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Found 182 results

  1. With permission from the man himself Patrick, I will be continuing the work of Uncle_Psychic that he was doing with revamping Shadow sprites for Pokemon in Vortex. Whereas this will be looking at covering needed changes or updates to sprites across all Pokemon front/back, normal/unique. Not every single Pokemon will be getting a revamp, just where there is room for improvement or changes that are necessary to keep consistency (for example: evolution lines with Shadow sprites not having a continued colour scheme). Anything done here will be sent to Patrick for approval and if deemed satisfactory will lead to implementation in the game. I will redo sprites that fall under these categories: 1. Transparency could be implemented. 2. In need of reshading. 3. Inconsistent colouration. With transparency there is a fine line. Only Pokemon who naturally have see through parts will be added with transparent effects. Below i have included 2 canon Pokemon that include transparent effects in the anime and the games. Keep this in mind before you suggest something that doesn't contain transparency or need it (for example: Regice may be a glorified ice cube; however, in all its appearances it is a solid, non-see through, chunk of ice). If you come across something you feel needs a rework, feel free to provide your suggestion below. Please note that only those Pokemon which match the criteria will be selected. Use the following format while giving your entry: Pokemon: [Link the sprite] Fault in sprite: ... Thank you in advanced for your contributions. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Example of transparency: Old Diancie/Pheromosa: New Diancie/Pheromosa: The difference you can see between the above is minimal because of the white background. However, the crystals on Diancie's skirt underneath are now visible at the bottom and when viewing your Pokemon within any of the menus you can see these subtle changes much more clearly. Overall the sprite becomes more immersive and versatile especially if any changes to battle in the future such as battle backgrounds were to occur. *This is just a hypothetical feature where this would be useful. Example of reshading: Old Snorlax (Mega): New Snorlax (Mega): Overall sprite is smoother and has a more defined shape. Example of colouration: Old Shadow Alakazam (Mega): New Shadow Alakazam (Mega): The spoons' colour on the old Mega version of Shadow Alakazam did not match. Where as now, it has it's own matching cutlery set. Pokemon added to the list of needed changes:
  2. Respected sir, I have a idea on crystal lugia for sidequest. Thanks
  3. when the pokemon are battling can you animate the pokemon that are battling
  4. Hello Pokémon Vortex! How if the rights of closing the topic be in the hands of the asker himself? This would specially help in Giveaways!! So that host would end the topic once the giveaway is done right away without tons of people asking if the giveaway is over or not.
  5. So you see, not once but twice now I accidentally kick one of my good members. And I'm sure several other people made that mistake. So I have an idea. Could you please have it to where a pop up box occurs when you click that X to make it way harder to do it on accident? It could maybe say "Are you sure you want to kick (username) from the clan?" Or something along those lines. Or maybe have kicking have it's own box on the top part of the screen for when you get the appropriate rank to kick? Please I swear I do not want this to happen a third time and I wouldn't want for anyone else to do it either.
  6. Hello Pokemon Vortex! An idea struck me. If pokemon vortex had a committee that could extend loans to users for rate of interests, it would really help some people, especially the new ones. You could choose a rate of high interest for which you would deposit money, others would loan your money and give the principle back along with the interest. This would boost up the currency too (though it's a game's currency). If the user fails to repay the loan in the fixed time period, he can be punished by giving a relative 'Experienced Pokemon' which would fit in the loan. The concept is almost similar to the Pokebay Auctions. Please let me know your opinions over this and drawbacks, if serious. Like if you support me.
  7. Respected sir, I have a idea on skipped selection of pokemon during battle. Means I'm asking about to add an option for skip pokemon selection during current battle. Thank you.
  8. I had a little Idea on Jack Sparrow from the Potc Movie Franchise.... why don't we have an Pirate event with the Event Pokemon as (Jack Sparrow) it will be a Dark, Steel and Fighting Type Pokemon with the Base Moves as: Jar of Dirt Close Combat Night Slash Theif Anchor Shot Idea For the Spearow (Jack Sparrow) or Jack Spearow
  9. Clans are great! But what if we added a RANK feature on the Forums' Clans? Like For Ex. Owner Pro Noob Owners can Edit/Add Ranks So is this a good idea?
