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Found 245 results

  1. Idea skip pokemon

    i think pokemon vortex can include the skip pokemon option in battles and it probably help many of them who are battling and people who want to train their pokemon to a lot of experience
  2. Idea Real time battles

    We can challenge other players in real time if 1. Their your friend 2. Accept your challenge This way, AI will not control your pokemon to use crappy moves like astonish instead of earth power
  3. Idea New idea

    Like how there is a place in forums where the event will be announced,there should be a place to announce exclusive auctions. The previous Christmas(2017) was not announced on forums its better you announce the event in forums as well as discord. Thankyou.
  4. Idea Idea

    When are the maps gonna be changed? I hope it will change. I have a idea in maps.When you guys create new maps there should be something in the background with motion. Example in ice maps you can make snow falling all time or in fire map small volcano erupting. Or in grass maps some trees moving due to wind. when the pokemon appears it should also show whether its a legend or not.
  5. Like in v3 please, or its removed for a reason?
  6. Hey so my idea was that we could make a new feature in the clans so that the leader/co leaders could message all the clan members at once. This would help a lot when giving some info related to the clan to all the members, like if we are changing some posts of people, or we are encouraging members to do clan battles etc. I faced this problem when we were making a discord server for our clan and I would have to message everyone one by one, sending them the invite. This feature would help a lot, and it would be a lot easier too. thanks.
  7. Idea Avatar uses

    Hi I'm Milan and I play this game I guess. Whenever I play vortex I strangely enough like collecting Avatars the most, but I feel like they're pretty useless the way they are now. An idea I had for them was to "show them off" on your profile, in a similar way the badges work in here. Like a list/grid showing the ones you own. Another small thing I had with them is that there's not really a way to "give" the avatars to your friends. I wanted to give one to my friend because I had one of his favourite pokemon, but there isn't really a way besides putting them on the pokebay auctions. (or you know, I'm just really blind, that's a possibility too lol) Anyways I hope I've given you guys some idea's/feedback for some uses with the avatars. thanks for reading this, here are some mawiles for you:
  8. A button for change of pokemon to battle during battle could be like the best implementation ever seen in any browser game
  9. So i was thinking of different event pokemon that could be created! i was thing perhaps this easter could be Bunnelby as the easter bunny, perhaps holding a basket? And for Christmas, sawsbuck as Rudolph
  10. On the evo screen,there is a check box to replace attacks,sometimes we forget to check this. Then evo has same weak attacks.Please make this checked by default
  11. is not very natural to have to go to item inventory then pokeballs and then pokemart in order to go to pokemart :V Also I think the tab 'Your Account' has a lot of sections and it could be prettier to have one new tab apart of MAPS BATTLE YOUR ACCOUNT, something like 'Community' like we had in v3? I dont remember, and there we can put pokebay trades clans messages... just an idea to not to overheat the Your account tab. but yeh i think is better to put pokemart over there somewhere more reachable ó.ò even if is into the rave of Your Account
  12. Idea Wonder Trade

    Now that wonder trade is under maintenance....I would like to suggest an idea I have wanted to share with you guys for a very long time... So..remember the old gif for wonder trade back in v3? Well I found it quite boring and dull.. So instead I suggest that it be replaced with the GIF for wonder trade in the Pokemon Console Games. Now I dont have the actual thing but I was able to get a few pics.. It looks better creates ,a lot of suspense and would make wonder trading a lot more fun. Do comment..
  13. Hey guys! My idea was that sometimes, when we need a pokemon quickly, then we have to search for the ones which were recently put for trade. Wouldn't it be good if there was an option to, like in pokebay, sort them by the ones which were put most recently and then the ones which were put like a year or two ago? Also maybe an option to check whether any of the members are actually online, so that we can message them and get the pokemon? please put your views about this idea and thanks!
  14. Idea Avatar/item trade

    My idea was to make avatars and items also tradable. I mean directly tradable not through pokebay. Like pokemon trading, there could also be a feature to trade avatars for other avatars and items for other items. Like a fire stone for a water stone, or a fossil for another. Or a suicune avatar for a entei avatar.
  15. Idea New prizes?

