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Found 199 results

  1. I there. I used to play the game in the previous versions, I also played this version in 2015 and now I'm back. Being able to offer money for the Pokemons was a big part of the game for me. Back then there were people who grinded and mostly used programs to get there Pokemon a lot of exp, and there were the pokemon catchers. I used to caught every single Special Pokemon I could so I could sell them for 10k and make some proffit of it. And later, buy the Pokemons I love. Without this, no one is willing to give me what I want without making the trade unfair for me. I really loved that feature, and that was a big part of the game for me. Probably you won't put that feature back, but why was it removed?
  2. I had a great idea! This year so many new great films were announced, Deadpool 2, Wonder Woman ETC. So what if there was a Superhero event?
  3. International Text Channels I've been in a lot of other Discord Servers recently, and I've noticed that a lot of them have a text channel specifically geared towards helping people that do not speak the main language of the server fluently. Despite the fact that Pokemon Vortex is an English game, I think that we can expand the Pokemon Vortex Community though the creation of (a) text channel(s) that are geared towards different languages. We also have a section of the forums that are geared towards different language, so why not extend it to Discord? I hope helped some, and happy Vortex'ing! Pheonix_Lancing
  4. Increased Legendary Rates Thought of this off the top of my head. Just like we have Double EXP Weekend and the likes, why not have a week or a weekend maybe where, for example, all the legends on the fire map, have an increased encounter rate. Obviously veteran players who have completed the Legend dex don't need this but it would be a fun way to hook the new players who search on maps right after completing the badges.
  5. Idea Botted EXP Checker

    Kind of amazed with the Primal Pokemon Status, you get to see if your primal is/was glitched or not. But here's the thing, I was in my bed awhile ago, and it came to my mind. What if there was also a botted exp'ed pokemon checker? Here's how my idea goes. 1.) A topic/thread provided for those who want to check if an exp'ed pokemon is botted or not. 2.) An admin doesn't have to do this, even a mod can. Patrick creates a tool for the checking, then is distributed to mods for their use. 3.) Then from the said thread, members can post asking to see if the exp'ed pokemon is botted or not, provided the Pokemon's ID No. of course. 4.) And, after the mod checks if the exp'ed pokemon is botted or not, he/she replies to the person in the said thread, saying if the said pokemon is botted or not. Simple as that. (P.S. This idea was out of the blue, but if others like it, I might add a few more details in mind, I just really wanted to get this idea out of the box.)
  6. 1. Getting to choose when/what moves are changed, I shouldn't have to pay a ton of hard to get money to get a move back my Pokémon just had three minuets ago. 2. Info on the moves your Pokémon has, idk what any of them do now since it leveled up and changed 3. Be able to fight random trainers players/computer that aren't lvl 100+ 4. Easier controls for mobile devices 5. A book like part that lists Pokémon you've captured, like the pokedex but with images and other info. Or all of the Pokémon you have laid out like the Pokémon pc in the games, so I can click on a Pokémon to see its info and when it evolves, it's level, ect 6. A 'buy' button at the top of the pokemart list so when you buy a potion or pokeball you don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom 7. The ability to change Pokémon mid-battle 8. Have it say what lvl a Pokémon is when it says how much experience it gained after a battle as well as if it's ready for evolution --- Some more: 9. Have legendary Pokémon unlock on each region completion. Like, complete unova, unlock unova legendarys 10. Have an option after completing a gym battle to go to the next one so you don't have to hit battle and gym and region then the battle. 11. After a battle, have your character be in the same spot as before the battle. It's real hard to cross a map.
  7. I'm new to this game and noticed it can be very addicting but I wouldnt it be cool to have this as an mobile app for android and iPhones? You can sign in on a phone and play which is cool but the display is still the same as pc still
  8. Idea False Swipes

    So i think false swipes should work like it does in the real pokemon games (only brings the enemy down to 1 hp) so it is easier to get pokemon without killing them
  9. Idea Trading Request!