  10. Hey everyone! I had come up with a neat event idea. So here's how it'd go. So you would have a Necrozma and either solgaleo or lunala. Then we'd have the DNA splicers as an event item to be able to fuse them like in the actual games! If you fused a Necrozma with Solgaleo, you'd get dusk mane Necrozma! And if you fused Necrozma with Lunala, you'd get dawn wings Necrozma! Oh yeah and that's not the end of it! If you wanted to go even further you could have dusk mane/dawn wings Necrozma evolve into Ultra Necrozma by having an Ultranecrozium Z as one of your items! And we could have it be like the scavenger hunt with the deoxys forms where you got to complete certain tasks to obtain the ultranecrozium Z! You know, to make things challenging and fun to get it, as well as satisfactory! Oh? And you say you could get Kyurem-Black and Kyurem-White again this way like with the last event? Well we could either let that happen one more time or re-program the DNA splicers to not do such! Yeah! What do you all think about my idea?
  11. The main idea is to see the recent poke i've caught or the least of it. Yes as simple as that lol Despite i've asked this idea in pokemon vortex discord server and get replied by Patrick himself and i still have screenshots of it. as Patrick said in the picture, the idea was already been added but somehow he forgot it. so basically I made this post just to remind him again
  12. add a simple "buy it now" option with a set price to the PokeBay auction, just like the real ebay site. (and a watch button next to the listing so you do not have to click on it to watch an item)
  13. Respected sir, Some times we skipped pokemon are legendary or ultra beast . So I requested to add any feature to battle with last skipped pokemon in map. I hope you will think for this idea. Thanks
  14. Well hello there Pokémon Vortex Forums, I was bored, so I decided to take a look at my avatars. There I noticed Sylveon. Great avatar, right? Yeah of course! But, what if you owned its shiny version? (; So normal: and my shiny take: Why Sylveon? Let me look: It's a very nice shiny. Why not make Sylveon lovers and avatar owners even more happy? While other gens have shiny avatars, gen 6 does not (yet). If someone is interested in more shiny avatar sprites, let me know. I am more than happy to help! - xSnowLeopardx / Dragony
  15. The present sprites of pokemon are very good.But It would be a greater expericence of gameplay if we had moving sprites of pokemon while battling, veiwing team, etc. It somewhat enhances the feeling of having pokemon than to have a sprite(picture) of it I am leaving a poll for those who have same idea in mind. Please select an option yes or no according to your views. I am hoping everyone would find this idea great.
  16. My idea is that we add 1 special feature that there would be only 1 pokemon. My idea is that we make a rainbow poke. It is the 1 poke that has all the powers combined. Which means shiny, mystic, metallic, shadow, and dark all in 1 pokemon. My idea is that we make a rainbow hoopa unbound on the map. So my idea is that we make a single trap door on 1 of the maps. People go searching the map and if they hit the trap door they get taken to another map. Then you have to find the right spot where the rainbow hoopa is. Then if you find it you can try to catch it. If you pass it it relocates to another spot on that map at random. I'm not saying everybody can have 1. I'm saying the most dedicated player will find the rainbow hoopa and get it. Once that happens the event is over. I suggest making the map really big since it is a powerful poke. Sorry but no moderator would be allowed in the event due to their education of the spot. Also make it in one of those event format that you need a ticket for. If you didnt people playing on computer would have a unfair advantage. You should be able to get a event ticket by paying 5000 in item inventory Upvote or thanks this comment if you like the idea. Sad it if you dont
  17. Adding an indication if you have the next evolution or not maybe like it shows on the pokedex page. Colored if you have it and grey if you don't
  18. Well i just got this idea that we should have a logging section in clans which only the leader/people the leader wants to see can see. What will be its function? It should send information about whatever is happening in the clan, for example: Who invited which player/ who joined the clan Who kicked which player/Who left the clan Who lost a battle/won a battle Who changed who's roles How will this help us? It'll be easier for leaders to moderate and control their clan. If you have any questions regarding this or if you want to add something in this idea then feel free to post below.
