like the sidequests but it is a competition. Whoever gets the furthest in the tower gets rewards at the end of a season! Make the team relatively easy and see who has the heart to persist beating the team for hours! Or else make it more challenging where you lock in your team and battle teams that increase in level as you progress! Eventually you will get to a spot where you cannot progress with your team any longer and you can choose to restart and change your team or else stay at the spot you have worked for! > Stop rerunning so many events in mystery boxes! Maybe release more PPs exclusive to mystery boxes. Perhaps make exclusive auctions for these events and have more pokedollars in mystery boxes? Have a limited amount of these events in mystery boxes? People will lose interest in events if they are always going to be available to buy afterwards as the value of these events plummets every time. > Implement type filters and exp filters in the 'change team' tab for easier training! > Create a filter for legendary Pokémon, events, fossils, ultra beasts etc. > Reduce the rarity of current sidequest prizes. Take out many of the insignificant mega stones from SQ, return them to the pokemart and raise the probability of getting rare items to around 10% or higher > Have an event where if you battle '200' 'ghost' Pokémon (or whatever type the event is) you get the event. Do the same for each variant of the event. (Everything in inverted commas is just can be interchangeable) Let me know what you think of these ideas! I just rattled them all off the top of my head just now, comment if you would change anything about the basic ideas! I did not go into much detail at all, just trying the get the ideas out there and see what people think!

    Idea Luxury Ball

    What about adding luxury balls into the game, through mystery boxes and the way they would work is when catching a Pokemon, it would automatically give them a heart/first rank of happiness as i think this would be ideal for those wanting to happiness train, and at the same time its nothing too game breaking its just an idea but let me know what you think thanks.
  8. I like how you can filter by color such as shiny and shadow. I am slightly a perfectionist however so there are a few more sorting options I'd like to see. Type: poison, steel, fire etc. Level: Low to high, High to low. See I tend to pick one gym/trainer to train on such as the normal type trainer or the psychic gym. So being able to sort for a pokemon that is immune to their moves would be great. I have also been training all my dex pokemon up to level100 whither fully evolved or not. The list is alphabetical by default which is nice but I would love it if I didn't have to go through thirty some lvl100's just to find the next pokemon I need to train. I am sure this may already be on your minds and this place has come a long way since its early days. So keep up the hard work and I hope that this idea that may have been floating around for a while gets added. Have a great day and I look forward to watching the site grow.
  9. Ability to select pokemon to release and release at once instead of one by one
  10. omg414

    Idea Idea

    As Pokemon Vortex is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year it would be nice if they add Greninja (Ash) and keep a event for onix (Crystal)... I love them both and waiting for long time and idk will they be ever added? Hopefully they add it.. Also it's better if there is no tax on pokebay for certain days to celebrate Pokemon Vortex's anniversary.. I also want back into the game it looks nice.. Hopefully they bring those back.
  11. I don't know if this has already been addressed, but I think it would be very nice to just look for the nicknames in the "View All Your Pokémon" page. For example: Poezel will find: Shadow Litten.
  12. it would be nice to have pink pokemons in game available as an event or a feature, they are available in sidequest battles but how nice it would be to have these types of pokemon in game as a permanent added pokemon or a rare event pokemon only available through special event what do you guys think?
  13. I think that some leagues or competitions should take place monthly or yearly on an appropriate time In those leagues trainers would battle with other trainers online with their team And the one who wins would get some very good and useful items,pokedollars experience and points or any good pokemon And by this @Patrick will also be able to launch the reset plan which he was thinking to do as then people with low exp and points will reach at higher position in the leaderboard And also people will be able to show how much they know about Pokemon,their types and their attacks
  14. i think we should have a button to delete unwanted avatars please cause im sick of accidenlty putting my riolu avatar up for auction cause i want to get rid of the other avatars
  15. Haxor69

    Idea Add MEE6

    Here's a suggestion. Add the MEE6 bot the discord server. Wheneven i visit it's dead and pretty bland to look at. What MEE6 does is it ranks people by giving them a score of 15 - 25 XP points per message. To stop flood, you only get xp once a minute. You need xp to level up. It also does stuff like delete messages, give permissions blah blah blah To make people talk more there, you can set up the bot in such a way that it gives roles to people with certain perks. Examples: You need to type !readrules in #welcome channel to get access to other channels. You need to type !addquiz in #bot-cpmmands to gain access to the #quiz channel @Newbie Trainer - level 5 and below @Trainer - Level 5 (can use global emotes) @Veteran Trainer - level 15 @Master Trainer - level 25 (access to secret channel) @Grand Master - level 50 and beyond (send links and upload images) @Quizzers - people who did !addquiz This would motivate people to talk more to get the higher role. Hence, more activity At a point, it asks for 5$/monthly for certain features, but that's up to you.
  16. XenonGx

    Idea Mining Feature

    Well i was kinda thinking if there is any possibility of adding a mining mini-game in the game, where we can mine for certain stones (common/uncommon/rare) and sometimes some rare items, also with the increase in level of mining the higher the rate will be for getting the rare stuffs from mining. Also an implementation of a mining shop where we can trade those stones for cetarin pokes, avatar or pds. (sorry for bad english)
  17. Hi, I have an idea of adding more ultra beasts to the game. But my main idea is to suggest that you could add different Necrozmas. Etc=Ultra Necrozma.
  18. dishpart

    Idea Necrozma Event

    I think there should be a Event, similar to the and event where you can buy a n-Lunalizer or N-Solarizer for 500K Pokedollars and use them to fuse or with to make either Dawn Wings Necrozma or Dusk Mane Necrozma. If this is implemented, I will be very happy.
  19. Hello guys. There should be a search bar in the start auctions cause searching the pokemon we want to list for the auction consumes a lot of time ( especially for the mobile users ).
  20. Hi guys, I think there should be an option by which we can delete a content posted by us if we think that something is wrong there. Just like status content delete option.
  21. Every start of the month, it happens that no one plays the clan battles. But, when i go to play it, I see that top seasonal clan win is 0 and one of the members name is mentioned there. I think it should be "None of the members have battled yet ".
  22. For me the game is becoming increasingly monotonous, so I would like to leave this idea: With daily quests where the player could win items and maybe pokemons, the game would be more interesting GO ON!
  23. WarpRogue

    Idea Pikachu Forms

    Now that Detective Pikachu is being released with Ryan Reynolds voicing Pikachu and Ryan also being the actor of Deadpool can we cross both of these roles and finally have a Pikapool event with PikaPool looking just like the figures available online. Please consider this as I feel the event would be great.
  24. Can't rares, ultra beasts, legendaries/mystical pokémon have different colored names in game? Or sparkles or something.. Like the donater name. It would be a perfect way to add more personalization to the game. Example: - Wild Pikachu appeared (right now) or - Wild Pikachu appeared (green for rares) - Wild Mewtwo appeared (blue for legendaries) - Wild Necrozma appreared (gold for ultra beasts)
  25. How about implementing a "Buy Now" option in the poke bay. if someone wants to sell the item instantly, this would be useful. lets say i want to auction my arceus off. i will put the start price as 50,000 and buy now price 1,000,000 someone can buy it for a million without the wait time. If any one is familiar with the FIFA market, this option is pretty useful