    Before I am gonna explain: Patrick,I know you are busy,So this can be a future addition.... In this Case i am gonna Take my trade: I gave + for a I waited for 4 months, he was not a Inactive player. Then he declined (Cruelly ) Let's Say, these are the pokemon he was looking for : So instead of me offering again, there could be a system where an user could say what he is looking for. That would be easy to find and offer what that person wants. Thanks, ~dropthat
  10. Idea Hold Items

    I've always wished Pokémon Vortex had hold items. That would honestly be really cool. Items such as the King's Rock, when given to a Normal Pokémon, could essentially make it into a Mystic Pokémon. One-use berries would be cool too.
  11. Idea IDEA

    1. it gets difficult to ask each and every person their ign , also if i want to know an offline person's ign i can;t so it will be helpful if we have a "ign-" in a persons profile when we go and keep our arrow near person's id we get "content count" , "joined" etc etc , AN "IGN" thing wud also be helpful 2.can we get more emoticons in forums like on discord , it will really felp to experess our "emotions" lol a FACEPALM emoticon will be most helpful 3. remuving the limit of 1 message per minute , how is that limit even helpful to anyone ??
  12. Idea Golden Pokemons

    I thought it was maybe a good idea to make very very very very rare and unusual pokemons and that it would be a golden (Like shadow/dark/mystic etc.) pokemon. The idea is to make it available for every pokemon and that you can find it when you collected each of the type (Like shadow/dark/mystic etc.) of one pokemon. For Example: When you collected Abra (Normal), Abra (Metal), Abra (Shiney), Abra (Dark), Abra (Mystic), and Abra (Shadow) you ''unlocked'' the opportunity to find a Golden Abra. Even though it need to be very rare to find one! Maybe and extra ability for golden pokemons is that you can level them up till 150! Extra special and a extra motivation to get one! (Optional) I think if Pokemon Vortex will implement golden pokemons that there will be much more (collectible pokemons) to catch for a player and personally i like very rare collectible items <3 and i think other people tho So this is my idea! I like to hear feedback so go ahead and write something down. :)))
  13. The Idea is you can save a Pokémon Team, everyone knows how annoying it can be to swap pokémon in your team all the time to whatever reason Sometimes you want to catch a Pokémon (non-legend) and you need low-level Pokémon on your team to a little battle with the Poke to be able to catch it more easily Sometimes you want your best Pokes to Sidequests or maybe just farm exp with your favorite Poké So.. If you could let a team 'saved' and with one click swap your whole team for that pre-saved team it could save a lot of time of searching and swaping. (Sorry if there's any mistake, English isn't my mother language)
  14. Idea Delayed Live Battles

    Everyone wants live battles. A system of live battles that may be good for live battles, even when one user is offline, is delayed live battles. It works like this: User1 challenges User2. User2 is not online at the time. By the time User2 accepts, User1 is offline. User2 is still able to battle, however- he selects his attack. User1 is not online to select his attack, so nothing happens. User1 comes online just as User2 logs off. He selects his attack, and then the attacks actually happen. User1 selects his attack to use on the next turn. User2 comes online again just as he does this and selects his attack, and the turn commences. Now that both users are online, nothing is delayed anymore and the live battle proceeds as a normal live battle would.
  15. Idea Negative Reputation?

    Let's face it. Some posts and updates are absolutely atrocious beyond belief. Exhibit A: Exhibit B: Literally all of @Haxor69's comments. For these kinds of posts, something more than not giving reputation is necessary. And if we can vote an answer down in the Ask Questions sub-Forum, why not negative reputation? COUNTERARGUMENT: Some people could be trolls and do negative rep just because. However, when you give negative rep, it must be approved by a Forum Mod, along with the reason why you give negative rep. Doing this may keep our us from being annoyed to death by people like yaduamal and BLASTOISE ROCKS THE HEAT.
  16. For version 4 can you add new map/s? Since there is alolan pokemon now there should be new a map that is an island where you can find alolan pokemon. If you do take this idea if possible make it an unlockable/event map.
  17. Hey! Well, just wanted to give an idea related to the Gym Battles. Everytime we complete a Gym Battle, there are four options which are as under: Options:Rebattle OpponentView/Modify TeamView All PokemonPokémart Why not add a new option by which we could battle the next gym leader, which can be added as "Next Opponent". Actually, it feels really annoying to go back everytime after completing a Gym Battle to battle the next Gym Leader.
  18. Idea Greninja (Ash) Event

