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  1. It would be nice having the percentage of Pokémon captured of the current area in the live map next to the clock, and when clicking on it having the sidebar open to see the complete list of the Pokémon that can be captured in that area like when we select a specific Pokédex category. I know we already have that info in the wiki, but being able to see which of the variants are captured and the list live would be nicer.
  2. So I have an idea about clan announcements. Maybe you could add like a megaphone (in the clans section) sign which only Leader and Co-leaders could use to make announcements which will like pop up as a notification for the other clan members to see. It’ll be a great way to give a “word” to your whole clan. Thank you for reading this. Have a nice day
  3. Not all of you might know, but I'm someone who cares a lot about OT pokemons. Non-OT pokes go out for trading... but sometimes I can't find all of them. According to my stats section, there's still about 70+ non-ot pokes lurking among 120 pages of pokes. Maybe you could add another filter apart from the unique forms -- Non-OT and OT? <- just got this guy lol (not related)
  4. I have an idea where you go to quick chat and make a group (using a plus sign) and can add people in it. (almost like Discord but on PV) and maybe you could add GIFS as well. It’ll be an awesome way of communicating with your friend in PV without having to keep on going to different chats.
  5. Hey all, long time player and big contributor here. I love drawing my OC trainer and my pokemon all the time and am a professional artist for a career who keeps this game running all the time, so my idea was this. A Fan art board in the forums that I could moderate? *attached is my last Trainer OC art/ 2 year old stats lol
  6. Possible Event Pokemon: -Komala -Timburr family The stuff they're carrying could be swapped with barrels of beer.
  7. Flag pokeballs would be awesome . https://i.pinimg.com/originals/fe/b5/57/feb5575652ab6e9cdc444efd97c5356e.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/originals/48/12/32/481232c790f67ac25a04622a08800111.jpg
  8. I like the way the trade page works but I have a small problem with the pages I can go to like it displays only 5 Pages back and forth, If a user has like 100+ pages to search and if I want to search for his Mystic Pokemons i have to scroll and skip the pages and it takes a lot time. There should be a box where you can enter the page number and it will direct you there. Just a thought thanks hope it comes to the game.
  9. So about the clans... I’ve come up with a few ideas about clans. So maybe there should be an option for changing your skill branch and the tags because I’m pretty sure people with who own a clan wants to change that so like the title would make more sense. Ok that’s me bye
  10. So currently there is no animations for moves and I want them alot because it would be easy to get the animations like get them from the games just like how you got the sprites (for gen 1-5 pokemon) because you just took them from the main series. I also want an option to turn it off if it does come because what if you're training a Pokemon? That would take too long. IK this could take awhile but yeah. Well that's my idea!
  11. So my idea would be this, so when you click on your Pokémon maybe it should have more info on it (if you are confused about what I said ‘when you click on your Pokémon’ this is what I mean) Note: Look down at the picture because I can’t type below it Ho-oh Stats Level: 100 Experience: 1,210,000 Happiness: Info Pokédex Number: #250 ID: #0027669029 Owner: HyperPanther Original Trainer: HyperPanther Attacks Sacred Fire Brave Bird Ancient Power Fire Blast So maybe it should say like when you caught it to make it more interesting in a way and it’s mood as well just you know, and one more, it’s class like what rarity the Pokémon is Well that’s my idea bye lmao
  12. Hello Duck here. As the title says am i gonna talk about the Unown Avatars. first release - Halloween 2018 second release - april 2019 Unown Avatars isnt been obtainable since 2019 ( besides getting from pokebay) and there are not so much ingame, and many new members joining pv since then till now. So here are 2 category's with a couple ways i was thinking on to have a chance for obtain unown avatars. A. Through the whole year - Mystery box (top tier) - Sidequest (johto region) - Exclusive Auctions B. once a year since unown avatars started as halloween login reward might be a good option to keep it like that, here is a option i was thinking of to obtain unown avatars once a year on halloween. - Catching Unowns having a chance to get unown avatar by catching that exact unown, for a easy fast way it could be count for all 6 variants, for making it much rarer it counts for shadow/shiny unowns only its a event date anyway. these are my thoughts/ideas about this topic but it still feels it isnt complete or good enough, so if you guys/girls have any feedback about this topic that i might not have thought of then drop it in the reactions.
  13. I've mentioned it before but I think it would be cool to implement some kind of breeding system. I feel like with the new update the exploring option will give players the ability to do the whole egg hatch thing based off how many steps you take or something like that I'm not sure yet but I think that this is a really cool idea and I think that if we see a breeding system in Pokemon Vortex it would be great
  14. A happiness counter can be used, as point's from a single match randomizes from 1 and 2 point's. We can't see how many points we have or how much battles (point's)are need to get the next heart. This simple counter might help in happiness training or an event such a the greninja ash event. Plus, I have listed a picture of the counter (prototype), listing my idea. Hope @Patrick and @flamescape like my idea.
  15. I would like to see a trade list or keep track of trades wonder trades not all trades
  16. I just want to say this as I think in v3 this feature was there as and when we click our name in top left it shows our profile from members tab but in v4-5 it directs us to the View and edit profile,This is really annoying as in realtime to check my money and my pokemons exps it is not possible at a time we can't see all our pokemons exps(we can see that from members tab) .Now it will direct to a new page now also I click that my mistake.When we click our Name in Dashboard it opens in members but doesn't go to View and edit profile.That's it thanks. This is what appears when i click on my name on the top left corner. https://paste.pics/57220aedd4d2045d06cac51429523b95 In v3 I think this was the case ig when i clicked my name at top left corner it would open my bio in members tab https://paste.pics/faa8b077c4e35030e3d8ba5cec0a0fa9 Small but I thought it would be useful.
  17. What if there was an 'insta-buy' option, wherein the auctioneer could choose to allow the item to be bought immediately for a set value in addition to standard bidding. This would remove the waiting requirements for the item in some circumstances.
  18. WHy not create some mod training. Like or aply for mod what is with me and mods this week but like my idea is can we get a role for like pre mod then you gotta be there for like 3 months and if you pass you mod or some like and do it for the other roles this will probally be on discord but i barely use discord so idk so like eheheh idk
  19. So lately I've been thinking of a way to make the box more organized. I think that it should be like the main series games where you can rename boxes and put certain pokes in certain boxes. To add to that I think that we could merge the change team with the boxes and then be able to put certain teams for certain uses and then like in swsh select 6 pokes and replace the other ones in your team.
  20. While searching maps, the most frustrating thing is that if u want to get a specific poke, we won't even see it until we search maps and waste almost 1-2 hours. Many players need a decrease in unique encounters, as it might help player to get things faster then to waster hours on searching maps only. We might get more time, to do other stuffs too in limited times.
  21. Having a search bar in "Offer" and a list of what you offered on that pokemon. Ability to favorite pokemon and having a list separate for them in "View your pokemon" and "change team".
  22. hello for the next may the fourth be with you i got a idea how about a bisharp (darth maul) it would be a great idea
  23. Maybe for the next May The 4th Event the devolopers could add Darth Maul as Cubone(alolan) or Far'Fetched/Sir'fetched
  24. Has there ever been a consideration for ban appeals. As some people including myself have acknowledged that the actions done were wrong and should not be done again under any circumstances.
  25. Well don't think this gets up votes, but a event without lag, maybe don't announce the location, and let the trainers find it on their own like the migration thing, I'm not saying this is a good idea, but I'm also not saying this is the worst idea
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