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  1. The way that the current "Change Team" menu is set up has a LOT of room for improvement. When training a large amount of Pokémon in quick succession it can be tedious and grueling to make frequent changes to your team, especially when you are changing most if not all members of the team. The first thought for improvement to speed up the process, though I'm unfamiliar with game creation so I have no idea if this is possible to implement in Vortex's current state, would be to make it so that the page doesn't "refresh" every time you put a new member on your team. If I'm putting 6 immunes o
  2. Hi, we should have a rebattle button upon completing a gym battle. thank you.
  3. Was hoping i could influence Patrick to add some cute female sprites :3 especially since there are more male sprites here are some suggestions! If i know what or where theyre from ill add that too starred ones i think are the coolest but any are imo pretty sweet if anyone else has any suggestions please add to this, for male or female characters! *Klara *Nessa Acerola Aria (kalos) Ariana (adventures) *Ayumi Marnie(galar) Clair Courtney Flannery Dawn Francesca Elesa(masters) *Infi Luna(alola) Lila
  4. What's up guys. Just had the idea of having a little link/button that automatically refreshes the "Enter Promo Code" form after you redeemed a code. It would look something like this: This allows users to redeem multiple codes without having to refresh the whole webpage. Just an idea for convenience. Cheers.
  5. Hi Guys, This is my Dark Mode Concept! We all know Grinding is FUN during this game, But what isn't fun is getting eye strain during it. For this reason I have came up with some Dark Mode Concept . If you have any Suggestions or comments please leave below. View Pokemon Enable Dark Mode Interface Auction Team Dashboard
  6. I think should create Z moves like in the series sun and moon (the pokémon should be 4 hearts and alolan) Tell me if this is a good idea
  7. Pokemon Vortex is a web game where you can catch, battle, and trade Pokemon online worldwide. The forums is web forum where you can report scammers, provide feedback, ask questions in Pokemon Vortex to the whole world. But we have 1 slight issue......... language. Countries like India, Spain, Denmark,etc. has a different language. We might seem to understand them.............. or maybe not. So this idea might solve that problem. The Translator! Translator features(idea) •This will translate the post into the language that you are already in.(You must click the translate button
  8. Hey there, As we know ,it evolves from Kubfu when shown the scroll in one of the Towers of Two Fists.It has one of two different secondary types: Dark or Water. Its secondary type is permanent and is determined by the Tower in which Kubfu is trained: the Tower of Darkness or Tower of Waters, respectively.In its Single Strike Style, it is Fighting/Dark-type.In its Rapid Strike Style, it is Fighting/Water-type. So I suggest instead of two towers we evolve urshifu in sidequest battle in a Particular part of sidequest (in galar region) that allow to evolve urshifu during th
  9. Many people do exp training or hire people, but trust becomes a major issue if they scam the person for having large amount of exp or their value. I have been scammed twice but dint knew bout forums be4, and always used the "One of the mods is my friend" card(that is another topic lol but it always works somehow). Anyways, i dont think it would work if the scammer blocks me or something like that. So a solution: RENTS: 1. What is it: We can rent pokemon just like trade but the person being rented cant sell/trade the pokemon or release it to blackmail as last resort. 2. Some
  10. When i ofline,next day i can check i have so so so so many notofocation. when i check them, it spend me a lot of time i think if all the people every day just can send don’t more then 3 messages, it may be don’t spend me a lot of me to check
  11. im not sure if this idea has been given by other users but i think it would be cool if u added a special map, where if people unlock/do certain things, they can go to that map and search that place pls think about it
  12. Hello. I have an idea. A new role in the Pokemon Vortex Discord Server called 'Trusted Trainer' or similar. This would allow new players to know who to ask for help and other stuff i can't think of at present, this will take the pressure off of Mods and Devs and will have no perms whatsoever, but will be displayed in a different colour to other members. Just an idea, bit of a weak one if i'm honest, but i thought i might as well put it on here anyway. Have a nice day. Split
  13. Hi there , there has been a spike in the game as there are many scammers and reports about scamming. I was playing another online Pokemon game where there was an option to put in a really personal question whose answer nobody knows in the entire game , not they will be able to guess it Using this system ,scammers will not be able to scam until they know that answer as well . This will prevent some them from entering others account
  14. you heard that you should add pikachu learning iron tail just like in the anime and that's all there is :l pls pls add it or pikachu will be sad for pikachus sake pls if not ash will b suprised and goh too
  15. Sometimes you get unsolicited in-game messages from users. It would be nice to have their profile open when you click their username, whereas now clicking their user does nothing. Here is a picture to show: So when you click their username, their profile would open up on the members tab. Just an idea for convenience - You won't have to search for them in your friends list. Thanks!
  16. I was thinking, maybe you could add a way to cancel a bid ? Cause i bid 500k on a mystic mewtwo, then 5 mins after, i found my own! So I wanted to cancel the bid on the mewtwo but I couldn't....i don't know, is this a good idea?
  17. hello there I am King-Phantom i wanted to give an idea about a new feature in auctions like there should be an option which restricts only few trainers to bid on auction like if someone wants to trade an avatar to his/her friend and his/her friend gets out bidden on it by someone else. so if there is such option it will allow bid only from the persons that auction starter wants to trade it with
  18. Hi, whenever we trade with someone I think there should be a confirmation to Ask that if we have accept or decline the trade because there could be miskicked in accepting or decling trades..
  19. Instead of seasonals how about tournaments players battle each other for pokedollars or pokemon (your choice developers) rules are no events or ultra beasts because so people don't have any but this was just idea that came to mind
  20. Double exp is a really good time to level up immunes and as a dex collector, and I realized it's so much work clicking several times going back to where you left when you filter your pokemons by order of lowest experience when viewing all your pokemons. So how about from the first page when viewing all your pokemons, there should be a "jump to page number" option in the future added?
  21. I mean Friend ball is very helpful i dont know if we have one bc i dont buy pokeballs so i was thinking adding friendballs would be perfect and then you can have your pokemon to start off with 10 happiness points when you catch it in a friendball like ya know
  22. Hi, so while I was exploring in the maps, I wanted to get to route 2 fast because I wanted to hunt for necrozma, but it took me like a long time just to walk all they way there, so I thought that maybe the developers could implement a sort. of teleportation system for players who want to teleport to a place in the maps (if they have the time), cos I'm not trying to add to their workload UwU P.S, like maybe a teleport button followed by a list of places? but players can still wander around to walk from place to place if they want :)
  23. With the new Galarian Birds as the Seasonal reward there has been more motivation to get top 100 on the leaderboards. To make the climb easier to the top 100 I am suggesting that: - At the very bottom of the "Seasonal Top Trainers" list should show your own personal score. Showing your accounts Points, Exp, Average Exp, Battle Count, and Unique Pokemon caught. The rank would be nice but is not as important as the other information *I understand there is a discord bot command (!Card) that shows your current rank on the seasonal leaderboards but I think we all would agree
  24. Can we kind of swim on lava *on a pokemon* like how we can on water? water -> wailmer rocks -> wailmer?! (can it be like onix) lava -> groudon??
  25. people can sell lots of things at once, because lots of people are tired of pressing lots of stuff, so why not select all at once, then pick the prices and time individually
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