  19. I had a idea where you could start a auction and the first person to bid gets it right away. This would be useful because I make deals with friends and they put it up for auction and someone else bids on it and you fight over it either being drove out of money or paying way more than agreed. Therefore he goes off with what he wants and your stuck with nothing. Now a 1 click auction will get you your poke or avatar as soon as you bid. That way you dont have to wait nor you can be outbid. People might say "well the other person may bid before you and they get it anyway. Well in deals you know about it first and you bid right away making you the first bid. I have made many deals where he gets my thing. For example. Somebody got my beedrill avatar and I was supposed to get his rayquaza mega avatar and somebody else got it. Plz accept this idea and do not be silent plz. If you like the idea give a like. If you dont like it give it a sad
  20. Hi there, Previously my suggestion, idea for Arceus (Dragon) on dragon map! was approved (except 4 the "ritual summon" part that u forgot to add :'v ). Anywayz, thanks again 4 that special (main) event!! This time I have a idea 4 weak event(s).... what about a specific unique (variant) bonanza 4 specific holidays/seasons ? For example: -Between October 26 to Oct. 29th, there would b a Shadow pokémon Bonanza because of Halloween! I know I know.. we have usually a special Halloween themed event poke for that ocassion, but this is an extra or just a "preview". So.... during these 4 days ALL SHADOW MAP pokémon will spawn ×3 as usual. These pokémon include: common, uncommon, rare, legendary and Ultra Beasts; but in Shadow variant. - Between January 1st - Jan. 4th (4 'New Year 2021' event), it'll be a Mystic Bonanza. - Between November 13th - Nov. 16th in celebration of Pokémon Vortex 11th Anniversary.... there would be a Shiny Bonanza!! Who doesn't like a Shiny pokémon eh?? - Between April 1st - April 4th ('April's Fool').... it will be a NORMAL Bonanza, normie variant pokémon will spawn ×400 as usual!! (JK ) And so on. Yeah, it's not a BIG idea for a kind event, but this is mainly 4 new players, but also 4 old players (like Auke1995) who wants to fill the pokédex. Note: dates and placeholders r referencial, I mean just examples. PD: If you like this idea give a positive reaction, if you don't.... then go to "One bid auction" topic and give a Sad emoji
  21. can you add mega greninja i know there is no key stone for it or mega stone but you could make it so if you get happiness up to level 4 it can mega evolve just like Ash and Greninja in pokemon xy and xyz anime its just a suggestion
  22. I've been wanting this pokemon added for a while and since Patrick only recently decided to add Ash Greninja due to popular demand, I think it's the perfect time to add Mewtwo (Shadow) along with it in the upcoming content update. It could be the released new quiz reward for a whole month, similarly to Mewtwo (Evolution) or it could be released as any other type of event. The options are unlimited. Let's try to get this added so we can all eventually have our very own Shadow Mewtwo (Shadow) , please leave any questions you may have in the comments. :^)
  23. How about a pokemon finder which would look into other people's accounts and let us know if a user has a particular pokemon. For instance, I want an Arceus (Unknown). So, I would just type in Arceus (Unknown) in there and I would get the users who own an Arceus (Unknown) to make my work easy. If they are not willing to trade, they would ignore.
  24. Hello, it would be nice if there was a discord command for vortexbot, to find out what rank the clan is ,and/or how many points to get to the next rank for people who aren't on the leaderboard and want to get there. Thank you for your time, Split
  25. Hi I had an idea about a price guide. People on poke Bay makeover price or underpriced their stuff leading to a lot of confliction. If you make a chart and people look at it it will provide a certified price for a certain Pokemon. Example Zapdos is 150k. Stuff like that. People may overpriced there Groudon Primal in it is impossible for any new players to reach the price to buy one. Also legendaries have become so popular that people sell them for a price of $30,000 when you can sell a rare for a $100,000. Just an idea. Also my event idea with all the Pokemon that you have to pay money for. Can you take a quick look at that. I will create another one if you need to. Just let me know
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