    I wasn't there for the Rotom (Halloween) event, but I've read about it on the Wiki. Why not do the same sort of thing with Ash Greninja? Only instead of Creeper being the event trainer you had to battle, it's Ash. The first time you defeat him, you get a normal Greninja (Ash). The second time, Ash should have a harder team, and you get a unique Greninja (Ash). Ash Greninja is already in Vortex, now it's just a matter of releasing it. EDIT: Thank Vortex user RigbyTheHeroKing for this idea: You can only be eligible to battle Ash if you have male Greninja with max happiness on your team with your OT.
  19. Idea Option to Display Discord Name/Tag?

    We can already display our Forum Username, email address, and Skype in Vortex. Why not our Discord name/tag, too?
  20. People like @iZeus and @Sneezeball do a lot for us on the Wiki. Perhaps giving them a role that really doesn't do anything (like Regular) but is separated from the rest of the crowd online as recognition would be a good idea. They do a lot for us, and are often underappreciated.
  21. Idea Music

    Music is missing from Pokemon Vortex. The game is great, but sometimes it needs spice. Music can provide that spice. I created some music to use for the maps. You can download it in the links below (I swear it's not a virus.) I would like feedback on these pieces. I created them using Apple Loops in Garageband, so not a lot of talent involved, but still cool. The songs are designed to play in loop. Map Themes: Cave Maps: Ice Maps: Electric Maps: Fire Maps: Grass Maps: Ghost Maps: Because the grass maps look drastically different at night, I created a separate theme for it. Battle Themes: Chris Battle: Pat Battle: Rob Battle: Tell me what you think in the comments! And if the admins ever see this and want to use the music, yes they can. I won't care if you use the music. Not like it'll happen anyways.
  22. Idea A Second Set of Sidequests?

    So, I came up with this crazy idea that will never work, but is worth submitting. So, the current set of sidequests go Kanto-Kalos, with plans to add Holon and Fiore region along with other regions such as Orange Islands, TCG Islands, etc. What if there was a second set of sideqests that took place in the Mystery Dungeon World? It could be accessed after beating the first set of Sidequests at least once, at which point each set of sidequests could be reset individually from each other. All the Continents, as called in Super Mystery Dungeon, would take the place of regions. You would have to clear each Dungeon in the Continent in order to receive the Sidequest reward. To clear a Dungeon, defeat at least one of every Pokémon that appears in the Dungeon. The reward for clearing the Grass Continent could be a Time Gear item, used to turn Dialga into Dialga (Primal) (which doesn't exist yet, but would be cool if it did). It should also have sidequest-exclusive Pokemon to battle- for instance, the Bittercold from Gates to Infinity, and Dark Matter from Super Mystery Dungeon. You wouldn't be able to get them, only battle them as the last Pokemon on level 150 in each continent. But the battle style should also be different. Because there are no trainers in Mystery Dungeon, you battle Pokemon one at a time for the most part. Therefore, you should be able to take only up to 2 pokemon with you into each battle (the player and partner from Mystery Dungeon) until you've cleared the second set of sidequests at least once, and then the limit would be 4 (as is the limit in the Mystery Dungeon games, at least the ones I played). What do you guys think?
  23. Idea Trade Dupes

    There should be a button to put all your duplicates up for trade (button in game). I find it very time consuming to sift through my pokemon to put the dupes uft, so adding a button that would do it for me would help a lot.
  24. New VortexBot Command for Discord Right now, I am currently trying to complete the Pokedex in Pokemon Vortex, and trying to boost my points. Through the past couple of days, I've been using the extremely helpful VortexBot in the Pokemon Vortex Discord in order to take duplicates out of my account. I just thought it would be useful to have a bot command to give a list of Pokemon that a player doesn't have. This command could attract more users to the Pokemon Vortex Discord as players could use it to help their progression in the game.