    So I've been thinking for the past few days in my mind, Why won't the quiz give new prizes. Like it could be random legendaries if that's possible to make for the quiz. It really would be much better, My next opinion would be to draw more tickets just than one; It really is boring just drawing 1 ticket rather than 3 or 2.
  16. Details like 'OT' 'Happiness' and the 'Pokemon ID' should be seen while viewing all the pokes instead of having to click on the pokemon's name. This would it make it more convenient to differentiate among dupes of a poke.
  17. Now that "Clans" are implemented, we could do so many great things with it. The idea I like the most is the clan battles between 2/multiple clans in "Real" time. What I think you could do, is to Start a clan war (Which only "the higher ups" can do) and wait until you find a guild/multiple guilds to fight against. The war is X minutes long and within that time members from each guild "fights" other members to earn "Clan battle wins." The guild with the highest "Clan battle wins" when the time is over, gets X amount of "clan war points" depending on, how many clan battles the guild have won. With those points, you can get into the "clan war leaderboard as well as "individual leaderboard." Depending on the placement, the guild can win prizes. (What the prizes could be. I don't know.) Don't know if the Idea is "good," but I hope you will consider it (It might need some "elaboration" here and there, but this was just an "overall" idea)
  18. I (i think im not the only one) have problems for selling avatars because maybe 25.000 are too much for some not-very-popular-pokemon avatars. At the end we will end with a large amount of unsold avatars in our inventary, I think avatars should have a lower minimum bid than 25.000

    I would like to give you an idea for the choice of Pokémon .. There should be the option to choose by type, EX: tabs separating electric, aquatic etc ... would help a lot in the matter of practicality and for those who like to train one type at a time would be very good, because there would be no need to search one by one names. Hope that the possibility will be!! Thanks.
  20. Idea New Pokes

    I think there should be some pokes whose sprite should be made and should become available in vortex . 1.) Rayquaza Primal - since Ray is a part of weather trio,so I thought that like other two , It should also get its primal version in which it evolves through Green Orb.this will gibe boost up to primals as UBs and Rotom forms has reduced there popularity. 2.) Vivillons - I think there should be New Vivillon forms having the design of country flags and should have their seperate pokedex. Since Vivillon trading is getting a little slow, It will help it. It should also be made a DP only of 1$ so that large nom of people could afford it, and should be Specified to the persons country ( An american account cannot Get a vivillon othwr than of his own country) In this way to get all, they have to trade. And Making sprites wont take much time cuz only flags have to be pasted on the wings.
  21. as in the seasonal top trainers leader board as in the clan leader board the top clans must get some kind of prize all the members in the clan too but the prize must not be too rare what do you all say!
  22. I have been thinking of this recently and I thought that maybe if my idea is good or not? so im posting this in the forums what if I login daily and at the mont ending i get a special login prize like some unique pokemon or some high pokedollars and then if there are events then at the day of the event I get a special event pokemon if there is just to be a claiming eventwhat do you guys say?
  23. Idea Mystery prizes

    This is just a random idea that came to my mind.... There exist long stretches of quests where u keep getting balls for prizes.... I was just thinking about mystery boxes and what worth they would be to the world and the quests if included as prizes for quests ( ofcourse doing that would reduce their worth but there are people who wouldn't mind)....
  24. Idea Login streak

    The title says everything... It's just an idea but the profiles displaying a login streak would look cool...
  25. Idea Ideas

    Idea 1: Bug + steel map Its does't have to be steel or Bug together or even them types at all, but I feel like it would be a great idea to add a new map that has new some pokemon in it and has a cool looking area. Its a long shot considering creating another map would be a big deal to the game, but its an idea that I think would be cool :D. Idea 2: Mega Bosses I think we should be able to encounter mega pokemon in the maps and when you do you have a chance for the pokemon to drop an item, something random nothing fancy unless you decide that but imagine going in the maps and finding a mega pokemon to battle :D. Its a strange request but mega pokemon in the public would be a nice addition to pokemon vortex. Idea 3: Multiplayer Live Battles? I know this is a long shot, and it sounds ridiculous, but if its possible that would be incredible. Idea 4: Side Quests I have a issue, I know that side quests are meant to last hours and days, but for someone who hasn't got the time for this is there a way we can make this go faster for some people like myself? Like a button thats called Auto or something, its a long shot again but I would love it if side quests were quicker haha nevermind... this was a silly idea. Anyways thats my 4 ideas, hopfully Patrick is reading this, and I hope he loves my ideas (mainly 1 + 2) thanks for reading.